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Rosie Huntington-Whiteley: First Transformers 3 Pics!

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley: First Transformers 3 Pics!

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley carries an Alexander Wang handbag as she arrives on set to shoot scenes for Transformers 3.

The 23-year-old model is taking over Megan Fox’s spot as Shia LaBeouf’s co-star in the hit franchise.

Other pictures inside include Rosie with her boyfriend, Jason Statham, and his new Audi R8 at his place in Hollywood Hills!

Jason is back in town after working on his new film, The Killer Elite, in Melbourne, Australia (also pictured).

10+ pictures inside of Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and Jason Statham getting to work…

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rosie huntington whiteley first transformers 3 pics 01
rosie huntington whiteley first transformers 3 pics 02
rosie huntington whiteley first transformers 3 pics 03
rosie huntington whiteley first transformers 3 pics 04
rosie huntington whiteley first transformers 3 pics 05
rosie huntington whiteley first transformers 3 pics 06
rosie huntington whiteley first transformers 3 pics 07
rosie huntington whiteley first transformers 3 pics 08
rosie huntington whiteley first transformers 3 pics 09
rosie huntington whiteley first transformers 3 pics 10
rosie huntington whiteley first transformers 3 pics 11
rosie huntington whiteley first transformers 3 pics 12

Photos: Famepictures, Splash News Online
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    Wow what news (!)

  • Livian

    Poor Rosie. She has to endure Michael Bay’s perverted ways and she has little acting experience.
    Anyway, is she picking her nose in that pic?

  • Zeee

    ohhh i get it she got the part bc her boyfriends in the movie….makes sense now

  • Tori

    Im not even gonna bother to watch this Transformers.

  • Livian

    Poor Rosie, she has to endure Michael Bay’s perverted ways.

  • miss infamous

    I think Megan Fox and Shia had better chemistry

  • Livian

    @miss infamous:

    Wonder what Shia thinks of this. Tyrese is not happy with the replacement.

  • Roxy

    Rosie will do way, way better than Megan Fox! Megan Fox is DESTINED TO FAIL! Rosie is 100 times prettier, smarter, and better at acting than Megan Fox. Megan is always out partying, wearing trashy clothes, and she even hires her own paparazzi to take pictures of her. I see many similarities between Megan and Heidi Montag.

    I’m so happy Megan Fox has no more projects after the FLOP JONAH HEX. Yay Rosie!

  • Jennyh

    Models who smoke make me sick!

  • Lele

    I prefer MEGAN FOX!!!

    This girl is beautiful but Foxy is a GODNESS!!

  • Leo

    I don’t think Jonah Hex will fail! I mean, it may not be a critical favorite, but I think it’ll do well at the box office. Josh Brolin, John Malkovich, Michael Fassbender, and Will Arnett are in the movie. Megan is not even the main character. And plus, I checked her imdb page and she has Passion Play, The Crossing, Fathom, and even Pirates of the Caribbean listed, and the movies will all come out this year or next year. Her career is not over just yet.

  • Katie

    He’s old

  • jane-alice

    There are plenty of beautiful actresses in the world why he chose a supermodel so typical ??

    I did not like the role of Megan but I preferred to choose megan !

  • Jenny

    “even Pirates of the Caribbean listed”

    Megan is not going to be in the Pirates of the Caribbean movie that’s already been confirmed by Disney. I don’t care if Megan is replaced anyway. It’s not like she could act. All she did was complain and look sexy. If Jennifer’s Body taught us anything it’s that Megan Fox is not a box office draw.

  • Dieter

    Is she having a smoke or what ??? I TOTALLY LOVE THAT !!!!!!

  • Mariana


  • Nicole


  • Selina

    @ Roxy@Roxy:

    Roxy, I COMPLETELY agree with you. The last couple of times I saw her on justjared, that slut had the nerve to wear sweat pants and a t-shirt! How dare she! What a tramp!

  • Lorena


    Wow, Roxy, way to be an obvious petty, jealous bitch. Megan Fox is one of the few starlets today who DOESN’T go clubbing or “wear trashy clothes”. I’ve never ONCE seen a pap photo of her going out at night to a club or a photo of her drinking.

