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Miranda Kerr: Photoshoot Flirty

Miranda Kerr: Photoshoot Flirty

Miranda Kerr works the camera as she does a photoshoot in Hollywood on Saturday (June 12).

The 27-year-old Aussie model posed in a white blazer, heels and a grey and white dress for her shoot.

Last weekend, Miranda and her pet pooch, Frankie, arrived back in Los Angeles after a trip to NYC! Miranda sat in on a lecture where her boyfriend, Orlando Bloom, spoke about his experience with dyslexia.

10+ pictures inside of Miranda Kerr doing a photoshoot in Hollywood…

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miranda kerr hollywood photoshoot 01
miranda kerr hollywood photoshoot 02
miranda kerr hollywood photoshoot 03
miranda kerr hollywood photoshoot 04
miranda kerr hollywood photoshoot 05
miranda kerr hollywood photoshoot 06
miranda kerr hollywood photoshoot 07
miranda kerr hollywood photoshoot 08
miranda kerr hollywood photoshoot 09
miranda kerr hollywood photoshoot 10

Photos: Flynetonline
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  • kraken

    she is so stunning it pisses me off

  • Rose

    looks like a David Jones shoot. She always does that pose. Love her though! Just gorgeous

  • Sophie


  • t

    Hahahaha all the FATSOS reading this blog are giving the nice comments a thumbs down

  • beautiful girl….

    Yes it shows how jealous and paranoid they are by giving a thumbs down to
    anyone who complements Miranda…..losers….lol.

    Miranda looks stunning as usual and they cant’t stand it!!!

  • wow!

    She looks fantastic!
    So beautiful and fresh looking.
    And her skin is amazing!

  • Dreads

    Well, I’m not a fan. I actually don’t mind her. But she does look amazing.

  • Manilla

    She is perfect, as every day in her life!

  • mirabel

    The dejà-vu sets in.

  • yay!

    you may not like her for what ever reason, but this is one pretty girl

  • Melinda

    I had never noticed that she has cankles.

  • X

    Ummm….. she looks kinda bloated here. Is she preggers???

  • Jeremy

    This is the proof that without airbrushing she’s nothing!
    Her features are very harsh, especially her nose, and her legs are terrible.

  • riri

    Her face is odd and not pretty.
    She’s got a stick figure.
    I’m not sure who is the target audience. Women like to look pretty and feminine, and men like pretty girls as well, and not tall boys with odd faces/
    So who is supposed to want to look like her exactly?

  • http://whatabeauty... @13

    Jeremy I have seen Miranda in person, with little make up, she is very beautiful and not at all harsh. Of course you have a right to your opinion but sometimes photos don’t tell a true story.

  • http://whatabeauty... love Miranda

    Love Miranda, but do not like these clothes or make up. Maybe I’m just getting spoiled by HF shoots. This just looks boring and matronly,

  • Hannet

    don’t see the appeal, sorry! to me, she’s the poor man’s Natalia Vodianova.

  • highfashion

    Department store catalog – wow. She’s really pushing it. My mom would wear that dress. She looks really bloated.

  • Love her

    Cuteness! This girl is adorable.

  • yes!

    She looks so beautiful!
    She has a contract with David Jones. She is their fashion Ambassador, so she is always featured in their catalogs.
    It’s not very often you find a model versatile enough for both Hf and commercial work.
    Miranda goes from David Jones to Balenciaga Resort without missing a beat.

  • HWood

    This is for a David Jones shoot and she ended up at Siren Studios in Hollywood the next day!

  • @21

    The guys that run Siren thanked the David Jones crew, Miranda and Orlando. There were a few sightings of Orlando today, in LA. I guess that he is back in town.

  • armando jr.

    is she making faces thinking that it’ll make her look nicer and friendly? EPIC FAIL!!!!! she ain’t Adriana Lima, she can’t pull it off with that frog face.

