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Britney Spears & Jason Trawick: Holding Hands!

Britney Spears & Jason Trawick: Holding Hands!

Britney Spears and her boyfriend, her former agent Jason Trawick, hold hands while stopping off at a hotel for a quick bathroom break on Friday afternoon (June 11) in Calabasas, Calif.

Yesterday, the 28-year-old tweeted, “Sitting with Jason. He just played me my favorite new song of the summer “When She Turns 18″ by @christiantv (MySpace) -Brit

Is that really Brit‘s fave song of the summer? And better yet, who really tweeted that?

FYI: Brit is wearing an Energy Muse necklace.

20+ pictures inside of Britney and Jason holding hands….

Just Jared on Facebook
britney spears jason trawick holding hands 01
britney spears jason trawick holding hands 02
britney spears jason trawick holding hands 03
britney spears jason trawick holding hands 04
britney spears jason trawick holding hands 05
britney spears jason trawick holding hands 06
britney spears jason trawick holding hands 07
britney spears jason trawick holding hands 08
britney spears jason trawick holding hands 09
britney spears jason trawick holding hands 10
britney spears jason trawick holding hands 11
britney spears jason trawick holding hands 12
britney spears jason trawick holding hands 13
britney spears jason trawick holding hands 14
britney spears jason trawick holding hands 15
britney spears jason trawick holding hands 16
britney spears jason trawick holding hands 17
britney spears jason trawick holding hands 18
britney spears jason trawick holding hands 19
britney spears jason trawick holding hands 20
britney spears jason trawick holding hands 21
britney spears jason trawick holding hands 22

Photos: GSI Media
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  • Donovan

    Britney!!!!!! Please find a sista to do your weave correctly!!! I’m getting sick of seeing your tracks.

  • kelsey

    I don’t understand. Can’t this girl afford a decent hairstylist?

  • facts

    She dresses how she wants because she’s NORMAL. She, unlike almost everyone else in Hollywood, wants to go out herself, dress herself, get her own coffee, do her own shopping. She LIKES to be active. I love her figure btw, the skinny bitches and Kelly Clarksons should really ake note of how a normal body should look like. Atleast Britney doesn’t look like a clown………………xtina.

  • C123C

    WEAR A BRA!!!!!!!! GROSS.

  • leah

    Believe me, if i looked as greast as she looks. I wouln’t wear a bra. She is Gorgeous.

  • Tori

    I’m sorry she looks horrible…she’s worth millions of dollars..and she looks like that?…WTF..doesnt she have any friends? a real friend would tell you,you look disgusting.

  • Halli


    WTF? Used up and hung out to dry like a beaten up old leather couch is somehow “gorgeous”? Get some Visine for your eyes.

  • sfkljsfjk

    how the eff are we supposed to KNOW if it’s her favorite song & if she wrote that tweet?? o,O such stupid questions to ask.

  • well

    I agree with no. 1. An AA woman could make you and the weave look twenty times better and wouldn’t rob you either like some of those HW fools do. Britney, you don’t look happy. Start getting it together, so you can handle things yourself and tell these ppl to go to hell. Start with your appearance and “BF”.

  • DIVA

    WTF? Britney????

    She looks like a discus thrower from the Czech republic but the Olympics is 2 1/2 years away.

  • slambang

    She looks like a drag queen. A miserable drag queen.

  • uhhuh

    I think they are trying to say Brit is a mind-controlled robot pulling money in for those who request it, she’s a worker slave.

  • DIVA


    It’s sad but true. I dont see any life or any sign of happiness in this girl. Someone is pulling the strings and she dances when they say dance. I really feel so sorry for this girl. Money really cant buy you everything I guess. I wonder if she’s even happy at all. Poor Britney.

  • Sweetness

    What happened to my girl Britney..she looks bloated and miserable in her face…?
    Her body is still bangin’ but she looks awful from the neck up…WHAT HAPPENED!?!??

  • uhhuh

    Me thinks Jason is her handler or controller….probably works for the industry. Or daddy.

  • hItMeonth

    GAGA is better than this GIRL now. WHAT A MESS

  • Whatever…

    Here’s a thought: WHY can this girl not hold her bladder? She is constantly photographed taking a l-e-a-k or a d-u-m-p every freakin’ week!

  • bell

    poor thing
    why with all the money that she had she look like that !!!!
    soo avarage so ugly i cant believe that she looks so old
    a shame

  • Weber from Brazil

    Hot body *-*
    but I’m not crazy ’bout her face
    her eyebrows seems a little weird and she has a unkempt skin…

  • Weber from Brazil

    Hot body *-*
    but I’m not crazy ’bout her face
    her eyebrows seems a little weird and she has a unkempt skin…

  • Matt

    I look at her and all I see is misery. What a pity.

  • stfn88

    so many issues with this pic:
    1) she’s so fat her neck looks enormous!!!! come onnnn, u ain t a hippo!
    2) brit brit, u can def afford a bra, so go get a Victoria’s secret catalogue and get inspired!!! u could really use one!
    3) go to the hair salon, ASAP!

  • Gaga #1

    He looks like he could be a Geico Caveman but without the need of hair and makeup..And Britney looks like she been drag back to his Cave by the hair…Littlie Monsters next target!!!

  • Times a tickin

    She looks really pissed off in these pics. Its such a shame she’s not happy and doesn’t seem to care about her appearance anymore. She used to look pretty.

