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Lawyer: Lindsay Lohan Had A Small Amount of Alcohol Sunday

Lawyer: Lindsay Lohan Had A Small Amount of Alcohol Sunday
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  • Eurasian

    This woman is so nasty. I cant believe shes famous

  • eyeh8twilight

    The b!tch is going to jail! I like this judge. She’s not a pushover. Like many other judges that the celebs pay to stay out of jail, or at least that’s how she seems.

    Lindsey drank alcohol-her lawyer confessed for Lindsey. Lindsey wasn’t supposed to drink any alcohol. She violated the terms of her probation and she should go to jail. If she doesn’t, than you know she’s paying the judge a little something something to stay out of jail and that judge should be fired. I don’t want her to go to jail-I love seeing this trainwreck on TV every night.

    I miss Brit-Brit. :(

  • eyeh8twilight


    I meant that I don’t want Lindsay to go to rehab, not jail.

  • Sophie

    Retard. I hope she gets the punishment she deserves. I hate these morons who think they are above the law.

  • miss infamous

    Lindsay is such a lost cause. She’s also delusional

  • Nia

    this immature idiot is obviously begging for attention with all these stunts. SHE WANTS TO GO TO JAIL! please send her there already! sheesh.

  • Pey

    This person is basket case… can’t believe her.

  • Tonia

    This is so sad. I liked every movie that she’s been in. She is so talented but the girl is fu^ked up. She needs some mental health treatment. If they put her in jail, she won’t stay long. She needs to be committed before she kills herself.

  • ka-blamo

    Stupid, ugly, pathetic.

  • offtheproperty

    Since it was only a small amount of alcohol a special exemption should be made for Lindsay in this case.

  • Lurker

    If she has violated the conditions set on her, why is she allowed yet again to post bail? I guess here are really two sets of rules, one for celebrities and one for everyone else.

  • Lurker

    It should not matter if it was a small amount of alcohol or a drop of alcohol, Lindsay knwowingly went to a party where Alcohol is served, she should avoid going to those places at all cost. It is time that we stop making excuses for those so called celebrities. She needs help and is not getting it. She is making a mockery of the legal system.

  • @#10

    Really? No, really?? So when she hops behind the wheel of her car drunk, because she has no consequences and kills someone, should that be ok too?
    Can’t this freaking loser go a whole 30 days or whatever without having a drop of alcohol or pills? Lindsay, go crawl into a hole and stay there!
    I work in the business as a P/T thing while going to school and even with my short time in it, I can tell you there are hundreds of people-probably thousands who can do her job and do it better. They’re also much more deserving!

  • offtheproperty

    Yes, Lindsay is a good actress. But her career is unrecognizable now from what it could have been because she’s suffered childhood hurts, used drugs (including alcohol) to deal with the pain and developed a disproportionate sense of self-worth and extreme narcissism that are anathema to anything like great “acting” as a result. Clearly her absolute masterwork was The Parent Trap, where a huge task and responsibility was handed to her and she rose to the occasion and then some. She did an unbelievable job and you have to love that kid! Since then — since she’s reached adolescence and all that that implies — she has been on a glaringly evident steady decline. I think she’s still relevant for sure, with her provocative photo shoots and real-life cautionary tale in the tabloids. But it’s unclear how long she’ll be able to keep it up. Maybe there’s a great comeback in her future.

  • offtheproperty

    @@#10: Yeah, actually that was meant as a joke. I think jail time would do her good and honestly I couldn’t quite believe that judge let her slide by the last time.

  • Rachel

    What a junkie

  • Slig

    I like this judge she to deserve 40 years in jail ha haha

  • Kat

    Whoever makes these posts needs to learn to read. Lindsey did not admit to having alcohol, her lawyer admitted that the report showed small amount of alcohol but lindsay is denying insinuating that the device is wrong. There is a big difference between those 2 statements.

  • jaye

    Her Mom was and IS an idiot. Instead of living her life vicariously through Lindsay, she should have been a MOM, not the ‘friend’. Even being the ‘friend’ she claims she was, she wasn’t a very good one. Now she has a jacked up daughter who doesn’t know what’s for her own good.
    Maybe spending time in jail, not just a day or two will be beneficial for her; maybe it’ll snap her out of this mindless existence she’s had for the past few years. It’s obviously that she can’t make sound decisions for herself. Too bad she didn’t have a father like B. Spears, at least he cared enough for his child to get her on the right track. Lindsay is stuck with a stage Mom wanna be celebrity and a competing, publicity hound father.

  • wendykatson

    OMG I hope this isnt true. I dont know what I would do if Lindsay went to jail. MY life would totally be over and lose all meaning. Please Lindsay say its not true for all that is holy. God Bless Lindsay Lohan.

  • bigbadblackman

    ┌∩┐(-_-)┌∩┐ @ white people. I love it when white people get in trouble. Oh by the way——-I HATE WHITE PEOPLE.


    lol @ bigbadblackman. I can understand why you hate white people so much. It must make you sick to see white people going to jobs everyday and being successful while your black @ss sits on the corner smoking weed and drinking old english dreaming about how you can put some 50 inch spinning rims on your piece of sh!t car. Oh by the way—- I HATE N!GGERS.

  • cynthiarutledge

    @ MEGAN: amen sister.

  • Criminal Defense

    She really needs to get it together.. Some people are given excellent opportunities, and have great potential, but simply toss it away due to careless acts. Hopefully she will straighten up soon.

  • Magazin semena vasil iliev

    I really like this girl. Although all of the magazin za semena talk bad about her, she accepts it well and not care. Well done from vasil iliev!!!

  • Justin semena na cvetq

    She is the best ever!! BRAVOOOO!!!!