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Brad Pitt: Working Late in Culver City!

Brad Pitt: Working Late in Culver City!

Brad Pitt leaves a studio after working late on Wednesday night (June 9) in Culver City, Calif.

Photographers watched the 46-year-old actor drive away in a sports car!

It was announced earlier today that Angelina Jolie may be playing the role of Cleopatra in an upcoming movie. Do you think Brad could pull off the role of Mark Antony to Angie‘s Cleo?

More pictures over at X17

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Photos: X17
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  • Lara CROFT TR

    Sexy man ;)

  • ck_always

    Fatherhood ..

  • well

    I think Brad and Angie generate a lot of hits for websites and a lot of copy sales for tabloids, whether the crap they print is true or not. Most of the stuff is so half baked, one has to wonder if the economy hasn’t cost the worst romance writers to work for tabloids, either way the tabs hire rejects.

    Brad and Angelina will live their life as they want, not how some fat asses or lonely heart rejects fantasize them doing.

  • Lauren

    You look like hell Brad.

    Ever since this guy left his wife for that floosey Angelina Jolie, I’ve just lost all respect for him.

  • Angie fan

    Brad Brad still has the beard but I luv you Angie’s man. Angelina as Cleopatra, Brad as Marc Anthony are perfect casting.

  • Lara CROFT TR

    If she plays Cleopatra, then It would be nice to see him play the role of M.A., yes. I would love to see them work together again.

  • busted

    Beautiful man and so happy with his life.

    NOW the nuts that claim to be over him or not liking him will be here in a minute..

    Brad has that affect.. these hags are obsessed to the point of becoming insane.. LOL..

    Thing is he doesn’t give a sh*t.. but these loser women are all over him.. JUST THIS ONE MAN.. NOBODY ELSE..JUST BRAD PITT..


  • uturn

    Holy hell. When is the SALT promotion going to start? So stoked for this flick

  • Fresh

    Easy there. SALT comes out July 23rd—still lots of time for promo.

  • naya

    What has happend with that beautiful guy from some years ago, his name was Brad Pitt ?
    Who the hell is that guy with that scrubby beard ( or whatever it is ) who pretends to be Brad Pitt ?

  • jb

    I am super excited for SALT too!

  • T.O.

    When is the premiere for SALT?

  • Paulie

    WOW he looks awful.

  • fyi

    July 19 in LA.

  • jb


    July 23rd.

  • jb

    July 19th? Oh I am sorry I thought it was the 23rd, unless the 23rd is everywhere in the united states. either way, I am very excited!

  • shoes4life

    If this project were to come to fruitation with both Brad and Angie, then YES! YES! YES!

    They are both superb at their craft and if the subject matter is serious with a great script this would have the possibilities to be one of the most highly anticipated movies in years!!

  • ll

    Brad looks like dirt

  • fyi

    JUly 19 is the premiere . July 23 is the opening day.

  • Lara CROFT TR



    I’m just wondering if they both will do it. They have a system where if one works, the other is home with their children. One can hope though.

  • omg

    Oh my… whamo was correct. He does looks like a drug addict. Angelina turned him out. Brad the druggie and we ain’t talking about weeed no mo. Crack headz in hollywood running loose!

  • yep

    Brad working late?
    .. must have been crawling through the sewers to get to one of his HOs

  • omg

    no , he can’t pull off marc Anthony. that would be more embarrassing than his turn in Troy!

  • jb

    #19. Thanks for the info!

  • omg

    @yep: you mean a Syringe?

  • Jess

    Brad is Marc Anthony.

  • jb

    Wow trolls, who f*****ng cares. Go find something better to do.

  • well

    I cant wait for Moneyball.

  • dakota

    This is a good man! All of us should be so lucky to have someone like this in our lives!!!!

  • man!

    He looks like a human dustbunny.

  • Lily

    Per Jonah Hill, they are doing rehearsal for two weeks. Working hard Bradley.

  • Brad Fan

    As Mark Anthony? No. Maybe Marc Anthony should play him.

  • omg

    @dakota: I agree… we would all be so lucky to have his drugs and money . what a good guy. I bet he knows how to shoot up really well. He looks like an expert junkie.

