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Leonardo DiCaprio & Bar Refaeli Hide Under Hats

Leonardo DiCaprio & Bar Refaeli Hide Under Hats

Leonardo DiCaprio and his girlfriend, Bar Refaeli, go through security at LAX airport on Tuesday (June 8) in Los Angeles, Calif.

The couple kept a very low-key profile, hiding from photographers under baseball caps.

Recently, People spotted Leo and Bar out at Boudoir lounge after biking together on the beach in Santa Monica! The couple celebrated Bar‘s 25th birthday and had dinner at STK restaurant next door with friends.

10+ pictures inside of Leonardo DiCaprio and Bar Refaeli hiding under hats at LAX…

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bar refaeli leonardo dicaprio hats lax 01
bar refaeli leonardo dicaprio hats lax 02
bar refaeli leonardo dicaprio hats lax 03
bar refaeli leonardo dicaprio hats lax 04
bar refaeli leonardo dicaprio hats lax 05
bar refaeli leonardo dicaprio hats lax 06
bar refaeli leonardo dicaprio hats lax 07
bar refaeli leonardo dicaprio hats lax 08
bar refaeli leonardo dicaprio hats lax 09
bar refaeli leonardo dicaprio hats lax 10
bar refaeli leonardo dicaprio hats lax 11
bar refaeli leonardo dicaprio hats lax 12
bar refaeli leonardo dicaprio hats lax 13

Credit: SRV/EVA; Photos: Bauergriffinonline
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  • wow

    barf is trying to hide more than Leo. is she a celeb now or something? lol Jared, no model/supermodel title? no `lovely couple`? what happened?

  • tal


  • jm

    Please, get over yourselfs!!!!

  • Dreads

    POUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH !!!!! Now, that’s fkin’ hilarious. Bar is hiding more than Leo. And I think it’s understandable for Leo to hide since he’s the superstar, but her?! She’s nothing, who does she think she is?! Haha, you’re funny, Bar. You made me laugh so hard. I see she has some sense of humor, I guess!

  • lola_uk

    i understand that it must be such a pain in the arse to constantly bombarded by these blood-thirsty paparazzos but it seems like they are drawing more attention to themselves by their actions. they kinda stick out like a sore thumb.

    ahh, the joys of celebrity.

  • wow

    leo might be a huge star but what he does to avoid photographers is getting pathetic. check out this video from last night

  • french

    She looks ridiculous and some days ago she was not hiding when Leo was not with her.

  • lol

    @7 She wasn`t hiding when she was with Leo and her friends the other day smiling straight into the cameras… what a woman Leo has there! Or should I say what a couple we have here? lol

  • Buzzy

    Leo’s too hot to hide under a hat.

  • secondthat

    Seriously..get over yourselves..pathetic just pathetic..paps might be interested, but no one else cares leo…seriously..we um, know what you look like, get.over.your.self.

    for the love of god please get a life and a new girlfriend…

  • Eric Shinn

    Bar needs to show off her beautiful face not hide it under a hat!!!!

  • @11

    Quite honestly I’m more than grateful for her hiding her face because the less I see it the better. At the same time it’s ridiculous that an out-of-work model makes such an effort to cover her face. Why?

  • Mari

    Wow, that x17 video is ridiculous. I think Leo needs a new strategy for avoiding the paps. I know he hides his face so that they can’t sell the photos or video, but obviously that’s not working since we still see the photos/videos on the celebrity gossip sites. I am sure it would be highly annoying to be followed by paparazzi (I can’t imagine), but I think he would be better off just walking with his head held high, and having his security guards keep the paps at a safe distance. The way he acts now, it’s like he’s a hunted animal.
    As for Bar at the airport, it’s kind of funny that she’s suddenly so camera shy. That’s a first.

  • funny

    funny she hides herself. if she were not with leo she wouldnt even be followed by paps, lol. they only follow her bc she is “leos gf” not some supermodel celeb….lmao

  • @no6

    Just saw video (does bar even like sports? ) & I completely agree: pathetic. I think I might have to call it a day..leo is far too up his camera trodden ass…I can’t take it,, I will detox from this blog…I can’t believe, regardless of who you are, you think that much of yourself, does he really intend to live like this for the rest of his life??…what a joke and I’m not even gonna bother with his unfortunate girlfriend..these two are THE most played out ‘couple’ EVER.
    I don’t even feel sorry for him..yes, he can do what he wants but then don’t try and come across as if you’ve got morals and values when your personal life doesn’t reflect this..I just feel that there should be at least one aspect of his personal choices that represent who he really is…and right now this is it!! Overestimating your importance, along with a chick like this…
    They live in a very superficial bubble and I feel disappointed..again…so no more…until I see in the papers and not some mag, that he has split, FOR GOOD, from this chick, I am not interested..and as interesting as everyone’s comments are, I feel debating these two has gone as far as it deserves to (for me anyway)..he’s lucky his fans are still interested in his work..but boy does his personal life suck..I hope he meets someone who gives him a reality check..someone from the real world..not this overrated sh*t model who thinks waaayy to much of herself and all because she’s with this dude, not actually because she’s anything in her own right..where’s the humility? where’s the friendliness??…to leo:thumbs down…boooo lol

  • Samira

    Woow im big fan leonardo i love leo hes cute he my faviroute actar and hes handsome in the world ohhh i wish i could him

  • Nicki

    Nice shots! It must be extremely annoying to know the paparazzi are taking pictures at the airport…. in a sort of private moment. So that’s the reason both want to hide.

