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Chris Hemsworth: 'Thor' First Look Video!

Chris Hemsworth: 'Thor' First Look Video!

Check out this sneak peek video of Marvel’s superhero flick Thor, starring Chris Hemsworth and Natalie Portman.

How did the 26-year-old Aussie star bulk up to be the god of thunder?

“I was … doing 15-, 16-hour days and then trying to get in the gym, and then trying to eat the quantity of food I had to eat to put on the weight was a draining period,” he tells ET. “I’d have a bunch of eggs and chicken and whatever for breakfast, and then a couple of hours later I’d have a sandwich, and then lunchtime, you know, chicken, vegetables and brown rice, and at dinnertime, you know, similar things and steak and whatever — just a lot of clean proteins and protein shakes and all that.”

Click inside to see the video!

Chris Hemsworth: ‘Thor’ First Look Video!
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  • Meme

    Looks like Natalie has fallen for the Aussie ;)

  • :0)

    Here we go with the haters. :(

  • Alias

    This looks like crap, just like The Hulk, he’s Thor???? HAHAHAHA
    Oh Natalie, first Kutcher now this yuckfest, hear that flushing sound, it’s your A-List status going down the toilet!!!


    It looks great and love how Nat kids and jokes around with Chris they act very relaxed..I’m sure this will be a different flick not like the spiderman movies. Can’t wait for it to come out.

  • WTH?

    Should have been Alexander Skarsgard… period.

  • the truth

    I’m sure she did a good job with the movie. She already having one coming out this year. She still a a-lister to me. jj why didn’t you put a picture are natalie with her movie ? That would have been great. instead rb on her birthday that wasn’t right to do. Looking forward seeing the movie.

  • aska

    i don’t know about the hair….

  • Alyssa

    great movie cant wait

  • good matchup

    he’ll do well…

  • Really?

    That’s him? A little underwhelming. If they are trying to hype the movie, you would think they would come up with something better than that. I am a big Kenneth Branaugh (sp?) fan but I don’t think I will be seeing this particular movie. Everyone is entitled to a dud, I guess.

  • Clearly


    If I didn’t believe it before, this seals it for me. This guy is no Alex.

  • Sotos

    I don’t like him one bit. He is not a good looking person. His face is weird. His eyes too close to eachother. His borther looks much better.


    Damn give the man a chance he might be better then one expects and the hair is exactly the way the THOR is supposed to look he is part of Norse Mythology he isn’t supposed to be like Iron Man or Batman.

  • maggie

    My god. He is ginormous! But in a really good way!
    They both have really good chemistry! I cannot wait for the movie!!!!!!
    Its gonn be sooooooooooo good~!!

  • maggie

    Have u seen him on Home and Away. Look him up! He is amazing!

  • Weird

    Actually glad that Alexander Skarsgard did NOT get Thor!! SH*T for brains. Hemsworth is a good actor and a good guy and NOT a famewhore like Alex and Bosworthless!!! Hemsworth would NEVER be caught dead dating someone or something so pathetic as her!!!!
    Good Job, Chris!!!!!!

  • Jam


    Im also glad he didnt want it. As the movie looks to be a stinker…


    @ Alias,
    Your a hypocritical a$$. You have the audacity to b*tch and moan and lable PPL as haters when, it comes to Rachel Bilson and her stupid threads. Amazing low life you are! How can you find Rachel Bilson more beautiful and talented then Natalie? Are you f*ing blind or just stupid? It is b/c Bilson is a nothing and what has she made lately? Cr$p!! Dying to hear the reviews of Waiting 4 forever! It will tank! Your precious Hayden reviews on the trailer Takers tanked! The trailer always show the best scenes too and the trailer reviews were still bad. HA HA HA!! Takers will be $h*t. Admit it.
    Geeā€¦Aston at least can get a role without having to pay for it like Hayden that has to pay to get a part. Plus..Aston looks healthy and not emaciated like Hayden.
    Natalie has made a lot of movies and a lot more then Barkston and the cr$p she has made. Thor to me looks like it will be good. Natalie is an A lister actress and with all her work experience she will not be making low budget crap like Bilpoo and Hayden have to rely on.
    Truth hurts does it Alias? So jealous b/c Natalie Portman has made it and Hayden has done diddly squat. So..obvious you hiding under someone else. Your UK slang comes out when your really get p*ssed off!! HA HA HA!! You give yourself away everytime.

    Natalie seems to really like her younger sexy new co-star! Good for Natalie! Thor looks like it will be good! Refeasing to hear her voice. She sounds intelligent and well mannered. Music to one’s ears then hearing Bilpoo’s dingy twat voice. RB sounds like a modern day Edith Bunker!


    @ALIAS JEALOUS OF NATALIE!: I think Rachel Bilson is more talented and beautiful than Natalia too.
    Natalia is talentless to me eyes, BEAUTY IS IN THE EYES OF THE BEHOLDER.

  • Shannon

    I think they made a mistake with the casting. This guy is not hot enough and won’t get a lady like myself in the theater. I don’t agree with some of ASkars choices but he makes an amazing Eric and would’ve been better in this role.

  • Passingy


    No, you mean Straw Dogs…….Alex’s movie release date that has pushed back how many times now due to neg test audiences responses……..your sounding a little bit bitter now……….Thor has a great cast and director, it not only it has Natalie in it but also
    Oscar winner Anthony Hopkins and Alex’s father Stellan Skarsgard……
    Thor will do fine……….
    Jam/hans it is time to eat crow and go back to your psychiatric unit for a nap ……….oh….. and stop changing your post names loser!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Crittle

    Perfect casting, Hemsworth looks just like Thor

  • Jam


    Umm, its coming out this year actually, as planned… And not only that, but people like the movie too… How about that, a movie that was doomed to fail is actually good…

  • Anne

    Vincent D’Onofrio as Thor in Adventures in Babysitting looked better/hotter.

  • wow

    Alex Skarsgard should have got this….wth

  • Yay

    I’m glad Alex didn’t get it, as much as I love him I feel like his face gets lost under that wig, where as Chris has really strong features so can get away with all the hair and costume.

    Can’t wait to see Alex on the big screen though, and man Chris sounds like fellow Aussie Sam Worthington.

    Looking forward to seeing this, Natalie is so sweet and cute, can’t wait :)

  • facadestilladser

    Appreciate you for this post. Thats all I might say. You most obviously have constructed this blog site into something speciel. You clearly know what you are working at, youve taken care of so many corners.kind regards

  • justin bieber

    They both have really good chemistry! I cannot wait for the movie!!!!!!
    Its gonn be sooooooooooo good~!!

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