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Angelina Jolie To Play Cleopatra?

Angelina Jolie To Play Cleopatra?

Angelina Jolie may be taking on the role of Cleopatra in an upcoming project!

Author Stacey Schiff, who will release a biography of Cleopatra soon through publishing house Little, Brown, has already sold the rights to her book to film producer Scott Rudin (No Country for Old Men, Revolutionary Road, I Heart Huckabees).

Scott‘s office told USA Today that the film “is being developed for and with Jolie.”

“Physically, [Angelina]‘s the perfect look,” Stacey shared.

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  • t.m.delafonda

    FIRST!?!!!!! This story is BS. She never said that she was doing any Cleopatra movie.

  • great

    skelator as cleopatra

  • Iffy Miffy

    I doubt this is true as she has other movies lined up but if it were, she’d be a great Cleopatra – with those eyes, perfect. It’s hard to follow Liz Taylor but if anyone could, it would be Angie.

  • Caesar’s mistress

    Cleopatra was a homewrecker too

  • Buzzy

    Well, she does have a nice asp.

  • alice

    most beatyful woman ever , now bowdown and worship u ugly fat bitches , u know she is goddess.queen of hollywood , she has everything at her feet , hot hot hot woman , she’ll turn u ugly girls in to lesbos in a sec

  • Assley

    Oh good, she gets to work with her language coach again! Rubber sheets and potty play!

  • t.m.delafonda

    My bad. I read that it is being developed “for and with” Angelina. As for her ability to play this part…..She is amazingly talented, unlike a certain wanna-be movie star, and, has not only the looks, but, the “chops” to do a da*n good job.

  • mmsic

    I’ll believe it when it comes from her.Otherwise,i think she’ll be a great Cleopatra,with her beauty,poise,voice and most of all,talent.

  • Dawn

    I would take it with a grain of salt till a site like EW, Variety, Deadline, or THR reports it. This sounds like the Sleeping Beauty story that the LA TImes reported back in January but was never confirmed.

  • dd

    yeah….. i hope its true, she’ll play a ravishing Cleopatra

  • Sophie

    “physically perfect for the role”


    Erm, except that she’s white.

  • Dreads

    @Caesar’s mistress: HA!!!!! That was funny. XD ….. Why is everyone insisting on claiming that she is “perfect”?! It makes no sense. Nobody’s perfect. Period. However, you can state if you want that if there’s someone close to perfection, Angelina is that person! Anyway, she is quite wonderfully gorgeous (though too skinny) and talented so I think she’d be a great Cleopatra. But I think they should give a chance to new actors or actresses, why put the same ol’ actors in all movies. Ugh. There are tons of beautiful women who could play that part. And sorry for pointing that out, but although Angelina has pretty eyes and bone structure, she is a Caucasian. I know it’s time to forget about “racism” and I am not racist in any way, but there are millions of women who look more like Cleopatra did look (according to reseaches…..). Isn’t it a bit unfair to put her as this Egyptian lady?! Now come on!

  • Halli

    Gross. Skeletor isn’t a sexy look. And more brown-face/ black-face for Angelina? I’m so over this trick..

  • Halli

    Elizabeth Taylor was sexy and could pull it off…. Angelina has seriously lost her looks. Sad to say. Go ahead and flame me.

  • whamo

    Yes, I hope she leaves Brad for whoever plays Marc Anthony. Brad Pitt= Eddie Fisher

  • liloooo

    i love how she keeps knocking the haters out front with her movies, family life, beauty, talent…..
    you guys can hate as much as u want but the truth is she is IMPROVING every single day ; as anj goes up and on with her some old wannabe actress keeps diggin her career tomb. common admit it you haters actually LOVE HER

  • Ellie

    Yes, because Angie looks so Egyptian and Cleopatra was stick thin. Perfect!!

  • monika

    i hope she does it! she is so beautiful..she would do an awesome job!

  • whamo

    hey, did anyone see the new photo of Brad? Omg isn’t he so hot? ~snickers~

  • Assley

    Halli, Flame you? I want to shake your hand. You are a speaker of great truethiness.

  • Ms Anonymous

    Um it’s been established that Cleo wasn’t that pretty, so don’t cast Whorie! Whorie would RUIN Cleopatra.

  • IggySTAN

    Wwll there is always the Rachel version hens. flip hair, whine, flip hair, Ross where forth art thou. Whine, whine whine.