    I am glad we can see these pictures, though, even if I feel a little guilty about it. Thanks a lot, JJ for sharing.

    And for the pathetic posters who are losing their “precious time” trying to bash Bar, get over it, PLEASE! Leo and Bar are in a very serious relationship. And I am very happy for them.

  • Shikah

    Wow you very very talented and excellent at what you do and i love you you are sexy hot handsame and beautiful man in the world

  • Rachel

    He is hot

  • Yawn

    We get it. You’re famous.
    You feel hounded.Yawn
    What’s chicadee’s reason?

  • Leo fan

    Bar is a really lucky woman.

    BTW, I read on a fan board that they are flying to Jamaica to attend their friends’s wedding. How romantic!

  • pipo

    Ok, Bar, that’s right. Finally you understand that men are just interested in your t… and a… They do not care at all about your face and person. Just meat (as far as it’s still fresh).

  • Yawn

    this girl is only 25
    Really leo. Is that all it takes to satify you? wow
    And there’s me thinking you were a man of substance

  • riri

    Bar gived the gossip mags their schedule and then goes on pretending to “hide”?
    Her entire “career” is from telling paparazi where Leo might be seen with her and using his name.

  • riri

    I agree. Leo keeps hanging with half -hoo-kers and shallow s-l-u-ts who are either after his money or fame.
    He never seems to be around people who actually care about him and don’t want to use him one way or another and have actual depth and a real profession.

  • Sean

    They try to hide from the paparazzi yet they go have dinner at STK, one of the most popular places in LA and a known place to where the paps wait. What a joke.

  • Beth

    Great couple

  • Yawn

    lmao..’shallow s-l-u-ts’
    He’s a grown man, quite capable of picking better company, however he chooses not to.
    Why is that?

  • gegia

    if brains drain is an issue in some countries, I am afraid these guys’ ones simply got lost. I mean: their brains must be really untraceable.
    I would change the headline here: erase “low profile” and say” low minded” instead

  • guest girl

    Nicki, your comment made me throw up in my mouth…
    Leo has an image as an actor/activist carefully planned and protected by his PR team apparently best in town. Then there’s his image as a private person, party guy, woman/modelizer who cannot find himself a decent girlfriend to pretend that he is getting serious. The way he dresses and acts in public is ridiculous based on the photos and videos posted recently. One image is catching up with the other affecting it in a negative way. I cannot take him seriously when he speaks up for tigers when I see his poor choices as a private person. Recently he has his major douche vibe not to mention the typical airhead model he is dating. I’m more excited to see Inception for Marion Cotillard, Joseph Gordon-Levitt and yes, Lukas Haas than for Leo. Maybe his PR team should give him a reality check already.

  • Brightside

    Bar looks damn cute in a hat….guess that’s why he likes her. She has a rocking bod.

  • lol

    @31: yeah, probably that`s ALL he likes about her, looking good in a hat and in bikinis/lingerie. Good point, Brightside. lol

  • gegia


    Noble effort!
    It must be really hard to protect those two from themselves and then try to find something positive to say when they slip from their PR’s finger making fool of themselves.
    A nanny is urgently needed here!

  • Yawn

    Is that all it takes Brightside?
    A ‘rocking bod’
    Accompanied with a young mind

    You’re absolutely right guest girl, somewhere the line between professional and personal is getting blurred.
    It’s not because of photogs, it’s because the real leo is the one you see in those shots, not on Good Morning America .
    His public persona won’t be able to wash with these images of him.
    I hope I’m wrong. He either needs to change the way he acts in public or change his relationship.
    If work is so important to him he should pay attention.
    Cigar smoking & running around L.A with an unemployed model hardly matches a serious actor-come-activist.
    He should let me do his PR, we’d start by getting rid of the poor company he’s keeping.
    Maybe even suggest moving out of hollyweird if you want such a ‘normal’ life.

  • french

    When he was with his ex girlfriends he was not hiding like he does now

  • wow

    yeah, things were different ( better ) before barf…
    yes, Yawn apparently that’s all what it takes. and if you don’t like the pretty girl you are jealous, you have no life, you don’t get out if your basement, your husband left you for a younger woman… should I continue or do you see my point? judging her based on anything other than her looks makes you a ‘miserable hater’
    good point about the private and public image. sadly so true…

  • gegia

    Reality – puppet show.
    That’s what happens when puppets escape from their puppeteer.
    Someone bring them back to their caring PR. Please.

