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Shirtless Joe Manganiello: True Blood Buff

Shirtless Joe Manganiello: True Blood Buff

True Blood‘s first werewolf Joe Manganiello, aka Alcide, goes shirtless in this first new shot from the upcoming season.

“Vampires can get away with having very slight builds and the audience will still believe that they’re super powerful,” the 33-year-old actor tells PopWrap. “Werewolves are animals and in my mind they should be very muscular. Not an extra ounce of fat on them. Really ripped. I wanted people to look at Alcide and think, ‘wow, he’s a super strong animal.’”

As for his ripped physique, Joe adds, “My mom is half Austrian and comes from a long line of giant athletes. I remember my mom doing double bicep flexes and her arms were just ripped. She had like Madonna arms. She would flex and say, “that’s where you get it kid.” So I have my mother to thank.”

The new season of True Blood kicks off this Sunday (June 13) @ 9PM ET/PT on HBO!

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  • Hot spotter


  • Sweet Pea

    Bigger pic, please. ;-)

  • angel

    What a gorgeous man.

  • angel

    What a gorgeous man.

  • Alex who?

    OMG! I’m drooling!! What a gorgeous man. Can’t wait for Sunday night.

  • well duh…

    giving alex a run for his money, this man is sex on legs!

  • Onyx

    He looks much hotter than he did on One Tree Hill.

  • Raven

    Did anyone see the video he did with Anna?
    Anna seemed really happy. I think those two will have great chemistry.

  • Liz

    @Raven: Yeah, they were really sweet. While I’m waiting (im)patiently for Bill & Sookie to be together, she will be conforted by her nice (and HOT) friend Alcide.

  • Great

    to see and heard about another member of this very talented cast!!

    It’s always nice to see J.Manganiello.

  • whatever

    Wow, he is a hottie!

  • Emily

    I’m not sure, I’ll have wait and see him in action. Ryan has a hot bod too but does nothing for me. Also in the books I only liked Alcide for about half of book 3, it was the Debbie Pelt thing, to me it was like trying to date someone knowing he’d just been with Courtney Love. Ewww

  • Cherie

    I am Team Bill through and through, but I will gladly take a side of Alcide. Joe is one fine lookin’ man.

    Eric who?

  • Vanessa

    OMG! Can’t wait for June 13th!

  • Halli


  • sallyo

    he’s the new Eggs! more man candy. thanks hbo

  • Celia

    DAYUM!! I still don’t like him as Alcide, but I hope he’s shirtless a lot.

  • Celia


    How can you be Team Bill?? Do you know what he did to her in book 3??

  • Hmmm

    Very, very nice, more of this beautiful man

  • jen

    wow he is so SEXY!!!!!

  • burnt bacon

    Hellooooooo, nurse! That’s so not the picture I had of Alcide in my head when I was reading the books. Well played, casting director, well played.

  • Angel

    Dude, I spy a hottie! Now he’s definitely my type: tall, dark and handsome. Move over Askars!

  • hmmm

    he’s got a good body but where is the hair? I like a man with some chest hair.

  • Wow

    Ummmm yummy……………….He has a hot body …….
    .Tall …Dark….. and handsome……..I saw that clip with him and Anna together they definately have chemistry……..

  • squirelmeat

    Rawr. I think I’m going to love me some werewolves in this season. I do like ASkars something awful, but this man could help me forget my own name…

  • Passingby

    Joe is about 6’5 what a tall drink of water………definately better looking than Alex……….sorry Alex you looked good last season with your body and blonde hair ………….now not so much with your phunny body and brown hair, Alex better get it together because this dude will give him a run for his money, he’s supposed to be a Viking lol…………

  • Sleppyhollow

    Anna is sooo lucky to have yet another HOT castmember! Perhaps since they are not following the books Sookie will actually have something going on with Alcide. People are right AS NOT looking good this season with the thinner Meekus physic like in Zoolander and with the brown hair is too harsh on him……

  • Sleppyhollow

    ^ opps…meant physique……….not physic…lol

  • Malanna

    What a gorgeous manly man………….wow 6’5 he is tall but doesn’t look dorky tall like Alex….for some reason, can’t wait until True Blood starts…..Anna is one lucky girl…….

  • TBFan

    I wonder if Joe has no problems going buff for the show…..he certainly has a great body, hopefully we will see him sans clothes in the future, he is HAWT………

  • Geezus

    HOT! I wanna be the meat in an Alex / Joe sandwich! Anna Paquin is one lucky gal!

  • GreenCAT


  • http://amcarcamo anna


  • Deedz

    Thank you God.


    i’ve seen him at my gym. i had no idea who he was except that his body is stunning…..

  • JM

    I’ll take the hot Italian over the cold Swede anyday. Bring on season 3!

  • Whatta Man!

    6’5″ Mmmmmmm, a tree I’d love to climb! Hope this guy likes real women not ones who look like homeless prepubescent boys.

  • ****

    A smooth-shaven werewolf? Oh they irony.

  • wow just wow..!!

    alex who????

  • Gasolfan#16

    OMG! That looks like Pau!! talk about Day Yum!! :-)

  • Whynot

    Talk about irony lol…….A viking with short hair and pheewny body…..
    But this guy is sexxy……….

  • Kate

    Perhaps Sookie from the books will too lol…….Charlaine Harris did say the the Eric character will Not be Sookie’s happyily ever after perhaps it will be Alcide who in the end wins Sookie’s heart one look at Joe as Alcide we can envision why……………..Trueblood has a Hot cast!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jam

    Hopefully the shallow, and not to forget, crazy Skarsgard fans can jump on this ship and sink with it… lol

  • Response

    @Whatta Man!
    I highly doubt Joe would find a women like Kate attractive lol ….
    BTW ….Alex and Kate bth look like prepubrescent boys lol…..It is kind of creepy how Alex and Kate are starting to resemble eachother, don’t they have their own identities??? People are right AS is not looking good this season with the weight loss and brown hair. That is not the Eric I have envisioned would look like……last season yes now not so much…

  • Jam

    Oh by the way, hasnt this guy a GF too? lol

  • Wow

    @ jam/hans/alan

    WTF are you doing here , taking a que from your words lol, I knew it was a matter of time before you would come trolling around here you psycho, decided to use your own post name ??? Don’t forget AS sunked his own ship lol …He is not looking soo good now with his meekus body and brown hair, no not good at all lmao………….Not liking that ths guy is stealing AS’s thunder uhmm..?????

  • Oopsila


    What are you babbling about now hans……..

  • WaitingSucks

    Let me just say I can’t wait until TB starts on Sunday how many days is it…….this guy playing Alcide is hot in a steamy, dreammy way. I do not know about the Eric character he just looks too metrosexual to me…not like a viking that’s for sure, I am glad that casting chose this guy for Alcide, wow 6’5 the are definately not going with the books description he’ll be taller or just as tall as the Eric character , what the hell is up with the Eric character’s brown hair?…. Anna is one lucky actress………

  • R&M

    ASkars who? This guy us smokin’ hot! Now I’m excited or TB again.

  • afinyty

    What an adonis………… Sookie would say YUM!!!