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Miley Cyrus' Bodysuit Rocks in Rio

Miley Cyrus' Bodysuit Rocks in Rio

Miley Cyrus slips into a sexy black bodysuit while performing with Spanish pop singer David Bisbal at the Rock in Rio festival on Sunday (June 6) in Madrid, Spain.

Earlier in the day, the 17-year-old teen sensation was seen taking pics with fans while donning Nooka‘s chic “Mercury” shades in black — pictured below. You can pre-order your own pair from!

WATCH: Miley’s performance with David Bisbal!

20+ pictures inside of Miley Cyrus rocking out on stage…

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miley cyrus bodysuit 04
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miley cyrus bodysuit 21
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Credit: Carlos Alvarez; Photos: Getty, SplashNewsOnline
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  • Jontelle

    Lmfao. This

  • Kelly

    what an appropriate outfit for a 17 year old………………

  • Janette

    someone needs to stop this gurl…
    i cant believe little gurls are looking up to her as a role model
    I can’t imagine my own child as a teen doing this sort of act…

  • britta

    Miley Cyrus: Parent Fail

  • anonymous

    She looks great

  • colonel bat guano

    hahahaha she thinks she’s sexy! hahahahahaha

  • uh.

    Whoever told her tast outfit and the ‘kiss’ choreography looked good needs to be fired.

  • http://MilessSMiless Milly

    So COOL she is the BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • andy

    oh wow. is she a whore?

  • Leila

    damn this girl has no style. cover her shoes, top and face and she has decent legs. that’s it. she’s not sexy. she has no internal sensuality whatsoever. easy, trashy hilllbillly does not = sexy.

  • andy


  • give up

    The kiss / neck bite / momma bird feeding her young / wtv…..move is really annoying, it looks so daft. Wasn’t authentic or sexy the first time and it just looks even more repetitive and pretty stupid now.

  • cutie pie

    w.h.o.r.e. is right, that skinny no shaped lil ugly broad needs to cover her nasty behind up. That is shameful.. but i guess they stoop to that level when they have no talent.. Hannah Montana my butt!

  • seriously

    whos listening this disney rock?

  • Bella C

    Teenage sluts on the loose.

  • breakfast at jenny’s

    Miley needs to wake up already.

  • Bella C

    Billy Ray makes a sh*tload of money pimping this ho.

  • Bella C

    Billy Ray makes a lot of money pimping his little h000000000000000000!

  • Sacha

    Someone’s been watching too many p0rnos That oufit, her moves and the ridic hair flick she keeps doing is so trashy lol. Gurl you look like a stripper. I’m 22 and when I was her age, I didn’t act like a ho. Don’t her parents care about the pervy old men and her little fanbase with their eyes on her?

  • really?????

    why are u hating so much on her???? i’m not a fan of hers either but at least i have some class and don’t bitch about her!!!
    i’m from germany and i lived in america before and all i can say about u is that u guys are so FAKE!!! Have u ever been in an american nightclub before??? that explained everything to me! u guys have no class!! and miley is just having fun…. so why do u care???

  • april

    she is amazing no matter what..we really do love her so much!!!

  • gg fan

    OMG!she is naked :D seriously she thinks she’s sexy lol!!

  • idy

    every concert, less and less clothes, what is left? no shoes or no top for next concert?

  • Nic

    I actually think that older she gets more beautiful she is becoming, really growing into her looks. And ya this is WAY not cool for someone her age, however she has a stunning body, just stunning, but thats not the point. Her parents need a reality check.

  • Sasha

    She’s dressed like the angels from Victoria’s Secret…
    but they are models …and older than her!
    i very much dislike her face and body,but the body underwear is cool but not for an underage kid wearing it in front kids or whoever was there

  • Bryony

    Two questions come to my mind.
    1. Does this girl have any common sense?

    I don’t mean to sound like a grandmother, but seriously, SHE IS 17! God! Who does she think she is?

  • mousse

    With her 17 years she belongs to JJJunior..
    She is still a child performing teenagers moods on stage.

  • Well

    I can understand Miley wanting to break away from her Hannah image but she is going overboard and needs to tone it down some. Keep people guessing a little, girl. I think you get a lot of crap heaped on you that some goody two shoes so called singer, cough…cheerleader in the stands, seem to escape, sometimes I think they have the publicist helping grease the skids so you crash.

