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Kristen Stewart: West End Debut In The Works?

Kristen Stewart: West End Debut In The Works?

Kristen Stewart may be hitting the stage in London!

The 20-year-old Twilight actress has informally met with a producer and director, according to the Daily Mail, about plays to consider.

Because Kristen is so busy with Breaking Dawn‘s two films and On The Road, don’t expect her to be on stage just yet, but it’s apparently a possibility in the future after her projects are finished!

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  • samjennings

    I’d go see her if I lived there. She’s super hot. and talented

  • jackbradleyjennings

    shes so hot

  • http://jain jain

    she’ll have to learn to project her personality first…if she has one. And good god girl smile! you’ve made some crappy films which have made you rich! anyone would think you’d had to work for a living!!!!!

  • Kandy

    what’s the big deal about this girl? There’s nothing special about her at all.

  • http://j ivanka

    everytime i see her face, she looks like she is in pain

  • annasaurus

    Why are you posting speculation from a tabloid from the UK? This site has really gone downhill.

  • Glans

    @ivanka: No she looks like she’s got raped :p

    If that means that we will not get dozens of careless posts about her, I’d say: get on a plane right away!!

  • sarah

    I like her smile

  • Jack

    She’s so ugly.

  • LMAO.

    She needs to learn to f-n ACT first. Same goes for her bf.

  • luke

    talentless average looking girl

  • Malorie

    She’s gorgeous, and that gold dress is far from it.

  • Ash

    why people keep giving this talentless jobs……

  • Iffy Miffy

    No way you are going to pawn her off on us. Please do keep her!

  • Sophie

    Oh great, so now people can pay to see her miserable face and wooden acting LIVE!

  • Portinari

    Oh god no….she cannot act & always looks like she’s going to throw up. No thank you.

  • babie

    @Kandy..the big deal is she made Twilight and because of that she got famous all of a sudden. No need to be good, that’s sad, because she has no talent. How she can be on stage when she cant talk on a stage, or interview.

  • Reese

    I like her and all but I don’t see her doing theatre. Granted it’s the Daily Mail exactly reliable but, I mean, she can’t talk in front of people. On stage you are out there in the open, there’s no editing and reshoots.

  • Reese

    not exactly reliable

  • Dawn

    Yeah. The Daily Fail isn’t exactly a reliable source when it comes to this kind of stuff. I would take it with a grain of salt.

  • Loren

    she? on stage in London?
    she cant play even bella. her perfomance is nothing.

  • Mandy


  • livian

    What’s with Hollywood movie actors in Broadway???

  • livian

    And also, is there a movie where she doesn’t play the moody and depressed girl?

  • Loren


    Please show me any her movie with any emotion
    the same face every time
    if they didnt accept rob as edward they lost this big success of saga

  • nora

    This is tabloid BS, I’m shocked this site posted it!! I WISH it was true, cause she would get TERRIBLE reviews, since she is a terrible actress!!!

  • Celia

    Her on-stage?? What a terrible idea!

  • ?

    Yea I dont see that happening she cant act and is too awkward live so putting that on stage wont be good, she wont have the luxury to stop and say I need to redo that take

  • JuneBug

    This is equivalent to reading that Taylor Swift would be heading to London to be onstage in a play. Even that makes more sense, because Taylor Swift has performed on stage in front of alive audience.

    This smells of bull…no one who has any interest in seeing a play could care less about this Twi tart actress.

    ..unless they’re doing a stage play of Twilight and that’s why they want her?

  • ms grey

    what’s with all the hate?? jealous much? KStew is very talented …it shows by her list of credits and directors who want to work with her…

  • er

    her fans are so articulate, that they can not disagree with someones opinion without using the word “hate or jealousy”.
    she can’t act, theater is about movement and voice emotion, she’s stiff as board when she is not raging like in “the runaways” ending up breking character and looking just as kristen, has monotone voice that i’ve ever heared on movies. sorry but not, english critics would eat her alive. i would give her props if she trys but that takes a lot of preparation, which she i dont think would take, because she stated that would just ruined her so …. besides she will have to learn all the lines which i don’t think she would either.. she is know for it and for not doing well with authority, and a respectable stage director would not put up with her whiny a*

  • amy

    @Kandy: She was in Twilight; that is all.

  • Rose

    She would mumbled, stumble, and bite her lip all over the stage. Some Eclipse clips that are out doesn’t even look like she’s even trying. I love Twilight, but why did all the Twihards make her famous??

  • padme

    to be on stage very dificult job.every actor can’t do it.(because they really prove if they make act or not) therefor we understand her.

  • Klootzaak


    Probably that’s the reason why she is on demand right now…Loser!!!

  • Klootzaak


    Maybe Kristen was looking at you and you are such a pain in the ass to her. Loser!!!

  • Klootzaak


    Another loser !!!

  • Klootzaak


    What do you think ??? Even a small child can answer your question. Ashhole!!!

  • Klootzaak


    This is what I don’t understand from you. As much as you don’t like her and yet you have watched all her movies. Why? Because you are so fascinated all about her. You just don’t want to admit it.

  • Isabella.

    She’s fat :(

  • CNXY

    People can be such idiots! She is in fact talented. Not just the twilight saga. But you should see Into the Wild, Adventureland and Speak (specially this one). So you can see that she can be more than just Bella.

  • danielle

    Gosh, people, why do you hate her so much? You don’t even know her. Most of you must be really pathetic.

  • ronny


  • Jen

    She cannot act and as many people have said, she is too awkward live to be on stage. Stutters, bites her lips, it goes on. Have any of you seen her in award shows? painful to watch. How does it make someone pathetic to say the truth? Some of you are in denial. If you love her, that’s fine, but just because someone criticizes her it doesn’t mean they hate her. It’s just an observation, get a grip.

  • Goober81


    She has to buy a personality first to be able to project it.