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Katie Holmes: Tony Awards with Daniel Radcliffe!

Katie Holmes: Tony Awards with Daniel Radcliffe!

Katie Holmes and Daniel Radcliffe pair up at the 2010 Tony Awards held at NYC’s Radio City Music Hall on Sunday (June 13).

The twosome presented the award for Featured Actress in a Play to Scarlett Johansson for her work in the play A View From The Bridge.

FYI: Katie wore a Giorgio Armani Privé smoke grey strapless silk chiffon evening gown and Lanvin handbag. Daniel wore an Ozwald Boateng suit.

10+ pictures inside of Katie Holmes & Danel Radcliffe at the 2010 Tony Awards

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katie holmes tony awards daniel radcliffe 02
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katie holmes tony awards daniel radcliffe 07
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Credit: Kevin Mazur/Bryan Bedder, Pacificoastnewsonline; Photos: Wireimage, Getty
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  • omg what a fug!

    she’s like the giant female of Rubeus Hagrid befriending Harry!

  • eesh!

    please kate, get a real stylist. and where clothes that fit.

  • :)

    She has such a weird disproportioned body. Thin torso and very small head but the the lower parts of her body are elephantesque.

  • Donovan

    My God he’s short!!!

  • she looks stinky

    she always looks like she grabbed something out of the laundry hamper and ran out the house without bushing her hair and teeth.

  • WHERE’S TOM???

    They weren’t seen TOGETHER at the mtv awards.

  • mandy

    YAY….. pretty Katie is back. Totally loving this look.

  • fool

    why is she holding up a dress that was already hemmed too short?

  • question

    what does she see when she looks in the mirror?
    does she own a mirror?

  • missy

    Uh, because it was raining, and she doesn’t want to risk having a puddle splash on it.

  • elle

    she looks beautiful, especially pic #6. wow. the dress is stunning.

  • Lara CROFT TR

    What a shrimp Like her poof hubby.

  • may

    poor posture,check
    unflttatering dress that emphasizes what is not good about her body, check
    twisted smile, check
    funny posing pushing her hips forward, check

  • may

    btw, the dress is very nice, but not for her body.

  • zippy

    Her dress was horrible. Is he really that short or is she a giant! May she should have worn flats.

  • annie

    Like the dress, the hair , perfect makeup, shoes are cute. There is a loveliness to Katie, that is very appealing.
    Those pics of her coming out of her arpartmant are beautiful.


    SEXY BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • eliza

    The dress would have been better on someone with a different figure. It was ill-fitting on the top and too short on the bottom.

  • irene

    if he does not fel the need to use wedges, let him be. Not all short people need to wear heels. And not all taller people need to ditch high heels and to pose all twisted and hunchedwhen standing next to a shorter person.
    Actually it is funny to go and get some expensive blingy heels to wear with your high couture Armani dress, and then go and pose all awkardly when next to Dan Radcliffe.

  • Vanessa

    Is he short or is she tall?

  • Gwynith

    what a cougar

  • desi

    All Tom Cruise cares about in his life, is Tom cruise. Never believe anything that comes out of his mouth, because his actions never match up to his words. Why should he support Katie or Kate when it is always about him him him.
    Beautiful looking girl, but a silly girl, if she thinks he cares for anyone apart from himself.

  • down town

    what aweful breasts she has. should of chosen a different dress.
    Tom should of stayed with Nicole. They made a fab hollywood couple.

  • lillipilli

    He is very short for a man. Will be hard finding roles after Harry Potter is done.

  • Pey

    For a second I thought Daniel was Tom. Man, this height thing can trick you.

  • missy

    Why should Tom be there? It’s not like she was nominated, she was just a presenter. It’s good for her to make some appearances by herself. Her husband doesn’t have to follow her around and vice versa.

  • Helen

    the greatest thing about Dan is that he seems simply THRILLED to be there. he’s amazing.

  • dani


    Actually most actors seem to be on the short side. Radcliff is actually 5’6″. Tiny Tom is 5’7″ and wears inserts and wedges to appear taller.

