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LeAnn Rimes: CMT Music Awards!

LeAnn Rimes: CMT Music Awards!

LeAnn Rimes rocks a Mara Hoffman dress as she arrives at the 2010 CMT Music Awards held at the Bridgestone Arena on Wednesday (June 9) in Nashville, Tenn.

The 27-year-old singer (in Neil Lane jewelry, Jimmy Choo shoes and an Alia belt) will be performing her new song, “Swingin’”, tonight! Pictured inside are shots of LeAnn working it out at rehearsal on Tuesday.

“Headed to [dress] rehearsal,” LeAnn tweeted earlier today. “Starting to get a lil nervous energy. I’m like a little kid bouncing off walls!”

10+ pictures inside of LeAnn Rimes at the 2010 CMT Music Awards…

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Credit: Rick Diamond; Photos: Getty
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  • NateBeNibble

    In the olden days of country music every song it seemed was about boozing and home wrecking floozies. Well, country music’s grown up and either folks have just gotten tired of waiting for LeAnn to do the same or they’re tired of what she has grown up to be. With the likes of Carrie and Miranda, as well as all the other honest and good gals of country music, I don’t see a place on the stage for LeAnn anymore; not only a waste of talent but a waste of womanhood.

  • NateBeQuick

    I meant Nimble

    When LeAnn set her plan in motion, she knew it could end her career but she didn’t care. She didn’t care about her fans, country music, reputation, husband, children, families, or anything but her own wanton desire. Her arrogance convinced her that once she had destroyed so much and hurt so many, she could recapture her career with a smile and a nice voice. Phase I of the plan was to expose herself as that happy-go-lucky gal in photo-op after photo-op with Eddie playing a minor role. Phase II was to expand his role with mere stories planted in the tabs, then to pics of them standing close, and onto holding hands as true loves, before finally……..yessssss….the red carpet peck. Phase III is to twitter and photo-op her way into PR lala land as caring step mother. All this took place with her internet PR team slandering Brandi and stalking dissenters that shed light on her plan. Now that she has fooled her core fans that this was nothing more than a simple divorce, its time for the big one…Phase IV: Hype the music. She needs to convince country music that abandoning Nashville and deserting her fans was just a temporary thing. LeAnn will prove she’s country music heart-and-soul with the release of a covers album of traditional country music. A real country gal for country suckers.

  • NateDoLeWithCandlestick

    Repentance is beyond their reach now but in the beginning LeAnn and Eddie should have followed Father Jason’s counsel to me. He said that when the fires below become a distraction, work up a hearty sweat with intense physical exercise followed by a cold shower. Father Jason also said that if the yearnings persist, “God gave you two good hands so get down on your knees and use one of them. Manual labor never hurt anyone”.

  • WeArePoorLittleLambs

    Twelve Commandments

    Celebrity is the Lord and publicity thy God.
    Respect only the Lord thy God but not spouse, child, thy fans, nor any other.
    Thou shalt covet thy neighbor’s spouse and children.
    Thou shalt promote the adulterer and excuse the adultery.
    Thou shalt exalt in the taunter and persecute the taunted.
    Blessed are those whose means justify the end (even mean means).
    Keep the photo-op holy and glorify the Lord thy God with thy finest smirk.
    Thou shalt dwell in the hills of Beverly and shun the devil’s lair of Country.
    Thou shalt twitter thy self in the image of fallacy.
    Thou shalt cloak thy self in the garments of charity when the gains exceed the giving.
    Thou shalt bear false witness against thy neighbor.
    Torment thy victims and when they are left with naught, silence the lambs.

  • WhoHaveLostOurWay

    In honor of Deane and LeAnn’s marriage vows, she was given a wedding ring and a Sheremet family heirloom. Marriage vows are a promise, a covenant, and a contract which Deane kept and LeAnn betrayed. She must return the ring to Deane and the heirloom to the family for breaking that contract. The heirloom has been in the family for generations but she seemingly keeps it as a taunt to the family or is this just another example of her sense of entitlement and callous disregard for family. I’m sure the Sheremet’s would appreciate any support in retrieving these items.

  • BahhBahhBahh

    Where’s fast Eddie?????? Must be home doin’ Scheana.

  • Janis

    LeAnn will make a great contribution to this years CMT show! So proud to be her fan. Quiet now detractors we’ve heard your noise. Move on now.

  • Carol

    Why is this home wrecking tramp still getting ANY media coverage?! She’s absolute trash that broke her wedding vows and showed a complete lack of moral integrity. She should shunned by the industry.

