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Natalie Portman: Face of Parfums Christian Dior!

Natalie Portman: Face of Parfums Christian Dior!

Natalie Portman has been named the new face of Parfums Christian Dior!

The actress, who turns 29 this week, joins celebs including Sharon Stone, Charlize Theron and Jude Law in supporting the brand.

Her work with Dior marks the first time Natalie has represented a cosmetics brand, WWD notes.

After completing work on Black Swan, a thriller set to be released this year, Natalie is currently filming an Ivan Reitman movie with Ashton Kutcher.

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  • Kim

    Interesting. Natalie Portman is a vegan and doesn’t even wear leather. Yet, she is going to be the face of Dior perfume. And Dior apparently still tests its cosmetics on animals…
    I guess there is a price for everything. :-(

  • Kim

    Interesting. Natalie Portman is a vegan and doesn’t even wear leather. Yet, she is going to be the face of Dior perfume. And Dior apparently still tests its cosmetics on animals…
    I guess there is a price for everything. :-(

  • Dot

    I’m pretty sure Dior makes lots and lots of money on bags and shoes made of leather. Seems to me her veganism can’t be that serious – either that or she’s totally selling out.

  • tal

    love her! so pretty!

  • julia

    yes dior still does animal testing on their products and yes do sell all their handbags and shoes all made of leather as well as some clothes so this goes to proove natalie portman is a f—-g liar and she looks like shes in her early 40s look at that photo shes gross wrinkles around her eyes already she just prooved to the world shes a freaking ugly lying pathetic money hungry gross looser!!!!

  • julia

    yes dior still does animal testing on their products and yes do sell all their handbags and shoes all made of leather as well as some clothes so this goes to proove natalie portman is a f—-g liar and she looks like shes in her early 40s look at that photo shes gross wrinkles around her eyes already she just prooved to the world shes a freaking ugly lying pathetic money hungry gross looser!!!!

  • dina g

    she does look bad and she does look older then 29 yrs wow im shocked

  • Kimbee

    she is pretty

  • jill j

    yeah pretty ugly old looking

  • Alaia

    She sold out. Even with her film career. I mean everyone knows making a film with Ashton Kutcher instantly means that you need to revalutate your career.

  • Belinda

    I’m surprised at her becoming a model for Dior also.

    Wasn’t it just a year or so ago she came out with a line of vegan shoes. She was Super Vegan then.

    I think she is beautiful.

  • Intoo


  • goldie03

    I cannot Dior is using her- or she is using them 4 $$$ ?
    Its one brand I buy and now I have to boycott because Portman is one of those morally warped persons who signed the letter to let Polinski off from raping a 13 year old girl.
    Polinski ran off and never served his time, but Portman’s supporting a perv has now made me give up one of my fav brands I have used and been loyal to for years.
    Boycotting her movies doen not matter- she is a horrible actress.
    Dior-bad choice for spokesperson! Shame on u!!!
    Who wants to let a so-called vegan sell out? Not me! Ciao Dior- no more!

  • Viper

    And you know this that CD does animal testing for sure,,.last I heard cosmetic firms has stopped doing animal testing. Pretty sure if NP is supporting this she is making sure like she does when she has the makeup and costume designers work with her that nothing she has is animal. Figure CD will make a line that is animal free..

    I do like CD Posion the best I won’t judge her until you actually hear more about this.

  • Alias

    Based on how well received Killers was LMAO, Nat must be thinking to herself WTF am I doing working with Kutcher on their untitled film? She really has hit rock bottom!!

  • Dumb Girls

    Just how exactly do you know Christian Dior does testing on animals?!! Where are your facts and data to back your story up on Dior tests on animals? Where is your theory and data? You ppl are just opening your mouths and saying anything b/c you don’t happen to like Natalie Portman. Your defaming Natalie’s character without your proof to back your story up.

    The Polinski case has been disgusted to death already. He is an old man and the affair with Polinski happened years ago. I mean leave the old man alone and why bring up something that happened years ago and probably before most of you were born? Is it really any of your business what Natalie sings? What is it to you? Her business and not yours.

    @ Viper,
    I agree with you and love Poisen too. Some are so jealous I think b/c Natalie Portman is the face of a very popular Christian Dior. Natalie looks better youthful and beautiful. A lot of jealous girls on this board. Sure sounds like it kvetching on this negative trivial cr$p such as this on NP.