    And I love how you’re defending a lingerie model and saying she can act better than Megan Fox, when said model has never once acted before and was obviously picked based solely on the fact that creepy Michael Bay finds her smokin’ and wants to plow her like Megatron on an autobot.

  • Evan

    Critics who do not know you, f**k them, you’re beautiful girl, shine!

  • Ana


  • Chris

    I really like this girl!

  • CanadaGirl

    I wish this girl, Rosie, luck. Michael Bay seems like a misogynistic, dirt bag.

  • CanadaGirl

    @Roxy: Jealous much, troll?
    1) I’ve never seen a club picture of Megan Fox – ever.
    2) Megan Fox is an actress and Rosie has never been in a TV show or movie.
    3) Rosie wears underwear in public for a living.
    Perhaps, you should think before you type. *eye roll*

  • Sara

    You know, I’m surprised to be saying this.. but.. I wish Megan hadn’t left.

  • ++Logan++


    Transformers 3 is going to be soo soo bad anyways.

  • Wes

    Bring back Megan!!!

  • zick

    cigarettes kill

  • poptart

    funny thing is, well since I am a 25 year old WOMAN I was never interested in thse crappy transform blah blah movies. lol not my thing. and well I am a model fan and liked rosie so she perks my interest!!!!
    I dont follow celebs and never followed megan so its no loss for the millions of girls/ADULTS like me. as only obsessed tweens/ fat comic guys are the transformer audience lol. megan was never anything special to me either to get me to the movies. I dont think black haired pale white looking non-exotic faced girls are anything to rave about. bleh.

  • kim

    where is Shiaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ?!

  • Fauna

    Is the girl smoking AND picking her nose?

  • Andie


    Megan all the way.

    BAY sucks.

  • Andie


    She’s much better than Rosie. Megan all the way.

    BAY sucks.

  • Andie


    She’s much better than Rosie. Megan all the way.

    BAY sucks

  • Annabel

    I think Rosie is beautiful and natural, não podemos julgar a menina, até que vejamos a Rosie atuando, vamos ser justos, ok?

  • Annabel

    I think Rosie is beautiful and natural, we can not judge the girl, until we see Rosie acting, let’s be fair, ok?

  • SunsetBB

    I think she can act _ she’s been playing his beard very well

  • Sharon

    good luck Rosie you are beautiful!!!! people give her a chance

  • Andie


    She’s a model, for God’s sake.

    And like someone said above, “BRING MEGAN BACK”.

    She’s way better.

  • xxx

    Search “Rosie Hunington-Whitely drugs” and read all about her drug scandals……. and she smokes wtf she’s horrible………

  • poptart

    exactly search for her. her searches are going up up up thanks to you haters, lol. in the end its all good for Rosie. give her a chance. megan has began to lose her looks and her acting sucks. I dont want to stare at her plastic adult film star face anyways. especially not on the big screen.

  • goldenseeds

    “HIS BEARD”????

    is Js gay??!!!! :O

  • SunsetBB


    according to rumors…yes, he is

  • toughguy

    @Sunsetseeds _____ what about :
    according to WITNESSES??? lol


    don’t forget the “victms” too lmao


    I think Rosie is gorgeous but I worship Megan.
    Thank God she’s many movies to come according to imdb.

  • Andie

    Rosie loooks are horrible and her acting will suck. RUN, SCREAM, HIDE. Great “acting”.

    And her test was posing in langerie to BAY perv. kkkkkkkkkkkkk

    Not even Megan has done that. She has some self-respect.



    I was wondering if the other girls she “won” had their test in transparent lingeries too or if they refused. I know many models don’t accept certain kind of “job” just to get more money or fame.I call it self-respect too.
    And it wasn’t just posing. It was a love scene with Shia.

  • maganlo

    Fake lips,trashy bag and girl can’t act NEXT.

  • hey

    Megan Faux smokes…. blech. Rosie will blow this away. She’s beautiful and Jason Statham is HOT AND TOTALLY COOL! Grrrrrr…