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Alexander Skarsgard Covers Entertainment Weekly

Alexander Skarsgard Covers Entertainment Weekly

Anna Paquin gets squeezed between Alexander Skarsgard and boyfriend Stephen Moyer on the sexy new cover of Entertainment Weekly.

Anna shares she doesn’t care about getting naked for the show. “It doesn’t really bother me,” she admits. “I’m really close with all of our cast, and we’ve all seen each other in various compromising and odd situations.”

Adds newcomer Joe Manganiello, aka werewolf Alcide, “Having been a fan of the show, you know you’re going to be naked at some point. I will say that I was welcomed into the brotherhood of the sock. When you’re naked on the show, you have to wear a sock, and it’s not on your foot.”

Alex is still surprised about his celebrity status. “It’s quite surreal that people want to take a picture of me buying milk,” says Skarsgard, pictured showing off his sixpack abs below. “I don’t really get it.”

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  • Really???

    You are so annoying Jared. Alexander Skarsgard ISN’T the ONLY one on the cover and he’s not the only one on True Blood.

  • true blood

    Everyone looks great. I can’t wait for season 3.
    Thanks, Jared!

  • CuteChef

    Funny…I see Anna and Stephen on the cover as well. And to be honest, I’m more interested in the fact that Anna is on the cover than Alex. She’s lovely inside as well as out. Love her :)

  • Twilight

    Anna looks beautiful.
    I think she has great chemistry with Alex.

  • http://j ivanka

    i love the cover, they all look great i want HQ=)

  • http://j ivanka

    lmao about the sock thing, i thought they were completely naked all the time

  • http://j ivanka

    lmao about the sock thing, i thought they were completely naked all the time


    Ok JJ we get it Robin Baum is paying you to promote AS the same as KB but really the only thing she is accomplishing is making people dislike him immensely. AS is not the only person on the cover of EW or on TB. And I guarantee you that this focus on him and no other cast members will not go unnoticed by his co-workers and AB.

  • Emily

    love it! i can’t wait to get it!!!

  • am i the only one?


  • Anonymous

    @am i the only one?: No you are not the only one. I think what he wanted to accomplish in HW will be cut short with the piss poor decisions he has been making as of late. This focus solely on him lately is not going to get him more fans or more projects. If anything it will be the exact opposite.

  • Liz

    As someone else on another saite said, this pic “isn’t helping me much in the pure and innocent thoughts department.”
    LOL, no kidding! That’s a hot sandwich!
    And they all look great, but I especially love Anna & Stephen… Those two have soooo much chemistry! I love to see them act together on the show.

  • GPS

    Dude, of course people (=paps) want to take your picture buying milk (=booze) when your PR team tips them off! Anyway, is it just me, or are there three people on the cover of EW? Tunnel vision, Jared, isn´t it!

  • Liz

    oops! “site”

  • so overated….

    Alexander Skarsgard is not as popular as people think, it’s his very vocal Swedish fans who bombard every website and blog raving about him……their very pushy and rude the way they show such disrespect for the other actors on True Blood by acting like he’s the “STAR” of the show.

  • Iffy Miffy

    Oh look Askars on the cover! Wait, there are two other people there … hmm, maybe they just got in the shot … oh wait, no, it’s the leads of the show but maybe Askars is more famous … oh wait one of them is an Oscar winner.
    I like Askars and Eric is my favourite character on TB but I am getting supremely annoyed by this nonsense of IGNORING OTHER PEOPLE!

  • athena

    @Really???: exactly! I’m so tired of everyone only talking about this guy. He isn’t THAT hot.

  • Hate The Hair!!

    Eric’s hair is BLONDE! Alex, check your ego at the door and conform to your character. He is so annoying now. Boo Hoo, people want to take my picture even though my famewhore aleged girlfriend tips the paps everywhere we go. His career is headed strait back to Sweden after True Blood ends. Straw Dogs is 99.99999% guaranteed to flop. It’s a remake of a Hollywood classic. I can’t think of any Hollywood remakes that were actually good. Superman Returns SUPER SUCKED! BTW JJ, there are 3 people on the cover. I would have much rather seen Anna’s name lead the article. No Sookie= No True Blood.

  • Cheery

    Ryan Kwanten is the only truly hot guy on True Blood–HE needs to be on more covers!!

  • Amelle

    I find Anna and Stephen so gorgeous. :)

  • no you are not the only one!!!

    not only is he getting on my nerves, I am so tired of looking at his arrogant face. I used to like him alot, but he is so thin and blah looking, and he looks washed out. Whatever!!! I will continue to watch true blood , hopefully the writing will be good enough for diversion from Eric/Alex’s face.

