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Katy Perry Sounds Off on 'Alejandro' Video?

Katy Perry Sounds Off on 'Alejandro' Video?

The Twitterverse is abuzz after Katy Perry posted her thoughts on what many assume is Lady Gaga‘s new video for “Alejandro”.

“Using blasphemy as entertainment is as cheap as a comedian telling a fart joke,” wrote Katy, who sang on Christian record label Red Hill at the age of 15.

If you haven’t seen it yet, Gaga‘s video includes imagery of her dressed as a nun figure and swallowing a rosary.

DO YOU THINK Katy is talking about “Alejandro”? Did you find the video offensive or blasphemous?

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  • um


  • Min

    Oh shut up Katy. Like Gaga is the first using blasphemy in entertainment.

  • Teal

    KATY s.l.u.t bag Perry is trying to look righteous? Lmfao ??

  • Min

    *not* the first

  • ka-blamo

    That’s pretty funny coming from a dipstick who sings about kissing other girls, and other religion-offending material. Pot meet kettle anyone?

  • Yepperrrr

    im sure it wasn’t intended for gaga since katy’s tweets always admired her, but who knows..

  • The Fcuk?

    Says the girl who rebelled against her Christian parents by overturning her appearance and dismissing her religion ?

  • Janet

    so says the christian girl who has her t*ts out at a kids choice award, i wouldn’t doubt someone finding a photo with a rosary hanging down her cleavage

  • Mark

    1. Jesus hung out with PROSTIT.UTES.
    2. Shut up Katy.

  • Leila

    That tweet made her sound jealous.

  • L

    She’s one to talk.

  • Lucy

    She could have seen the Not Myself Tonight video!
    Oh, who am I kidding?! Nobody cares or saw Floptinas video,
    Of course she’s talking about Gaga!
    Everybody is! Just the way Gaga wants it!!!
    Thanks Katy! <3 more buzz!!

  • jealousy is unbecoming

    @Leila: it also made her sound insecure and regretful of her own lifestyle

  • Leila, London


  • Cheery

    Katy’s probably just trying to get attention, but if she’s serious then she’s guilty of moral hypocrisy. Who knows if she still identifies as Christian, but if she does, then isn’t shacking up with a dude before marriage a sin?? Check yourself Katy…

  • SETH

    Wait. Is she serious?

  • diana

    Maybe she’s not the one who should say that, considering what her videos look like. but she has a point, I love gaga, but she’s goin too far, COME ON.


    I can’t stand this trashy, smug highschool bio.tch.

  • LOL

    ……………….what the actual fk ?

  • FMuse


  • Snl

    Oh, Katy! You better watch your mouth, The little Monsters will rip you apart!
    Stupid girl..

  • Jasmine

    I’M SICK AND TIRED of people treating Lady Gaga as God. As if she can never do anything wrong. People are allowed to express their opinion not everyone is a gaga fan. The video was horrible putting a cross in your vagina as an artistic element? is horrible and disrespectful PERIOD. Even if you’re not a religious person this is just pitiful and desperate.

  • Christian.

    She has verbal diarrhoea and also needs to get over herself.

  • spotlightpushing

    She’s such an attention wh0re. I don’t think I’ve ever seen her do something selfless to take the attention of her.

  • spotlightpushing eta


  • sigh.

    And she was just growing on me…

  • brain

    @Jasmine: I’m not a Gaga fan per say and even I can see the hypocrisy

  • hyty

    Katy’s parents are pastors!She is religious! Respect that! She didn’t mean to offend Lady Gaga!She admires her!

  • M

    haha i love Katy Perry

  • jaykay.

    please, she wanted to get in on the media buzz for her own video thats coming out soon.

    its kind of funny coming from her though.

    gaga grew up in a catholic school, is she not allowed to have issues with religion? why can’t she vocalise/visualise it?

    besides, this video wasn’t really about religion…and i don’t really see how it’s blasphemous.

  • birdofprey


    Shut up you dumbass, stop talking about other artists, grow up, get a life and learn to respect people.