    Some must be Bilson fans. “eyeroll” Oh yeah…Rachel has 4 crappy movies under her belt and Natalie has at least 20 or more so movies behind her and experience. Oh! Rachel Bilson is the ambassador for Sunglass Hut. LOL! Big accomplishment. NOT!!!!
    Natalie Portman is a vegan and would not take on anything that tests on animals. Get your facts strait before blabbing things that are false. Think before you open your mouth. :(

  • Alias

    @16 – you should be the LAST person calling anyone dumb, it’s Polanski not Polinski! LMFAO Nat and Kutcher? Bwhahahahahahahaha!

  • Tia

    PETA has a list of companies that do NOT test on animals and Dior is on that list. So no, they don’t test on animals.


    What does Rachel Bilson have to do with this? Just because someone doesn’t like Natalie Portman or doesn’t agree with something she’s doing doesn’t mean they’re Bilson fans. And how random, Rachel Bilson of all people? You could have mentioned someone who is actually in the same league as Natalie like Scarlett Johansson. Instead you mention someone who hasn’t done a movie in like 4 years and who’s last big job was on a defunct tv show? Wow.

  • lexy hates bilson

    Cosmetic companies haven’t tested on animals in years – and they especially wouldn’t do it here in the US! Stop hating on Natalie because she’s fabulous!!!

  • Notafan

    Ugly cow and Man-eater who doesn’t deserve to represent Dior!

  • dina g

    she has really gone to the toilet doing a movie with kutsher well shes overrated anyway and she looks really bad old used up hasbeen

  • goldie03

    CD uses animal based products- i.e. leather
    As for Polanski- u r delusional!!! I do not care how long ago the crime was it was reprehensible not to mention sick!
    Who cares how long ago it was- it does not take away from what he did-
    As for Porthole the point was she signed to support the old geezer- if that was u or sister or bf that the creaton did that to would it still be ok since “its been talked to death” and was “years ago”??? It was a crime- I bet u would support Manson’s release- after all it happened years ago!
    Jack- a$$

  • http://verysexy!!! sharyllee

    She looks older..

  • riri

    She is a beautiful woman and a class act.
    Intelligent and classy and has an international undertones.
    I find her way better than the other presenters they used to take (Sharon stone? Jude Law? seriously? Charlize Theron is beautiful but seems like a mega byotch).

  • the truth

    why you all are hating on natalie ? We don’t see RB doing anything like that. And keep bringing up her lovelife s not going to help you all any. You all don’t have her money and her talented either.Maybe they wanted her anyway.She can get what she want cause people wants her ok . And about her lovelife its not all over this site all the time.And no 21 you need to be ashame are yourself saying things like that. Rachel bilson is the one that is overrated and she don’t do anything. Natlalie is a good actress and people have to act with other to get their feet wet. Don’t you know there very fwe people that can act with aston K? He chose her for a reason. No one wants to work with rb cause she can’t stay on a job long.So you haters leave her alone. And talk about rb who don’t do nothing at all. Happy Birthday Natalie luck with this new gig Sweet.

  • LORI

    shes a skank and a looser and a liar CD is a company that natalie should never be involved with she is a two faced b–ch

  • Dumb Girls

    @ Alias,
    Who cares how Polinski or Polanski is spelled? Heard of typo’s ever? You sound like a 5th grader going, “Bwhahahahahahaha!!” Aston chose Natalie to work with and not Bilson. That should tell you something!
    @ Tia,
    It is usually the same twits giving RB praise on her stupid threads and I find this ridiculous the same PPL are ragging on the Polanski case and other Trivial garbage like this. Not saying your posting on Bilson’s or calling your a twit but, some PPL like Alias and Goldie are obvious coming in and ragging on NP. Jealous fools they are. Thanks for pointing out that CD does not test on Animals.

    @ Goldie,
    Give it up. The Polanski case is old and he is no where close to Manson who was a mass murderer! Polanski never killed anybody. He just f*cked a underaged girl in the 1970′s! Years ago and the girl was not raped. The girl was not forced. Both parties were in agreement. The girl wanted sex too. Besides, it is STUPID to try a man so many years later and the girl is now 45 and has grown kids. She is fine. You are just finding things to find fault at Natalie. NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS ANYWAY WHAT NP CHOSES TO DO! YOUR THE JACKA$$ MORON! What R you|? It sounds like your the obsessed stalker lesbian to me. LOL!!!

    Yeah…Leather is made out of an animal idiot. Christian Dior probably has clothes in leather and Natalie has said she does not wear leather. Just synthetic materials. Besides, you have no articles to back your stupid story up. Your just saying, “Oh yeah!! I heard Christian Dior does animal testing. They like, like, like use like leather!!” You dumbass! Natalie will be the spokesperson for Dior’s new fragance. Not leather bubblehead. Go back to your precious Bilson thread and give the girl that does nothing and is a major sell out some of your love.

