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Kate Plus 8: Ratings Success!

Kate Plus 8: Ratings Success!

Kate Gosselin is here to stay!

Her new reality show special Kate Plus 8 (sans ex Jon Gosselin) pulled in great ratings for TLC on Sunday (June 6).

First episode “6th Birthday Surprise” attracted 3.4 million viewers while “Inside Kate’s Worlds” pulled in 3 million.

According to EW, “Both episodes not only posted triple-digit gains over TLC’s second quarter averages in the time period but earned double-digit ratings and delivery gains over the November 2009 airings of Jon and Kate Plus 8.” Wow!

Kate also has a full-fledged reality show debuting this fall called Twist of Kate, where Kate will take on various jobs across America.

TiVo season pass? DONE!

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  • Liza

    She’s never going to go away:-(

  • Jennie

    Enjoyed the episode last night! Kate has a strong personality which sometimes comes off the wrong way. However, you almost have to be like that with 8 kids and no husband. Even if you can’t stand Kate, kids are as cute as ever.

  • kizbit

    I can’t believe this is considered entertainment.

  • kizbit

    I can’t believe this is considered entertainment.

  • Davidd

    What kind of person turns on the TV and goes “I think I will watch the Kate Plus 8 Show”. You should break your TV(s) right now, your TV is screaming for help.

  • Ken

    way to go kate!!!… love you and your kids!!!.

  • Paula

    LOL – I cannot believe the spin TLC is putting on this. 3 million viewers for a premier episode after all the publicity this woman has gotten over the last year? I will venture most of it was curiosity. She won’t sustain these ratings.

  • Chase

    TLC. What the hell happened to you? From this to that gross Sarah Palin program on Alaska that they are paying her a fortune for… its become such a trashy channel supporting money grubbing hags. Say Yes to the Dress is the only entertaining show left on this channel.

  • Dave

    @Ken: Now c’mon dude we know your really a guy unless your gay watchin this stuff

  • Dave

    What were my MTV awards ratings?

  • nata

    I’m glad that she got these ratings! These kids have grown in front of the public’s eye, and people like them. She is trying to provide fro her family and is doing what she can. I’m happy for her.

  • SickofKate


    Kate was nasty when she was married…Kate is just plain nasty…everyone who knows her well knows this is so. Why do you believe she only had to get tough once she became a single parent?

  • nelson

    How did jon and kate get there show in the first place, I’m sure there are more people out there that have more than one kid at a time, you don’t see them using there kids like kate does, you have a nursing degree right. well use it like any other person would do quit using your kids to make yourself rich.

  • SickofKate

    OMG I can’t believe how naive people are. That’s why we’re never going to get rid of Kate. She made $500,000.00 for DWTS…she is making millions for the 2 new TLC series. She’s made money from ET for co-hosting. She released a book in didn’t do well but she still made lots of money from it. You want to be concerned about women raising children alone your concern is totally and completely misplaced. I wish people would GET this..what a con the woman is. I think US audiences are idiots..and so we’re stuck with seeing this woman everywhere. She is pretty much the worst of what a modern woman can be. I cannot wait until her children grow up and at least a couple of them will tell her like it is!

  • ann

    I’m so sick of seeing this woman.

  • annab

    Here we go again….

  • Bella

    She and her poor, pimped out kids will go on forever. I truly can’t fathom who her audience is and why they would watch. That is why I have a remote! I’ll not be watching kate&8, win a date w/kate, kate finds a mate, what kate ate………. ad nauseam..

  • daaaaah

    TLC is promoting the show with official K+8 Drool Cups for the complete morons that watch this tuurd of a show.

  • that is all

    God, what a worthless tw/at. What do people see in her?

  • a real mom


    Kate and Jon started calling stations to see if there was any interest in following her pregnancy. They planned to exploit their children from the very beginning….total trash!

  • jessica

    Who cares about Kate? I’m only watching it to see these children grow!

  • JMO

    The show will not go on forever. These kids will not stay young forever and when they become young adults people will not care about them (the cute factor will be out the window). So yes Kate may go on to do other things w/out her rugrats but Kate plus 8 only has a few more years of “cuteness” left.
    I happen to not care. I find the show to be more of Kate minus 8. She sort of finds away with that annoying voice to be overbearing on any situation and be the center of attention! Now we know why Mady is the has temper tantrums every episode…the apple doesnt’ fall far from the tree!

  • Lauren

    I love Kate and I loved this show. I especially loved the second episode of Kate Plus 8. It was very interesting to see her as a real person with real struggles.

    For those of you who don’t like it – go away. Did you ever think that someone is tracking the hits on this story and the more comments you make, the more popular the story becomes and thus the more popular Kate becomes. Think about it. Also, face it – she is a single mom with 8 kids to provide for. Unless you want to pay her to be on social services, she will have to continue to make the boucoup cash for her family. So shut your mouth.

  • Cold Water

    I used to love this show but two things….one, there is no way this is healthy for growing children and ….two, too much Kate and not enough kids. I would love to watch these kids grow but I refuse to contribute to the unhealthy invasion of these growing children, so I say to them from my side of the television, good bye and good luck. You all should too if you care about the future of these children. They get all the bad about being celebrities and very little of its benefits. I even hear the the State of Pennsylvania is the process of enacting child protection laws. (the state they all live in)

  • Puffin

    We have watched the show since the beginning and have always loved the little kids. On the one hand, it is fun to watch kids see the wonders of the world for the first time – like their adventures at Sea World. On the other hand, I don’t like their private life exposed, but they know no other life. I have to say that I enjoyed the show without having to see Jon & Kate arguing every two seconds, but now something has to be done about Mady. Can she be removed from the show?

