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Natalie Portman: Pretty in Pink!

Natalie Portman: Pretty in Pink!

Natalie Portman looks flawless in a Dior pale pink guipure lace dress at the 2010 AFI Life Achievement Award ceremony held at Sony Pictures Studios on Thursday (June 10) in Culver City, Calif.

The AFI Life Achievement Award tribute to Mike Nichols will premiere on TV Land on June 25. Mike is a director, writer and producer who has won all the major American entertainment awards: an Emmy, Grammy, Oscar and Tony Award. Only 12 people have accomplished this feat.

Nat has been working on the superhero flick Thor. Check out an interview with co-star Chris Hemsworth!

20+ pictures inside of Natalie Portman looking pretty in pink…

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natalie portman pretty in pink 01
natalie portman pretty in pink 02
natalie portman pretty in pink 03
natalie portman pretty in pink 04
natalie portman pretty in pink 05
natalie portman pretty in pink 06
natalie portman pretty in pink 07
natalie portman pretty in pink 08
natalie portman pretty in pink 09
natalie portman pretty in pink 10
natalie portman pretty in pink 11
natalie portman pretty in pink 12
natalie portman pretty in pink 13
natalie portman pretty in pink 14
natalie portman pretty in pink 15
natalie portman pretty in pink 16
natalie portman pretty in pink 17
natalie portman pretty in pink 18
natalie portman pretty in pink 19
natalie portman pretty in pink 20
natalie portman pretty in pink 21
natalie portman pretty in pink 22

Credit: Michael Buckner; Photos: Getty
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  • Chris

    This bitch. And by “this bitch” I mean “it irritates me that this bitch is this beautiful”.

  • Brightside

    Very beautiful. Love the dress and the hair. This is such a stylish and feminine look…she’s amazing.

  • sune

    do people still care about her? after Brothers flopped i thought she retired

  • tal


  • Shan

    Wow…just gorgeous!

  • JJ

    Is it just me or has she filled out a bit? She’s still beautiful by all means, but she looks a bit bigger.

  • jezebelle

    Whoa, she looks SO different here than usual. I think it’s the fake tan/ lighter hair….still pretty, but looks “faker” somehow….

  • Nach

    Definitely has a spray tan going on. In that second pic (at the bottom) she almost looks Latina!


    Is she Latino?

  • me

    hot hair . . . .horrible horrible shoes

  • kitt

    I want her dress and her boyfriend!!!!!!!! lololol

  • Sophie

    Wow. I’m usually not a fan of Natalie style but here she looks gorgeous! That dress is beautiful and her hair and make up is stunning! My only criticism is the shoes, perhaps simple silver ones would have been better.

    Either way she’s looking hot, like her boyfriend!

  • lexy hates bilson

    she looks so beautiful! nice to see her taking a break from her busy work schedule and getting out!

  • riri

    I think she is beautiful and a class act, and the dress is lovely, but the too wide highlights (hair) and tan/ fake tan is cheapening her look.
    Some Latinas go for that look, and they are not A list actresses with access to the best hair and makeup people, so I expect more from Natalie.
    And what’s wrong with her natural white color? She is beautiful just the way she is and don’t need to become another LA latina.

  • Alias

    Nice fake tan ala Kate Gosselin LMAO!! Too much makeup, looks like sh1t! Looks like she buffed her face!

    And I really can’t wait for Thor combined with that nameless crap of a movie with Kutcher and Thor?!! WTF!!!. Talk about a career headed toward the toilet!!

  • Houmaira

    She’s so pretty in pink ^^

  • Dreads

    Oh Dear, she looks AMAZING. Though I prefer her with long dark hair (like in Star Wars 2 lol), she is very pretty like this. I love the hair. Nice dress. The shoes don’t fit though. Still, she’s SO gorgeous….. damn.

  • Dreads

    What a beauty !

  • Ella

    Gorgeous !!! But i prefer her with darker hair

  • JK

    SHE LOOKS OLD, FAKE AND SWOLLEN. Had never seen her looking so bad.

    The make up is all wrong and the outfit is just hideous, as always. Who dresses this girl? AWFUL

  • Sabrina

    Very beautiful!

  • fashionista

    Beeeyoooooottttiiiiifuuuullllllllll!!!! She always gets it right. I love love love her style. That face is stunning also. Young Hollywood you all better take notes. Actually I’ve been very impressed with the younger Hollywood A list actresses recently. Even the young acors look sharp at events.

  • Sweetness

    It’s been a long time since I thought this about her: But she looks Fk’ ing amazing ..GORGEOUS! Is she a great actress…hmmm that’s debatable..but she looks stunning.

  • boston61

    She looks like a bottle of Pepto-Bismol.

  • kim

    i think her face looks swollen or something.