    PPL that know how to spell Polanski correct anyway sure must be a bit over obsessed with NP and what she does and her personal life. That is stalkish sick. You PPL need serious help. Get a life! STFU!! Natalie is awesome and looks better then all of you! :)

  • purple poet

    Natalie’s pretty but very overrated. She can’t work it like that goddess Charlize Theron. “Feel what’s real, j’adore, dior” That’s my girl!

  • purple poet

    @riri: Nah Charlize ain’t a b*tch Everyone who meets her and works with her says she’s super cool, it’s Natalie who is rumored to be the stuck up b*tch!

  • goldie03

    @ dumb girl- what an appropriate name 4 u.
    I have never written about Porthole until I just saw on JJ her sleazy, immoral, hypocrital a$$ is now doing CD. If she went to college she should get a refund! A foolish stupid thing to do by supporting a perv because they r an “artist”. Yeah thats real classy.
    I will not buy one more CD product from a company that uses her strictly due to Polanski.
    I read the case file and transcripts with police report. Did U? Get your facts straight dear- he raped a 13 year old girl. He gave her drugs and booze then trapped her in a dark bedroom and forced himself on her repeatedly. She never asked for it and reiterated over and over no and stop.
    There was a plea bargain- it does not take away from the act of rape which the old geez got away with other under age girls. Her parents were the only brave ones trying to stop a perv. Rape is never ok and it does not change the harm and emotional problems this woman had growing up. Volunteer for a rape crisis unit jack a$$ and see the real world!
    It is my BUSINESS as a consumer to boycott any company who uses people that r morally sic and/or demented.
    Manson was just a way of demonstrating the level of low lives & Polanski is one. I
    Never ceases to amaze me how ppl who ignore real issues & have the intellect of a pea r reduced to name calling. Calling me a lesbian does not affect me in the least- I am not one so its not like it upsets me or hurts my feeling. U do know what feelings r don’t u? Only a cowards & losers write things like that.

  • Dumb Girls

    @ Goldie,
    Get off your high horse already. Your a damn hypocrite. You don’t like to be called names. Look who started it! IT WAS YOU CALLING ME A JACK A$$!! Yeah…that is really intelligent. You must be wayyyy over obsessed to read the case file on it. Just proves you a bit over obsessed with Natalie and wanting to spend all your life defaming her. Good luck. If, it was Rachel Bilson you would be praising her. Your stupid for beating a dead horse on the Planski case. Get on Bilson’s case for being a stupid fame wh&7e already and does not do anything with her life. At least Natalie has a job and has steady work!

    Your a sanctimonious hypocrite. If, Polanski drugged and raped this girl then, gee…..You think the case would have been brought up much earlier or, right after it happened. I heard two sides of the story. You chose to believe the worst out of Natalie fine. You wasting your time trying to convince fans she is this horrible person. I mean your spending 24/7 reading case files on Polanski’s case to dig dirt on Natalie and calling her a sellout for going with Dior’s fragrance. Where is your proof Dior tests on animals then? That is what I asked. I don’t give a rat’s a$$ about Polanski’s case that was years ago. I want to see written proof. Not you stupid word of mouth Miss. High and Mighty you! I cannot stand PPL like you. Your the LOSER and low leveled stupid person obsessing what Natalie does. It is so obvious you have no life.
    Your hopeless…You bash and I bash right back sweetie! You can dish it out but, you cannot take the repercussions when it is dished back at you huh? Can’t take the heat then get out of the kitchen. What did Natalie ever do to you anyway? Did she kill your dog or something? Jealous! Jealous! Jealous you are. You wish you were Natalie don’t you? Can’t take the heat get out of the kitchen you LOSER!

  • Beating A Dead Horse
  • Dee

    @ Dumb Girls,
    I can see your point but please don’t hate and stoop to their level.

    Read in It was Dior that contacted her. They wanted her and not the other way around. Natalie can chose what she wants with her fragrance and make the demands that no animals will be tested on her fragrance.
    Look at the people before that were used for Dior fragrance. Charlize Theron, Sharon Stone and Jude Law. Big time celebrities. Funny….I heard both Charize and Natalie Portman were stuck up and b*tchy. People always lable people with higher intelligence as being a stuck up. I don’t believe Charlize is that way or Natalie. How do you know? Don’t believe everything you hear or read is my motto. Rachel Bilson I heard was so sweet from some fans. She comes accross as sweet because she is dingy and a airhead. Their is no doubt in my mind she will stab you right in the back when she has the chance to.