  • bet

    good for her, Here is mother trying hard to feed her childern, there are some who critize her for it. you go girl do what you have to do, to put food on your plate of your kids. not luxury.

  • Ms. Anonymous

    Thanks a lot, North America. :(

    Tell me, how does it feel knowing you added in explotiing 8 kids because you watched? Well, that’s what you did.

  • Ms. Anonymous


    No I won’t go away, she abused Jon and she abuses her kids, she has ruined their LIVES. Can’t you see that?

  • Ms. Anonymous


    The only thing she loves is fame, not her kids.

  • a real mom

    The ratings state that 3.4 million watched Kate last night.. That’s not exactly true…since you must have 2 brain cells to have a functioning synapse it actually makes the number 1.7 million.

  • a real mom

    WTF. How about letting the children have a normal life! What do you think should be done with Mady since she has so ruined the entertainment value of this show? Should she be drugged, locked up, or permanently exterminated? Maybe TLC can find a stand-in to take her place. For the love of God…she is a child not an unsightly piece of furniture! Did you actually read what you wrote before posting? On the other hand this fully demonstrates the caliber of people who watch this drivel.

  • Billyjeanbobbysue

    I wants to tune in every week an see fur myself what great stuff Kate and her litter have gotten for free.

  • sub 80 IQ’s

    Where would TLC be without the complete dumbing down of the American population over the last 25 years?


    WHO watched that shameless self-promoting media sluut?

  • Ingrid

    I didn’t watch!!!!!!
    She is such a liar. She doesn’t do it all herself. She is exploiting her kids just to make money for herself. She has to have enough money now to live a modest life and stay home and raise her kids. Get rid of the expensive house, useless boobyguard, tanning, plastic surgery, fake hair, etc etc etc. Stay home with the kids instead of running around the country. Stay off my tv. I have quit watching the Today show, the View, and ET online and most of TLC now because of her. I have written to sponsors of TLC and her show. I am so sick of her.

    Disgusting narcissist.

  • Sick of Kate

    I’m so sick of this media whore! But then again, if TLC is able to get her to do these shows for the sake of ratings and money, then I guess she is a whore. She can be bought. Now lets see her bend over and take more, I’m sure she’s good for another cool half million.

  • Kim

    Congratulations to Kate plus 8!!!! You all deserve this…and the show was great! Thank you for persevering, Kate!!!

  • Kim

    @a real mom:

    That’s pretty cruel for you to talk about others that way…BTW that behavior only takes 1/2 a brain cell that isn’t even matured!!

    And yes, Cruel is my middle name!

  • sarah

    All my friends and family were so anxious to see the Gosselin children again … we were not disappointed. We support you Kate and always will. Thanks TLC.

  • Boa


    hahaha Love this post – hilarious! But you forgot ‘Kate poses at the gate” and “Kate’s new mate’. hehehe

  • Boa

    @TIM GUNN:

    ME, for about 3 minutes. All I heard was Kate and her sarcasm and little shots at everyone. I heard the name Alexis 3 times in those 3 minutes and it was ENOUGH. Nothing has changed except maybe Jon who got OUT!

    Can’t believe she is hugging her boys in the picture above, it will be the only one for the next 25 shows. There they are in their golf shirts and long shorts, the girls in their skirts and sleeveless tops. Nothing has changed except maybe Jon who got OUT.

  • V. Reynauld

    Anyone remember when TLC stood for “The Learning Channel”? Now it stands for “Televised Loads of Crap”. Kate and her brood need to be unceremoniously booted from the airwaves and Child Protective Services needs to investigate her (and Jon) for abuse, neglect and pimping out their children for their own personal material gain.

    Neither of them give a damn about the kids. It was all about Jon and Kate. Kate was the worse of the two. She is not a real parent and wouldn’t even know how to react if she wasn’t getting freebies and a salary by selling her kids for cash.

    Absolutely despicable. Maybe if Child Protective Services got involved, these kids could find loving homes where they’d get love and attention instead of used as a marketing device with cameras shoved in their face during their important formative years.

  • LuckyL

    Lol, this is horrendous.

  • Tatum

    When will this family go away!!!!

  • hannah lightfot

    @Puffin: Your disgusting to even suggest that a child be removed from their family, goes to show ya what absentminded fans she attracts, how dare you make such a remark about a 9 year old, sorry she messed up your viewing as you chomped on your popcorn and washed it down with your cheap beer

  • Sue

    I find it interesting that 3.4 million is considered good: check out this article from the last episode of Jon and Kate Plus 8:

    Once again, the TLC spin machine is working overtime. Looks to me like desparation is setting in.

  • Karma

    I hope you realized how much hate for you is there floating in the atmosphere and that it all catches up to you and you get what you deserve.

  • Kate

    The world owes me BIG time ! …. So drop on by every week and see what abundance having multiples brings you,,,,,I’ll lay down a few boo hoo poor- me lines,,show you all my great stufff,,,,then watch me enjoy my all expense paid vacations and trips…sprinkle in a bit of conceit, a healthy dose of smack-down codescension, a large portion of the ingrate and THEN ? I just may show a hint of affection towards my offspring,,,,for the cameras, naturally. Come watch the fun !

  • lucy

    Everything was free and even the Birthday Party was prepared by Discovery execs and with all the help she recieved she still complained and didn’t leave a tip including cleaning up a little after her kids, yeah shes a great person, tell that to the people here at Discovery Cove who had to work overtime to please this woman and her kids and no thank you….hmmmmmm

  • kelly

    correct me if I am wrong, but haven’t the ratings been cut in half (or more) since the the show’s last season..didn’ they regularly used to get 6 million plus viewers? and this is a highly advertised season premiere.