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Jennifer Lopez & Marc Anthony: Puerto Rican Day Parade

Jennifer Lopez & Marc Anthony: Puerto Rican Day Parade

Jennifer Lopez comes out to support husband Marc Anthony along 5th Avenue during the 53rd Annual Puerto Rican Day Parade on Sunday (June 13) in NYC.

The 40-year-old Bronx-born beauty accompanied her husband, who was named the “King of the Parade,” replacing Puerto Rican actor Osvaldo Rios. The couple has also made appearances at the parade in previous years.

NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg marched alongside Jennifer‘s car during the event.

FYI: Jennifer wore a cream strapless brocade dress by Mandalay.

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  • whatever

    love these two!

  • kitt

    ayyy, marc anthony looks like a good kisser. I want him!!!

  • Pliss

    Marc is HOT lol , Puerto rico style haha . Jennifer is so beautiful , damn !!

  • lexy hates bilson

    Ugh! I guess it’s time for her to pretend to be a Latina. Normally she’s trying to be a white girl but if it means some publicity she’s a Latina again!!

  • Amanda

    Responding to Lexy’s comment: What exactly does it mean to be a Latina??? That sounds like something Perez Hilton would say.

  • nknk

    hope they didn’t get shot!

  • nknk

    hope they didn’t get shot!

  • cc

    they always look happy together.

  • Gui

    @lexy hates bilson: Many latinos have white skin… White is just a color, not a caste!

  • egialbania

    she looks so hot i love you jennifer chao from kosovo

  • many

    lol it´s the old jlo again!!she looks gorrrrgeous

  • ew.

    He is gross-looking.

  • Rao

    I’m not a fan of their music, but they look so cute together, such a happy couple.

  • http://. djon

    Hate them!

  • http://. djon

    Hate them!


    LMFAO @ how orange they both are

  • bb

    J.Lo looks beautiful! Marc looks good, too.

  • Tia

    So depressing
    They spray painted our street today with graffiti.

  • Jane

    @djon: Agreed.

  • jess

    What is she wearing??? Did she forget to finish getting dressed? That is cheesy, slutty, cheap…..!!!! She is trying her very best not to be forgotten. Professionally she already is, but she has to make sure she shows her face and everything else everywhere!!! She is 40 years old not 20. And the kissing in public – ALL AN ACT. I bet you in private they are not like that. I would bet my neck on it!!!

  • king Skeletor

    They replaced the wife beater with a Dead Beat Dad.Long live Skeletor the king of all douchebags .
    @Jess of course everything is planned nothing is spontaneous or real.She whores out her relationships for publicity.At home she probably inres skeeltor as she does her kids

  • Jane

    Damn !! JLo got some big a$$ armpits, look at the 3rd pic, her arm looks huge.

  • king Skeletor

    I wanted to say ignores

  • Tel ‘em

    @Gui: @lexy hates bilson: Many latinos have white skin… White is just a color, not a caste!

    Lmao!! What a GEM of a comeback, luvs it. Sick an tired of these low self-esteem people pretending like they are sh*t.

  • Daisy

    They are really milking in peurto rican thing. It must be true love between two. Where are the cute (lmao) twins?

  • happy girl

    Puerto Rican people are soo beautiful, imo. I want their skin color!

  • karen

    i love you jenn but that braª!

  • Maricel

    Jennifer Lopez looks absolutely gorgeous with her simple attire. I’m pretty sure that Marc Anthony is a proud husband. They really look so perfect together.

  • lexy hates bilson

    This has nothing to do with having white skin! This has more to do with her trying to be a fake blonde (yes, many SPANISH people have blonde hair – Spanish as in from Spain) and plastic surgery. Look at her from back in her Living Color Days or her early movies – like Anaconda – where she looks like a Puerto Rican!

  • Rachael


    I’m one of those ‘white’ PRs. I can’t even go out in the sun because I burn so badly. Puerto Ricans are white, tan, black, Indian — we come in all shades people. Visit the Island one day and you’ll se..

  • Rachael


    What is that supposed to mean? Idiot!

