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Nicole Kidman: Gorgeous In Gold At CMT Awards

Nicole Kidman: Gorgeous In Gold At CMT Awards

Nicole Kidman supports her husband, Keith Urban, at the 2010 CMT Music Awards held at Bridgestone Arena in Nashville, Tennessee on Wednesday (June 9).

The 42-year-old Aussie actress, wearing a stunning gold dress, sat next to Faith Hill and John Mayer at the event.

During the awards event, Keith, who took home Male Video of the Year for ‘Til Summer Comes Around’, performed an epic guitar duel with John as they played ‘Hit The Ground Runnin’.

Afterwards, the show’s host, Kid Rock, joked “John Mayer and Keith Urban making love on guitars.”

FYI: Nicole wore a Prada gold brocade scooped back dress.

15+ pictures inside of Nicole Kidman supporting her husband at the CMT Music Awards…

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Credit: Merritt; Photos: Getty
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  • Anon

    Love Keith and Nicole. Keith is under-appreciated and a great country artist.

  • GPS

    She actually looks good in those pictures. The more natural, non-ice queen look suits her well.

  • kizbit

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this couple! I am lucky enough to be going to see Keith tonight in NJ with the Eagles and Dixie Chicks! CAN”T WAIT!

  • miss infamous

    She needs to lay off the botox

  • mailey

    yah, she is NOT looking gorgeous.. her skin is bad.

  • laterna

    Where is the natural Nicole? Why she thinks botox is the best anti aging solution? I liked her acting and look before. Sorry…

  • shannon

    Her lips are so weird, it’s like she has a second lip over her real lips. bad lip job considering she has lots of money. And her constant surprised eyebrow on on her face, just too much botox. Shame really as she is pretty, but the frozen look makes her not so pretty.

  • The Truth

    she will always be a ice queen – If you really knew her and I do – she is a first class ball buster!

  • arlene

    se ve horrible ,que le pasa a nicole tan insegura es ,el botox esta destruyendo su bello rostro,por favor alguien que le salve la cara a nicole ,me das ganas de llorar, ella era tan hermosa y haora mira se ve horrenda ,que pena nicole kidman que no aceptes la vejes con dignidad uvieras sido tan hermosa,se te verian mejor tus arrugas,que esa cara hinchada uff ya no me gustan sus fotos ,y su esposo por que? no le dice nada que malo es keith urban no quiere que nicole kidman vuelva a ser peliculas el ganando premios y de gira y nicole ni una pelicula mas a hecho,que esposo mas egoista.

  • ii

    What is gorgeous about nicole kidman she looked like a fat faced old hag sitting beside the beautiful Faith Hill

  • Jessica

    what a stunner

  • andres

    she looks awesome

  • Jo

    pretty dress,
    UGLY mouth!



  • @The Truth

    Yeah, yeah, yeah. Sure you know her. You have yet to provide one fact to back up your statements.

  • boston61

    She is about as sexy as Renee Z. Big old bag of bones. Like a walking corpse bride.

  • dani

    Absolutely loved Keith’s acceptance speech. Great couple.

  • Johanna

    I don’t know what to think about Nicole as woman because I don’t know her (well, nobody knows her against the fact everyone pretends to know her, how much is foolish all this?), and I don’t know what to say about Keith and Nicole as a couple because I don’t know them (well, nobody knows them). I just know that from these pics and many others before they seem very much in love and some people here, like many people from Urban Myths or NK Journery should get a life and leave them alone.
    For a simple reason: Keith and Nicole won’t read your words, so it’s useless spending time and energies for two people that obviously want to live their life together away from paparazzis, gossip rumors, scandals and hollyweird stupidities. They made a life choice: to live a normal life. And you’re nobody to attack them or insult them because they made this decision, and then you invent crap on crap and insults above insults just for the pleasure to say something negative about this couple, and first of all about Nicole, but both are so much above of your heads that you can’t even see them.
    I don’t know what to say about them as people, but as artists I can easily say they’re superb. And Nicole, even with all “this botox” (it seems everyone is a plastic surgeon) is an excellent actress, and it’s sad you’ll never know her because your minds are full of venom, hate and stupidity. Very very sad.
    You won’t have your 15 minutes of glory insulting her, and Keith’s fan girls: your man is married with another woman, he loves another woman, he’ll never be yours, so get a life. Go out and meet other people.

  • Ben

    Wow she looks like hell.

  • damn

    The witch looks terrible.

  • ru


  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o l..

    …Whoever said she looks good is straight lying. Your fingers are going to turn green and fall off for that shiit. Do you people even remember what she USED to look like?!? …Damn, she used to be gorgeous! …And all the lying in the world wont change the fact that for the past couple years she’s been looking like straight death. Hahahahahahahahahaaa… Looks like she sleeps in a freezer and gets daily faciaIs by the Grim Reaper.

  • @InFamouslyCool

    And your the one that thinks Katie H looks absolutely mah-vah-lous when she is in wrinkled clothes with dirty hair????

  • Ugglynicole

    Nicole has lost all her natural beauty. Her lips are swollen, along with her cheeks. It seems that she just lift the bed, she is swollen and ugly.

  • eliza

    Nicole is lovely. It really doesn’t matter if some people think she’s not. Keith obviously loves her just the way she is. They seem devoted to each other. That’s lovely.

