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Salma Hayek Freaks Out Over Snake During Interview

Salma Hayek Freaks Out Over Snake During Interview

Sorry we’re late to the party. But this is too good to not post!

Salma Hayek freaks out after seeing a snake during an interview with Extra.

The 43-year-old actress was speaking to Terri Seymour about her new film, Grown Ups, with co-stars Maria Bello and Maya Rudolph when a snake slithered by and scared the ladies.

“[Salma] split. She’s on the next plane,” Maya joked, while Maria laughed, “she’s in the hospital.”

Salma Hayek Freaks Out Over Snake
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  • true blood

    I missed that one too. When I went to view it on YouTube it was gone.
    Thanks, Jared!

  • Zeee
  • [marie]

    Probably just a garden snake… If it was a black mamba… I’d be sh!ttting myself..

  • holly

    It’s kind of funny xD

  • Londoner

    Saw this on ENews (UK channel), t’was hilarious lol.

  • Nic

    Oh my, that was funny, but in a scary way. I would have died as well, but she is so cute, even in heels jumping on, and Maria was scared as well. While Maya kept her cool, and i love the fact that Hayek despite being scared s****** and the chaos, still said thank you, to the people who helped out in the end. Goes to show she has good manners.

  • LOL

    Thanks for posting this JJ

  • Anon

    Now that was funny. Poor ladies, haven’t they ever been around snakes before? It probably was a little garden snake or a black snake that eats rodents, good for the environment.

  • jermaine


  • Amelle

    omg awwwwwwwww lollllllll

  • Snicker…

    Maya Rudolph (in her nicest mommy voice): It’s ok. It’s ok. It’s not going to come up here.

  • wait…

    She danced with a snake around her neck in From Dusk Til Dawn, was that one fake? Perhaps it was trained and safe? Or did she have a phobia then and this reminded her of that

  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o l…

    …Shiit wasn’t funny, it was pathetic. Made her look like a major fcuking retaard.
    …I know Maya wanted to tell her – ‘Get The Fcuk Off Me!’ Hahahahaha…

  • bjorkson

    Damn that was a true scream of fear.

  • melody

    I can’t stop laughing, but I would have done the same exact thing. Maya is pretty bad ass!

  • Nic

    wait… @

    It wasnt a fake, but it took more than a week for her to film it, because she was sooo scared, and traumatised, she said, she wouldnt do it again, ever!

    And how stupid to say she looked like a retard, she was genuienly scared for gods sake, we all have our phobias, no need to throw the r word!

  • Imogen

    The way she freaking CLIMBED on Maya trying to balance on the chair arm in heels LMFAO!!!! I’d have p!s$ed myself too though :3

  • Dee

    Poor Salma, I can relate I know I would shit myself if a huge snake slithered in front of me! People have phobias! She sounded truly afraid so people calling her a moron or saying she looks stupid are idiots!

  • http://j ivanka

    wow i was scared to see salma like that, she really has like an extreme phobia to snakes

  • Penelope

    I have a crazy phobia of snakes too but I really want to see her freak out, so can someone tell me whether you see the snake in the video? :)

  • Thom

    @I n F a m o u s l y C o o l…: Do you know what a phobia is dude? Almost evey human has a phobia of SOMEthing, whether or not they know it yet.

  • Annika Hansen

    @Penelope: No you never see the snake.

  • LOL!!!

    Bless her!!!! I’m absolutely petrified of big spiders and rats personally. I love Salma lots.

  • Annika Hansen

    Its amazing she managed to stand on that tiny chair arm in those high heels. Well done Salma :)

  • mary

    Heck, I would have been scared too…I hate snakes!! I saw this on Galavision lastnight. It was so funny!!

  • jack

    hahahahaha she’s so cute and hot


    OMG! THAT was priceless! awww! I HATE snakes too! I was even afraid of cartoon snakes when I was little.

  • CNXY

    Best part: behind them..the title from the film. “Grown ups”
    Loving the irony

  • elle

    she is so cute

  • elle

    i don’t know how she didn’t jump overboard i know my ass would have

  • Jonte

    @elle: Srsly, I’d have jumped into the f’ing lake

  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o l…

    @Thom: ..Dude, STFU.. Seriously. ~smh~ Little bish.

  • laverdadduele

    women are so stupid

  • LadyC4eva

    You can tell she was genuinely SCARED!! I would have acted the same way even if it was a spider cos I have a phobia of snakes and spiders. Aaaww poor girl but its still hilarious to watch though.

  • Catarina

    It might have been a lake snake. That’s the only reason why I wouldn’t have jumped into the lake – there might be others there. I totally understand her reaction! I’d be scared to dead, jumping and screaming as well. F*cking scary to be this close to a snake and have nowhere to run…

  • nata

    Poor Salma, I can’t blame her! If I were to see a snake I will freak!

  • Paulie

    It was kind of dangerous when Salma AND Maria were scrambling to Maya’s chair. They’re lucky it didn’t break. Somebody could have been hurt. But I am impressed with the way Salma was balancing herself in those heels. And LOL at Maria stepping right on Maya’s leg.

  • ck_always

    Wow, that’s hilarious. Some people are ridiculous, overreact much?

  • angie

    as funny as this vid may be to some, it really is absolutely terrifying to be confronted with your phobia. it’s not like seeing a spider and saying, “ew ew ew!” and prancing around. for me it feels like my heart is stopping, i can’t breathe, i’m frozen in place… it feels like i’m dying. it’s like being in a nightmare that you can’t get out of.

    as for those pointing out the from dusk til dawn scene, she trained for months for that, she was mentally and physically prepared for working with a snake, had the snake trainer there if something went wrong…and i think i read or heard she worked with a psychiatrist or psychologist to overcome her fear for that scene. she obviously still has issues with snakes though.

    i mean, i know people tend to exaggerate but clearly it was large enough where maya rudolph saw it from a distance and when the three women were talking about it later the interviewer had her arms extended past her body with, maria bello couldn’t get over how thick it was, and maya rudolph was describing how long it was and how its body was weaving back and forth. it wasn’t like it was just staying still, it was clearly going towards them or felt threatened by all of the people in its environment.

  • kitt

    it looks staged.

  • groovacious

    LMFAO omg what a drama queen! This is the funniest shit ever.

  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o l…

    Maya handled the situation like a real bish. those other two pusssiess need to get their shiit together. I bet Hayek reacts that way when she see’s a big dcik. Hahahahahahaa

  • T pain

    I would have pushed Semla off of me and into the water if she ever tried to step on me with those death heels of hers!

  • Michelle

    aww seeing someone genuinely scared out of their mind isn’t funny to me.

    However, Maya’s and Maria’s response made me chuckle.

  • palvasha


  • Shila

    Haahahahahaha, and that comes from someone, who danced with a snake on her shoulders in From Dusk till Dawn :-P

    She’s hilarious! How she jumps on the chair with THAT shoes (respect!!) and her sweet and funny accent.

    I love how she says thank you in the end. You can really feel, that she is absolutely grateful for the help. So cute! That shows that she’s still down to earth (even if she is on a chair ;-))

  • HH

    Aw :( Lol, I love her.

  • karma

    wuajajjajaja she is really pathetic, sorry

  • Dean Pierce

    Where did this take place? Depending on the location, it may well have been dangerous…

  • SurfingEagle

    LMFAO, was she actually climbing on top of that other woman. LOL. Women and their fear of snakes and mice too. j/k I’m sure it’s just a phobia.