    Besides the point. I don’t see anyone from Dior beating down Rachel Bilson’s door to do their new fragrance. LOL!



  • goldie03

    @dumb girl-
    1st- I did not accuse Porthole of seeking a contract 4 Dior.
    2nd- Stalker? U R obsessed. The only point I was making is her choice to support a perv & criminal by her signing a petition to leave the old geez alone because he was an “artist”.
    There r a shocking # of HW wanted Polanski excused from the charges based solely on the grounds & # of years he has been an “ARTIST”! As if that makes him a better person? NOT! Producers like Scorcesse (spell?) I will not pay to watch his movies now either.
    This is the ONLY REASON I will not buy Dior as long as Porthole is affiliated with Dior.
    3rd- I did not start on the animal testing. As I recall I said Dior uses leather. I was actually surprised a vegan would be involved with a company that uses animal based products.
    4th- Ever consider how some ppl like Graduate students have to read cases/files and do research? We examine all aspects to see what could or should have been done. I have had to read and discuss rape and murder cases. Otherwise I would not have stated what I read. I am in human rights law. Not to twist or pervert the law like other types of law students end up doing.
    High horse? So be it in the sense it means I support facts and laws. B4 U whine anymore- perhaps hear say is exactly that- it is not documents or medical records. Want to see it- do it yourself! U can read all u want on the facts of the case. Its all on public records at the LA county building just like every CA case I have had to review.
    5th- I commented on the name calling. I could care a less, but I found your choice more demonstrative on an ignorant prejudice level that certain ppl in society use & who often go hand in hand with racism.
    I used jack a$$ regarding behavior- I respect any one’s opinion, but when someone is certain of the facts & try to enlighten others who r obviously unfamilar as u appeared to be on the subject.
    I do not care about Bilson nor intend to comment on her.
    I guess in your little world ignorance really is bliss!

  • Tony

    Congratulations Nat! LOVE you!

  • Dumb Girls

    @ Goldie,
    UGH!!! Your so annoying…
    Again! Natalie does not need to ask you for her permission on what she does. Natalie would not go against her convictions is all I can say. She does not wear leather and last time I checked fragrance is not made out of leather! LOL! Natalie will chose what goes in her fragrance. She wears synthetics and she has her own vegan shoeline. Me?? Obsessed??!! Excuse me! You spend 24/7 trying to demoralize the poor girl.

    BTW…Half of Hollywood signed the petition to free old geezer Polanski. Are you doing to go over half of Hollywood to for your thesis? ROTFLMAO!

  • Dumb Girls

    I meant to say and I will say it again. Half of Hollywood and the big wig directors signed the petition to free Polanski too. Martin Scorcese, Woody Allen to name a few. Are you going to go after most of Hollywood too Goldie?? You sound like you wish to continue to cause trouble for Natalie and she has not done anything to you.
    You TROLL! :(

  • goldie03

    dumb girl-
    it is equally annoying that u cannot read well!!!
    Dior is an all inclusive company which uses leather- where did I say perfume was made from leather?….No where!
    I will not buy products from a company that I love that uses a spokes person who signed a petition to aid a perv with the rationale he is an “ARTIST”. That was my point- how u twist plain English into something else is beyond me.
    No where did I ask or want her “permission”- ridiculous. She can do as she likes just like I will boycott a product or other consumer goods like movies because I refuse to financially support someone who believes they r an elist HW society that thinks they r above all because they r “ARTISTS”.
    I know their r other names in HW like Woody Allen- and all of those who signed I will not see their movies or what they sell. Big deal!
    Demoralize is hardly an appropriate word. Once again- I will not buy anything that she will benefit from. What don’t u understand?
    U really do behave like a jack a$$ !! This is the only time I have ever posted on Porthole- looks like 24/7 is what u r far too familiar with.
    U do not like what I said and I respond to your attacks.
    Dior will know why I will no longer buy their products just like other women who will stop buy ing any of their products.
    Get over yourself already! Go get an education instead of attacking ppl because they do not agree w/ U. Porthole will thank u 4 it since u stalk her and “know” everything about her.

  • hypocrite NP

    natalie portman just went against everything she she wouldnt do i guess maybe shes desperate for work after doing this movie with ashton kutsher another looser NP is a f—g lowlife liar and ugly woooooow did she age bad she looks like shes 40 yrs old in this pix maybe CD can give her some eye cream for those wrinkles around her eyes and other products to help her ugh!

