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Rachel Bilson Interviews Tory Burch for Sunglass Hut

Rachel Bilson Interviews Tory Burch for Sunglass Hut

Newly appointed Sunglass Hut Style Director Rachel Bilson shows off the latest pair of Ray-Ban aviators in this glam new photo shoot.

The 28-year-old actress recently sat down with American fashion designer Tory Burch to discuss her latest sunglass collection. The two style icons discussed their passion for sunglasses, as well as the inspiration behind Tory‘s newest accessories. Stay tuned for more of Rachel‘s interviews!

Click inside to watch the interview and a video portrait of Rachel

Rachel Bilson Interviews Tory Burch

Rachel Bilson: Sunglass Hut Video Portrait!

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  • lol..

    her mouth is fug.

  • Ash

    So sexy

  • Lake

    Trying entirely too hard = FAIL.

  • Fresh

    She’s desperately trying to stay in the spotlight. Dont blame her though.

  • Meh

    She’s just ridiculous.

  • Nia

    rachel is a “style icon”?!? wow, who knew? she wears the occassional cute outfit, but i wouldn’t call her an icon.

  • Viper

    Guess she figures she is staying relevanrt some how, Icon hell no and no to anything else she thinks she is. Loser yes that she does well.

  • the truth

    its a photo shoot and no hayden that all you going to see are her. She wasn’t at the event are near him The photos shoot was about him not her. And they wasn’t togther either. jj you can’t keep fooling us like this.She didn’t go near the event at all.And you wan’t see together today this is.

  • Portinari

    enough with this stupid brat. she isn’t fashionable! We’re sick and tired of hearing about her as if she is fashionable (never was) and still has a career (one semi successful tv show and a couple of bad movies does not a career make).

  • Mary

    She can’t even act in still photographs. She sucks.

  • the truth

    This must be the photo shoot you was talking about it was yesterday and no hayden Must went back home afterward. JJ you can’t keep fooling people like this. When you changed that he was with his grandmother which was cute. You could have said that in the first place.Still no real picures are coming there are them being together.And probably won’t see none. Since someon said it was going to be some.This was done yesterday not today. So this is it with pictures are them being together..

  • T.

    she looks good, i like her style and hair here

  • Jessica

    she is hot

  • brightside

    Why do certain people think that all that exaggerated body posing is sexy? Just looks damn ridiculous as well as painful. One way to get a crick in your neck, that’s for sure. Daft!

  • dina g

    she gorgeous and such a cool girl she really knows her stuff and shes a good actress haydens a lucky guy!

  • gina

    she is HOT! shes so gorgeous and she loves what shes doing she seems very happy with her life omg i cant believe how hot she is she has a gorgeous face and an great body whoever is bashing her is jealous! yup youre jealous! go rachel we love you

  • Worthless LA Street Trash

    Trying waaaaaaaaay too hard and looking stupid. Those photos make her look like a young Mick Jagger. Same pout. Same attitude like her sh*t don’t stink. But while Mick is the front man for the greatest rock band in the world, Bilson is the front person for Sun Glass Hut.

  • lexy hates bilson

    she’s so pathetic! Doesn’t she realize people KNOW she’s clinging to her 15 min of fame for dear life??? Rachel – whatever “slight” career you had is over. So go crank out some Baby Vaders so you can be set for life!!
    Give it up!! The girl who robbed you is more famous than you!!

  • luke

    she is so boring

  • lisa n

    @ 17 and 18 jealous you know she looks gorgeous and you cant stand it the girl is hot and everyone loves her you just cant handle it grow up especially you ‘BRIGHTSIDE’ we knew this was gonna give you the shakes so take a pill and chill!!!!!!!!



  • Cindy

    Amateurish looking photo shoot, this girl has got nothing, it’s obvious she’s getting by on her familial connections.


    @22 brightside stop it we all know its you the girl has got it going on! so just go to another thread if you cant handle her hotness but we know you wont cause youre sick and cant help yourself so continue and lets see how many posts you will give the gorgeous RB

  • aude

    look at all this jealous person. she can do want she want!!!!!!!!