  • Malorie

    Pretty In Pink?!? She’s of course PRETTY, but the PINK has got to go. Love the dress but not on her. Based on these photos she doesn’t even look comfortable in this dress. The fabric design and color are all wrong for Natalie. The dress doesn’t compliment her beauty at all… And unfortunately this is a prime example of what happens when a person wears a dress design that has the opposite energy of their inner energy. The person’s beauty still shines through but it becomes distorted. If she were to wear a dress design and have her hair color support her inner energy, the “swollen” and “weight-gain” comments would diminish. When you match your inner energy with fashions that support your energy, you automatically look more attractive and fit. Simply put it’s Feng Shui for the body, this dress isn’t in harmony with the lovely Portman.

  • Naelie

    When I first saw these photos,I thought she looked pregnant.maybe she iS,who knows…

  • http://@iamchrismann

    I was there in person. She looked amaaaaazing.

  • Viper

    This is the best outfit I have seen on Natalie it fits her well all over and she is not over done at all. TAN HELLO she was in New Mexico filming and also has been in other areas filming where heat is a factor. So I don’t think the tan is totally fake and honestly she looks HEALTHY. Guessing being in love will do that to you

    Brothers wasn’t a flop whom ever it was said it Toby McGuire was nominated for a Golden Gold so that alone tells you the critics and foreign press, along man others did like the movie. It was very well dipicted.

    Alias go back to your Rachel Bilson board you follow everyone around who doesn’t care for RB and who do love Natalie.


    @ Alias,
    Your a hypocritical a$$. You have the audacity to b*tch and moan and lable PPL as haters when, it comes to Rachel Bilson and her stupid threads. Amazing low life you are! How can you find Rachel Bilson more beautiful and talented then Natalie? Are you f*ing blind or just stupid? It is b/c Bilson is a nothing and what has she made lately? Cr$p!! Dying to hear the reviews of Waiting 4 forever! It will tank! Your precious Hayden reviews on the trailer Takers tanked! The trailer always show the best scenes too and the trailer reviews were still bad. HA HA HA!! Takers will be $h*t. Admit it.
    Gee…Aston at least can get a role without having to pay for it like Hayden that has to pay to get a part. Plus..Aston looks healthy and not emaciated like Hayden.
    Natalie has made a lot of movies and a lot more then Barkston and the cr$p she has made. Thor to me looks like it will be good. Natalie is an A lister actress and with all her work experience she will not be making low budget crap like Bilpoo and Hayden have to rely on.
    Truth hurts does it Alias? So jealous b/c Natalie Portman has made it and Hayden has done diddly squat. So..obvious you hiding under someone else. Your UK slang comes out when your really get p*ssed off!! HA HA HA!! You give yourself away everytime.

    PPL please!! What is wrong being Lantina?? Some of you are on the border of sounding racist. :( Natalie is not Lantina anyway. She looks gorgeous and skin looks flawless and the blond highlights in her hair suit her other then Bilpoo with her wood grain looking horrible weave she has going on. Natalie looks fashion picture perfect! :-) Some extra possible weight gain won’t hurt Natalie anyway. She is skinny and can get away with it if, she gained a couple of pounds. This is killing PPL. So obviously jealous. I LOVE IT! :-)


    I have to agree with Viper.. Best outfit I have seen Natalie in. Beautiful dress. Natalie looks radient and stunning. Being in love will do that to you! :-)


    Those shoes NP has on are from her shoeline! I love the shoes. Natalie’s makeup is perfect and I don’t get PPL saying her face looks bloated. She looks youthful unlike, Bilson who looks like a strait out man in the face! HA HA HA! That is it. Bilson is a NP wannabe and comes out looking like a tranny everytime!

  • yvette

    There is absolutly no reason to dislike her so all people spewing hate, has some self issues. She looks gorgeous. She should play audrey hepburn. Both classy ladys. The world needs more of.

  • Alias

    @30 & 31 – Funny, all the fking haters who get on my @ss about Nat are the same ones who bash RB. What goes around comes around b!tches! And who are you to tell people where to post? Can’t stand it that people dislike Nat, poor baby!!! LOL This is either Brightside or Venom or Viper or lexyhatesherface, like I said what a bunch of fking hypocrites.

    Thor will suck, just as surely as her film with Kutcher, truth hurts don’t it!! Brothers sucked too, so I can’t blame Kutcher for that ,LMAO!! That was all Nat!!! And she does looks like a tomato which is ironic since she’s filming with the king of the Rotten Tomatoes, Kutcher! BWHAHAHAHAHA

    After all the films Kutcher has made, 0% on the Rotten Tomatoes scale,
    and you defend him against HC, you truly have sh!t for brains, now go away you little troll!!!

  • Alias

    @29 – now tell me Viper/Venom/Whizbang, WTF is a Golden Gold? You idiots keep proving my case the Bilson haters are brain dead!!

