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Alexander Skarsgard: Season 3 of True Blood is About Vengeance

Alexander Skarsgard: Season 3 of True Blood is About Vengeance

Alexander Skarsgard sits down with Entertainment Weekly to discuss what season 3 of True Blood has in store for his character, Eric!

“You find out that something happened way, way back pretty early on in the season,” Alex shared, “and then it’s about vengeance for Eric. That said, Sookie’s special. Eric thinks Bill is, like, come on! She can do better than that.”

Videos from Alexander and the other True Blood stars are over at – check them out!!

FYI: Alex is wearing an LNA Heather Grey V Neck Tee!

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  • Lovely

    Great video and picture

  • Get Naked

    I’ll only watch if he gets naked.

  • http://JustJared irish

    No matter how big a D-Bag he can be…G*****n, he is good lookin”!
    I love that smile….

  • true blood

    Good interviews. Everyone looks great.
    Thanks, Jared.

  • Shemp

    How can he be a Dbag when everyone, from fellow actors to Alan Ball himself, or fans who have met him say what a terrific guy he is? How nice he is too everybody. Just because he dates someone who some don’t like? It’s a free world and all, but I find it simply ridiculous.

  • Jam

    Uhmmmm……..what I wouldn’t give to taste him ……..he is mine lol…
    Be gone witches……….fatty fangurls…………

  • Dreads

    I’m so sick and tired of seeing that dude. He’s SO gorgeous though…..I guess, it’d be harder than hard to kick his ass out of bed! XD

  • evathediva

    @Jam: Hans, isn’t this in violation of your work release requirements? I thought you have to register as a Sex offender or Major Jerk off. LMAO, and in case you did not know Hans, most of his fangurls are not fat. Oh, but then again you would not know that if you are only allowed out during mandatory hours.

    Be gone Troll …!!!!

  • Lovely
  • Quote me

    Alex, a great many of us think Kate is, like, come on! You can do better than that.

  • Jam

    Seriously, it was fun when you first started, now you just creep me out… You know who you are, hopefully… or do you want to be me so badly? lol

  • http://JustJared irish

    I was referring to his behavior at Coachella and the decision to change to a much bigger agency(CAA) that obviously was a mistake(due to his not getting any US projects, got GK and TB while he was connected to a smaller firm) and the decision to hire a publicist that is hell bent on his “going Hollywood” and getting overexposed…..I don’t care who he dates.. so please don’t presume..I find that terribly ridiculous!!
    Thank you

  • http://JustJared irish

    AS probably doesn’t like fat dudes either , so you are out of luck….

  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o l…

    …It looks like he’s being marketed as the star of the show.

  • JM

    Love the videos. Stephen is so funny. No wonder Anna fell for him. I’m on pins & needles waiting for Sunday night. Can’t wait to see what happens next.

  • TB lover

    @I n F a m o u s l y C o o l…:

    He IS the star of the show … lol no matter how many BILL’sBABES hate it

  • Emma

    Well, Sookie can definitely NOT do better than Bill, cause he loves her (he even almost gave his life for her, remember grilled Bill?), and she loves him too.
    That said, Alex is cute & funny!

  • Zola24

    Alex sure knows how to rock. Agree his pr/actions of late have been questionable but wtf when he looks so good.

  • Hate the Hair

    He is a gorgeous man but jeez! Get rid of the brown hair! It washes out his complexion. He is a natural blonde. Tons of women, including his gf, pay to have blonde hair.

  • Malanna

    @ Jam/hans

    Seriously I do not think evathediva wants you soo badly …….no your the one who is creppy in a really crass sick kind of way…….

  • Response


    Who wants to be a sick psycho like you, here you go again with your delusions lol………..

  • Zola24

    @Lovely: Wow, great link tks so much. Went on internet to balance bank a/c not drool over AS but hey it’s just no contest.

  • L

    @Shemp: Completely agree.

  • Kate

    @Hate the Hair

    I agree with you he looks less attractive with brown hair, it also makes his huge forehead standout……I also agree with some people comments that he probably dyed it brown so that he did not look like Kate Bosworth how lame …he should show more professionalism and dedication towards his role as Eric!!! Kate should be her natural brunette hair, but she is fake even her name is fake it is Catherine not Katherine so it should be Cate not Kate lol such a poser…………

  • Liz

    As someone else said: “Oh my EFIIN LORD everybody have to see 0.44 in Stephen’s video! ALEX and STEPHEN making out! GO GO for the love of everything even remotely sexy. oh wow..”

    well, oh my effin Lord is right!!! I love those two, and how they’re teasing each other, lol!
    And Annna, wow… she looks GORGEOUS!

