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Katy Perry: I am Divided!

Katy Perry: I am Divided!

Katy Perry shows off her love for two countries after arriving back at her hotel on Sunday (June 13) in London, England.

The 25-year-old “California Gurls” singer wore a dress with both the US and UK flags in honor of the World Cup soccer game occuring between the two countries.

The game had additional meaning for Katy as her fiance Russell Brand is English. She tweeted, “OMG I’M SO DIVIDED RIGHT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!”

Later on, after the tie between the two teams, she tweeted, “EVERYBODY WINS!!! I LIKE THAT! (Plus as an american marrying a englishman… I am DIVIDED)”

FYI: Katy is wearing a CC Skye Punk Princess bracelet.

10+ pictures of Katy Perry divided between the US and the UK…

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katy perry i am divided 01
katy perry i am divided 02
katy perry i am divided 03
katy perry i am divided 04
katy perry i am divided 05
katy perry i am divided 06
katy perry i am divided 07
katy perry i am divided 08
katy perry i am divided 09
katy perry i am divided 10
katy perry i am divided 11
katy perry i am divided 12

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  • janet

    She is stunning!! Love her hair that way!!!!!

  • Nicky

    Union Jack represents Great Britain..It was ENGLAND vs. USA.. not Britain..wrong this is a fart joke.

  • zimmermann

    How very Geri Halliwell of her

  • Lily

    Fun dress.

  • Faith

    Damn I could kill for her body, I could not pull of a dress like that

  • cacey

    MEN come and GO, your COUNTRY REMAINS……….

  • Pot/Kettle

    she tweeted about Gaga and the images she used in her video..

    Some people feel just as strongly regarding using the Flag as clothing..

    Kettle meet Pot..

    She looks good. She should not be jealous of Gaga.. two different talents.

  • Brightside

    Glad someone picked up on that….the other half of this ridiculous dress should have been the Saint George Cross, not the Union Jack. This dress just looks hot and sweaty and silly….not good at all.

  • Dreads

    I don’t like her at all. I love her hair like that though.

  • crystelle

    how about be quiet cause you people just find any LAME ASS excuse to talk. JUST PIPE DOWN!

  • Sophie

    LMAO! That’s the BRITISH flag, not the ENGLAND flag … moron.

    She is such a naturally pretty girl, why does she have to slap on so much makeup, do her hair stupid and wear hideous clothes?! She looks like a tranny, but then again she must be wrong in the head if she’s marrying that creepy lothario Russell Brand!

  • Jordan

    Katy is beautiful!

  • grrrrr

    WOW!She looks amazing!And it’s cute that she feels divided!!

  • francis

    Maybe she didn’t find a half England/half USA flag dress!! Don’t exaggerate!!
    She is HOT! Her big blue eyes are beautiful!

  • Brightside

    Russell Brand is a disgustingly ugly and dirty looking individual who looks as though he has every STD going. I dare say him and Perry are suited to each other, though. No one else would want him. Not a nice person at all.

  • whatever

    right, so divided, like a ten dolla hooka

  • Ben

    So, hmm, plastic dress necessary so that all the hot air they inflated her with doesn’t escape?

  • susan

    I wish I had her body. Wow.

    Just aesthetically, I think having the red and white of Saint George’s cross on the other half would have been more dramatic. Too much blue on the dress.

  • Jen

    Oh dear epic fail Katy! It’s a Union Jack which represents Great Britain only England are attending the World Cup. Unfortunately a lot of people can’t grasp the fact that it’s called Great Britain NOT England.

  • mailey

    i dont like her makeup or hair.
    and boo, she is American. She should be rooting for America.
    and it’s fun to have friendly rivalry with your bf.

  • Bella C.

    You’re American, idiot. Marrying a Brit doesn’t make you British. You need to support your country of birth and residency.

  • eyeh8twilight

    Come on, Katy-root for England to take the world cup. The English, Spanish and Italian football teams are, IMO the 3 best bets to win the cup. I am American (and right now, I am not liking my country, with BP, the economy, it’s a total mess), and my roots are Italian, but I want England to win. Manchester United is my fave team in footall, and England is my fave country. GO ENGLAND-GO ROONEY!

  • eyeh8twilight

    In Katy’s defense, every single England fan was wearing the Union Jack facepaint on TV-I didn’t see more than 3 people wearing the English flag.

  • Ana


    IDK, Spain is on top of their game but after yesterday, I can’t say the same for England. USA gave them a hard time. Italy has sucked since the 2006 WC (no surprise), so in my books: Spain is going to win this WC.

  • Tyson

    She needs to F off.


    Hideous rubber dress and makeup, although she pulls it off better than Xtina.

  • yo sista

    talentless slu.t

  • Stunner

    Katy Perry is an absolute delight in any form or appearance, just can’t understand how she ended up with a dumbass like russell brands, specially after having a great career and an eventful childhood. I came across her pictorial biography on Digg and she was really cute even as a kid, maybe a little chubby thought but still cute, have a look here in her celebrity childhood photos.

  • Gui

    She’s so fake… Always looking like a clown to call attention to herself. BTW, she should work in a circus, because, as a singer, she’s awful.

  • nata

    @Ana: hopefully they do. They really do deserve to win.Don’t get me wrong, I’m rooting for US, but I know that our chances are very slim. I really don’t want England and Germany to win. Not that I have anything against these two countries, is just that I don’t want them to win. It would be fun to have Spain and Brazil in the final.

  • susan

    Brazil FTW.

  • Manic

    This bitch is such a waste of skin and oxygen. Can’t we stuff her and use her for tomahawk practice? That would make her more useful.

  • http://. When Oh When?

    When is she and that STD infected looking Russell getting married? I’m tired of hearing about their plans of marriage. All they do is talk about it – hurry up already!!

  • Mariana

    People, don’t get me wrong but i think it means that KP has no personality!
    I mean, I’m brazilian and even if I date an american guy, I’ll never be divided. Well, I’m brazilian. So I’ll support my country.
    KP is american, she must support her country.
    Soccer is soccer, love is love.
    Man! It’s the world cup, c’mon!

  • Jasmine

    STFU all of you. If she was divided, she was divided. Her opinion. And her dress is cute. Like someone said, maybe she couldn’t find an English dress. And considering she’s American and not English, it could’ve been a simple mistake.
    I’m American but I was torn as well. I love England and they have a great team. For so many countries, football is a way of life. Here, it’s just another thing to win so I don’t see why we deserve the cup. I’m with Ana, I think Spain (or Brasil) are gonna win although I’m rooting for other teams.

  • Christina

    She said herself she had the dress specially made, so really she just didn’t know that the Union flag represents the entire United Kingdom, while England has its own flag.

    Apparently she also said on the show she was wearing this dress to that she felt “half British.” Does this mean that I can go around saying I feel half-whatever-I-am-not just because I sleep with someone from that country?

  • Christina

    (I didn’t realize nationality worked like that)

  • xxx

    What a silly cow… Britain isn’t a country……..

  • skorstensstillads

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