  • @23….lol…

    Miranada’s career is on a high with elite magazine covers, modeling for HF, VS and she just signed with Prada and Jil Sander…Adriana Lima..oh please!!

  • @24 LOL


    Sure….. Adriana was only on the cover of Vogue 4 TIMES last year and countless times on Marie Claire, Elle, Esquire, Vanity Fairs’ etc.
    She just did a spread for Vogue Spain and her contract with Maybelline NewYork just ended.
    Recently she landed an important campaign as one of the icons of the book “Fraülein” by Ellen von Unwerth, without mentioning that she’s one of the faces of the latest Givenchy campaign.

    The other names she worked for include Emporio Armani, Ralph Lauren, Balmain, Christian Lacroix, Richard Tyler, BCBG, Max Azria, Bebe, Blumarine, Guess?, La Perla, Loewe, Valentino, Vera Wang, Fendi, Versace, John Galliano, etc. etc. etc.
    She’s been the spokeperson of BMW and of the main phone carrier in Italy. She also played a small role in a movie with Mickey Rourke, Clive Owen, and Forest Whitaker.

    She’s signed with Elite in Brazil (since the age of 16), DNA and Ford in the States, Marilyn and Viva in Europe (in case you don’t know, all 5 are big models’ agencies).
    She travels regularly to many locations in Brazil because she dedicates her time and money to abandoned children and she also created an orphanage in her hometown.

    …… but I guess that working with a department store and showing your butt on cheap magazines every 2 days is more prestigious, right?!

  • @25

    On the cover of Vogue four times last year???
    Are you sure about that?

  • @23

    She doesn’t have to make faces to “try to look nice and friendly”, she IS nice and friendly. At least according to people who have worked with her and actually KNOW her. You know, people who are not just random hater strangers on the internet.

  • @26


    yes, pretty much. since Vogue (like many other fashion magazines) has a different edition for each country it’s published in, she did Vogue Espana, Vogue Brazil and some others….. Probably Vogue France since she was in Paris for the Yves Saint Laurent exhibition launch last March.

  • @27


    well, for knowing what her ex-classmates from High School are saying about her, I really don’t think so.
    They all describe her as a selfish person, very full of herself (to use a polite definition!!!!). I totally believe them because when she does photoshoots with other models you can tell she’s apart from the group. While the other girls are genuinely having fun, she always looks distant.

  • @28

    Oh yes, Adriana in the 1999-2003 had a sucsessful HF career, among with the other brazilian girls, they called this the “brazilian wave” in the fashion industry, they were the IT thing. During THAT time, and only THAT time, she worked with all those designers, and got those 4 vogue magazine covers. Though she was never as sucessful as say, Gisele Bundchen and Isabeli Fontana in the industry, Adriana was heading for VS and Maybeline. Now? She has VS still, two seasons ago a Givenchy campaign, this season a Loewe campaign, and a spain Vogue cover.
    Miranda? Eitorials or covers of i-D, Numero, US elle, US GQ, russian vogue, US vogue. Campaigns for Prada, Jil Sander and Balenciaga. Even fashion goers and blogs are saying Miranda is the one at the moment. It’s not fair to really compare and I don’t think anything will convinve you, based purely on idiodic biasm.
    Ex class mates? have you met these ex xlass mates of Miranda calling her a b*tch? Or just some folks on the internet trying to minimize someones obvious beauty and success? Uh-huh.

  • @28

    You made a statement that Adriana has been on four Vogue covers this year.
    Either back it up with facts, or take back your comments. “Pretty much” won’t cover it.
    And being in a Vogue ed is NOT the same thing as being on the cover.

  • @29

    That’s funny, because she is still friends with the girls she went to school with.
    And everyone who works with her, from photographers, to editors to dressers remark on what a sweet person she is.
    And as evidenced by the ‘Bombshell’ promotion, it was Candice who was trying to force the other girls away. Miranda is very good friends with both Ale and Rosie, and gets along beautifully with Adriana if behind the scenes fan reports are to believed.

