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Kate Plus 8: Ratings Success!

Kate Plus 8: Ratings Success!

Kate Gosselin is here to stay!

Her new reality show special Kate Plus 8 (sans ex Jon Gosselin) pulled in great ratings for TLC on Sunday (June 6).

First episode “6th Birthday Surprise” attracted 3.4 million viewers while “Inside Kate’s Worlds” pulled in 3 million.

According to EW, “Both episodes not only posted triple-digit gains over TLC’s second quarter averages in the time period but earned double-digit ratings and delivery gains over the November 2009 airings of Jon and Kate Plus 8.” Wow!

Kate also has a full-fledged reality show debuting this fall called Twist of Kate, where Kate will take on various jobs across America.

TiVo season pass? DONE!

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81 Responses to “Kate Plus 8: Ratings Success!”

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  1. 51
    KateH8tr Says:

    The kids are adorable. I watch just for them. The show spends too much time on Kate thought which is annoying.

  2. 52
    feifferflower Says:

    Please someone tell this woman to stop dressing her children like little carbon copies of each other. These are beautiful little individuals who need to be recognized for their own uniqueness rather than displayed as little dolls that are interchangeable and only worth their “cutness” value. This can be SO psychologically harmful, I am really shocked that there has been no attention given to this issue. Being part of a large family is beautiful as long as each member is treasured and appreciated for their multiple individual and unique contributions.

  3. 53
    Krystalca Says:

    GO KATE!!!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE YOU- your tenacity, your parenting, your new look, your drive. You’re an inspiration to other Mother’s faced with divorce and having to provide for your children.

    The kids are adorable. Maddy needs a time out sometimes though. If you don’t nip her behavior in the bud she will become a real handful and be the first kid to want to play the “I’m not getting what I want here, so I want to go live with Dad” game. Been there, done that. Good luck with her, and with your other kids. Keep up the great work!!

  4. 54
    Jimmy Says:

    JJ is so cluttered with ads it is hardly worth it to visit the site anymore.

  5. 55
    Jimmy Says:

    JJ is so cluttered with ads it is hardly worth it to visit the site anymore.

  6. 56
    Jimmy Says:

    JJ is so cluttered with ads it is hardly worth it to visit the site anymore.

  7. 57
    ABUSED Says:


  8. 58
    denise Says:

    Never watched, never will. But from what I hear, it is just trash. Kate is another Sarah Palin.

  9. 59
    Boa Says:


    There are different types of abuse, but ‘abuse’ is the correct word to use for what Kate did to Jon. Verbal and mental ‘abuse’ is what she did. Still does. AND I’ll even go as far as to say she is ‘abusive’ to her little boys. Calling them ‘dirty’ and ‘disgusting’ and ‘eww ick bleck’ IS ‘abusive’.

  10. 60
    Jessica Says:

    but what about jon’s show?

  11. 61
    sunnie Says:

    WHO is watching this sh*tzzz???!!! I am horrified that people actually watch this crazed, sick looney tune!!!

    Do that many people really not have lives??? Yikes!!!!
    Our country is in deeeeep doooo-doooo if that’s the case.

    GAWD make her go away….pleeeease!!!!!!
    (i think the ratings hype is a major lie tho – - no way there are that many sick pedophiles watching these kids — as that is the ONLY people who would even want to watch. maybe tv sets should have ankle bracelets — yuk!!)

  12. 62
    a real mom Says:


  13. 63
    IN THE KNOW Says:

    The show got panned……….JJ can be bought apparently…… secret to anyone in the industry…..this is not a news site its a gossip sight where placement can be bought.

  14. 64
    Anya@IW Says:

    I enjoyed both episodes. It was fun to catch up with the kids and the second hour gave me more insight into everything Kate has been through. She is one strong womean.

    Not surprised at the healthy numbers – up against the baskeball playoffs and MTV Awards no less – great job Kate. You have a LOT of people in your corner.