  • Dumb Girls

    @ Goldie,
    I don’t stalk the girl. Their you go accusing PPL and telling lies about them. I have read your posts carefully and can read. I suggest you do the same. So Christian Dior uses leather. Why are u bringing that up? Natalie was asked to sponser a perfume and not their leather dumba$$.

    Yes!!! DEMORALIZE is a word. Check your dictonary retard! You are trying to get others to agree with you on Natalie and you don’t have the actual facts. Your just saying she supported a rapist. Some will and some won’t agree with you and this news of NP signing the petition on Polanski is old anyway. Gee…I don’t know??? Half of HW signed it. So, I suggest you find out all the PPL who signed it so, you don’t accidently see their movies and die of a heart attack b/c you think you so perfect. LOL!

    You should learn how to read more carefully yourself. I asked you to send in the proof and let me make this easier or put in layman’s terms for you to understand….Copy and paste proof that Dior is testing on animals. Otherwise, you are spreading false information. That is what I asked you to do.
    Gee…How original and brillant of you to come up with Porthole. You seem infatuated with the a$$. You must like it up the a$$ too I guess. SICKO!!! EEWWWWW!!!! Okay…You think your so smart. Then, get a life already. Quite obvious you have none and I seriously doubt your a grad student. Otherwise, why u here 24/7 bashing NP??

  • Dumb Girls

    @ 41,
    A bit jealous are we?? Trust me..I’m sure NP looks way better then you. I know she looks better then you and Goldie’s lover Rachel Bilson! ROTFLMAO!!

  • padme

    Congrats to Nat! Why wouldn’t Dior want someone as marketable as Nat? She has the whole package…beauty, brains, class, humor, and compassion. That’s very rare among real celebs and celeb-wannabes like Bilson and Montag.

  • babs

    Natalie is a wonderful very skilled and talented actress…Ashton is the king of rom;coms…Hr is the perfect leading man for her to work with in her i=first romantic comedy.’

    She is growing as an actress by increasing her range…This is a wise move.

    The perfume ad is a great vehicle and there is nothing wrong with her earning living.

    Haters can go to hell.

  • Marvin

    I’ll never understand such demonstration of irrational hatred. Something tells me that all this has nothing to do with Polanski, Dior or Rachel Bilson.

    Good Luck to Natalie.

  • platforme

    Very helpful article. I simply stumbled upon your web site and needed to say that I’ve especially favored studying your blog posts. Any implies I’ll be subscribing in your feed and I hope you publish the moment more quickly.

  • pippa

    Christian Dior Cosmetics are not cruelty free.
    Where on this list do you see CD?

    I make a huge effort to use cruelty free cosmetics and am, therefore, very well informed on which brands test on animals or are owned by parent companies that test on animals (i.e. the body shop).

    I love Natalie Portman as an actress and think she is beautiful, but I can’t respect hypocrisy.

  • Oksana


    Actually dozens and dozens of companies still test on animals….Dove, Neutrogena, Olay, Cover Girl, Gillette, Procter & Gamble, Unilever, Secret deodorant, just to name a few. This is not an angry email to you…I’m a Natalie Portman fan as well..I thought her performance in ‘The Professional’ was about the best child actor performance in film history.

    But sadly thousands of animals, yes including dogs and cats, are regularly tested upon by many of the companies found in your bathroom and kitchen. They are tortured, blinded, injured, infected and many die.

    So, yes, this barbaric practice still goes on today, even in the US.

    If you’re interested, you can check for a caring, online consumer database of companies that do – and don’t test on animals.

    Take care,


  • Jane

    Christian Dior is among many cosmetic/beauty/pufume etc. companies who claim to be ‘Against Animal Testing’ or ‘Don’t test on animals’ but this is nothing more than clever wording to trick people into to thinking they are cruelty ‘Free’! However many of these companies knowingly use ingredients that have been tested on animals (even if the testing was done by other companies) or they use a ‘rolling cut of date’ which you can google to find out what that means. (Many also use animal ingredients too but don’t state this clealy either, which is another way these companies are pretending to be cruelty free when they are not.) Unfortunatly the Peta lists (both the USA and UK one) are not as cruelty free as they claim to be. All a company has to do to get on the list is to sign a declaration that ‘they’ don’t test on animals. As said above this doesn’t stop many of them using ingredients tested by other companies etc. The best sites to start with and to find the real cruelty free companies are and
    I hope this helps anyone looking to go cruelty free!