  • melly

    All three are looking great! And wow, nice abs, Askars. Is it Sunday yet? *taps fingers*

  • I like him

    I think it’s a great cover and it reflects the love triangle in TB. I don’t get all the haters. Alex is not only handsome and talented, but he is a nice guy. All of his co-stars say that whenever they are interviewed. ( most recently Stephen Moyer).

  • Deedz

    I love this cover. Yeah but once again, this is the only way I can accept ASkars: in character. =/

  • @ Cheery

    While I’ll agree about Ryan, I have to admit Joe Mangianello looks very hot as Alcide. I’m looking forward to some naked wolf action this season.

  • Emma

    @Iffy Miffy: “Wait, there are two other people there … hmm, maybe they just got in the shot … oh wait, no, it’s the leads of the show but maybe Askars is more famous … oh wait one of them is an Oscar winner.”
    LOL!!!! So true! Anna & Stephen are awesome!

  • JM

    Gotta hand it to Alex. His publicist has been working overtime lately what with the Kate puke..I mean lovefest taking over the True Blood Premiere. Now this cover featuring the show’s actual star Anna Paquin but the headline is all about Alex. He’s really grating my nerves. If this is completely beyond his control (suspending disbelief) he needs to understand sometimes less is more. I do not want to see pictures of him buying milk, having lunch or walking down the street in the same old jeans & t-shirt for lets say a month. Can you pull that off JJ? And can you apply that to Bones as well?

  • The More You Know

    Hmmm… I never knew True Blood was actually a one man show. That Skarsgard fella’ must be pretty busy doing all of those roles by himself. Thanks for revealing this Jared as surely this was what you meant when every True Blood related thing is about him even with the other cast photographed or mentioned. This is getting ridiculous with your obsession of him and KB…

  • Ciel Bleu

    I don’t have HBO and I’m from Canada…

    Does anyone of you know where I can watch the premiere on sunday night?

    Thanks guys!

  • Liz

    *sigh* Dear Jared, Stephen is Anna’s FIANCE! Not her boyfriend!

  • J

    That cover pic looks like Alex was just edited in. C’mon, Anna and Stephen are also on the cover… Or are you they on your blind spot? Ha-ha. You have a tendency to favor certain artists, Jared. Tsk tsk.

    As much as I hate to say this: Alex has become a thin man and the abs don’t really go with the hanger look.

  • Iffy Miffy

    @ Emma – they are, such a cute couple and I actually think Stephen looks better live than on TB. Funny guy too. I really like their attitude about their relationship, very mature way to handle fame and matters of privacy.

  • AlmostAshamedToBeEuropean

    @Anonymous: Totally agree with you, (and most of the other comments). Alex has made some very poor decisions and the “fame” has obviously gone to his head where it is still searching for a brain cell. Yes, imo he is still hot, but cooling fast. Not a fan of TB, (sorry), but would be well p***ed if I was ‘cos agree the other cast members deserve equal credit for their talent and professionalism.
    @GPS: You forgot the drugs, sure AS doesn’t by the look of him now. Yeah people let’s discuss AP/SM and the other talented actors in TB.

  • Don’t get it

    You guys act like it is ASkars’ fault that he is on the cover of the magazine and JJ only mentions him and not Anna and Stephen in the title of the post. He doesn’t write for EW and he doesn’t post for JJ. Why is he the bad guy here? Oh, because you think he calls people when he goes to buy milk? Whatever, it just comes across as a bunch of hate for someone who doesn’t deserve it.

  • Carla Nelson

    Someone probably told him to take some pictures with some other cast members other than KB. You have to remember KB feels secure with Anna because she is going to be marrying she don’t mind him taking a photo with Anna. Let him pose in a photo with Natasha Alam and see how sparks will fly. That women is single I would be scared myself. You probably won’t see him posing with no other woman at all. I betcha you won’t see a photo shoot with him and ERW posing with there fangs out together.

  • Cheery

    @ Cheery #25:

    Good point, I may have been a bit hasty; Joe Mangianello definitely brings the goods, but he’s still a newcomer at this point. Ryan is already well-established and deserves more recognition in general.

  • what’s the fuss?

    Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer are still the stars of the show. One stupid headline by JJ doesn’t change that. But I guess I understand why people might be frustrated, I don’t know why they only mentioned Alex, either. But I also don’t understand why people are mad at him for JJ’s choice of words. It seems irrational.