  • Alan


    LOL Alex flirting with the new vamp guy, you can see him checking out his ass when the russell vamp leaves………

  • Nic

    Hahah i lvoe what he said about Bill LOL, and Alex is a class act, he just hates the paps!

  • Gpysy

    Alex is such an ASS in the EW interview, hmmm Lord of the rings, Harry Potter and Twilight all followed the books storyline closely and have been successful………..Stop saying this we all know you just want to conviently have you hair brown lol…..

  • TBfan

    Wow JJ Alex’s PR team is sure paying you well to only feature Alex here there were interviews from all the cast from TB. Alex is such a hypocrite, such a famewhore now and BTW yes he does bash his fans behind their backs saying that Twilight fans are young and attractive and TB are fat and ugly, that he wants his privacy blah blah blah…..he is not what he portrays himself to be in interviews………

  • Creativetywise

    This MFer called Lady Gaga fat really not everyone can be anorexic like your PR gf Kate Boneyworth. Lady Gaga has more talent and more creativity than those losers combined!!!! AS is such a nellyfanger…..

  • Di

    As there won’t be any article about the others here is what i want to say:

    It is such a delight to hear deb speaks, it really was one of my favorite interview.

    I love Stephen and his accent, his sentences are well built unlike in some interviews where the actor(…) is finding the words. I love how he recognizes Alan Ball’s work.

    Ryan is very different from his character, he just looks so fresh and talented.

    And Anna is just the ways she always was, always making fun, joyful…yes it was good interviews.

  • whatever

    my question was when was this interview has been made because that’s been a long time (or it took a lot of makeup) he doesn’t look like that, although he’s skinny in the shots.

  • evathediva

    @Malanna: Thanks !!! He is the creepy one. LOL

  • evathediva

    Jam/Hans is also Alan too. He is a real psycho.

  • Weird

    YEP!!! Alex said exactly what I and lots of people are thinking. We are like “come on, Alex, you can do so much better than Kate”!!! and we will continue to take the p*ss out of you for being such a pathetic, ignorant douche actor of hwood for making her your girlfriend. Really, are you that desperate Alex? Really? Homewrecking, skanked, cranked, bulimic, talentless famewhores turn you on?? Really, wow!!! YOU COULD DO SO MUCH BETTER THAN THAT, ALEX!!! TAKE THE WORDS RIGHT FROM YOU OWN LIPS AND USE THEM AS YOUR ADVICE!!!

  • BooHiss!

    Boo Hiss! I hate you Alex! I hate you for signing with CAA! I hate you for hiring a publicist! I hate you for getting your picture taken by paps! I hate you because Jared uses your name to get hits! I hate your brown hair! I hate your girlfriend! I’m so much prettier! Also, I believe everything I read about you (only the bad stuff, hee hee). Ted C knows all! I hate that you said the TV show is different than the books. Twilight Rocks!!!!!

    I think that about covers it, right?

  • Liz

    @BooHiss!: ROTFLOL!!!

  • I like him

    He looks handsome and seems like a nice guy. I look forward to TB.

    One thing that we can be 99% sure of is that Alex doesn’t waste his spare time sitting around writing evil things about people on blogs!

  • Really

    @I like him
    Alex may not personally read blogs about himself but he has a PR team that does that for him…….wake up don’t be soo naive.

  • Pixie

    I see hans/jam/alan is continuing to stalk Alex……..we get it you want to bone Alex move on…………
    I also am not digging brown hair on AS , did he really say Lady Gaga was fat, she may be ugly but she is by no means fat but I guess he would consider her fat in comparison to Kate B ……
    I am also questioning as to why JJ seems to constantly post only Alex on their site . when there were others at the premiere and did interviews for EW…..TB is an ensemble cast… and it is a very anticipated show. I quess people are right hs PR is really pushing for Alex to be out there lol but it starting to get on people nerves….

  • oh really?

