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Gerard Butler: Private Party with Lindsay Lohan!

Gerard Butler: Private Party with Lindsay Lohan!

Gerard Butler and fellow actor Lindsay Lohan arrive separately for a friend’s party at a private residence in Hollywood on Friday afternoon (June 12).

Lindsay was accompanied by her little sister, Ali Lohan, who was seen unleashing the beast and downing a can of Monster Energy Drink.

Later in the day, Linds complained about the attention she receives from photographers. She tweeted, “Can’t paparazzi just disappear for one night? Just so I don’t have severe anxiety? Its like, one night off- like work days and weekends!!!! I’m rambling now…but if not that – arrest them LAPD for their wreckless [sic] driving and running stop signs & lights for once!”

FYI: Gerry is wearing The T by JOE’s.

10+ pictures inside of Gerard Butler and Lindsay Lohan attending a private party…

Just Jared on Facebook
gerard butler lindsay lohan party 01
gerard butler lindsay lohan party 02
gerard butler lindsay lohan party 03
gerard butler lindsay lohan party 04
gerard butler lindsay lohan party 05
gerard butler lindsay lohan party 06
gerard butler lindsay lohan party 07
gerard butler lindsay lohan party 08
gerard butler lindsay lohan party 09
gerard butler lindsay lohan party 10
gerard butler lindsay lohan party 11
gerard butler lindsay lohan party 12
gerard butler lindsay lohan party 13
gerard butler lindsay lohan party 14

Photos: Flynetonline
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  • highhat

    another thread – another dumb stour – when is he going to get down to serious acting! Never I guess! yawn

  • highhat

    story ! yawning so much forgot to spell!

  • gossiphound

    Why are the gossip press so eager to put these two together even if JJ says they arrived separately why put them together in the thread, no one else interesting at the party?

  • yuck

    He needs a bra. I used to like him.. now not so much.. I hope that changes..

  • LauraS

    @gossiphound: it’s unbelievable really! such a sad/low blow….
    Serbia is up in a few minutes against Ghana at the World Cup….wonder if GB is watching :)))
    hey JJers

  • How do I put this?…

    And aren’t these pics from Saturday (June 12), not Friday?
    He has on the same clothes from the twitter pic posted after YESTERDAY’S World Cup game, which ended in the afternoon (LA time).

    He hasn’t been seen walking with, talking to, or looking at a woman, for over (??) a week, including these pics, and the same spin tactic is being used.

  • GetABra

    Moobie time!!

  • Amy

    Although Jared is insinuating Lindsay and Gerard are hooking up, I really doubt it. I rememer several months ago it was rumored they were making out at a party, Gerard said he might sue over the item. Clearly he doesn’t like the idea of being associated with her.

  • Stinkylouise

    Oh look! We’ve now officially scraped the bottom of the barrel.
    *goes back to throwing darts at Rob Green’s pic*

  • LauraS

    @GetABra: oh please…get over it! perhaps they’re just for the MGP movie….
    see??? :)))

  • gossiphound

    @How do I put this?…:

    Gee JJ can’t even get a date right? And of course no one with brains believes they are hooking up. She isn’t his type on a good day.

    I wouldn’t blame GB’s team for this one, Lindsay is just tabloid darling of the decade. At least she brought her sister with her, LOL.

  • mari

    @StinkyLouise: I will join you in throwing the darts. In fact if he had been anywhere close to me yesterday I might have thrown the darts at him.

    Well, at least they both have about the same amount of talent when it comes to acting. Namely none.

  • Curious Carla

    @gossiphound: I don’t think Gerry’s team would dare link his name to hers, as her reputation would bring his own shaky reputation down to the very depths of the barrel. It’s just another case of Gerry being at the same location as another “famous” woman, and whether or not he even spoke to her, he’s automatically linked to her by the gossip mongers. I’m sure that a denial will be forthcoming from either Gerry or his people very soon now. Gossip Cops will probably be on top of this one by tomorrow. For Gerry’s sake, I hope it’s soon.

  • Iffy Miffy

    Since when does attending the same party hint at them being together or at least about to be?! … Gerry wouldn’t stoop so low, that’s for sure!
    On another note … wooo World Cup! Wonder if he’s watching now.

  • Brightside

    Seriously, what does she look like (rolls eyes)! She must be sweltering in those idiotic boots. Why doesn’t she just wear sandals or mules or something….everyone knows what she’s got round her ankle!

  • The Butler Mystery

    JJ is just linking them to get more hits. Shameless.

  • Nuts–Grumpy Gerry!

    Finally some photos! And, we get his grumpy look!!! And the scruff is back! :o)

    As for LL being in this story…they did take care to note that they arrived separately.

    I wonder if he’s going to start a different work order regimine for MGP.

    And,my next wish is a shot of him smiling outside a starbucks. He does have an awesome smile when it is genuine.

    As for LL…I ‘m hoping she has another SCRAM bracelet incident and get jailed or confined to a rehab facility.

