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Jay-Z Covers 'Rolling Stone'

Jay-Z Covers 'Rolling Stone'

Jay-Z keeps his stunna shades on as he poses for the cover of Rolling Stone‘s new issue.

Here’s what the 40-year-old rapper had to share:

On his most frustrating meeting as the president of Def Jam: “Honestly? All of them.”

On his interest in indie rock, especially Grizzly Bear: “I love the energy coming out indie rock right now. It has this rebellion thing that hip-hop is missing now, the thing that made hip-hop hip-hop.”

For more from Jay, including why he isn’t trying to get LeBron James to join the New Jersey Nets, visit!

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Photos: Mark Seliger
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  • um

    I don’t know what America, Rolling Stone is referring to but he’s king of nothing far as I’m concerned! Kind of a bold statement to make about a guy who can’t carry a tune and makes a living off of making words rhyme.

  • Kianna

    His sooo hard to look at ugly…. thank god he’s talented!

  • Paloma

    he has huge lips! instead of the mag doing something about it, they totally like super-emphasized it with this cover pic! lol!

  • Dayana

    sounds good..

  • Tara

    Jay Z is so nasty looking. He makes me want to vomit. Beyonce is a money grabbing golddigger. What woman would want that ugly creature. Beyonce is with him so she does not have to spend her money. I don’t know how people pay to see this thing of a man in concert. Tupac was HOT. Jay Z would have to pay me to go see his ugly face at his concert.

  • Michelle

    @um: I feel what you are saying that Jay Z is not a King of nothing. Jay Z was a nobody when the greats like Biggie and Tupac were alive. Jay Z is the King of the Ugly people because he is so disgusting to look at.

  • Ugh


    You are so ridiculously sexist.

    How do you know JAY Z isn’t with Beyonce for HER money?

    Beyonce earns just as much if not MORE than Jay Z.

  • UM

    Whats wrong with his mouth?

    He looks like a camel.


  • happy girl

    No, he may not be the most attractive man but he is a wise businessman who went from writing lyrics on brown paper bags while he was a street hustler to becoming a mogul with a net worth of over $150 million. So this is a lesson to all people: you may not be the most attractive, etc but you can be smart and make something of your life despite. Clearly he did not let any of those things get in his way and he turned an unlikely story into a success. He has a level of wealth that frankly the most attractive people walking around today will NEVER achieve. And he has artistic credibility from his genre of music too. So instead of looking at the face, why not look at his life and what he made of it and ask, how can I do that? If he was as hateful as most people who only judge him based on his looked, he would never have become a guy with a $150 million net worth. Learn something from him.

  • All Women Stalker

    He’s not the easiest guy to look at but he is a great businessman. I agree with commenter number 9.

  • Dreads

    @happy girl: I agree. He’s maybe ugly but at least he made something out of his poor life. Ha. I’d love to do so too. Even though I don’t live in some ghetto. Lol. He’s pretty lucky. It’s depressing. XD

  • http://justjared kate

    Ok he isen’t good to look at but at least he’s made a sucess out of life.

  • winscommunity

    love it love it love it! ALWAYS The best hova!

  • los

    Why is this man so white?

  • kkk

    Beyonce is with him so she does not have to spend her money.
    <—– so true!!!! She’s A GOLD DIGGER!

  • Jasmine

    @Tara: Clearly content of character and his success thus far mean nothing to you…have you ever heard him speak? Talk about what he’s gone through and how far he’s come from his past?

    That entire post is grossly superficial and based on faulty speculation.

    Your words speak to your character.

  • lil

    OMG Beyonce, how can you look at this every day!!!

  • shanaynay

    he has thick lips which does wonders for Beyonce’s pussy.. can you imagine Jay Z swallow and lick Bee’s pussy with those thick lips

  • anon

    Woah!!! King of America I don’t think so since that’s an oxymoron. America is a Republic, no royalty here. King of hip hop? maybe.
    He’s a success but there are many like him in the game that have the same backgound.

  • lmao

    KIng of the DL’ers lol!!!!!!

  • S*

    yes he’s not attractive..but when I think about all the millions he has..and that I will never have..kinda shut u down.

    If a female rapper was that non attractive..she would never have been successfull
    Only men can get away with their looks..female always have to be ” pretty”..and skinny matter if u rap or if u sing or act!
    Pfff damn macho world

  • Jessica

    i like his music

  • offtheproperty

    Made millions peddling hate and filth in a form absolutely mocking art as beauty. Presenting Black Culture as a latent threat to anything good and everything white. White people joining hip-hop do do at their peril.

  • Callie

    Damnn, he have biiig lips ;)

  • jaye

    Those lips put Mick Jagger’s to shame. Having said that, he looks ok. People are talking like he’s ugly. Not everything is about having the perfect features, besides who defines perfect? I’ve never listened to any of his music, but he must be talented to be so successful. As you say, he’s not getting a pass on talent because of looks like…….. hmmmmm, I’ll leave it to you to fill in the blanks.

  • Yvette

    They really lightened his skin for this picture. Why?????

  • Ronda

    @happy girl: Very well said. I totally agree with your comments.

  • Everything_But_the_girl

    Jaz-Z should sue Rolling Stone for publishing this very unflattering foto..Com’on did they have to make his ginormous nose and lips and bigger and closer??!! Those lips can only be mind-blowing in the bedroom! Beyonce must keep him on the Southern Border the whole time!

  • AB

    Your crazy. Big used to say the only rapper he thought was comp was Jay Z. Reasonable Doubt is a classic. Tupac actually dissed Jay Z . If he was a nobody why would Tupac even mention him?

  • yo sista

    lol at his big azz lips :D

  • mememan

    Only reason he is a somebody is because he IS FreeMason.

  • Taylor

    People read far too much into everything and we wonder why the country….no wait the world is so F-ed up. He has a heavy influence on the Hip Hop generation. He’s a successful Black man and that ish scares the hell of the “White America”.

    Mr. Carter for Prez!

  • kk

    he paid rolling stones up the asshole to get this printed.

  • juicy

    if he’s such a king then why won’t the REAL KING- that being the president of the usa-take pictures with him and his wife?

  • Kanye

    Love his music.

  • lizk

    @happy girl: While you make excellent points in your inspirational post, I’d rather be good looking and skip the money Jay Z has.

  • Jenna

    It’s kinda hilarious that they made his skin several skades lighter but they didnt make his lips thinner. Makes him look even more weird.

    Hes painful to look at ugly. Beyonce could get any rich man she wants in the world, I wonder why she chose to wake up next to that every morning. Must be love. Really really blind love.

  • matti

    Happy girl is right. Overcoming his LOFT problem (lack of f***ing talent) to make millions shows commendable hard work.

  • goddessnow

    @happy girl:
    Co-sign, there are no correlations between looks and talent. How shallow some appear. SMDH!

  • Susanne

    Oh man. U.S.A is so superficial!!! Why are you all so rude about his looking, that mother nature give him. No wonder, that everyone in Hollywood had some plastic surgery´s. But it´s not their fold. Because it´s just a reflection of the public in the U.S.A! Our chancellor Angela Merkel in germany is not so charming, like your Obama. But the Quality is the reason, why she is 2xtimes chancellor in germany!!!

  • razincain

    u a hater nutten new jay z=greatness

  • Darrell Gendusa

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