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LeAnn Rimes & Eddie Cibrian: Airport Buddies!

LeAnn Rimes & Eddie Cibrian: Airport Buddies!

LeAnn Rimes hides her face as she walks ahead of boyfriend, Eddie Cibrian at LAX airport on Thursday (June 10) in Los Angeles.

The 27-year-old singer stopped by the CMT Music Awards on Wednesday and performed her new song, “Swingin’”.

She kicked back and watched the game Thursday night as she tweeted, “Just finished cooking dinner for Eddie and the boys. Go Lakers!!! Sitting on the couch watching the game. Exhausted from the day! Night”

10+ pictures inside of LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian landing at LAX airport…

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leann rimes eddie cibrian airport buddies 02
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leann rimes eddie cibrian airport buddies 04
leann rimes eddie cibrian airport buddies 05
leann rimes eddie cibrian airport buddies 06
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  • christina fan!!

    Leann Rimes= Whore

  • christina fan!!

    Leann Rimes= Wh0re

  • Sh/itStorm

    well let’s see what brandi/gwen/betty starts saying

  • Angelina

    Eddie is channeling his Brad Pitt with this hat and jacket. He should start dressing better like Brad!

  • Angelina

    They look cute but a little distant. Maybe they had a little spat. Makeup time in the bedroom, hot!

  • cecily

    Ah, I see her ~fashion sense~ coincides with her trashy behaviour.

  • jessica

    Your absutely right on that one and they both cheating homewrckers too

  • Angelina

    @jessica. And they’re both now with the loves of their lives too! And they both have an uninteresting fame-hungry ex riding their coatails.

  • 4EVA!

    John Mayer & Leann Rimes need to date!

  • Diane

    She looks good in these photos. Tired after a great CMT awards show the night before bu the casual utfit looks great. Eddie is in hiding. Dump him LeAnn .You cn do much better. Start fresh!

  • lily

    Why isn’t Eddie helping her with the kid’s dinner since she worked the night before? Don’t tell me he’s one of those spoiled only-child mama’s boys. Grow it up, Ed!

  • Kimmy

    i’ve got gwen pegged as her mother. Do u think the daughter could write all that the mother does? She couldn’t find simple words in that interview.

  • Some say

    Some say

    Nearing 40 a woman is growing low on estrogen and beauty treatments can’t hide the aging process . What happens is the make-overs start to give the person a distorted caricaturish look that is more repulsive than attractive. Better to cultivate inner beauty while maintaining a healthy life-style. Cultivate true values, helpfulness to others and a genuine spriitual life. Best beauty secrets because “beauty is more than skin deep.”

    Look at what happened to Larry King’s wife and she has children to live for. Yikes!!

  • LeAnn Fan

    LeAnn doesn’t look like she was dipped in candle-wax botox like you know who. Her teeth had something done to them which was a mistake. The dentist put on over-sized veneers for her face size and shape but other than those LeAnn has kept it natural.

    She’s got the best skin and why are people comparing her to model material? And I don’t mean Eddie’s X. Le Anne was not a model but has a superb vocal talent. And where are the modeling photographs from the supposed “model?” Can’t find a one.

  • LeAnn Fan

    For having had fewer than four hours of sleep the night before and coming off an early morning plane ride she isn’t looking horrible. A little grumpy with paps up in your thing at that hour.

  • hanna banana

    @LeAnn Fan:

    If your talking about the botox babe ex then She’s milking this for anything she can get. What other woman in HW keeps running to the press more than a year later. People are getting tired of it.

  • TMA

    She must spend as much time in transit as on the ground. Poor girl must be good at catching good winks in any position, under any circumstances.

    Her clothes are just right for an plane trip home. Comfortable yet still stylish that show the fitness of her well-toned bod. Great show too!

  • shhhh

    Why Mayer? Hes a douche she doesn’t need another one of those.

  • cecily

    Why does LeAnn tweet about her boyfriend’s children? She’s a public figure, but that preclusion of privacy shouldn’t extend to the kids. She’s so immature.

  • cecily


    If you deem those ‘stylish’, you’re probably a crappy dresser as well. Her shoes aren’t helping to shake those southern roots.

  • huh?


    Hello cecily,

    LeAnn’s athletic shoes make her trailer trash? What planet are you from? Southerners are European stock like most of Americans and Southerners have many admirable traits and some not so. So do Westerners, Northerners, Easterners and those from the Midwest.If any one is displaying ignorance, narrow-mindedness and bigotry IT’S YOU!

    Open your mind and check out the world.

  • boston61

    Her face looks so OPERATED ON. Nose job + chin implant.

  • Lee

    @jessica: Now Now! don’t put it on the women exclusively……those men found something in those women, there is risks on each party. Eddie seems to very happy and I know my man Brad is over the moon, so chalk it up to finding a soul mate at a strange time, take yorself out of it

  • oh please

    @Angelina: Eddie Cibrian is way better looking than the drug addict Brad Pitt. Angelina should try and still him from Leann. That would be hot.

  • Joey F.

    You’re a doll LeAnn! Wish you were mine but I’m way too old for you…. but let this guy dream.

  • Dixieland Chickee

    The latest name change.

  • WTH

    Well now LeAnn, Eddie’s got you wearing bras & being the cook. With Eddie you’re actually gonna have to perform normal wifely duties, not just bring home the bacon, you’ll have to cook it too. Luvin it!

  • oompahpah

    Why, the wife didn’t. She had maids and nannies. Cooking’s a blast anyways. Nothing wrong with cooking for your honey and kids.

  • Wallenstein

    Cooking’s creative, grumpy. She must do it cuz she loves, to not cuz she must, crab.