  • Issy

    Wow…JustJared has really hit bottom…You really thought it was worthy of our time to report that they ARRIVED SEPARATELY to the same party? How many other people did you also see arriving? Why not say Gerry’s dating them, too? Dear God, maybe he was hooking up with EVERYONE AT THE PARTY!!

  • gossiphound

    @Iffy Miffy: She gave someone the exclusive first picture of her ankle bracelet, who is she fooling. And that was clearly not some wild party, because La Lohan was out clubbing it later at some LA hotspot and not with you know who. Since no one spotted him out later last night he must be laying uncharacteristically low.

  • N.

    Gerry looks great. So they must have a mutual friend and attended the same party, big deal.

  • Men’s online magazine

    I wonder what they did together. Let me take a wild guess, do some drugs?

  • Old Mia

    Shame, shame JJ. You and your employees all know Butler wouldn’t touch her with a 10-foot pole, so why run this? Well, of course, we know the answer, “hits” on the thread.

    Between this, and all the pop-ups and slow loading, you’re driving everyone away.

  • sallyo

    Go Ghana!!

  • Nonsense

    Thanx for the new Gman photos, but why even mention Lohan in the same breath? You’re underestimating the intelligence of your readers.

  • Trying to figure it out

    Someone give the man an iron.

    Waves to all the regulars

  • Nuts


    Perhaps Alan and Joy scolded him and he was sent to another media training course about not getting caught locking lips with anyone in 1 mile radius.

  • Tom

    Gerard does not look happy to see the paps. Does anyone know whose party this was?

  • RedOctober

    …nothing new about movie projects?…same old …same old…

  • LauraS
  • observation

    “Gerard Butler and fellow actor Lindsay Lohan…” Now that’s a kind description of her…

    If she’s so traumatized by the paps, why doesn’t she stay home. And “work days”???? When does she work and what does she do?

  • Nuts


    I think he’s NOT supposed to look happy to see the paps.

    We need a nice relaxed shot outside starbucks when he can’t see the cameras…

    Scruff is back!!!

  • LauraS
  • redOctober


    …very funy…..”he is permanently attached!” (to his cell phone…lol )

  • gossiphound

    @LauraS: Three guess who might have “alerted” the media about a private pool party? Given Miss Thang got pap coverage what three times yesterday. Methinks she doth protest too much.

  • gossiphound

    I can’t live, if living is without you…
    I can’t give, I can’t give anymore

  • Fritz the Lion

    Have you kids seen these yet? More shots from that beach day. Have to admit they took my breath away….especially the first…
    Apologies if someone else already posted them. XO

  • Jen

    Please don’t report on her. As far as I’m concerned this trainwreck is not worthy to be in entertainment news.

    And about her complaints about the paparazzie, oh please! She has always been courting the paparazzi, she even admitted so on several occassions and now she’s complaining? You reap what you sow.

  • LauraS

    @Fritz the Lion: must say I totally agree *gasping for air

  • LauraS
  • LauraS

    now if i were Lolita I would totally freak over this :))

  • ano

    Brad has shave his beard

  • How do I put this?…

    He is standing 5 feet away from her in that hug!
    His pelvis is closer to ME than her, and I’m on the other side of the country!
    Maybe he’s FINALLY getting paranoid over the manwh*re image.
    He wants NO SPECULATION with this one.

    So sad, and yet so funny. For both.

  • How do I put this?…

    About that second pic (which is ADORABLE):
    Hell, I’M jealous.
    But I think that hot b!tch, Lolita, knows what’s what.
    She’s a PWB (pet with benefits).

  • LauraS

    @How do I put this?…: I know…you are right, it’s a totally innocent greeting hug (this is how I hug my not-so-close friends :) but the sad thing is this photo, however casual brings out the headline: Lindsay Lohan And Gerard Butler Hook Up!….he doesn’t need this!

  • LauraS

    @How do I put this?…: “She’s a PWB (pet with benefits).” ROFL

  • stupidfans

    Key words, “Gerry approached her.” What a coincidence that he approached her outside, where all the photographers where.

    The bigger mediaho has been revealed.

  • stupidfans

    Gerry’s friends are such compassionate people:

    Regarding the homeless, the Daily Telegraph quotes Lady Victoria as saying, “It’s so bad being homeless in winter. They should go somewhere warm like the Caribbean where they can eat fresh fish all day.”[

  • observation

    Well, at least he was pleasant to the poor sap. I’m sure he moved right on after the 2 minute greeting and BS. As far as him approaching her, he likely was just walking by and didn’t want to look like a jerk in not acknowledging her presence.

  • Yep

    @observation: I agree with you. You don’t kick a horse when it’s down. It would have been wrong of him to have marched by with his aristocratic nose in the air. It didn’t take much of his time. I think he did the right (humane) thing. And he probably knew it would bring on the gossip, but he was nice anyway.

  • hello

    Asking the paparazzi to take a day off, is as ridiculous as asking Lindsay to stop being famous for one day.
    There is no escaping it.
    Fame and paparazzi go hand in hand, there’s no breaking that union up. All Lindsay can do is hide, lots of famous people simply hide and make no effort to stir up attention to themselves. Lindsay brought the paparazzi on herself.