  • desi

    @ down town
    GOOD! Totally agree he should have stayed with Nicole Kidman, seeing they are both totally obsessed with themselves, and they both lie out of their teeth. What a good thing for Katie that would have been!

  • troi

    I wonder if Katie looked in a mirror before she left home. Does she realize the dress is way to tight across the bust? She is hanging out and it is not flattering. The dress looks too small on top because it is. This woman needs a stylist or someone to tell her when something doesn’t work.

  • Daisy

    She looks great! Daniel won’t need to find other roles since he is well paid from HP!

  • pr person

    Seriously it is one thing to wear a dress that ‘promotes’ cleavage and a complete fiasco to wear an ill fitting dress that forces the breasts to droop over the dress like backwards back fat. GROSS!!!

  • emma#2

    There is no way he 5’6 no matter where it says he is!

  • mickey

    Katie and Tom look good tonight.

  • yak yak yak

    stupid katie, bad dress, same crooked smile that she thinks is cute, ugly, boring…go away, she is just a nobody married to a has been.

  • MKhay

    She looks gorrgeous. I dont know what you guys are hating on for, she looks way better than normal. I’m 90% sure shes 95% hotter than all of you typing away.

  • Jokergurl

    I didn’t realize Harry Potter was that little. She dwarfs him, I do like her hair though, only Posh can get away with that ultra chic do.

  • Pac Man

    Agreed, #11.

    And you know all this how, #22?

    Right, #26. When will these critics make up their mind? Either they’re seen together and Cruise is keeping an eye on her or they’re not seen together and there’s trouble in the marriage.

    I’ll give you that one, #32.

    Exactly, #36.

  • sami

    y do ppl criticize others..y ask if katie has a question u have a mirror..r u happy with what U r..stop commenting like that..she is pretty and is wearing a beautiful dress..he is looking sweet and u know what..she is Katie Holmes and he is Daniel Radcliffe…u r not…so shut up…and admire them both…

  • emma#2

    All the Brangelina and Kidman fans are out in full force!

  • RITA

    I think she’s SO pretty. So is the dress and the hair. Why the hateful remarks?

  • troi


    He is 5’6″. Katie is also in 4″ heels. So that gives her 9 inches on him.

  • troi


    Excuse me Sami, but having your bo*obs hang over your dress is not classy. The dress is either too tight and forcing them up creating a white line which draws your attention to the the fact the dress is too small–OR–the dress is too small or ill-fitting.

    I’m sorry, but just look at the pictures. She has a white line around the top of the dress and her bo*obs are hanging over the top.

    This is just not an attractive look.

  • susie#1

    There IS one talent that Katie has: she can take any piece of clothing, put it on and look like she was dumpster diving. My goodness, she really mucked it up tonight. Has anyone had the guts to tell her the truth about her appearance. Her dress is unflattering, her hair awful and posture is terrible. It’s enough to give one nightmares!

  • bebe

    this is weird. i mean, both of them is gorge but the pair of the pictures is so weird. like potter meet giant katie. weird.

  • tina

    pretty dress but it doesn’t fit her. she has a boob muffin top.

  • annie

    DR is no more than 5’2 or 3 you can tell by looking at his body. He is tiny. He is standing next to 5’9, add a couple of inch heels, she wore low heels this time, there is 6ft. Katie usually wears higher heels. All the guys in DC were over 6ft, and Chris Klien was 6’1. I don’t think Tom is as short as some of you make him out to be.

  • Iffy Miffy

    DR is very short, 5’5 at the max which is short for a man but it doesn’t really matter as you can be over 6 feet and have a cr@ppy personality and all the height in the world won’t do you any good. DR on the other hand seems like such a sweet person! Who cares about his height! Won’t comment on ‘it’ next to him at all.

  • She has BOOB muffin!

    What a terrible, terrible look! Hair is bad, tooo much tanner on her face when her legs are stark white, dress does NOT fit, slumpin bumpin posture, and she always looks like a dazed robot. NO expression what so ever. Gold diggin cankle pig LOSER!

  • Tanya

    Poor Katie, handing out awards at the Tonys. Always a bridesmaid, never a bride.