    “Eric thinks Bill is, like, come on! She can do better than that.” Really, Alex? You think? Besides being so eloquent, who knew he had an appreciation for irony? Even if it is related to television character. And why are we focusing on this future “has been” again as opposed to the rest of the cast? At least after his 5 years are up, he has Dancing with the Stars to look forward to.

  • olive

    I like seeing him in t-shirts that fit well, lol.

  • Zola24

    @Really: Yeah, I too am sure Alex doesn’t read too much about himself, (I wouldn’t), and relies on his PR to report back, but what are they telling him? “Yeah man, it’s all good”, and “here’s our invoice for last month ‘cos those AS websites are getting xxx hits, it’s just crazy”. So unfortunately I guess by the time Askars discovers how ‘crazy’ it could be too late. Hope not but I guess that’s Hollyweird.

  • yo sista

    He’s gorgeous and has a sweet/cute smile. I assume he’s a pretty good guy.

  • I like him

    @Really: You seriously think that he is going to drop KB because some whiney a$$ed fangirls don’t like her?

  • Really

    @I like him,
    Are stupid, can you read?My statement was in response to YOU stating that your 99% sure Alex does not read the posts about himself I agree with you psycho, but he probably has his PR team doing it for him. I did not mention Kate Bosworth, you did or is it you hans/jam/alan. You sound like a babling mess lol……..

  • yeahyeahyeah


    Of course he’s not gonna drop KB. He’s trained the B*tch well, she’s does whatever , whenever , however and wherever he tells her to. She’s an empty vessel willing to conform to whatever man she’s with. He tells her not to discuss him and he doesn’t want real photo’s with her, she accepts it. . She’s almost like the mistress that gets to go places with her “man” but he never truly publicly acknowledges her. Funny how she’s drop the famewh*ring on JJ to a minimum, prior to Alex she’s been featured here ad nauseum on a monthly basis for the last 4 years. Funny that initially JJ made fun of her…then I guess the checks arrived and he became her biggest stan.

    Her pathetic posing on the True Blood red carpet was so disrespectful to the other stars of the show. I guess she blows out other people’s birthday candles and cuts their cake as well. It’s always the KB Famewh*ring show wherever she goes or whatever the occasion. I hope the Larson enjoyed the group date as well. I guess this great love story always needs its support cast.

  • Zola24

    @yeahyeahyeah: Hey, I never mentioned Kate Bosworth. Just noticed all the many and varied ‘anti’ comments seem to be overwhelming, didn’t used to be like this. Dislike all the hate and thought the whole purpose of PR was to improve one’s image. Just seems kind of sad. That’s all.

  • yeahyeahyeah


    There’s PR and there’s blatant F*mewhoring. Unless you are a stan or a payrollee you cannot dismiss the fact that KB is D list at best and her numerous PAYrazzi shots on this site reek of desperation. It’s all here on JJ’s site for the record. The fact that they can find her posing easier that “real actors” is beyond ridiculous. Her being touted as a “great actress”, “famous celeb” or “fashion icon” is laughable.Her eyes are the only thing memorable about her. She’s not interesting..funny or bright. Try to sit through one of her interviews. For a supposed National Honor Society member and being accepted to Princeton , she sounds remarkably dull and stupid. It’s all in print or on video for all to see or read. It makes one wonder why this D List nobody gets more press that Rumer Willis(daughter of Demi and Bruce) or Eva Amaria(?) (daughter of Susan Sarandon) , they are more connected but I guess aren’t as desperate for fame as KB. How does a washed up starlet with fading looks , no real fan base, discernible talent , box office appeal or critical acclaim get all this press? Who does she know or bl*w? THAT’S WHY PEOPLE DESPISE HER. Ask 20 people who she is?. If two tell you, I’d be very surprised.

  • Whynot


    Actually neg press is better than NO press that is hollywood game. Thier job is to get his name out there by any means… Second one of the reason it didn’t used to be like this as you stated was that before JJ hardly had him here, now they not only post him here several times a week but only post about him but not the other cast members. I mean the day of the TB red carpet premiere JJ post Kate and Him only at first, I was like seriously it is an ensemble cast and most waited show of the summer, Alex definately has JJ in his pockets and he’s coming off as a famewhore but really what are we to expect when he has the same PR firm as Kate Bosworth. People will take notice and call him out on his b*llsh*t. He is an actor and his private life is checked at the door.