  • Susan

    She’s trying way too hard to shed her disney image and it’s only making her look trashy.

  • gaeljet

    pretty sexy, is that illegal to say that? but a 17 ys old girl can dress HOWEVER she wants and that s totally right legal etc? what a strange society (modern ones in general, not the us one in particular)

  • jj1234

    This is going to be the next big Halloween costume for little girls.

  • Tata

    bitch, I think she’s ridiculous

  • D

    If you think about it, she’s not doing much that’s new or shocking. Cherie Currie of The Runaways wore something like this in the 70′s except it looked like lingerie with a corset and garter belt, and she was I believe 15 or 16. It’s all about shock tactics and it’s getting old. It’s not ever appropriate! But at least the Runaways had talent…………….can’t say the same for Miley.

  • laverdadduele

    People ask what’s wrong with America? Well, here’s the answer.

  • lol

    The only one cashing in is Miley’s parents & BTW the other singer/songwriter has both talent & class & is very loved for her music and her genuine love for her fans, that is why the other girl is the best selling music artist of 2008 & 2009. The “other” girl has class & Miley is trash.

  • Great Body!

    I wish I’d have her body..
    Frankly as an European, you make too much out of nothing…
    when Britney spears did the belly button you were ecstatic but now that a girl like miley does something it’s limit she’s a whore, she doesn’t do much more than anyone else…she is simply doing her job…you have to stay on top to be popular and now if you don’t show your skin you’re over, in fact you should criticize the society to make it works this way…

    I’m not saying it’s age appropriate but it’s where parents tell their kids where the limit is…

  • Jen


    Stop generalizing about all Americans. So if I went to Germany and went to a nightclub and saw someone dressing badly or acting badly, am I suppose to think that ALL Germans act like that? Bit narrow minded if you tell me. Get a grip and stop taking about class, because it is extremely unclassy and ignorant to stereotype and judge people just because they come from a certain country. Coming to one nightclub in the US and to the US, does not make you an expert on the country. Do you know how many people from different backgrounds make up the US? well a lot, miss thing.

    No one is hating on Miley. We are just saying that she is dressing inappropriately considering she is just 17 and is the role model to millions of young kids and girls. The outfit she has on is too skimpy and ho*okerish looking, if you can’t see that, then maybe you need some glasses. Being sexy does not mean you have to walk around half naked.

  • shoes

    she always wears those shitty shoes

  • Noticias de famosos

    What a dress with only 17 years .. seems that if you dress well you are nothing .. a shame, what must be the voice and as you sing, not just what you wear and what you teach ..

  • So Judgemental

    In our next touching episode Hannah Montana does the football team and needs Jerry Springer to tell her who the father is… on Disney HD!

  • Karol

    Miley is too young at just 17 years to teach so much and with so little clothing ..

  • Me

    You can almost see her 17yr old Hole! NASTY No Joke what slutty trash!

  • N

    Every time she performs, she seems to wear less and less clothes!

  • SurfingEagle

    Isn’t this standard operating procedure for pop singers…Doesn’t shock me at all. I guess all the parents who spent money buying her crap for their kids, when I guess she was suppose to be squeaky clean, are now aggravated that they wasted their money. Hey, they got their money. Now, it’s time to appeal to the horny teenage and twenty something year old demographic.

  • .

    Too many people like “oh she’s too young to dress like that” or “she’s a sl*t”.. get over it. It’s not the 1950′s. She’s going to be an official adult next b-day, she can support herself, and is probably more mature then some kids in college sue to all the traveling and life experience she’s had!

  • agree with 36

    Even as an American, I can say we are an uptight country. There are commercials we won’t even air because of too much cleavage or sexuality. No wonder kids sneak around and do way too much at a young age! It’s bad and mysterious to them and seems like a big deal.
    We can show shootings and explosions of all sorts, but get a little cheeky and all the housewives and uptight people throw up their arms and gasp!

  • marie

    this girl thinks she is beyonce and she is not beyonce had that outift first. she can not sing like beyonce and she never will be able to.

  • Deedz

    The fck is up with this chick? She’s trying to look like an adult, but she’s coming out looking like an ass.

  • Pey

    Yeah, if you’re desperate to prove that you’ve grown up, even though you haven’t, as per what your attitude shows, show up nearly naked on stage… yeah, that’s the key, Miley.


    she is just creepy……….apparently to the delight of Brazilians