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Glee: Highest Rated Season Finale & New Book Prequel!

Glee: Highest Rated Season Finale & New Book Prequel!

Glee‘s season finale brought in 10.9 million viewers to FOX on Tuesday!

Last night’s episode was the best rated season finale this season (via THR) and kept strong ratings despite not having an American Idol lead-in.

EW announced this morning that a line of official Glee books are on the way, including a prequel to the show, which will hit newsstands this August.

Expect a whole line of books based on the hit show!

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  • Ethan

    Glee is overrated.

  • candy_gal

    I couldnt agee with your more,the show really suks

  • JH

    Why is this show so popular?? It’s only redeeming quality is Jane Lynch…the acting and writing suck

  • happy girl

    Five girlscast. It is always fascinating to me that in TV, the black girl has to be the fat funny wisecracking one. Why couldn’t they cast a skinny, hot looking black woman like a Kerry Washington type? Just am observation. TV does this a a lot.

  • MR505

    @happy girl:

    who cares if she’s fat – she out-sings them ALL. ;D

  • happy girl

    MR 505: I know she outsings them all but she will never be the girl the guys date or will never be the love interest or have a juicier role – she will just be the fat girl who can sing. I feel this has been done and redone with black actresses and it’s a shame. Remember Diana Ross when she was young? Where are the modern day Diana Rosses? TV is so predictable, imo.

  • All You Need is Love

    @happy girl:

    Because the point of the show it’s showing people that not everyone is perfect, not everyone is beautiful in a stereotypical way, that people can be different and yeat talented!

    You’re a really closed minded person, you know? Get out side a little, than you’ll see that not everyone on the planet look like supermodels, actually, almost NO one look like that.

    Amber is beautiful and very talented, and she should be recognized for that!

  • happy girl

    All you need is love: Yes, that is their goal that everyone is beautiful on the inside but they went ahead and chose the typical women to represent the beautiful girls and the typical woman to represent the fat black girl. WHy did they not make the black girl the pretty one and a fat white woman the one who needs to prove her beauty? You see, that would be thinking outside of the box. The reality it is still TV and TV is a business – they still want tween girls and boys to watch this and fall in love with the thin white girls. The black girl is there for either comic relief or to belt out good songs. It is done over and over and over again. That is where, in my opinion, they failed. You don’t challenge a stereotype byt representing the same stereotype and asking people to see beyond it. No, you challenge stereotypes by having an archetype. Have a blazingly hot black girl who is the cheerleader for once. Look at High School Musical and every other teen film: the black girl is either funny or fat. For that matter, have a a gay female teacher who is not a sports person. My opinion.

  • happy girl

    Yes the show is about showing people what is inside is important but why not use an aytpical character type to show us that? Why not have the black girl as the school beauty and the fat girl a white girl who is an outcast? Look at TV, High School Musical, you name it: the black girl is always the funny girl or the fat girl. To break stereotypes you don’t show a stereotype and say break me instead you have an archetype and say look this blonde girl looks like she should be the beauty but she is the outcast. The point is it is TV and they want tween girls and boys to watch it by swooning over the pretty white teens while the black girl is reduced to comic relief or great singing. It is what TV does all the time. Why is it always the black girl that has to be the outcast? Why can’t she be the in girl. Glee is not breaking that many stereotypes. I mean the Lesbian teacher who loves sports? Come on.



  • happy girl

    Also you say get outside, not everyone is stereotypically beautiful. Ok, do me a favor and look at this pic on this post again. 5 women. 4 of them are stunning. Much prettier than your typical teen. And the one that would have a hard time getting a date? yup, the black girl. Come on. You are seeing the same pic I am seeing. Be honest. Something is imbalanced here. The point is there were not interested in having the black girl be as beautiful as the other 4 women in this pic. She is the fat one. And the others, well they look ready to hit Miss teen USA to me. Yeah, ur right, nto too shallow. Ok.

  • happy girl

    AL SO TRUTH: I agree with you. ALL of Hollywood does it, not just “whtie shows” but Tyler Perry is guilty of it too. Mo’NIque, Queen Latifah, Gabourey Sidibe, Sherri Shepherd from The View etc: they are either the Mammies, the funny sidekick, the great singer, the slut or the loudmouth. How abut a normal, nice, pretty, smart, attractive, well-adjusted black girl? When is she coming along?

  • Im a thick girl

    The skinny ones are in the movies, get over it. Those would be the Gabriella Union’s, Lauren London’s and the Halle Berry’s and let’s not think of the ones that are in all the Tyler Perry movies. At least thick girls are getting some work beside being over looked because of their size. You would complain if the girl was skinny and a cheerleader because the way they act on the show. Geez they can’t please everyone.

  • Nic

    I love the show! but I don’t think the finale was that good, episode 13 ‘sectionals’ were a lot better, but I still love love love this show!!

  • happy girl

    Im a thick girl: you miss my point or overlook it completely. So you are ok with old stereotypes being continued on TV just because a few film actresses get roles? If this show is the #1 show on TV, it should be more innovative about casting and images especially since it is promoting itself as a show that gives the little guy a voice. Again, look at the pic above this post and tell me there is not something wrong with that image. And if you can’t see it, maybe you’ve been well trained to accept it. Nothing against big girls, but my black girlfriends come in all shapes and sizes – why must they always be portrayed on TV as fat?

  • Realistic

    @happy girl: You are speaking the truth! Media in general is full of exaggerations, ignorant generalizations and sterotypes. Some people fall for the okey dokey and believe everything that is shown and told them and some are so conditioned that become use to what is fed to them. That is Hollywood though full of lies, prejudice, images and deceit. Anyhoo most of the time when you try to say something that is true or make sense people don’t want to hear. :)
    I do like Glee’s musical selections the few times I watch. That is all and Goodnight :)

  • Candy

    love this show

  • finchel 4-ever

    Love the finale! LOve it when Finn said he loves Rachel! and of course the “To sir with Love” number! It was bomb! :) Love Glee!!!

  • happy girl

    Realistic: Agree with you 100%! Good Night!! At least you and I don’t swallow the okey dokey :) lol.

  • Jean

    I agree…producers continue to stereotype black women. They believe viewers would be disappointed if the African American woman portrayed on television, or in the movies was not funny, fat and very dark. There are too many talented black singers and dancers who are beautiful and slim. Why even the Asian actress is pretty. Give us a break!

  • Jean

    I think YOU miss the point. All of the actors are good looking EXCEPT the black girl.