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Katie Holmes 'Loved' Les Grossman's Booty Pop

Katie Holmes 'Loved' Les Grossman's Booty Pop

Katie Holmes gives husband Tom Cruise a big round of applause after watching him perform as Les Grossman at the MTV Movie Awards on Sunday (June 6) with Jennifer Lopez.

“It was a lot of fun – it was a blast!” Tom told People in the press room after his performance. “You know, I can dance a bit, and we rehearsed. And my wife’s a dancer, so I like dancing!”

As for what Katie thought of his work, Tom said simply, “She loved it.”

“She was there [in rehearsal] while we were working on it,” Tom added. Tom and Katie recently teamed up with a song-and-dance performance of “Whatever Lola Wants” – watch them in action here!

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  • alison

    that was so cute when they showed her, it made me smile

  • jilly

    His wife is a dancer? Since when?

  • Well

    That was the most genuine, sincere smile I have seen on Katie’s face in a long time. She was proud of Tom.


    That was Tom Cruises wet dream come true..doing a duet with the
    stunning Jlo.. and having his wife smiling.. man she hasn’t looked
    like that since Dawson’s Creek.. Must be nice having his butt smaked
    by Jlo.. and her teasing him by not letting him smak her..

    What was this award show anyway the we don’t know you people
    but we will give you an award.. did anyone see the Ninji movie>>

  • LuckyL

    Your wife’s not a dancer Tom.

  • LuckyL

    I think she was delighted for once he wasn’t policing his actions according to the Scientology doctrine. It was a relief for both of them. I think she returned to her fan girl days of him, realizing what we all used to pay attention to him for–being able to act.

  • Frida

    No Tom, Katie is not a dancer, she’s an actress wanting to be a dancer. There’s a difference.

  • ck

    She had better have loved it.

    If she didn’t, the locks would have been changed at the mansion, and Sophia Bush or the like would be auditioning for wife #4 ;)

  • Jen

    I actually thought it was a cute moment, she looked like she was proud of him and might I say Tom can shake it lol.

  • Noticias de famosos

    Katie will be hoping that Tom will do that choreography at home ..

  • troi

    Dancer? Katie a dancer? Hahahaha. Love or something is blind Tommy.

  • um

    How many timeS with the same thing? time to retire the fat suit.


    you need to brush your teeth.
    brush them twice a day, everyday.
    you must use toothpaste each time.
    floss, floss, floss.
    ask your play husband if you can borrow $400 and go get your teeth professionally whitened. crest white strips will NOT work at this point.

  • Susie#1

    @Frida, #7, Calling Katie Holmes an actress is like saying that Arthur Miller (“All My Sons”) wrote comedies. She can’t act, dance or sing. She would do everyone a favor by staying out of the public eye. Same for Tom. Their act is getting old.

  • eliza

    I think the Les Grossman role is a good one for Tom. It helps him get rid of all that manic energy he’s displayed from time to time. He can channel all his inner craziness into that character and seem almost normal when he appears as himself later on.
    I guess using the F word and talking about “getting laid” are his attempts to seem relevant and fit in with the younger crowd. He’s trying hard to reinvent himself, and he seems willing to do almost anything to promote his new movie. Effective? Sad? Desperate? You make the call.

  • LOL From the pictures, I couldn’t even tell that was Tom. He looks like some dude named Schlomo. haha

  • pr person

    Can the man NOT sound like a normal human being? “You know, I can dance a bit, and we rehearsed. And my wife’s a dancer, so I like dancing!” ???? WTF? Silly Crazy… the more you speak the more you sound like a complete loon.

  • Kimbee

    he is hot

  • jbird

    This whole skit just made me sad. It was Tom Cruise trying (really hard) to stay relevant with … well, anyone.

  • Corky

    So he does a cameo in a movie and now he has to keep using that role to stay relevant? How pathetic…and he needs to shut his mouth. He can’t get a straight sentence or thought out of his stupid gay pie hole to save his soul. And Cankle? I won’t even get into that pig.

  • annie

    I think these 2 are very happy together. Katie is not very good at puting on a show for the paps, she seems to despise them so much, but seeing her so happy and proud of TOM , was the highlight of the whole performance for me. Grosman was the best thing in Tropic Thunder.

  • @annie

    Erm I take it u haven’t seen videos of her walking aimlessly around ny, well pretending to despise d paps is wat u do when dey beckon at ur call dat way its believable

  • casper the ghost

    LOL./..wish I could make these letters HUGe……Katie is a dancer?????
    LOL LOL LOL LOL…and she is NOT an actress either.

    Just a wanna be…..Yuck!

  • Teacher

    # 22…Shame! Go back to school to learn real English!

    Writing in that way is so awful……go get an education stat!

  • @teacher

    Clearly ur as STUPID as u sound

  • ikju

    Even I have to admit she actually looks genuinely happy there, smiling, having a good time. If only she looked that happy more often…

  • Rocky

    His wife is a ‘dancer’. No he didn’t say that????!!! SHE CAN’T DANCE!!!! She poses — she DOES NOT DANCE!!

  • whoopsiedoo

    LOL……” his wife is a dancer” VERRRRRRY funny Tommy boy!

    Dancing is NOT jerky moves, choppy movement with head and body parts……..silly unnatural looking movements and walking while doing so!

    that is “dancing” ? Tommy boy….u are such a big fool!

    The biggest problem is that Katie goes around with “airs” like she is a good dancer……and no one would be honest with her and tell her to not quit her day job! ( raising her brat of course). Ooops….mistake…..she can’t even raise a child normally……oh, well…maybe she can ……..I guess nothing!

  • yak yak yak

    And Cankle? I won’t even get into that pig.

    hahaha…she is cankle and yellow crooked teeth…YUCK YUCK YUCK

  • tagstillads

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