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George Clooney & Elisabetta Canalis: Motorcycle Mates

George Clooney & Elisabetta Canalis: Motorcycle Mates

George Clooney takes a ride on his Harley Davidson motorcycle with his girlfriend Elisabetta Canalis on Saturday (June 5) in Calabasas, Calif.

George, 49, and Elisabetta, 31, met up with supermodel Cindy Crawford and her husband Rande Gerber.

On Saturday night, George attended Spike TV’s Guys Choice Awards where he took the Guy of the Year award from Zach Galifianakis. Previous winners of the Guy of the Year award include Mickey Rourke in 2009, and Matt Damon in 2008.

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  • T pain

    Canalis gets points in my book for tweeting the comparisons between Aniston and Iggy Pop!

  • A

    Elisabetta is only 31? She looks 45. That’s a rough looking 31 year old.

  • buz
  • Jack

    Who cares?

  • steve

    I see George has FINALLY come out of the closet. Who’s the DUDE on the back of his bike?

  • winkypoo

    Boooooooooooooooooring!!! The bike shots are getting old. Give us something different George, like a sex tape.

  • winkypoo

    @ Winkypoo, eww at the sex tape. Nobody wants to see two guys going at it.

  • winkypoo

    George needs an upgrade in the ho department.
    @ Winkypoo, I guess I’m talking to myself cuz nobody cares. lol

  • netty

    They sure get out A LOT.

    If Clooney were my man I’ll sex him to death. He would NEVER get out of the house. But, oh yeah, that’s right, they’re not a ‘real’ couple; just. two attention whoring frauds.

  • abby

    Love She pegged Anuston right on by comparing her to the new IGGYPOP pic in the rollingstone mag. hahahahahaha

  • http://justjared bored

    So the paps just happen to find them in all of LA. And she is looking directly at the paps in both of the different locations. And George just happens to be wearing a shirt promoting the bar owned by his buddy who he is meeting up with. Sure, ok.
    You would think that Clooney doing staged pap shots would be beneath him. Maybe this is all press for the gf so after the show goes to air on the 20th, they can go their separate ways.

  • http://justjared bored

    Also, did you note no interaction between Cindy and George’s gf. What, Cindy has no time for George’s latest piece of fluff? Cindy has taste.

  • sheila E.

    George looks old. She drains all of the sexy out of him.

  • rob

    george is gay and she’s man face

  • sid

    There is no way she’s 31 and there is definitely no way that she’s a she.

  • Alex

    This tranny needs to look in the mirror and up her daily estrogen dosage before commenting on Aniston. And Clooney needs to stop showing the world that he likes it from behind.

  • catalina

    31??? I guess Canalis is aging backwards now that she’s an “aspiring actress”.

  • sam

    She doesn’t speak English and he doesn’t speak Italian. What do they possibly have in common? I mean, besides the same genitalia.

  • LookatthatTraffic!

    body language in this pic: cc totally intimidates canalis…she’s practically cringing…i was wondering how they could be photographed in what looks to be a field off the main highway. .maybe gc does promo work for his pals…from what i understand it wouldn’t be out of character for him..whether staged or not canalis can’t take her eyes off the photographers … wonder how gc feels about being number 2?

  • Idio

    I don’t think she’s going to be around much longer. The body language is very telling in this photo; no hands around the waist while they’re riding on the motorcycle. And he’s very tense, the same when they were at dinner the other night. She has brought the heat down on GC with her comment about Jennifer Aniston. Not good, she stepped out of place with that one. Adios Canablis

  • anonymous

    Wow! There appears to be quite the hate campaign against this woman? Wonder why that is?
    Do we really need more of the lunatic “body language readers”? ROTFLMAO! Get a job, freak.


  • anonymous

    Idiot @ 06/07/2010 at 9:22 am
    I don’t think she’s going to be around much longer. The body language is very telling in this photo blah blah blah . . .She has brought the heat down on GC with her comment about Jennifer Aniston. Not good, she stepped out of place with that one. Adios Canablis
    You forgot a letter in your name. I fixed it for you.
    Are you this delusional you think you can read their body language? Poor little Idiot.
    George Clooney is an Oscar winning actor/director/producer with incredible clout in Hollywood. Why would he care what his girl friend said about someone like Jennifer Aniston? I seem to recall that Jennifer treated some people he cares about like dirt. Isn’t Tate Donovan one of his long time close friends?

  • Well

    JJ is going for the hits, hell Huvane is probably paying for the pictures as revenge for George’s girl retweeting a funny about Jenny looking like Iggy Pop. haha, it’s true! Poor Iggy, that old coot probably was freaking out…who is her mother, did I sleep with her? Black-outs make you do stupid things, LMAO. Don’t kid yourself, Stephen Huvane is a trashy ho, a dirty fixer. Tell him to fcck off, George.

    Don’t worry Iggy, Jenny is not your spawn. Her eyes are brown and dude, you got talent. Something Jen wouldn’t know about it if it bit her on her cellulite treated ass.

  • to Gutless Anonymous

    anonymous you’re one to talk about names…you don’t even have the guts to “declare” yourself in any meaningful way and, for your information, body language is a legitimate form of non-verbal communication and being able to read it accurately is very valuable. it supersedes verbal communication and has been studied and used by people far smarter than yourself. since you surf the net why don’t YOU use some of your time to do some research before you run off at the mouth and display your ignorance about things far beyond your limited intelligence.

  • soi

    She is a great match for George. I like them both.

  • soi

    Also she is beautiful.