  • denise

    This woman is pals with Rupert Murdoch , so what does that say about her character.

  • jane

    to denise:
    Yep, she’s friends with the man who came to this country , bought up as much media as he could, to have a media monopoly, for his rightwing propaganda to saturate the country.

  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o l…

    @@InFamouslyCool: …Um… No, I don’t. I’ve never said or thought Kate was good looking, and I never ever will. So…. Yeah, try again. Thanks. LMAO

  • http://. What’s Wrong

    Her head look so big. Giangantic forehead.

  • Whamo

    Um hum, you call that second larger shot of her gorgeous? As well her “smile” looks so warped it’s silly, it looks like she has three sets of upper lips and to top it all of Keith looks like lesbian especially with that stupid haircut of his/hers.

  • gigi

    love this couple!!!!!!

  • sasha

    Nicole is wonderful, I love this dress.



  • taco

    Ouch, too much hate honey?…Loser!!!

    Nicole looks good, as always. Keith looks hot, like always. Haters are stupid, like always.

    You see? Everything is normal.

  • ursula

    Nic and Keith are an incredible couple.

  • Puffin

    @Johanna: And no one cares what you have to say either.
    Her mouth is so distorted, but at least she kept her t@ts in her dress this time.

  • Jim

    Gosh I really admire her as a great talented actress, they are good humanitarian, and also generous couple.
    Nicole looked so magnificent, elegant, and graceful as always, btw i liked her curly sexy hair.

    Congrat’s to Keith Urban for his award, great performance with John Mayer also.

  • boston61


    Nicole destroys every movies she is in. She hasn’t made a decent film in years and I feel very bad for any director forced to work with her. Many people work very hard on movies and she ruins them with her her embalmed Body World exhibit look.

  • Truth

    My name is TRUTH as well….only bc these statements ARE the TRUTH!
    Nicole Kidman is without a doubt known to be the most DIFFICULT person in Hollywood . This is part of the reason she isnt being hired for future films as directors don’t want the hassle, esp if there is slim chance of an Oscar.
    I worked for her for years…not only is she a ball buster but a horrible mother to her 2 adopted children. I have spent time with both kids and NEVER once did they say anything nice, though mentioned their father many times.
    Keith is a PUPPET..plain and simple. He is amazingly talented, but is OWNED by NK!
    THIS is the truth.
    People…I LIVED with her!

  • NicKeith

    Love Love Love…Thanks JJ.

  • irene olson

    Oh, I wish I could be that ugly and that fat. Some of you people are so cruel and insecure. The Urbans are a beautiful couple. So loving and talented.

  • i am the truth

    I am the truth,the up floor has never worked with nicole,because it is me!!!I worked for her since 2003,After her divorced from her Tom,i worked with her!!She is very kind person,never make me feel worried.Hollyword celes always admire nicole,they always show their respect and love to nicole!But recent years nicole is more care about her family rather than film,beacause sunday is the most inportant thing in her rest life she said!!
    and about her other children,she never seen them as adopted,she is always kind to them ,when tom have not married to katie,nicole always look after her children ,always take them to the spot and go travel,very sweet!!!In fact,the children’s happiest time is always with nicole!!!But now they are old ,because of some reasons ,they have not seen each other usually,but still good relationship!

  • @truth

    U r so full of it.

    Kidman has seven films in development and three in pre-production–I hardly would call that as not being hired.

    I know someone who worked on one of her films and they had nothing but nice things to say about her. She knew everyone’s name, remembered their spouses/partner’s names, the kids names etc. Had presents for birthdays and the like.

    Folks in Nashville have nothing but kind things to say about her as do her co-actors. She is one of the few actresses I’ve never heard anyone bash. They all talk about how kind she is, supportive etc.

    If indeed you did work for her, she probably fired you and now you are spewing venom.

  • Galey

    I think they are a wonderful couple. I have never heard an unkind word about either of them in the business sector. They certainly are active in many good causes. I remember her going to great links to set up a meeting with the little boy with cancer who wanted to meet Angelina Jolie. She is still very close to his family. I do know this for an absolute fact. I wish them all the happiness in the world. Karma people. Throw out hate and it will come back to you.

  • CanadaGirl

    She looks really good in these photos. Nic’s put on a wee bit of weight, but it looks really good and softens her appearance.

  • taco

    your mind is distorted

  • taco

    It seems truth hurts..

    Really, get a life

  • lia

    LOVE that couple. They are so adorable!!!!

    Nicole looks lovely as always.

  • http://nicole Alice Cutie

    What most of people are talking about??????Nicole looks gorgeous!Whatdid you expect???She is 43 years old, not 20.Yeah,I ‘d like to see her young and beautiful too,when she was Tom’s wife.But those times are gone and for her age she looks gorgeous!!!!

  • Johanna

    It seems you care enough to replay to my post.

    @ boston61, of course you don’y know AT ALL Nicole’s movies earnings and I don’t want to explain you what is a flop or not because obviously you’re a hater who wants to bash Nicole Kidman ignoring completely the truth, so, I’m sorry I don’t waste my time trying to make working your brain.

    And yes taco, truth hurts. And the pathetic messages of these haters are the proof