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Katie Holmes & Angelina Ballerina: Dizzy Feet Partners!

Katie Holmes & Angelina Ballerina: Dizzy Feet Partners!

Katie Holmes announces a partnership between her Dizzy Feet Foundation and Hit Entertainment’s popular mouse character Angelina Ballerina at the Licensing International Expo at the Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino on Monday (June 7) in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The 31-year-old actress co-founded the Dizzy Feet Foundation with So You Think You Can Dance judge Nigel Lythgoe, choreographer/director Adam Shankman and Dancing with the Stars judge Carrie Ann Inaba to help underprivileged youth become professional dancers and to support dance education in the United States.

Hit Entertainment also owns Barney the Purple Dinosaur, Thomas the Tank Engine and Bob the Builder.

20+ pictures inside of Dizzy Feet partners Katie Holmes and Angelina Ballerina

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katie holmes angelina ballerina dizzy feet 01
katie holmes angelina ballerina dizzy feet 02
katie holmes angelina ballerina dizzy feet 03
katie holmes angelina ballerina dizzy feet 04
katie holmes angelina ballerina dizzy feet 05
katie holmes angelina ballerina dizzy feet 06
katie holmes angelina ballerina dizzy feet 07
katie holmes angelina ballerina dizzy feet 08
katie holmes angelina ballerina dizzy feet 09
katie holmes angelina ballerina dizzy feet 10
katie holmes angelina ballerina dizzy feet 11
katie holmes angelina ballerina dizzy feet 12
katie holmes angelina ballerina dizzy feet 13
katie holmes angelina ballerina dizzy feet 14
katie holmes angelina ballerina dizzy feet 15
katie holmes angelina ballerina dizzy feet 16
katie holmes angelina ballerina dizzy feet 17
katie holmes angelina ballerina dizzy feet 18
katie holmes angelina ballerina dizzy feet 19
katie holmes angelina ballerina dizzy feet 20
katie holmes angelina ballerina dizzy feet 21

Credit: Ethan Miller; Photos: Getty
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  • lyn

    i love her!! am glad her hair is back to normal! <3 Joey’s BACK!! LOL <3

  • LuckyL

    Oh God, I’m assuming this is Kate-bot/Tiny-Tom week Jared, due to his film coming out? *rolls eyes*

  • LuckyL

    God, and she really is pushing this “I’m a dancer” thing, isn’t she? Should should have done something with women trapped in unhealthy relationships first.

  • sssss

    is it me..or is katie looking a little too matronly these days..?

  • happy girl

    Angelina Ballerina rocks!

  • Pellegrino

    why isn’t she called Carolina Ballerina?

  • i-i

    and WHY does she think she’s a dancer?? From what I’ve seen of her “dancing” so far, she’s got two left feet!
    As Regina George would say, please Katie, stop trying to make this dance thing happen. It’s not going to happen!!

  • elsa

    YAY another friend after V.Beckham
    Congrats Katie

  • little cockroach

    If that is what you call matronly, count me in, digging her longer hair.
    Beautiful looking girl!

  • Ms. Anonymous

    At least she’s helping and trying to do some good. What charity work have YOU guys done? None, I bet. She’s trying to make a difference and yet you ppl still bash her.

  • Liz

    Katie… sorry, Kate (roll eyes) is very pretty in those pics.

  • anon

    CHARITY!!! With all the suffering going on in the world, to call this CHARITY WORK is a slap on the faces of pple actually giving their time n earnings to support charity programmes around d world.

  • Char

    She looks like a zombie

  • Karon

    The gay midget only approved her hanging out with a stuffed friend.

  • dJulie

    Check out Nicole Kidman is with child, yep a baby pump…..

  • pop

    She is cute but for some reason the ballerina looks her friend than ..

  • bandit

    She looks nice in that blue and I like her hair this length. When she smiles it never reaches her eyes, she never looks truly happy.

    Wonder why she didn’t bring Suri to this?? She brings that kid to adult-like places and restaurants at 11pm at night, yet she doesn’t bring her to meet a kiddy personality?? Such odd parenting.

  • Soniaintown

    @bandit: Answer: This self-delusional ‘mover’ created a brat so out of control, she cannot take her any where without sugar bribing.

  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o l..

    …Wow, so many people hate Kate just for being Tom’s wife, and Suri’s mom. LOL..

  • ++Logan++

    I have to admit, Katie looks STUNNING in these pictures. Reminds me of the real Katie Holmes from a few years back, around the time she met Tom.

    She suits long hair MUCH better, short her ages her about 10 years.



    katie’s looking like her cute younger self.

    long hair is your friend, girl. embrace it.

  • danielle


    ohmigod you are right. Just saw the picture. Surely that can’t be belly fat???!!!!