  • LeAnn’sTimeLine

    I think LeAnn’s recollection of events is too convenient. A month before her movie began filming she threw herself a “7-year-itch” party. During filming, the stories of Eddie and LeAnn sneaking off to hotels or spending hours in their set trailer were rampant. She says the “romance” began a few months later. I don’t consider stalking very romantic. This whole affair seems to have been planned and expertly executed like a special forces operation. The day LeAnn released her restaurant-finger-sucking video to the tabs, the news was filled with claims that her husband was gay and yet today he is dating Sarah Silver. LeAnn never came to his defense over that issue because she wanted cover for her affair. Deane loved her deeply but she threw him under the bus and now LeAnn would have us believe Deane was in full agreement to end the marriage. If one reads the People Mag piece carefully, one will see LeAnn’s narcissisim in full bloom. She “takes responsibility” as long as there are no consequences. She “hates the pain of others” but doesn’t reference the pain “she caused”. She plants the word “forgiveness” but has no regrets as if she is indifferent to the word. This story is all about selling records while his ex-wife has lost everything. Brandi is selling her house and moving to a different town so she won’t see LeAnn who moved into a house across from the school of the children. Brandi lost her home, her house, her husband, neighbors, friends, security, her trust, and LeAnn posts pictures of herself holding Brandi’s children. If there is another woman as cold, callous, and calculating as LeAnn Rimes, I can not think of one.

  • JAG uar

    .Has anyone seen whether the divorces are finalized? I keep watching the news but can’t find a thing. That day will be welcome to all the parties I would like to think. I hear dean has a girlfriend, a photographer, Sarah Silver in New York City. Then I heard on tv Brande said she was leaving the region or something like that. She sounded angry though the words were the correct ones.

  • LeAnnWillFinallyMakeADonation

    Now that LeAnn finally made it to Nashville, I am sure she will donate at least $500,000 to flood relief. I mean, last years’ Home Depot Humanitarian can’t just be in Nashville promoting her record, can she?

  • linga grteop

    I luv LRimes but not caring for the Swingin tune. Her voice is so good I wish she could get a song like American Honey that would show it at its best. Don’t like Carie U. she seems contrived and shallow. I like Lady Antebellum, Miranda Lambert and LeAnn R. best.

  • offtheproperty

    She’s too glamorous for Nashville and too much for Dean. She’s a huge success. I’m no fan of dislocation or divorce. But you can’t blame the girl for taking what she really wants. Love her!

  • My Say

    is thumbs up! but iv’e been a fan and will always be one.

  • LeAnnToldUsDeanWasGay

    I know that Dean is dating a wonder woman but something doesn’t seem right. When LeAnn hoped into bed with Eddie, the next day the news was full of reports that Deane was gay. LeAnn never came to his defense and her PR team keeps screaming that Dean is 100% gay. Is it possible that Deane is straight and LeAnn is slandering him to make excuses for her adultery????? Can’t be!!! LeAnn is the slandered and never the slanderer LOL.

  • requiem queen

    She never disappoints with that set of vocals.

  • HasBeen

    LeAnn has contributed almost nothing to music in the last ten years and now she’s remaking cover songs like the parasite she is in the music business. She’s desperate for a little limelight but she should just stay on the road until the bus runs over her. She threw away her career when she turned her back on her fans. There is so much talent out there that we don’t need to listen to trash trying to make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear.

  • http://!! MEMEME

    I used to LOVE HER.. but I can’t love a homewrecker! And don’t say you’re not a homewrecker… you’re a freakin homewrecker! lol

  • CancelledConcerts

    The thing about LeAnn is that one is never sure if she’s going to show up for the performance. She so self consumed that she doesn’t give a crap about leaving thousands of people holding a ticket. She has another thought coming if she thinks people are going to buy her stuff when she shows them nothing but disrespect. Her voice is nothing like it was when she was a kid.

  • RightOnMEME

    Absolutely MEME. Couldn’t agree more. Who cares about the singing when the singer makes you puke.

  • LeAnn’sALiar

    I’ll say it again. LeAnn’s a LIAR and a manipulating hypocrite with a capital HYYYYPPPPPOOOOOOCCCCRRRRIIIIITTTTTEEEE!!!!

  • BetterPostQuickly

    When Rimes PR team gets here they will be PO’d. No doubt they’ll have JJ pull down this thread and put up another one.