  • @29

    I agree.
    Miranda and Adriana really seem to get a long with fan reports. The hugging, the catching up, Miranda rubbing Adriana’s pregnant belly. According to Adriana’s fans of course.
    Obviously Miranda’s “b*tchiness” didn’t rub off on Adri.

  • Just Jared Lurker

    Its no use. Around Just Jared you have to like Miranda and find her ‘stunning’ or you will get ripped to shreds, or called an idiot and blind. To these people here she is the most beautiful, the most kind, and the most sucessful, and of course we cant forget the most lucky and worthy of jealousy by others because she dates hasbeen Orlando Bloom. Yep. Even in all her fugly David Jones attire, poses etc we must all be so jealous.

  • @34

    Now where did anyone say anything like that?
    Or do you think that if anyone disagrees with your opinion you are being “ripped to shreds”?
    No one said that you have to think that she is fabulous. But we have a right to disagree with you, don’t we? This isn’t delphi, after all. JJ actually allows comments from both sides. So go try your ‘poor little victim’ routine somewhere else. Try to use it here and people will just laugh at you.

  • Ugly as hell

    I hope she dies

  • @30


    Sorry but you can’t compare the 2 careers, they have nothing in common but the VS contract.
    Adriana is only 2 years older than Miranda but she has already accomplished 3 times what Kerr did.
    In terms of big names and covers there’s no competition at all as Miranda has never represented a Big Brand like Adriana did….. and I’m not talking about doing ONE show/ campaign or a minimalist label like Jil Sander, I’m talking about being the spokesperson for a HAUTE COUTURE brand known around the world.

    Adriana seems very very smart about her career choices. She chose to be associated only with the Top names in the industry and, even though she’s been named the N. 1 Hottest woman on the planet, she did very few naked shoots, which preserved her image and reputation.
    Which can’t be said for other models……

    She had a baby not too long ago, but since people like Riccardo Tisci (photographer) and Anna Wintour (Vogue) simply adore her, I guess she’ll be on some big project before we realize it.

  • @32


    don’t know where “the behind the scene reports” are but what can be read on the net or seen on TV says a completely different story. Gossip sites are full of pictures of models shopping or having lunch with their friends. MK is always shot with her dog or with Orlando…… the pictures with other people are only for work.

    So stop getting so hyper about that….. after all Naomi Campbell too has the reputation of being a b***h.

  • To JustJared Lurker

    @Just Jared Lurker:

    Ahahaha!!!! I completely agree!
    When someone says the truth about their “idol” (in other words when someone’s confronting them with the fact that Moronda Kerr is fug and her career is going nowhere) , they all hit the roof, how funny!!!!!
    As they say, truth hurts.

  • @37 & 39

    Sorry, but no. Adriana had a very successful career before signing a contract with VS. A VS contract is known to cut ties with the fashion world, and loose a models exclusivity and appeal. Besides Gisele, Miranda is the only VS model to be ranked by a very highly respected list, MDC, as one of the top 50 models after signing a contract with VS. The first ever VS model to have that accomplished.
    What does Adriana have at the moment? Where is her career now? She had a campaign with Givenchy two seasons ago, a loewe campaign now, and spanish editions of fashion magazines.
    Jil Sander is a big score. Whether you like it or not, it’s a very, very respected brand. Go search up the world “minimalist” it doesn’t mean a little brand. The brands signature is minimalist.
    Did you coincidentally forget about Prada? That is single handily the most important campaign any model can ever score in there whole model life. You have no idea the importance of representing such a brand like Prada.
    Did you forget about Balenciaga too?
    What other model can claim they’ve hit the high fashion jackpot after VS?
    Just to clear some of your statements:
    Ricardo Tisci is not a photographer, FYI, he’s the designer of Givenchy, and yes he does love Adriana. Anna wintour hasn’t put Adriana in her magazine since 1999 (or 2000?) and that was an editorial full of models. Explain how she loves Adriana? because there’s no ‘adoration’ for Adriana in her magazine. On the other hand Wintour just booked a shoot with Miranda. Adriana was never a spokesperson for a Haute Couture label, simply because their is no such thing as being a spokes person for a Haute Couture label. she did however model for Vercase Haute couture back in the days when Vercase still did HC.
    Adriana did a “few” naked shoots? Are you joking? She’s done more than a ‘few’.
    I don’t like to compare but since you keep insisting. I’m a big fan of both girls. But I’m looking at this with a realistic point of view. No baisim. No understatements. Just observing facts. Adriana has had a very successful career, and she will continue to have a wonderful career.
    It’s a pity though how you keep insisting Miranda’s career is going no where and that she is ugly (She is commercially/conventionally pretty but I guess it’s just differing tastes.) when your clear distaste and hate for her is the only thing I can read.