  • Jam

    @ kim

    stop being a fatty that is jealous of beautiful women like Nat, that you nit pick every little thing, it just comes across as pathetic………

  • Jam


    Shut the F up you are ranting off like a psycho, forgot to take your meds??????????

  • Allan


    You can’t compare Natalie to loser Rachele Bilson……they are just polar opposite, one actually is working and beautiful and the other is a loser famewhore lol……..grow up

  • Beautiful lady

    Natalie is beautiful AND intelligent. I’d take her any day over Bilson.

  • Ali

    I agree that she looks “off” in these photos. I’m not fond of the dress – looks like a cheap prom dress – or the shoes – “ditto”. She never seems to own what she is wearing. Looks awkward in most photos.

  • AJ

    LOOK at that FACE! Ugh this girl is too beautiful for her own good!!!!!!!


    ROTFLMAO!!!!! Off goes the UK PSYCHO Alias is another troll hiding behind her mask accusing PPL of multiple name users again. Sounds like someone very familar doesn’t it? I’m neither Viper, Venom, Whizbang, Lexy, Brightside or whatever….Viper does make sense and called Alias out is what she is p*ssed about. Then, why follow the people that don’t care for RB then? Oh well…You look like the low life a$$hole that is putting Natalie down. Most have common sense that Natalie is gorgeous, talented, smart and Rachel Bilson is not even in her league.

    Grow up or go back on your meds. Not everyone loves your idol Bilson. Get over it. If you like losers then go for it. Go back to Bilpoo’s thread then and send the butt ugly tranny looking media wh*7e some love. ;)

  • Alias

    @33 – well she’s a homewrecker, she supports a pedophile (Polanski), she’s a hypocrite (she says she purposely cultivated a “good girl” image and then reveals in a mag she did pot and gets wasted) Is that enough reasons?

    @42 Venom/Viper/Whizbang – I’m no bigger a-hole than the ones who constantly put down RB, and they’re lowest piece of scum who complains about why they’re so many RB threads but are always the first to post, hmm why is that?. Loser hypocritical b!tches!

    And really you’re one of the losers who regularly invade an RB thread, you’re just a coward using different names.

    Btw, I know you’re Whizbang/Venom/Viper, no one else uses the term Bilpoo but you, you’re a pathetic cowardly moron!! I feel sorry for anyone related to you, you’re an fking embarrassment!!

  • @alias

    God woman get a life will you this spewing of aggressive hate on Natalie Portman only shows others how terribly unhappy you must be. First off Natalie isn’t any homewrecker she never dated or pursuded a married man. Penn along with both PR’s said that was fabricated crap. As for the Polanski thing GOD WOMAN get over it there is so many listed actors, directors and producers who have been and are in support of the Roman do you go to Johnny Depps board, Whoopie, Ewan or other better known celebrity and Hollywood elite and force your pathetic options on those who read that site. Take a valium please or find another solution to your anger issue.


    @ Alias,
    Good Lord woman! Get a grip. I feel bad for anyone that is related to you! Your a f*cking hypocritical joke woman! I feel bad for your husband or b/f if, you have one! I don’t see anyone wanting to put up with you. You think too perfect! LOL! How lame are you.

    That story was fabricated with Sean Penn. No way she slept with him. Sean Penn and Robin Wright Penn have been on the verge of divorce several times and before the fabricated story of NP and Sean Penn. JJ even said the story was not true. Idiot! Learn how to read before you slam PPL. Half of Hollywood signed the petition for Polanski. You know that. You should boycott all of HW then too. Who has not tried pot at one time? Look at former President Bill Clinton. Hayden and Rachel I’m sure partake of weed all the time. Rachel did hang out with Mischa Barton who is a well known pothead. Just sayin……Going to slam the former presi, Hayden and Rachel too for smoking weed? Your gripping at straws here like a mad woman. Give it up. Go take your meds or seek professional mental help already. You are a sick deranged person. You have been for a while now over worshiping Hayden and Rachel. It is sick. I’m really starting to think your stalking Hayden and Rachel. It is sick! Some fans get over the top with the celebrity obsessions and that is all they live for. God pity your soul if you have any kids. You are always on the internet 24/7! Seek professional help. You sound right on the edge.

    It is hypocritical of you to call non RB fans haters when, you spew out such aggressive hate like that. Sign you are one miserable person. What you accuse me of is what you are.

  • donna g

    i think she looks like a freaking boring looser shes scraping the bottom of the barrel lately movie with ashton kutsher now CD theyre known for animal testing just check with PETA and THE HUMAN SOCIETY and etc… she a liar and a b—– and she looks like a pointy rat face

  • the pits

    ugly dress and please tell me what the h-ll on on her feet do you call those shoes????? i dont give a sh-t what shes into

  • surgi

    looks like someone got some botox in her face or something else she def had something done to her face well god knows she needed it

  • Hedda

    Is she pregnant??? She has “preggers face”. Hmm..

  • California Dreaming

    Absolutely beautiful.