  • cami

    @the truth:

    That is definitely NOT the photoshoot Jared mentioned yesterday. He no doubt wanted you to believe and speculate that but these were NOT taken this morning and then proofed and ready to distribute by the afternoon. He knew yesterday that he was going to post this when he got his tips for Rachel’s PR team.

    Jared is playing you all and pushing your buttons.

  • Kelly

    Rachel Bilson is flawless!
    Hating on her just makes you look stupid.

  • brightside

    @25 – No doubt Jared gets paid for doing this….I can’t blame him, everyone needs to make a living and, at least, it guarantees publicity for a former OC star who can’t get any via an ‘acting career’. Rachel Bilson’s ‘acting career’ is now so moribund that her only hope of staying in the public eye is to hire herself out as a ‘fashion’ advisor to various budget outlets like Sunglasses Hut, Target etc. Her dreams of pursuing a big screen career are as believable as her non-existent acting talent. Some girls have it and some girls don’t. She doesn’t.

  • Dumb Girls

    She’s Ugly and stupid! Either way you slice it. She is worthless and NOTHING to be jealous of. Sellout media wh*7e and Sunglass hut ambassador. Pathetic and sad. HA HA HA!!! LOSERS THAT LOVE HER!! I don’t see Christian Dior knocking on her door. Huh??? Goldie and Alias!! Where are you Dimwit’s giving you girlfriend praise? You lesbians without a life!!



  • dianara

    she looks pretty happy to me and looking super HOT! not everybody has to be in a movie to be happy better be doing something im happy with then settle for a b rated movie like natalie portman is doing with Ashton Kutsher GAG!

  • Wrong JJ

    This photoshoot is not new been up since last week on the sunglass site plus the video. Rachel did the interview while in NYC for the opening of the store.

    If this is the big thing you talked about JJ-the only big thing about this is that you are a week old and still can’t get things straight.

  • Marie

    She just had to steal some of Hayden’s thunder, that’s all. He was posted, so she had to be, too.

  • lexy hates bilson

    Hey Brightside isn’t it funny how people keep posting comments to you about using different names as they post under different names?? LOL!! I wonder who it is???
    I can’t believe they think we should worry about Natalie! She’s doing great!! Most of JJ’s posts are about her and her busy acting schedule and now her endorsement deal!! What’s to worry about?? How fabulous she’s doing??
    Hey maybe Rachel can get a part on her robber’s TV show?? Or maybe hire Kris Jenner to get her some endorsement deals…better yet, hire an acting coach!!! Instead of asking REAL celebs questions about THEIR talent that other people have prepared for her!

  • Dumb Girls

    Natalie has how many movies under her belt dumba$$ dianara! Rachel is a z-lister and only has 4 lousy movies under her belt. You cannot call even NYILY a movie. Her part was so small. If, she did not speak she would have just been an extra.
    Natalie was wonderful in a bunch of movies. Closer, Garden State, Home Is Where The Heart is, Brothers, and a bunch more to mention. She is an A lister retard. Get your facts strait. Plus, had a directing debute in NYILY and her little film was good. Has Dipshit Bilpoo directed anything yet? NO!!! She does not have the brains or talent to do that just, like she cannot follow a recipe or cannot even read a book all the way through. Yeahh…She is that dumb.
    At least NP is working and is wayyyyyy better looking the Bilpoo…Oh!! Your Bilpoo is one of the directors for Sunglass Hut..BFD!!

    Don’t see anyone knocking on Bilpoo’s door to have her sponser a new fragrance for Dior. You know Ratchel is wayyy to retarded and ugly for that $h*t!! Bwhahahahahaha!!!!

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    Brightside jealous or Rachel is ARABIAN NIGHTS AND A HOST OF A BUNCH OF OTHER NAMES. THE CAPITAL QUEEN IS SO OBVIOUS!! LOL! Plus so stupid! :)

  • kaleigh

    Alexis & Emily looking too cutesy-twosome here…

  • anna

    she is so pathetic!

  • http://celebritysunglassesfinder Rays Lite

    I think that Rays Lite from CSF would be a much better Sunglass Hut Style Director than some chick who doesnt know anything about F’N sunglasses. Seriously Rachel, get a job honey!

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