  • sars

    how does this homewrecking slut still have fans? what is wrong with you people?

  • B-lookin-old

    BetterPostQuickly … yeah right … “B and the minions” have taken over the board. Of course she has fans. Just look at her and listen to her voice. Not a has been like some.


  • HaveBulldozerWillTravel

    Having a few problems at home? Perhaps there are cracks in the foundation or its appearance isn’t what it once was. Well, we can take care of everything. Just call 1-900 Homewrecker that’s 1-900-466-397-32537. We’ll level your home…and if your spouse protests, we’ll sue her for slander.

  • size medium

    Cute but I was holding my breath and praying she didn’t fall with those heels so high in the sky.

  • Joey F.

    Holy smokes my doll aced it. I get to see her concert this year. LeAnn an always and longer.

  • meg rianan

    Fantastic show everyone. Way to show em!

  • wanda

    Wow…I do not defend what she did at all. Adultery is adultery no matter who you are. However, be careful how you judge others. The circle of life will come around to you. You know…. “Oh yea, without sin, cast the first stone.” I sure hope all of you stay perfect forever or everyone should slam you publically, privately, and in their hearts….Judge harshly and you will get the same.


    Next time Bathe!

    Ms. Rimes, you look quite dirty, greasy, and unkempt.

    The ensemble is a massive fail on all counts, shoes, dress, bracelet, hair, and make-up.

  • NotMuchOfAPerformance

    Her performance was contrived and forced. She’s meant to be heard not seen.

  • Joey F.

    She rocked the house tonight. Kudos to a great show and all the performers who were so much fun to watch. Awesome night!

  • http://none Star


    Britney Spears, Gabrielle Union, Alicia Keys, Tori Spelling

    Britney (singer) – Kevin Federline fiance was 7 months pregnant when she got involved with him. Columbus Short wife, Brandi, was 8 months pregnant when Britney got involved with him.

    Gabrielle (actress) – Dewayne Wade’s wife gave birth to their second child, two months after he was born, she discovered his affair with Gabrielle. Dewayne’s estranged wife is going through a public breakdown. She has lost custody of her two sons.

    Alicia (singer) – In her first trimester of her pregnant, her fiance is married and has a 3 year old son.

    Tori (reality star) – Dean McDermott and his former wife were going to adopt a baby girl. They have a son together. On a family vacation, in a hotel room, Dean dumped his wife and kid. Tori brags about her “wonderful” marriage but, constantly diss Dean’s ex-wife.

  • Liz

    Why the F is LeAnn Rimes at the CMT awards?? Last I checked she hadn’t released any new songs… but now there is something called “swinging”?? She needs to get her ugly face out of the spotlight. she should be ashamed of herself! Flaunting her extramarital affair and acting all happy.

    Karma’s a bitch… maybe a bigger 1 than LeAnn

  • Fashionsense

    On another site I saw the red carpet pics. All the other ladies of country music looked so classy while Rimes looked like Eddie threw her around the hotel room before she made her appearance. LeAnn just ooozzes trash.

  • T pain

    Unfortunate face…

  • mln

    my only comment is on her hair- is that how she wore it? it looks like she hasn’t showered in days

  • lily

    Lively performance . Luv ya LELE!

  • sunshiny days

    C’mon over to Le’s Twitter. Her fans are there. Good job LeAnn.

  • offtheproperty

    @Liz: She’s not “acting all happy.’ She really is happy and she doesn’t know any other way to act but happy. Weird.

  • Robbin

    Why does LeAnn always look like she just crawled out of the back seat of Tigers’ car?

  • Ben

    Damn. She looks like sh*it.

  • Sam

    she’s gross. i love her voice tho…ugh.

  • http://!! MEMEME

    Hahaha Homewrecker Haters come join me, because these people on here have NO MORALS OR VALUES thinking a homewrecker is praise worthy. I’m not gonna be fake… but I think her HW partner Ed (or whatever his name is) and her “people” are on here defending her.. there’s no way she has fans lol

  • ew.

    There is something srsly wrong with her mouth area.

  • Taylo

    Her name will advance his career. Her deeds will return to haunt her. She will never be able to trust her new love, not fully. If she thinks so, she’s deluded.

  • 30 yups

    Fabulous show LeAnn. The audience loved it!

  • http://deleted cbme

    @Taylo: Taylor, Can YOU trust your love?

  • Lully

    Luved you tonight You carried it completely. Soooo talented.

  • Latin Lover

    Rocked it sista.