  • Yawn

    To french
    So what’s changed? Why does he behave his way and then come across so normal in interviews?
    If his privacy was that important to him, he would move out of L.A
    It’s not like he has to stay there to get work, work comes to him.
    Also, No other celebrity reacts this way all the time when photogs are around. He seems to have a very delusional reality.
    I guess based on his own idea of self importance. I understand you not wanting money being made off your personal life, but he’s seen for about 3 seconds max, can he not get into a car like normal?
    He’s even passed this crazy behaviour onto this girl.
    Who goes up an escalator like that? Only someone with an over-inflated ego, not someone who might be trying to protect themselves or their kids (god forbid)
    I’m not sure what’s changed, but I’m pretty sure not having a real woman to check his attitude doesn’t help.

  • pipo

    Take a look at my bod
    take a look at my a..
    take a look at my legs
    take a look at my t…
    tale a look at my feet
    take a look at my belly
    But please, please, please,
    don’t look at my face.

  • sydel


    You are getting too old to hid like a child in public. This is getting really weird. It’s time to grow up and stop try to be Mr. Britney Spears.

    Ok? Seriously. Grow up. Just smile for the camera. It’s not going to bite you.

  • Yawn

    To wow
    I’m definitly not a miserable hater, lol, just baffled by how such a likeable guy can be with somone like this.
    I’d be a fan of hers if she had some personality or sparkle, something to admire/be inspired by.
    But you’re talking of someone who’s dream was to pose half naked on the cover of a magazine. Now what?

  • annab

    She probably stays with him just to get exactly this kind of attention.

  • wow

    i know you aren`t but that`s what you get from her fans… i agree with you this is a puzzle what he is doing with her?
    you asked french what had changed? there was a change of girlfriends… different girls might bring out something different in him… just an idea
    even leo+barf fans don`t understand why is it that sometimes she is hiding and sometimes she isn`t? why is she so shy anyways? there`s not much of her that she hasn`t showed to the entire world… good point about the si cover. what now that she fulfilled her biggest dream? apparently nothing…

  • Catarina

    Dear Leo,

    WTF was that all about? I just saw that video and it is surreal! Are you playing hide and seek? It sure looks like it! Don’t you know these people are FILMING YOU? You show your face and then hide again and then show your jacket? What the…??? What was the point of that? It’s childish. I just don’t get it. The car was 2meters away from you. Get in the damn car and ignore the paparazzi. It’s time to change that attitude. You’re a grown man! Are you becoming Howard Hughes? Please!!!

  • Yawn

    I don’t think she’s shy, I think she enjoys the attention and enjoys the drama of having to hide because her and her boyf are ‘so famous’
    I’m sure she’d love to walk red carpets with him, but why is he not doing this if he’s meant to be so serious?
    As private as he is, I do think that when he meets someone else, someone he’s serious about having children with, he’ll be a different person.
    You’re right about different girls bringing out different aspects of yourself. Maybe she allows him to play out all the crap he couldn’t play with gisele, then maybe, after this, he might be mature enough for a committed relationship with bells on!

  • wow
  • wow
  • wow
  • wow

    oops, sorry for the reposts… i don`t know what happened …

  • happy girl

    Here is the deal with the Leo being with Bar thing: Leonardo DiCaprio was every teen and tween girls’ dream. Titanic sent him thru the stratosphere and into girls’ hearts. These little girls thought Leo belonged to them. But he proved that he is an adult man with great acting chops like in The Departed. He did not want to associate with teeny boppers. He went through some bad relationships with women who got famous by being with him and he moved on. Now he has found a beautiful Israeli girl from a good family who he loves. He will marry her. She is stunning, seemingly very down to earth and nice. When she was on Letterman, he kept pressing her for info on him and she refused. I know it is hard for the tweens and teen fans of Leo to accept he has found love but he has. Maybe he just doesn’t want to be with the kinds of women that would go as far as parading their boyfriend’s child to paps when the child’s mother goes public saying such a woman was using their child for publicity. Leo saw the writing on the wall and moved on to Bar – a nice girl. And she is drop dead gorgeous. They will ahve great kids and he will be happy. He clearly decided she fits into his life – professionally and personally in a way other women he was with does not. He is very smart – no man achieves the level of success he has without being smart. He knows what he is doing. And Bar is perfect for him. And any woman who can sit there and say a blonde and blue eyed, curvaceous, SPorts Illustrated model is unattractive would be laughed at by any regular men. Any woman who says that comes off pathetically jealous. Point blank. Deep down those women know Bar is stunning. She is and she has Leo’s heart. Deal with it.