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Lady Gaga: Studded Panties Parade!

Lady Gaga: Studded Panties Parade!

Lady Gaga shows off a pair of studded panties and bra while walking into a baseball game at Citi Field on Thursday (June 10) in Flushing, Queens, New York.

The 24-year-old “Just Dance” singer gave the middle finger during the game, where the San Diego Padres faced off against the New York Mets.

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Gaga’s revealing outfit — HOT or NOT?

20+ pictures inside of Lady Gaga‘s studded lingerie…

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lady gaga studded panties 01
lady gaga studded panties 02
lady gaga studded panties 03
lady gaga studded panties 04
lady gaga studded panties 05
lady gaga studded panties 06
lady gaga studded panties 07
lady gaga studded panties 08
lady gaga studded panties 09
lady gaga studded panties 10
lady gaga studded panties 11
lady gaga studded panties 12
lady gaga studded panties 13
lady gaga studded panties 14
lady gaga studded panties 15
lady gaga studded panties 16
lady gaga studded panties 17
lady gaga studded panties 18
lady gaga studded panties 19
lady gaga studded panties 20

Credit: Giovanni Arnold, Nick Laham; Photos: SplashNewsOnline, Getty
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  • music will be reborn

    hey all you gaga fans support janelle monae she’s got crazy stage presence and performance style and she can really sing and dance and her music is about something!!!!!!

    gaga could of been a great artist but she sold herself for fame, money and superficiality….so sad x

  • Liz

    What an idiot. Send her to outerspace. She needs to dissapear from this planet. She is so trashy.

  • Jaye

    People actually admire this woman? She must give out some hypnotic vibe. any other woman out in public dressed like that would be ridiculed. The wig isn’t helping, she looks like an old lady.

  • Dana

    Where are her Flying Monkeys??

  • random123


  • learocks

    desperate cry for attention.

  • Michael Jones

    Love her or hate her, she’s the equivalent of a current day Madonna who knows exactly how to market herself and keep the public interested in everything she does. In this way her popularity keeps her in the news and the money keeps rolling in. I think that’s brilliant marketing for this young pop diva..

  • Lily

    She’s so overexposed.
    I can’t believe people are buying her shizz

  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o l…

    …She actually went to a baseball game dressed like that?!? …She trying Wayyyy Tooo Fcukinggg Hard!

  • Lily

    @Michael Jones:
    Are you kidding ? She’s no Madonna.
    B*tch is overrated.

  • AutumnM

    A face only a mother could love really! Gaga is not cute, that’s why she always wears all this over the top clothes I think to detract from her face, but it’s really out of hand now. She looks so ridiculous and is a total attention whore.

  • This is scary

    This sh!t is really getting too weird, I like gaga, I do but all this ” I need attention,” all the time routine is getting pathetic. She needs to get over herself and get a clue real quick or i believe she’s going to start putting people off her and her music. And is it just me but I think she dresses like this to deflect from her face, and these ugly blond wigs! What is she bald?

  • Britt,Xtina Fan

    GagGag goes to the game like that and then gives the paparazzi the Finger..I Trying to blend in your drawing attention to me.LOL!!!

  • Shonty Graham

    These comments are nice, because if that was Rhianna we would be hearing how much whore she is, and how she wants attentions. She is sad and ugly as hell.

  • Annie

    Has anyone ever actually verified this chick’s age? She says 24 but that busted mug and saggy boobs say otherwise.

  • Sinner

    she is sooooo ugly

  • ace11

    i’d watch a baseball game with her

  • xxxxxxx

    shes just looking for Attention by being cheap and ugly.

  • Leila

    Oh Gaga :( You can tell she’s been back on drugs for a while now.
    She lost so much weight so fast. She is harshly sleep-deprived (3 days without sleep is NOT normal), she still smokes, she works 24-7……….all of this is even more worrying for her health since she tested borderline positive for Lupus which runs in her family, so it is really stupid if she’s not looking after herself properly.
    Look at how pretty she used to be before

  • James

    Damn since when was this site polluted with prudes.
    LGaga a f’ing rockstar, she can do what she wants.

  • http://www. TT

    she is so adorable.

  • http://www. Jonte

    She’s such a New York girl….so hard. Love her singing voice.

  • Sally

    SO UGLY.. :( shes so talented; she doesn’t need to wear ridiculous outfits to express herself. its a bit inappropriate.

  • ISammie

    Even when Gaga used to be Stefani, she was still different.
    It’s terrifying how cruel the world is when you’re different. So sad.