  • Blah. Blah. Blah

    Ugh! More hate from other females!
    Why are girls so caddy?
    You never see guys (artists) attacking other artists!
    Gaga is the only class act & respects ALL artists and THEIR visions.
    I think Katy is cool, But she just lowered her self to Christina’s level (and we see where it got her)
    I happend to love the video! So what right?
    People need to stop forcing THEIR opinions on people who don’t give a s#!t. PERIOD.

  • Milan

    @hyty: Katy’s parents literally stopped talking to her once she started dressing like a stripper and acting like a ho. So her comment very much reeks of hypocrisy.

  • well duh…

    god i hate katy perry, she opens her mouth and spews crap… she’s talk about blasphemy, shes just as bad as gaga, with her tits hanging out and sluting around with russell brand…


    Katy Perry offends me.

  • Mehr

    you guys are asses, gaga is a DEVIL WORSHIPPER. you dont see katy eating rosary beads like some kind of “fame monster”. GO KATY PERRY!

  • Londoner

    @Blah. Blah. Blah: Do you visit JJ’s often? This site needs more people like you. It’s seriously lacking.

  • slambang

    This girl dresses like a cheap wh0re every chance she gets, is living with a guy before marriage, and fakes lesbianism to get a hit song – and she’s judging Gaga????

    Look in the mirror before you bash anyone else, Katy.

  • nice.

    @Mark: I can’t believe people thumbed your comment down. I hope they don’t call themselves Christians. Real Christians are loving and your comment was 100% the truth.

  • Nurse J

    That’s too bad Katy opened her stupid mouth like that, And I was just starting to like her,
    but I have no room for Jealous b!tches in my life,
    Katy looks really bad right now.

  • birdofprey

    @Blah. Blah. Blah:

    LMAO, what do you mean with that Christina is the one who always said good stuff about gaga, Perez is always talking shit about Christina and Gaga doesn’t even care! Stfu you and the media are the ones creating this deud

  • slambang

    @#32 – I think the word you were looking for is “catty.” A caddy is someone who carries golf clubs.

    Just sayin’.

  • Iffy Miffy

    @Jasmine – yes people are allowed to express their opinion, just like Lady Gaga did. Believing in a magical sky daddy and magic books does not automatically grant you any kind of respect in the 21st century – quite the opposite really when it comes to some people. Considering just how much evil religion has caused, Lady Gaga was mild in her video!

  • birdofprey

    @birdofprey: *FEUD!

  • Ella

    Sure Katy Perry’s a fine one to talk, raised in a christian family and all..but she’s right – it is cheap, what’s the need?

    Gaga’s trying to make a point, and she’s been doing it for a year and a half. Give it a rest love, i’m bored – ‘it’s art’ blah blahhh BLAHHHHHHH!

  • Dale

    @birdofprey: I saw and heard Christinas backhanded comments about Gaga!
    It has NOTHING to do with Perez Hilton!
    Christina made her bed and now she is lying in it!
    Stop making excuses and blaming everyone else for HER big mouth.
    lol, you, Dirrty Stain.

  • Christy

    GaGa needs to get original again and quit doing Madonna circa 1990′s.

  • Yoppappop

    a catholic cross on your vagina is nothing like cupcake-frosting-canon-bra or even showing your boobs to the world even though it (the world) didn’t ask for it … just saying…
    not practising any religion, just respecting them.

  • Donovan

    I don’t think it’s fair to rip Katy apart for having her views on things. Everyone has a religion or atleast an opinion on them.

  • tiredoftheinsanity

    Katy Perry is simply stating her opinion. What – opinions aren’t valid now unless YOU agree with them?! The first thing I thought when I saw the vid by gaga was …oh, look at the girl trying to hard! It isn’t art, it was ment to get people talking about her for her oh so risque behavior. The same tactics have been done, will be done again and really only makes the artists that resort to them look foolish. Can you imagine the uproar if the vid had been disrespectful to Muslims? To homosexuals? Or if it had contained real FUR! Oh, then you would all be up in arms. Think about it people – it upsets you that Katy Perry says what a number of us are thinking but NOT that Gaga has disrespected a religious symbol such as the Crucifix? That is just SAD!