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Hayden Christensen: CFDA Awards with Richard Chai!

Hayden Christensen: CFDA Awards with Richard Chai!

Hayden Christensen attends the 2010 CFDA Fashion Awards as designer Richard Chai‘s guest at Lincoln Center’s Alice Tully Hall on Monday (June 7) in New York City.

For the event, the 29-year-old Canadian actor was dressed by Richard, who picked up the Swarovski Award for Menswear. Hayden rubbed shoulders with actress Dakota Fanning, designer Zac Posen and model Devon Aoki.

Hayden later hit up the after-party held on the 18th floor of The Standard Hotel until about 2AM. Important photo shoot in the morning!

P.S. No sign of fiancee Rachel Bilson but he did bring along his grandmother, Rose. Pictured together here — how previous!

10+ pictures inside of Hayden Christensen at the 2010 CFDA Awards

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Credit: Dimitrios Kambouris, Kevin Mazur, Andrew H. Walker, Soul Brother/Filmmagic; Photos: Getty, Wireimage
Posted to: Devon Aoki, Hayden Christensen, Richard Chai, Zac Posen

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  • BBQ

    This is… Weird.

  • Helen

    Hayden looks yummy!

  • snicklefritz

    Looking soo GAY!

  • snicklefritz

    Looking soo GAY!

  • Wrong JJ

    Richard Chai won the award, Hayden went wearing one of Chai’s suits.

    Can’t wait for the next inaccurate thing you post that’s so important.

  • snicklefritz

    Oops, I mean Looking soo STRAIGHT

  • snicklefritz

    Looking soo SMOKIN’ HOT

  • OK JJ

    I will bite….what photoshoot?

  • mike

    wow its nasty that hes sweating under hes arms but hey he is sooo hot i will lick it eww huh but true

  • i-i

    Have never understood his appeal. He looks forever like a teenager.

  • periwinkle

    Hah! – An actual & significant fashion event W/O that self-claimed & self-hype “”fashionista””… ALLELLUIA!!!
    BRATchel actually goes to “anything & everything” like she’s actually a bit relevant. Such a laugh that she even attended a recent MTV Awards’ random event on a “backdoor” instead of showing up on it’s red carpet where they even let the likes of Lindsay Lohan to walked in – LOL 3X

  • whats next

    Ok I give why must we know he went to the event w/o the loser side kick of his. And gee he is up past his bedtime didn’t leave till 2am I’m sure this won’t sit well with the Bff, press media hooker or whatever the hell she wants to be called anymore. Sure as hell looks like if this man is so hyped for marriage sure as shyt doesn’t look like he wants it with La Valley girl at the present time. All in all he actually seems better off w/o her around. I know most ppl are thrilled to bits to see him minus her any day of the week. She is a total drain on him professionally and personally.

    You were right the first time he looks pathetically GAY but happier none the less.

  • ida

    what Hayden is wearing is…weird.But i kind of like it! i dont think that he is sweating though…maybe its the design? Ha! did you read the note “P.S. No sign of fiancee Rachel Bilson!”??? gosh..

  • what!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    brillant love this,

    the media whore must have know hayden was going to have going to this without her,

    now we know why she has not been wearing her ring to make sure the attention was still on her,

    nice one hayden keep it up just to nark her of more.

  • lexy hates bilson

    Wow! I can’t believe the “faux-shionista” missed the opportunity to go to this event with her man! She was probably busy meeting with the paparazzi to review her schedule!

  • G is for Giggles

    they don’t seem ‘together’ lately–is that just me noticing?

    (not that that’s a bad thing—YOU CAN DO BETTER HAYDEN!)


  • busted

    He has that forever teen look about him..It is not a good thing for men at some point.

    I never got the hype around him. Other then that dumb transporting movie and Star Wars.. what has he been doing movie wise. He needs to bulk up a bit.. too skinny

  • Alias

    Hayden needs a good anti-perspirant, period. First the sweaty underarms in Brazil playing soccer in a sweater now this.

  • Alias

    And I’d wish he’d stop with the cancer sticks too. We all gotta go sometime but why accelerate the process

  • S

    Looks like he was being accompanied by Grandma Rose…yes, he needs a stronger antiperspirant.

  • the truth

    Why jared and you all have to mention rachel at all?She was not with him ok.That doesn’t mean that the reason she wasn’t there with him that she wanted attention too.You all don’t know what you all don’t know what you all are talking about. Act like you all some sense for a change.All you all do say is crazy things.They are not getting married so why should they be together. Its called a broken engagement why don’t you and jared just call it that?Jared and others rachel is not there cause she was not there cause she was not invited to it. its about time he did something by hisself. if they has called it quits so be it. Someone need to say it.He looks good up and was glad to see him the first thing this morning!So jared please when rachel come don’t say that was finance this week ot whenever she comes out are hiding.Because the haven’t been seem over a month now. Can we say that he’s single cause he’s going to parties nothing he ever did without her. Love him and do look hot there.

  • @the truth

    Rachel is in NY she was spotted there yesterday, so they are still together, she just didn’t go to the event, I am sure JJ will be the 1st to report a split between the 2 as he is always reporting on one half of the couple anyway..hint hint less Rachel more Hayden

  • lol

    he took his grandmother to the event id say thats a sign in itself.. there really is no reason for her not to be there if you think about it she ALWAYS goes to fashion events if she can lol i mean she went to a swag event for the MTV awards for attention dont you think she would of wanted to go to this even more its a major event with a list talent there he could of taken her but instead took his grandmother which is sweet but also sends a message lol

  • jolene

    hayden looks absolutely gorgeous!!!!!!!
    he’s sooooo cute!!!!
    I looooooove hiiiiimm!!!
    thanks jj!