  • Rachael

    @lexy hates bilson:

    I’m a PR from New York. I was born with blonde hair and white skin. Like I said before, PRs come in all shades and not because they are from Spain. Most of my family are white PRs. I’m just a plain New Yorker who loves her city and who happens to be PR.

  • shannon

    I think JLO is starting to look her age in the face. Maybe it’s this light hair color that makes her look older (or makes her look her actual age). Her body is good, but her face is starting to look aged to me (too much tanning likely) and she often has the chub-face happening lately.

  • Losers

    ew. Nasty couple. JLO bleaches her skin white and she dyes her hair blond and she had numerous nose jobs. Have you seen photos of her before the skin bleaching. They are PuertoRicans not Latinos. PuertoRicans were the slaves of the Spaniards from 1508-until 1870.

  • Philipa

    #26, If you want JLO’S skin color write her and ask what kind of skin dying cream she uses. She is so phoney and a complete has-been, nothin about her is authentic.

  • Isabella

    These people are not SPANISH! Spanish people are European not Puerto Rican! Spanish people speak Castilian, PuertoRicans speak a kind of pig-latin Spanish that is barely recognizable in Spain and clearly denotes the PuertoRicans as inferior. They will never be Spanish. If you want to learn the true origins of these people you can look it up on the internet, but stop calling them Spanish. They only wish.

  • Manhattan

    Typical P.R. couple. A slut and a drug addict.
    Puerto Rican Day parade is the most dangerous day in the city. They all carry knives so all the decent real Americans stay barricaded in their homes.

  • Violet

    Thank you daddy for marrying the right Jennifer, the one who doesn’t dye her skin or hair. That is why I am so blond and beautiful.


    She is now reduced to waving from a car in a Puerto Rican parade because she has no career in music or film and I am thrilled about that. She’s fallen because she’s phoney and has not successfully hid her motives…P.Diddy to validate her music career. Ben Affleck to validate her film career…
    Not to mention her nose job, dyed blond hair, skin bleaching and whatever else she’s done to Europeanize her features.
    After the Affleck plan failed as well as the failed plan to become the “HISPANIC JULIA ROBERTS” she figured she’d go back to her Puerto Rican roots after ignoring them her entire career…thus Marc Anthony.
    Many people see through her and it’s hurt her. Mind you, she’s not the only celeb who’s phoney. Lopez has just never been good at hiding it. She has always been transparent.

  • pammy

    They are both trashy and ghetto money will never buy these two class. And to think, she actually thought Ben would marry her. He was never that intoxicated.

  • Rosales

    Starting in 1560, the Spanish on the island of Puerto Rico began branding Puerto Rican slaves on the forehead with a red hot poker so people visiting the island would know that the people were owned like cattle.
    The cruelty of hot branding was finally stopped in 1784. In 1866 Puerto Ricans tried to free themselves from white Spanish slavery via petitions but to no avail. Slavery of the Puerto Ricans continued until 1873 when a new law abolished it.
    Puerto Ricans celebrate MARCH 22 as Emancipation Day by dancing plena and bomba.

  • Harris

    LMAO!!! A faded, has-been and her drug lord hubby. If there was a Z-List where all irrelevant, no-talented people go to die. JLO and Marc Anthony would be the first names on that list. No one in America cares about these third world nobodies.

  • lexy hates bilson

    I think Rachel Bilson would beat these 2 on the Z-list. He’s at least got a successful career and has some talent.
    Again, my point still stands – she’s a PR when it’s convenient for her. She’s come a long way from her Latina heritage and only tries to be Latina for publicity. Why doesn’t she wear her hair like she use to when she was in Anaconda?? Because she was too Latina looking and she wanted to pretend to be white!
    Thank God Ben was never THAT drunk!

  • She Stinks!

    How low can this fake Puerto Rican stoop? Waving to people in a parade? Hilarious. I guess she isn’t white, at least on that day.

    Well, since she can’t sing, act, dance, design clothes or raise children, I guess this is all she can do these days. Kim Kardashian is more famous, and she’s a complete skan*k. How long before J-Pig is at a ribbon cutting for a new Domino’s Pizza?

    Again, go home J-NO talent and pretend you like raising those ugly kids with Progeria and lizard faced husband.

  • Fernando

    WTF Jennifer is not white people.

    Google her heritage


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