  • Kirsti

    P*L*E*A*S*E wash & comb that rats nest. Yuck.

  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o l…

    Hair – Horrible like always.
    Eyebrows – Still receding.
    Face – Haggard, rough, disgusting!
    Everything people are saying about her now is exactly how she’s been for the past few years now.

  • MAC

    her headlight are on

  • Foot Fan

    jason has nice feet.

  • jaye

    Ode To A Weave
    What sight doth my eyes see
    ‘Tis our Britney out to take a p*ee
    With dark brown roots and flaxen hair
    Our Maiden dear is barely there
    The hollow eyes filled with seeds of shame;
    a melancholy no one can name
    “Tis that which is upon her head;
    a creature most foul and almost dead;
    the work of witchcraft I do perceive,
    the thing from h*ell that is her weave
    Can there not be found a stylist fair
    to tame this store bought piece of hair?
    Or is that feat too ambitious,
    for one who is so b*ootylicious?
    I’ve got WAY too much time on my hands.

  • Nes

    I’m very sorry for you Britney.. :(

  • Is Britney Pregnant?

    Close sources to Britney say she is pregnant with a 3rd child, with Jason Trawick! :-O

  • happy girl

    Really, that’s a weave? Or maybe just pieces underneath the real hair. Oh, who knows. The bf is kinda cute. She still has the legs but I dunno – I think some ppl just don’t have natural style. No matter what she does, she can’t have it. It’s not something that can be taught. And she looks unhappy. Poor thing.

  • happy girl

    And the girl has the cutest butt, like the butt, it’s just that everything looks so trashy on her. I don’t think she can help it. It will not change. She is from Louisiana y’all. lol.. Ooops, all the Louisiana folks will be really mad ;(

  • Brightside

    What ever happened to her looks! Take away the hair and her features are so masculine that she looks like a man wearing lipstick. Her body is thick-set, her legs manly, her thighs have cellulite…..and she’s only 28! So what the hell happened! She used to look hot and, at 28 (which is no age at all), she should still look hot but she looks terrible. I can understand the ‘man in drag’ comments and, looking at these photos, I would have pegged her age at being nearer the forty mark!

  • someone

    She sure doesn’t look very happy!

  • ummahyk

    omg..she looks really really old..and her hair is miserable,..even though she chooses to dress herself and do her gotta have a little taste when you do that..and if you don’t that’s when you you hire a god damn stylist ..and you can clearly see that she gets very upset when she sees the paparazzi all over..she just has to move on like this..she’s with her bodyguard and with Jason..nothing wrong could happen to her besides a couple of pics….that’s her life..talent requires sacrifice.

  • Natacha

    Its her life she dresses the way she wants, you sould not care!

    Her style dont change my love 4 her!

  • annab

    They have that “just rolled out of bed” look.

  • Jaca Brit

    haters,haters yu ar idiot! :D why you never thought that maybe she wants to be this? maybe she is not happy now, but we fans need to support her …. Accept it as it is …;) sorry for my english: D britneyyyy <3

  • yo sista

    I feel horrible looking at the pictures! She looks miserable, no sign of life. She looks beyond miserable. It breaks my heart cause she once had it all, beauty, talent, success, happiness. Now she’s just a shadow of herself. Her eyes says it all, she’s sad.

    Free Britney, if she wanna go crazy like 2007, let her go crazy, it’s her life. The problem is that even at that time, i remember she wasn’t happy either, she was always crying and stuff. God be with you Brit. I really care for her and it’s sad. :(

  • Jen

    It is beyond me how she can’t get a decent hairstylist, makeup artist or wardrobe stylist ? and please Brit wear a Bra.

  • aka

    Nightmare! Although she is pumped up with antidepressants she looks very miserable and unhappy. Poor thing, she needs someone who completely maintain her, she isnt able to do this by herself anymore! She is the most tragic thing who has ever exsist! I would shame myself to run around like this! The bad joke behind this is that she pays tousands of dollars to look like that!

  • Malorie

    Coral is a great color for her.

  • Realistic

    @uhhuh : I think the same thing he looks more like a handler than a “boyfriend” also if he really cared he would get her some help and clean up her appearance. A good portion of these current celeb relationships look contractual and contrived to me anyway.
    @jaye: lol that was pretty good and funny.
    I know some of yall “love” this girl and she is your “queen” and all that jazz but on a serious note you can tell this girl is not well. People need to stop enabling her and get her some help.

  • kat

    That hair is a mess….please stop the hair fusion and clip-ins. A full sew is needed STAT!!! or just style your real hair.

    The body is bangin!!! She has always had a nice booty!

  • Jbo

    Is it me, or does it always seem like her nipples are trying to run away in different directions?

    Bras are your friend Britney – you’re only 27 and those babies are swinging low already! I’m 34 & due to wonderful foundation and support of my assets, my girls are still perky and firm. TAKE NOTE!

  • Cold Water


    Believe me, if i looked as greast as she looks. I wouln’t wear a bra. She is Gorgeous.

    A Freudian slip I think. Mind you, I would of spelled it, ‘greased’.

  • zzzztopppppp

    I can say it until it echoes forever in time. She’s an imbecile.

  • http://justjared Deke

    Everytime I see her with this man she look SO UNHAPPY!! Other times, when she is with her boys, she looks fine. What’s up with that?

  • sick photographers

    i don’t understand why they don’t take pictures of other actors and singers the same why they do Britney! Britney keep moving forward. also disappointed that jared put them up!