  • @lol

    true I think there is trouble there but I think they are together still and JJ will no doubt have pics up in the next day or so since he loves them so much

  • He Sweats

    How do you even sweat that much at a party in a swanky event? He’s just standing around + says he doesn’t dance. He always is sweating you see him with damp underarms all the time! Has he not heard of antiperspirant? Does he smell bad too? He’s also so thin he looks like a man with a substance abuse problem. He’s always been a rail but he looks worse now. That’s great that the ball and chain fiancee that he says he can’t wait to marry + so in love with wasn’t at this fashion event (but she goes to the opening of an envelope esp of its at all related to fashion.) Can’t wait to see them together pressing out their relationship again. They are so perfect for each other, such a perfect match in every single way: media worshipping untalented desperate losers.

  • what!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    @ 22 THE TRUTH

    as its the done thing on here please put or link or somthing that says rb is with him,

    find it hare to belive that she would miss out on going to this

  • lol

    you know stress can make a person sweat alot lack of sleep anxiety poor diet he looks like hes not eating much and smoking more i smoke like a chimney as well and it kills my eating habits made me lose weight in my face freaked ppl out lol so it happens but you know i dont remember him being sweaty like that bad till recently like the past year or so . so id guess he stressed out ~shrugs~

  • lol

    i will say hes got a very james dean rebel without a cause look going and i like it ^.^

  • Eric

    What is wrong with Chai’s legs? short and O shape? ugly.

  • Rain

    Yes…He does have a James Dean look about him. Always has but, the guy needs to put on 15 pounds at least! Hayden, give up the cancer sticks and please eat! EAT! EAT something man. He’s cute but he does look gay to me. Sorry…Honest opinion. Eat and get some better deodorant dude!

  • 0 charisma

    this guy has the most empty personality

  • lol

    honestly he could put back on easily twenty plus pounds and hed still be mr skinny and someone strangle the stylist that made him look like james dean gone metro/queer eye yikers!!!

  • Viper

    I too at first thought it was his grandmother but, when I looked over at her again it’s not the grandmother. Unless she did something to her face to change the appearance. For RB not to show up for such and event but can got Paris for no reason and not this please there isn’t much value in their relationship hopefully someone is getting the hint. I think he allows anyone to dress him he hasn’t been honest to the fans or public in years I doubt what was ever said in any interview was truthful. Plus add to this he was out till after 2am for someone who is trying to play Mr. Devoted to his fiance he sure as hell isn’t caring what time he walks in the door when not with her. I still don’t see one ounce of attraction between them and sorry but married or not these too won’t make it for any duration of a marriage.

  • brightside

    Most people don’t these days, anyway. Most people end up getting a divorce between 5 – 10 years after marrying and these two seem unusually incompatible. They are one heck of a weird couple.

    Stressed or not excessive sweating is a sign of some kind of substance abuse, alcoholics sweat a lot too. To sweat that much in a suit is not natural, especially as others don’t appear to have that problem. If his sweat patch is that big on the outside of the suit, he must be sweating a lake and that kind of problem is not normal.

  • the truth

    No 22 if she was there we would have seem her there with him ok. Stop answering what i comment on. And there will be no pictures either.Stop making them being together. And if they are you know jj wouldn’t printed it anyway. He didn’t print the story about her not wearing her engagement ring. When it comes to rachel jj will not print nothing bad about her and hayden you know that anyway.Why would she stop taking pictures with him then. Last time he was in new york she went back homeand didn’t stay . You know if they are together either.Rachel do not want no one that the engagemnt is off.She can’t keep fooling people like that. So why she wasn’t at the women fashion show then.? Something is wrong and no one is talking about it .We didn’t see any pictures are her so what that tell you. You must got that information from twitter . JJ might like them but no pictures. And the other site printed about the missing engagement ring jj didn’t .No22 you know that rachel don’t miss taking pictures with him that’s her business to do so.But she went other guy to a fashion event last month. but she couldn’t go with him.JJ already know what’s going anyway. We would seem her going to the airport and you know how her mouth run when she’s going somewhere she tells it. Why not let us see her at the airport going there? Rachel has mess up herself about not telling the truth about things.She suppose to have told all the media that she wasn’t getting married and she didn’t.including all the magazines. if rachel was around him we would have seem her.Can’t agree with 25 just too many things left out. But they are not together in the pictures . Picures here shows the true. Just don’t want to believe it.

  • Jessica

    he is hot

  • laney

    I think the choice of suit might have more to do with the style of his new movie Takers than his stylist. That’s probably what the photoshoot is for too. It’s probably why he’ll be making more appearances like this one.

    Anyone who has followed Hayden for years knows that there are photos of him sweating at other events from long ago. The drug remarks are meaningless because there are many medical conditions that can make you sweat excessively. There is nothing in these pics that shows Hayden to be unhealthy.

    It could just be the fabric of the suit. Synthetics and other fabrics are hotter than most natural fabrics.

  • jae


    sorry to burst your bubble, but that is definitely his grandma.

  • Megan

    @@the truth: Awwww,
    the beard couldn’t make it :)

  • Ryan

    I wish he would come out.

  • jamie
  • rullestilladser

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