  • LaughORama

    I see the Ely PR Brigade is out in full force! Why is that do you think? Could it have something to do with the fact that she has suddenly CLOSED HER TWITTER ACCOUNT? My, my, my. And that happens only a couple of days after Stan Rosenfield began following her…and a couple of pap opportunities with Clooney over the weekend. Too bad he didn’t take her to the Spike event (or if he did nobody was interested enough to take a picture). Who wants to bet that she got a major talking to? He can’t trust her and he knows it. She’s a loose cannon. I think he’s waiting for Leverage to air or something else that he’s put in motion for her (by agreement as “compensation”) to come about. Then we’ll see her get the big black biker boot in the ass.

  • Impartial Observer

    soi (whatever that means) You are right. They are perfect for each other as they both have very low standards!! However, you should get your eyes checked as this one is not remotely good looking and from what I understand (and I understand a lot), dumb as wood.

  • laverdadduele

    This guy has to be the most overrated “actor” of the past years. His movies and acting suck, why the attention? He’s not relevant.

  • Kimbee

    Is she preggers yet

  • LaughORama

    Not that we know of, Kimbee. I bet he’s snipped. There’s no way he could go out with these types of chicks for so long and not get “caught” otherwise.

    LOL @ the Ely PR Brigade jumping to rate my “Twitter is Closed” post down. Can you say “insecurity”?

  • not again

    No one has bought this publicity arrangment for months, and Canalis is nasty inside and out. Time to take the trash out, George.

  • detweeted

    Crazy’s Twitter account is closed, huh? That might not be a good sign as she may have done to try to get Clooney to keep her around longer. Please don’t give in, George. Summer starts soon and it would be nice to have a skanknalis-free summer.

  • Damn YOU George!!!

    Yeah, unfortunately I don’t think its a good sign either. Why would she delete her twitter account if they have plans to break-up? If they’re going to break-up, she might as well leave it up. I think she took it down to because he told her it doesn’t make THEM look good. Something tells me she’s be here throughout the summer.

    I think George is keeping her around to purposely piss fans off.

    Damn YOU to hell George!!! LOL

  • Impartial Observer

    could anyone be that petty? perhaps it’s time for his fans who loathe her to accept that he might actually like this one. it has nothing to do with pissing anyone off or class or good taste…it is what it is….unfortunately!

  • Katie

    Too bad he doesn’t care enough about her or himself, for that matter, to wear the proper protection while riding on a motorcycle! What idiots!
    I love motorcycles and have been riding for over 16 years….with a full face helmet, boots, gloves, jacket, etc…..even in the Arizona heat!
    Good luck to you both if you have even a minor spill…hope you make it out alive!

  • LaughORama

    If she is his emotional choice then he has far bigger problems than his fans hating her.

    Such a sad life to lead. If that’s true then he’s not at all the man he portrays to the public, is he?

  • Impartial Observer

    Just to be clear..I do not like her even remotely but I know one thing about men: they don’t stay with someone they don’t like; she would not be there if he didn’t want her to be…everyone on all of these blogs keep saying he likes these types of girls…so why is anyone surprised by his choice of this one? At first I too thought the language difference would be an impediment, but apparently they have worked out some kind of sign language. I don’t think the twitter account closing bodes well for their relationship though. She has no sense of propriety and unless he is madly in love with her and planning to wed, someone so concerned with his public image can only consider her a liability. I think she’s kind of pathetic, to be honest: she can’t act, she can’t pose for anything without photoshopping anymore, she can’t speak English, wtf? oh and she has those smelly dogs…I am a dog lover but I would go ballistic if someone let their dogs run amok and stink up my air. I think he will dump her but not until he can do it without crushing her completely. Despite all the trash we’ve seen this last year, I think he is basically a decent guy and he won’t hurt this one unnecessarily (not like he did with Sarah). JMO

  • LaughORama

    Men don’t stay with this type of woman, someone they don’t like….unless there’s a contract in place.

  • Impartial Observer

    Perhaps you’re right Laugh. I will defer to your expertise on the contracted relationship as I have no experience with them. I am the one who always wears her heart on her sleeve, much to my detriment, I might add. I have to slowly ease myself into tawdriness and I am still reeling from the sheer number of Tiger’s entourage and that woman with the tatoos on her face (!) Contracted relationships…is that anything like a prenup? Has everyone given up on love? I hope not!

  • LaughORama

    Contracts are for convenience and benefit, IO. They are for rich people who don’t want to love but need attention.

  • soi

    Actually they look pretty happy.

  • Impartial Observer

    ugh !! sounds vile and sad. .thanks for the explanation…

  • anonymous

    I agree with LaughORama. This is a publicity arrangement only.

  • LaughORama

    @soi Actually they look like complete idiots.

  • lorylu


  • George Clooney

    To All My Precious Fans, don’t worry girlz & gays…I mean guys! Helly is working hard on cleaning up her act. Twitter, gone! Tacky wardrobe, gone! Tacky tats, we’re working on that one! Porny vids and obscene photos, almost gone! (Still have a few more payouts to make, but my people are on it!) She is hard at work with etiquette trainers learning manners and how to smile in a genuine way without looking like a barracuda on the hunt. Oh, & she’s using those estrogen creamy bioidentical things, uh whatever, she’s amping up the female hormones. I have no doubt that by the end of summer, you galz will see a totally transformed, beautiful, ladylike, and totally lovable Helly. Okay? I promise! Gotta run now, late for my shock treatments.

  • her g

    @George Clooney: who is helly?

  • anonymous

    Ely = Helly

    Very funny post, George :-D

  • CanadaGirl

    Used to be a fan, but I’m not anymore.
    This trolling out of girlfriend after girlfriend degrades these women. They’re nothing more than a disposable, short term commodity.
    He’s not “Gorgeous George” anymore. He’s “Use ‘em and lose ‘em, Clooney.”