  • Ms Anonymous


    Ew no I don’t love her, you couldn’t pay me to love her.

  • Jess

    It is perfect for Angie and Brad working together again. Stacey wants Brad to play Marc Anthony.

  • well

    Let’s get the little Greek woman that loves to play rom-coms, hey is Jenny available? Jennifer as Cleopatra. Let’s see if Brad Pitt will play along side her. You think? hahaha.

  • whamo

    @Jess: Brad is in no way man enough to fill Richard Burton’s shoes. HELL NO! The ugly mofo will reaaaaally ruin the heck out that role. Please , movie gods NOOOOOOOOOOOOo!

  • Iffy Miffy

    @Sophie: Wrong! Cleopatra was born in Alexandria as the third daughter of Ptolemy XII. Those would be ancient Greeks deary. And ancient Greeks were …. wait for it … Caucasian! Now there is a possibility and many have speculated that she could have had at least some mixed blood but that is considerably different than what you are trying to imply.

  • whamo

    Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are our version of Liz and Eddie Fisher. Deal with Fckers. Angelina still hasn’t found her Richard Burton ;~) ~~~

  • Jess

    The author of the book Stacey Schiff thinks Brad is Marc Anthony no brainer. Angie was Olympia, Brad was Achilles. They were looking for the right material to work together. This is the one.

  • Brad Fan

    No I don’t think so.

  • brad and angie fan

    Angie will be perfect as Cleopatra, her looks is timeless. It will be awesome if Brad will play Anthony. This could be the right project that they are waiting for. God bless the Jolie-Pitt Family.

  • lmao

    I thought it was supposed to be Anistakakis playing the role? rotflmao

  • whamo

    Now start shaking in your boots Brangelina losers! If they find a real MAN to play her lover (for once) brad is dunzo, bitches! Maybe debbie… I mean , “jenny” will take him back. Debbie sure didn’t want Eddie back tho. ;)

  • whamo

    @Jess: so, she probably just through that name out there. I’ve been visiting movie sites and most have laughed at the idea of Brad as Marc Anthony. One comment was “please , find a good actor for that part” rotflmao

  • fashionista

    After all that mess with the most famous Cleopatra of all Liz Taylor? No one should touch this.

  • Angie fan

    Angelina as Cleopatra, Brad as Marc Anthony. Perfect casting.

  • Assley

    Wamo, nobody wants that bag o’ bones with six rotten brats.

  • dd

    Sam Worthington should play Marc Anthony.

  • brihova

    Another white woman as Cleopatra? Hollywood never learns!

  • NJ

    That’s BULL! She’s not even Arab looking. There are hundreds of gorgeous Egyptian girls why don’t they try using one of them… OR something close to it, like Kim Kardashian who is half Middle Eastern which is closer.
    Can’t Hollywood do something authentic for once?

  • Iffy Miffy

    @brihova: And you can’t read apparently. Cleopatra was not black!!

  • anon

    With all that she has lined up she would be 40 by the time this started filming.

  • liloooo

    ms anonymous
    i’m betting that the minute you’ll see her standing right in front of you, you’ll eat your heart out for your statements, drewlin to hug/kiss her lmao it’s so easy to put in mean comments behind your screen; actually i’ll give some cash to see how you haters would behave if you were given the chance to see her

  • dundies

    um Cleopatra was cited as not being the most physically beautiful, rather knowing how to seduce… so FAIL

  • hmm

    Angie has the look and acting skill to play Cleopatra. It is going to be a challenge and expensive project. It is too early to say Angie would take on it.

  • whamo

    Omg you guys, Doesn’t brad look like he’s hitting Angie’s Crack pipe? Angelina turned him into a drug addict and then she will leave him. DAAAAAMN! I don’t think Liz ever did that to one of her MANY husbands, or did she?

  • Zoz

    I love angie, but historians have proof cleopatra was African. It’s 2010 show her and Jesus as they truly looked.

  • whamo

    @dundies: And? so many of us have pointed out the fact that Brad and Angelina drained each other of their looks. She will be perfect for the role just add some extra pounds and a hook nose and she’s perfect. Perfectly ugly. Ugly = Oscar! Angelina is no longer too pretty for this role. Thanks to Brad.

  • um

    I think the scandal with all the Cleopatra movies was that none were played by black women.

    African Americans have claimed Cleopatra because she was Queen of Egypt. I know we always are trying to claim folks. Never mind investigating how royalty worked back then (and still does).