  • Love Them

    I love this man.

  • brad and angie fan

    It would be wonderfu if Brad & Angie will work again together this time as Marc Anthony & Cleopatra. Brad has tanned skin from the Malibu Beach with Angie, sons & friends.
    I can’t wait to see Salt on July 23 & rc on July 19 in L.A.
    I miss the kids. God bless the Jolie-Pitt Family.
    Hello everyone.

  • honey

    Brad is ruggedly handsome.

  • well

    How old are you stupid mofos commenting? 23? Haha, you dumb-arses got a lot to learn about life. About raising kids, too bad you don’t have people like yourselves stalking and hating on your asses every single day. As they say, you’ll would b!tch if you were hung with a new rope.

  • Passing Through

    # 1068 Passing Through @ 06/10/2010 at 4:06 pm
    Oh joy. I see my stalker is back and stealing my name again. Ho. Fvcking. Hum. I flagged your ass so Jared will delete this pile of bullshite you’ve posted. Sweetie, how many times do I have to tell you – You’ll never be me and pretending to be me will only get you more ridicule than your itty, bitty, widdle ego can handle. Run along back over to Fat Fvckers First and tell your sisters in stupidity to relax their sphincters – Bloatler and his finger ain’t coming back…and neither is Brad or anyone else who’s ever dumped her.

  • http://JUSTJARED zce

    I think Brad is an incredible dad, man, actor and etc., but as I read no one gives him credit only judging about something that you have no idea what it is, so sad. Jennifer divorced Brad even when he tried to work it out she thought that she was such a great actor and every man wanted her but, but she found out different after being passed around with every man. Let us not harbor old feelings we are not the judge, everyone gets tired sometime, talking about wasted grumbs, just let it go.

  • Ali

    He must have developed this look for his next film. He’ll probably go from young to old, and this is the old guy’s look. And they’ll shoot that first. He still is adorable though. And I love how he and Angie do protect their children, and only expose them to the paps when absolutely necessary. In CA they probably have everything they need within the confines of their own property. As much as I love to see their children, I love more that they seem to be good parents.

  • Frenchy

    Hellllooo Alll!!!!! If Brad plays Mark Antony who is gonna be with the children? Remember they said that it would be a while before they do anything together because the children always have to have a parent with them.

    I do think a more interesting project for them would be as a protagonist and antagonist Like MMS was in the beginning but not as a couple.

  • mmsic

    Brad working late? No matter,Angie is home waiting for her man! Thanks Jared!

  • XIII

    Nope! they are ain’t gonna do this Mark Anthony and Cleopatra together. MHO. and I don’t think Angie will do this Cleopatra either.
    I’ll always associate cleopatra with Ms. Liz Taylor. . .

  • maria

    So weird to see how obsessed people are BLIND. This guy looks AWFUL….it’s NOT a role, cause he’s looked like this for awhile now. He has aged TERRIBLY. No person in their right mind can deny that. That doesn’t make him a bad guy, or bad father, but you have to admit, his looks are GONE!!!!!!! He looks homeless. C’mon, Brad.

  • riri

    Angie used to be beautiful, but now she has had too many nose jobs and too many upper lip injections.
    She reminds me of Michael J. may he rest in peace.

  • omg

    @XIII: yeah, I remember you all claimed she would NEVA work with Johnny depp either. You didn’t want that to happen cause you think Angelina is a sluutpupppy who can’t keep her hands off that new man smelll. Kind of like a new car but better ;) ahahhahaaaaaaaaaaaa

  • mimi

    As Angie said it is Mr.’s turn to work. Moneyball is getting more fascinating with more casting in.

  • omg

    @maria: the only thing that makes a person age so fast (brad and Britney) is meth or some other terrible drug. those pooor kiiiiids. Two druggies for parents.

  • Salt will BOMB at Box office


    SALT will not be a hit, watch. The name alone, yuck. And like you all say on here ‘reshoots’ mean trouble. AJ did reshoots, or does that not count ? LOL. Bombs Away like her last. She should go back to Tomb Raider.

  • IggySTAN

    Whiny Jen dateless again.