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Jude Law & Sienna Miller: Family Ties

Jude Law & Sienna Miller: Family Ties

Jude Law and girlfriend Sienna Miller look like one big happy family!

The happy couple took his daughter Iris, 9, and son Rudy, 7, for a pizza lunch while traveling via Eurostar through Paris’ Gare du Nord and Montparnasse Metro Stations on Friday (June 11). So adorable!

The Tony Awards air on Sunday, with Jude, Liev Schreiber, Alfred Molina, Denzel Washington and Christopher Walken up for best lead actor in a play.

FYI: Sienna is wearing Monrow vintage sweats in sapphire.

20+ pictures inside of Jude and Sienna‘s family ties…

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# 1

love them together..

# 2

The little girl seems to like Sienna :) They all look happy and like they’re trying to enjoy themselves. I hope after the paps got their pics, they buggered off!

# 3

what a showmance!

# 4

I know this is not my business, bnut I wonder if he spends some time with his younger daughter.
Cute kids , anyway :)

# 5

Didnt think Sienna Miller owned a bra. Good for her!

# 6
annieRich @ 06/11/2010 at 1:11 pm

How cute. They look like one big happy family. The other girl in white is prob. his sisters daughter.

# 7

I love that they all seem to be enjoying themselves and quite close but what about the baby he had last year or whenever that was? Whether or not he maintains a relationship with the mother, he helped make the child and she shouldn’t grow up without a father!

# 8

Sienna dates Jude Law = Instant fame
Sienna dumps Jude Law = Becomes a nobody / films flop
Sienna dates Jude Law = Instant fame


The girl might not be the sharpest tool in the box, but she sure has this fame game in the palm of her desperate hand.

# 9

Jude is very very georgeus!
Thank u Jared!

laverdadduele @ 06/11/2010 at 1:42 pm

Poor kids! trapped between two POS.

annieRich @ 06/11/2010 at 1:43 pm

Jude lives in England and his new daughter and his babymother lives in some small town in Florida. It seems like they have made an agreement conserning money and when he is seeing her. He will see her twice a year according to the papers and I believe he will stick with it. It s not like he can be a weekend dad when they live so far apart. His babymother probably understand that too.

If he can fly around the world fro press, award shows and work, then he can fly to see his child.

Paparazzi should stop invading Jude’s privacy on a daily basis. Poor children, they look so annoyed , no wonder probably twenty cameras are being pointed at them.

The production companies pay the celebs to travel round the world it’s part in their contract when they make a film.
Just because some ***** gets pregnant, to make a career for herself, doesn’t mean a man should have to be burdened with looking after the kid. In this day and age no woman can ‘accidentally’ get pregnant. She set out to get pregnant…she should be the one to explain to her child why dad didn’t bother to visit!

I love it!! Happy family..

Women can’t get pregnant by themselves. Therefore he had a hand in it. He’s a man and I’m sure he went to health class in high school and knows how babies are made.

dolorescraegt @ 06/11/2010 at 5:30 pm

jude’s children know and love sienna…..she’s a good friend to them…i wonder if they’re heading to jude’s mom and pop’s home in the loire valley……they look great and i’m really happy for them.

@ 16
“Therefore he had a hand in it”

wasn’t quite the hand he had in it…

@@11: No offense, but the child is with the parent who wanted her.

@@12: Sound cold, but true.

As soon as the Sophia Mother gets its……Jude will spend time with his child. Baby’s mother did not like the fact that Sienna was back into the picture. Ha Ha Jude wants to pick up the baby and take it with him ….not fly Mama and baby to him! Jude says I use Nannies often. He does not want to have the Mother as anything in his life. Baby Mama wants Jude to visit and he says he bringing Ms. S if he does!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It looks like Jude’s kid have good bond with Sienna.
BTW, that last photo (the station) is beautiful

Do these two worthless ****** do anything but take vacations? They both make me sick. What kind of idiot would allow a sex and drug addict near their children, and then there’s Sienna….

Raff stayed home with his Mom (Sadie)this trip.They are doing the music festivals together.Finn, Raff and Sadie.

Times a tickin @ 06/11/2010 at 11:25 pm

Yikes! Sienna usually looks so gorgeous but she looks like Heather Mills in that one pic. Pretty scary

well. i actually like sienna when she’s with jude.
she seems like a better person when she’s with jude.
but who am I to judge her? :)

Rudy looks like a little Jude.

dolorescraegt @ 06/12/2010 at 11:05 am

rudy looks like a cherub…he’s going to break many hearts ……iris looks like jude…and jude well he just has to look…..good enough for me. they seem very happy. good for them.

Is he going to run around knocking up waitresses and banging anonymous nannies, too? I hope this poor child doesn’t end up like his father, becuase his father is a tool who doesn’t respect women at all.

@Dorie: So what, you’re just a hateful little commenter on a gossip site who has no more class than to talk about a child like that. You should be ashamed of yourself. YOU are an insecure tool who has no respect for other people.

@ twihard
Hey, dumbnuts, the comment was that his FATHER is a tool, not the kid!! He would do well NOT to act like him as he grows into adulthood! Idiot!!!

PS you are a hateful little commenter on a gossip site, as well. Pot? Kettle?

Iris looks cute in her short hair, she looks alot like Jude. Jude looks handsome as always!!

Iris looks SO much like Jude!!

Jude should spend time with just his kids and not bring his love life into the picture. I don’t think he see’s his kids a lot because he’s always having fun dating and going out. He supposedly is going to spend time with his kids, but you know Sienna is going to want to be the center of attention. So his poor kids are left in the dust.

Jude is so handsome, definitely second after my husband! Although my husbands been a womanizer and cheater too……negative points there for Jude! and yeah my husband IS alot like Jude…in THAT way! >:(

he FAILED at the Tony awards
who could of known

uh Sadie
you shouldn’t close your twitter
once on the Inet always on the Inet
don’t be such a puss
you are hot, btw
yeah she should get her own kids and then cut their hair.
she can’t

Hot hot hot sizzling daddy!! They seem like any family, happy to be on vacation and to visit the grandparents. Just much better looking than most of us.
Sienna, you’re gorgeous! Please put on a cute little dress or skirt instead of these dumpy sweat pants!! I think sweat pants look awful on even the most gorgeous people, except when in use in the gym (and except on Jude, perhaps).

He has FOUR count them FOUR children. Even if has personally decided to blow one off. Creep.

dolorescraegt @ 06/19/2010 at 11:15 am

no one as sexy, beautiful and talented as mr. law….

Sieanna i a bad actress. If she wasent with jude she wouldent be fames. Dont get jude., why he is with her she is a star f….sorry sienna fans

Do either of these two moraless worthless pukes ever work, or just run from country to country on vacation creating greenhouse gases?

beautiful family, even Sienna

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