    JJ didn’t bother posting the article. Gaga and her team got upset and only flipped the stalkerazzis she sings about when they started focusing on her and calling yobbish names instead of filming the game, just like the sick pervy paps that drove Britney to destruction. Her brawear has become her defaultwear now, she’s so used to it, she dresses UP by wearing pants. This is her lifestyle and she’s just trying to live her life, she can’t even watch a game without being hackled. Imagine going from being unknown to having every country and continent in the world know your name and your face. Having ZERO anonymity. Imagine it. It will drive you insane, it’s really upsetting. No one can keep sane like that. Almost all the artists Gaga admires have been ruined or hurt (MJ is the best example) from the Fame. The ones who were not damaged directly from the sick paps were drove to self destruction anyway because of them.

    I love her and hope she is taking care of her health.

  • goddessnow

    Agree 100. She looks a hot azz mess.

  • Carolina Dee

    @Leila: Wow. She WAS pretty! AND normal. It’s pretty sad. I wanted to give you a ‘thumbs up’ on your comment, but for some reason that function isn’t working for me. Sorry.

  • j

    can anyone say taccky and trashy…..

  • Amelle

    It’s good to see her having fun for once, she looks cute.

  • Amelle

    It’s good to see her having fun for once, she looks cute.


    so many re-tarded shallow comments here. gaga finally looks like she’s having fun and relaxing, she works herself SO hard. in years to come people will remember her name and her music/performance art legacy. she will most probably die from an overdose or something typically iconic. shes a rockstar thru and thru

  • Londoner

    LOL she is tiny and adorable. I wonder how she always manages to not fall in her heels, they look so painful. Heels that high are super bad for your nerves btw :3


    @Laura-C: “She looks hideous. How is she popular?” Since when did the Music World become Miss World? The stupidity of some people.

  • lovegaga but

    I wish she would stop wearing her lipstick over her natural lipline

  • yo sista

    what an attention wh0re

  • Office Fan

    I don’t usually make negative comments, but I honestly cannot stand this woman. She is hideous and imo only moderately talented.

  • waffle bowl

    *sigh*… I miss this Lady Gaga

    She was still crazy, but at least she was a normal kind of crazy, and was much more humble and didn’t take herself too seriously. Now she’s really gone off the deep end in her desperate plea for attention. It’s like her and Rihanna are competing to see who can be the most batsh*t insane. What they don’t realize is as long they keep pushing their image into extreme territories, the public, even the fans, will get tired of it and move on. At a certain point it stops being performance art and it just becomes a pathetic ploy for publicity. Even though Gaga is talented, her music really ain’t all that without the image, so she looks super calculated and fake.

    Oh, and props to the person who brought up Janelle MonĂ¡e. Her music has actual substance, and she doesn’t seem so reliant on image to impress people. She knows how to be herself, unlike her counterparts who try so damn hard to be edgy.

  • AKON

    CRAP !

  • Times a tickin

    I’m sorry but she is hideous looking. I admit I liked a few of her songs but she’s so last year now.

  • Nadia

    she’s so damn ugly!!!!

  • Spitwave

    Jesus Christ women, put some cloths on ..I mean, dressing like a whore at s baseball game… come on

  • http://amcarcamo anna

    more importantly: what’s up with her hair?!?!?! she looks like a boy!

  • Camilo

    She can dress however she wants, she loves lingerie so she wears it, why does she have to be normal?? being normal isnt a quality, it’s a lack of courage!.. and if you dont like her PASS!

  • http://amcarcamo jane

    I agree that this outfit is waay to much and she looks ugly, she IS sugly, but she’s still amazing..for all of you who said she can’t sing or dance you’ve probably never seen her perform!

  • SunDee

    She need to make tshirt as her BFF!
    Gaga… the shocking factor now has turning into hate factor.
    it’s the sign you need to turn it OFF (crazy fashion) for a while.

  • kat

    poor gaga….your theatrics are overshadowing your talent.

  • michaela


  • Giggle T

    @jay: I’ll agree with that statement.

    I guess the outfits are for publicity, but there has to be a limit at some point. Has anyone seen her in the past six months in regular clothes or without bleached hair?

  • Shania

    She is adorable. She is harmless. She has never not once ever said anything negative about anyone else. Yet other artists continuously throw verbal abuse at her just like the commenters on this site. Such a sad world.

  • KellyXXDFAN

    I love her music.But as for Lady Gaga herself?No way!She’s a weird freak!

  • efron

    Man, i cant belive how damn ugly she is!!!
    Look at those horse teeth, she really REALLY needs to wear a mask and a crazy ass costume that hides her face all the time. Her 5 minutes are almost over cus the wow factor is gone, she is old news.