  15. 65
    ugg kate Says:

    Ok THANK YOU!!!!!!! I am so glad I am not alone! this woman puts Jon down every chance she can! I am so sick of her..”paparazi wont leave me alone” HELLO, what did u expect? She is doing all these shows? when does she spend time with her kids? I am a single working mother and i am OFFENDED by this”I have to work for my kids” ok, if working is talking and dancing and cleaning your garage and writing books, going to photo sessions???? OK “Single working mother”, some of us do our own makeup, hair, dress ourselves, feed our children, dress them, clean, shop for food, cook, etc AND REALLY WORK! AND do it without ANY help. So when i can see you working an office job or real job where you are away from your children 10 hours a day, feed, cloth, drive them to school , etc.. all without helpers… than you MAY call yourself a SINGLE MOM, but untill then…. dont try to get our pitty… PLEASE people lets stop making this woman famous and give her what she so desperately wants, (no paparazi). So stop watching this crap and lets make this woman unfamous!.. PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. 66
    ugg kate Says:

    @Ms. Anonymous: AMEN

  17. 67
    Mary S. Says:

    Listen…..if you KATE LOVERS cannot see how much this woman loves money, free trips, free stuff, herself, money, herself, money and more money, then you have a serious problem. Kate has found the perfect way to do NOTHING and get a big, fat paycheck for it. She could CARE LESS about what this is doing to the kids, their self-esteem and how they will one day perceive their spouse. It is dispicable and Kate is one selfish person. Personally, I see it all as TLC using Kate and Kate using TLC…..because in the end, it is all about one thing and one thing only…………M*O*N*E*Y. Nothing else. And I am so sick of Kate saying the exact opposite. I think people only watched this new show because they were curious. It won’t last. Too many people out there see her for who and what she really is. She is a fake and people like her do not last. Personally, I wish the woman would go away and get a real job. I am over her.

  18. 68
    why is anyone promoting her? Says:

    who the hell is watching these shows??

  19. 69
    amystery Says:

    I will watch the show where Bodyguard Steve confesses that Kate is pregnant with his baby because (surprise) she didn’t need fertility drugs afterall. I know, that’s obnoxious, but so is this show. She has no friends left to interact with (ala, Housewives of Wherever), so has to talk to the cameramen and her bodyguard (and, why does she need a bodyguard and the kids do not?)

    don’t watch the show (anymore), but am intrigued about these ratings numbers. Personally I think TLC is The Little people Channel.

  20. 70
    Jokergurl Says:

    I hope once her kids get to be teenagers they make her life a living hell just like she is making their lives now. Karma’s a real b***ch Kate. You could not pay me to watch this child exploitative show for any amount. People who do, seek therapy just imagine if those were your own kids would you really put them through that psychological minefield? No, it’s wrong.

  21. 71
    geez come on people Says:

    Geez….I was hoping we’d all come together and finally get this woman off TV!!!! Who’s watching this show?!? If you are…STOP!

  22. 72
    E Hernandez Says:

    Mady is not some character on a TV show. You can’t just fire her. She is a part of this family, and always will be.

  23. 73
    IPuke Says:

    Come on people. The only reason this show got “record” ratings (which I doubt) is because people want to see the train finally fall off the bridge already. I like how it opens with a bunch of scenes showing how much the kids “love” the presence of the camera crew. IT’S BECAUSE THAT’S BASICALLY THEIR FATHER NOW AND THEY KNOW NOTHING ELSE. Shut the hell up. Please stop this and be a real mother. Go back to being a nurse and stop living off of your children. You two already screwed up your marriage, do you really want to screw up their lives? Heading in that direction. This is all about MONEY now. Anyone remember when TLC actually did involve programs that helped you learn more than how much you hate the filth this industry spews out and pretends people actually like? What a joke.

  24. 74
    val Says:

    well you know how the old saying goes MONEY IS THE ROOT OF ALL EVIL , I feel sorry for this stupid woman she has no idea how to raise a family only how to exploit the kids

  25. 75
    sweete Says:

    Before this show came back on the air, Kate was going on and on about how she was this poor little single mother. I can’t watch this show with out thinking about real single mothers who have to go out into the real world and try to keep their kids fed.
    I hope she remembers them when shes trying to find the perfect spot for her chicken coop :(

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