  • Face Paste

    Now if she would only permanantly hide her face we’d all be the better for it.

  • Ronda

    I don’t see her new album selling if her performance was any indication. It’s the kind of song you hear once or twice and don’t care about it. I mean its not like “The house that built me” or “Temporary”. If Jennifer Nettles had sung “Swingin’” like that, then it would be a hit.

  • Blair

    I agree about Swingin’. I thought she did a good job with the performance but it was kinda like-So what? It completely lacked that southern-sweet-tea-soul Anderson bled into the twang. West Coast swing or should I say Left Coast swing is not country music.

  • Ronda

    Great point about the southern sweet tea. Good way to put it.

  • Father Jason

    Father Jason/natan is in the ones above talking to himself again. What a sad existence. Scoot 12345 Scoot!!!

  • Cricket

    Why do some of you have to examine this relationship with a spy glass? I don’t see any problem here. Eddie has taken the place of Deane and is now performing his duties. Eddie carries her bags, holds her hand, and performs in photo-ops. Rumor has it he’s taking evening cooking lessons. Same old gal, just a different guy. The relationship has settled into a routine now. Eddie fulfills his sexual obligations to LeAnn once a week and then he is free to pursue other “interests”. Next year at this time, everyone will be saying he’s gay.

  • Karla

    LeAnn’s PR staff shouldn’t have hyped her song like they did. She did a good job but expectations were not met. Her song writer made it sound like her vocals were going to out do Blue and How do I live. I couldn’t understand much of the lyrics but I knew them from Anderson’s original. She’s got to slow down and focus on conveying the mood of the lyrics, its what country music is about. Yelling into a microphone to get a drunk crowd fired up is one thing but it won’t sell records.

  • Father Jason

    12345 Scoot12345 Scoot. Now scoot12345 Jason/natan

  • Rangler Gal

    Her CMT performance was okay but then so was Snookie’s. The applause was polite if not muted, obviously the crowd was showing their appreciation for the backup dancers. They did a great job.

  • Father Jason

    @Rangler Girl AKA Jason/natan/PoO u try and try and lie and lie and flop and flop some more.

    The audience was excited and roused and very into LeAnn’s performance.

  • Lov’n It

    I understand the cost to make a music vid is about $35,000 and then there is the cost of recording the song first, promoting it, and everyone gets a piece of the action when it sells. I didn’t find Singin’ that catchy a tune. Its suppose to be the best track on the new album and if that’s the case, LeAnn better have her next album cut and ready for sale. However, two losers in a row will mean bye-bye c-list, bye-bye money, bye-bye Eddie.

  • Kathy

    ECC & LR do look a little distant. Maybe they did have alittle spat. That is probably because they are running on about only four hours sleep. That is totally true… they can have makeup sex. Sometimes that is the best kind to have. Enjoy! Good Luck EC & LR Good Luck

  • Closet Poster

    In her interview, Brandi seems like a very good person. She’s well spoken and classy. Rimes supporters claim Brandi’s performance is just an act and if that is the case she should become a professional, she’d win an oscar. If Eddie and LeAnn had handled this in private and shown respect to their spouses, everyone would have been much better off. I don’t know why they kept this so public but I do know the public doesn’t like it.

  • E-Clair

    I like finally seeing these two in a natural state. Nobody drives to LAX or gets off a flight with glamour and flare without it being….yes, just another photo-op. They are both pooped and want to get home. This is reality for them. Le’s been doing this forever and it’s not glamourous or exciting, it’s part of the job. I would hate this lifestyle, even with the money but it is what it is.

  • Jason

    To AKARimes,
    You never get it right. I thought Rimes’ performance was below average at best. It was “opening act” stuff. She shouldn’t be allowed in the same town as the real country music girls.

  • dak


  • WTH

    I noticed the network anticipated negative audience reation to LeAnn’s act, upon completion they immediately turned off room lighting & switched cameras to back of room towards the stage so you couldn’t see attendants faces that weren’t applauding. I looked purposely to see clapping, however, you could only see arms & backs of people in the last few rows – I saw NO ONE clapping. I also note the applause level was adjusted as if it was “canned applause”. I also noted when Luke Wilson & LeAnn were presenting Carrie with her award that when Luke, as a courtesy, complimented LeAnn on her performance, their was almost silence from the audience. You don’t have to “can silence”.

  • Bee

    I notice the same thing while I was watching. I thought maybe I missed something but you said it just as I saw it.

  • Father Jason

    Haha the Jason/natan/PoO character got flushed out of hiding. Something is wrong with someone who creates multiple characters and then holds pretend conversations between them.

  • rid2hard

    carrie was being the good old gal that she is to let rimes on stage with her. rimes was just trying to kiss carrie’s behind and make nice for badmouthing her like she did back saying carrie ain’t paid her dues. if rimes man had showd up he’d left Nashville with a boot up his ass. a steal toed boot.

  • Erin Renee

    WTH you are out of your mind, I just went back and saw the performance looking for the “canned applause” and negative reactions you talked about and IT WASN’T freaking THERE. There was plenty of applause and there was no level adjustment to the crowds sounds. I hate that you guys attack LeAnn’s vocals. She has some of the most amazing vocals in the world and that can’t really be disputed. LeAnn’s range and ability put her in the prodigy category at 8 years old. This girl is the real deal and she does sell albums…..over 40 million actually. Ok so you don’t love every decision she makes in her life, I get that. I’m sure you are just as judgmental of everyone who lives on your block too. Why not just let people be human and make mistakes? Are you that amazing that you have never hurt anyone?