  • troi

    @Ms. Anonymous

    first, i do a lot of charity/volunteer work with people who need it.

    secondly, Katie is restricted in what she can and cannot do for charity due to all of the Xenu crap she has to follow. This is probably one of the few charitable things she can do.

    however, that said–there is an awful lot of suffering in the world from the BP mess to record unemployed and homeless Americans. Somehow, providing scholarships for dance to those who can’t afford them–and most likely can’t afford the expensive shoes, costumes etc too as well as food and other basics, seems pointless right now. Plus most of the work, if you look at the website, doesn’t appear to be accomplished by her anyhow. She is a PR puppet. Just like Mz. Suri is to her.

  • UG

    ugggg….K Tee hasem – thick- hot – cavewoman legs

  • Yesss

    She looks good here!

  • go away


  • That sounds great! I support the cause.

    But when did she start dancing? I saw her Judy Garland performance, and it wasn’t that great……. I don’t think she’s been a dancer but she’s just learning to dance now.

  • http://j ivanka

    angelina ballerinaaaaaaaa!:) my fav cartoon when i was younger.. and katie looks younger btw

  • Susie#1

    Angelina is cuter. It would be nice to see Katie and Tom divert some of Suri’s clothing budget and give it to families affected by the BP oil spill.

  • Pac Man

    Yes, #3! She is! No amount if complaining is going to change that so shut up already!

    It’s happening, #7.

    Right, #9 and #10.

    You’re a disgusting moron, #14.

    Will you quit overanalyzing, #17? You sound extremely silly.

    And you know all this how, #18?

    That’s very ignorant of you, #23.

  • Jessica

    she should be on fringe

  • Raquel Fabre

    I love my Katie Holmes, She looks Great!!!!

  • She’s Lovely, just lovely

    Love, LOVE her. So, She doesn’t have a ‘big’ smile, she is happy, don’t worry about that. She was on Dawsons Creek and always wanted to marry Cruise, well, she did, and I think this is one marriage that will last. She is stunning, elegant and no MORTICA! Right body weight too!
    Long hair does suit her better, yep. She has a very sweet look, unlike some snooty, nose in the air stars who act like their u know what don’t u know what.

  • Matronly???


    Err you confusing her with Angie? Now, she looks 45, not 35. Sack , black tents, awful beach wear .eeeeewwww, Katie looks stunning!!
    And a class act. See any tattoos? Never will! Class act, Kate.

  • whoopsiedoo

    them kneecaps are very knobbly! LOL

    Still..the same silly artifical smerk on her face

  • And?

    Oh Yea. Katie is a class act. Instead of fighting for the poor and giving millions to charity, instead she signed a contract and married a cult obsessed nutbug for money and the hope of boosting her career. She even sold her womb and uses her child as a PR pawn to attract attention to herself and her “husband”. Oh yea. Thats really classy. LOL! This charity promotes dance. Lovely. How about getting food to people who are starving or shelter to the people of Haiti. Now that’s something. A few dance scholorships is CRAP.

    I’m not particularly an Angelina Jolie fan. Frankly couldnt care less about her, but you people are obsessed with comparing her to Katie. Get over it people, Katie is a waste of space on this planet no matter who you compare her to. She can’t act, and she sure as heck is no “dancer”. She’s delusional thanks to her “husbands” money.

    Finally who the hell is this PacMan freak? You need to STFU darling and stop attacking anyone who disagrees with you. You’re obviously some sort of delusional fanatic obsessed with Katie. Forget it honey. You’re never going to meet her and she does not care that you’re alive. Get a real life. Go outside and get some fresh air.

  • Poop On Pac Man

    oh….shut up PacMan.

    No one gives a giant ass what YOU have to say.

    Go crawl back in that hole you came from!

  • sasha



    Those legs require a much longer skirt.

    Ditto the shoes and covering the feet.

  • annie

    Love her longer hair, she looks like the Katie of old, just gorgeous
    The inteviews on ETand TV were cute, she looked and sounded happy and healthy. Hope she doesn’t experiment with her hair anymore.

  • Jay

    Cankle pig and her gay hubby are trying to play all “nicey, nicey”, now that he has some dumb azz movie coming out. All for PR folks, she doesnt give a sh*t about some stupid foundation that teaches kids to dance. ALL FOR PR!!!!!

  • Pac Man

    Why don’t YOU do that instead, #29?

    Quit knocking on what she DOES for charity, #36. It’s disgusting.

    Fans don’t compare Holmes to Jolie. Critics do. They’re always comparing TomKat to Brangelina.

    I don’t care if you dislike TomKat. Just don’t lie and make fun of their innocent children.

    Prove it, #41.

  • Minne


    you should be placed in a special needs home.

  • a blind vice with a guess

    BLIND GOSSIP 06/06
    Chip and Grin – an actress and actor couple – have been arguing a lot in the past week or so. She is only obligated to make public appearances with him approximately once per month for a “date night” plus once per month for a “family photo”, and is annoyed that he is asking more of her. Since she has agreed to attend a movie premiere with him this month, she is totally balking at attending an awards show together in the very near future (she is also determined not to be present at events where he is going to play the fool). By the way, if she looks healthier and happier lately, it’s because she is. She is not afraid of him anymore, she can see the light at the end of the tunnel, and she is determined to come out of this divorce on top. Tom Cruise/Katie Holmes

  • platforme

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