  • Carla Nelson

    I just want to say a tan and makeup can do wonders. He looks better in this photo because you can’t see those bags under his eyes. Some people don’t photo to well by close up shots of them. In those TB photos at the red carpet you could see all those bags in under his eyes. Most people who have stylist will tell you honey try not to take many closeups. He looks a whole lot better here. He is still not sexy at all. Iv’e seen sexy honey and he ain’t it. Remember those men like Omar Sharif, Errol Flynn, and Tyrone Power those men had sex appeal along with the good looks. Look at Dustin Hoffman when he was a young man he had it going on. Sexy is okay but when you got the looks to match as they say you are in there.

  • Emma

    @Iffy Miffy: Totally. They are a sweet, very smart, mature, loving & passionate couple.
    I honestly don’t get why AS doesn’t take pics with his girlfriend, since she IS his girlfriend? Why does he say he’s single? He’s given some bad advice, I don’t know…

  • They are all great!

    Anna, Stephen and Alex are all great. Why all the negativity? And some of you guys really need to lay off ASkars. He is a good guy and it is silly to blame him for stuff that is out of his control. I don’t think he should be held responsible for what appears in JJ, that’s all I’m saying.

  • J

    TMZ said Alex and Kate were all over each other during the TB premiere. But they entered and exited separately.
    @Carla: Yep, they did wonders on hiding his eye bags. And I have a feeling those abs were also works of wonders by those talented people. Hmmm…

  • Anonymous

    @Don’t get it: It’s not that he is on the cover and the article in EW has quotes from all three not just AS. AS is “the bad guy” as you say because there is no way he can claim ignorance of what his team of handlers are doing. His PR rep is now guiding his image and he is aware of everything they are doing. So for him to be the only focus of TB like he is the lead is insulting to the rest of the cast. And his personal life overshadowed what was supposed to be the cast’s 3rd season premiere and he had to have known that would happen. He is not living under a rock. He is just displaying selfish behavior.

  • You do realize…

    @Carla Nelson:

    that it is standard practice for magazines to touch up photos and that includes Anna and Stephen, right? Who knows what any of them would like like without the, um, help. Even Stephen and Anna might have a few flaws that need attention. That just makes them normal…like Alex.

  • melly

    It’s most likely Alex decided to work the red carpet alone to keep the focus on True Blood and not his love life. Lots of actors do this. Inside, he was with his girlfriend. He’s not said he’s single any time recently. Move on, folks. It’s not Alex’s fault how JJ chooses to cover things or how many paps want to take a photo of KB. He seems like a great guy, feet on the ground and very sweet to people, especially fans who approach him. So much irrationality here.

  • melly

    #42, JJ has reason enough to cover everything Askars does, especially in conjunction with KBos, due to the number of hits these articles get. These hysterical responses guide what JJ chooses. He doesn’t care if you like KBos or Askars, he just cares about the site traffic. No need to invent conspiracy theories about publicists. And Alex only signed on with a publicist either just before or just after Coachella. JJ’s been covering him constantly since he broke out last year on True Blood, including when the rumours were all about Evan Rachel Wood, who is not repped by Kbos’s publicist. If you want JJ to cover other True Blood stars and use their names in headlines, then make sure any articles about them generate 10 or 11 pages of comments.

  • PR

    Has anyone else noticed that there are several posts that reek of PR damage control?

  • Jam

    Gotta love the Bill clan, they get so pissy and cry everytime Skarsgard towers over their litle man… lol

  • Wow

    Does Alex have to wear that same F’in Gray shirt??????????

  • Don’t get it


    It seems to me that a lot of the things people criticize Alex for are subjective in nature. They are things that people may believe but that they can’t prove and I think it is unfair to paint him as a bad person because of it. Alex has PR people but so do Anna, Stephen and probably most of the cast. Why are his people so all-powerful that they trump the efforts of the rest of them? I have seen photos of Anna and Stephen buying flowers, going to Sea World, going out to dinner. I have never seen anyone criticize them or claim they had tipped off the press. And, for the record, Alex does not overshadow the cast. It is still all about Anna and Stephen. That hasn’t changed. His personal life did not overshadow the premiere. I mean, look at it this way. He didn’t even walk the red carpet with her. If he was trying to grab all the attention, wouldn’t he have plastered her by his side? I think his actions indicated that he was trying hard to make sure it was just about True Blood.

  • Relax people

    Man, people can find anything to get upset about, can’t they? Some silly little article in some magazine and, all of the sudden, AS is the antichrist. Like he was the one who chose the title of the post. And then all the other crap people claim to know for sure about him? A bunch of mindreaders, lol! Don’t you guys realize that every time you jump on him for no good reason you just come off as irrational?