  • 30 no way


    I think you’re confusing her with another Australian model called Abbay Lee Kershaw. Because SHE IS the one who is currently considered as the next big thing in fashion.

    Having worked with Gucci, Alexander McQueen, Balenciaga, D & G, Karl Lagerfeld + tons of other designers and having done the cover of POP, Vogue (in the China, Australia, Korea, Russia, and Japan versions) plus Allure, Harper’s Bazar, Numéro and many many others at such a young age is extremely promising (she just turned 23 and started to model in 2004!!!!).
    You probably got confused because her and Miranda Kerr are the only 2 Victoria’s Secret models from Australia.

  • @41

    What are you talking about? I’m fully aware of Abbey Lee Kershaw and her success. She’s a current muse of Karl Lagerfeld and has been on the numerous fashion covers and editorials. She’s a HF model. It’s not shocking to see her racking up the covers and HF contracts, most HF models do. Abbey was considered the next big thing in the fashion world 4 or 5 seasons ago and she’s living that prophecy right now! The same HF blogs/sites that said Abbey would be the next big thing are saying that about Miranda right now.
    Miranda scored more important campaigns than Abbey this season.
    And Miranda’s editorial work is slightly catching up.
    Unlike Abbey, Miranda doesn’t NEED to do a lot of runway work with major designers. Because when a designer wants her, they’ll snatch her as an exclusive and so far her loyalty remains with Balenciaga.
    I’m not mixing the two. I clearly know which is which.

  • @40

    @@37 & 39:

    That’s exactly what I meant.
    Abeey Lee is the only VS Secret in the Top 10 MDC list, not Miranda Kerr.

  • @41

    BTW, Abbey is NOT a VS model. She’s walked there show twice along with other HF models. But she is the furthest thing from a VS model, and she certainly has no VS contract either.

  • @43

    I was talking about contracted VS models. Miranda has an angel contract. Abbey Lee does not have any contract with VS. A lot of the girls on MDC’s list have walked for VS, but they are not VS models. They are just in demand models walking the VS fashion show.
    Miranda IS the first model ever to be ranked by MDC AFTER having a VS contract which is HUGE. Because having a VS contract is supposed to disadvantage a model in the HF world and here she is being ranked as one of the top girls by a HF list based purely on the amount of HF contracts.
    Do you get my point?

  • @39

    Now see, how can you try to convince anyone that you are offering a rational opinion when you say something as stupid as:
    “When someone says the truth about their “idol” (in other words when someone’s confronting them with the fact that Moronda Kerr is fug and her career is going nowhere) , they all hit the roof, how funny!!!!!”?????
    Well, that’s a matter of opinion, but evidently most of the world disagrees with you.
    But the biggie:
    “her career is going nowhere”
    Really? Prada, Balenciaga, Jil Sandler, Vogue, i-D, is evidence that her career is going “nowhere”?
    Be a hater all you want, but at least try to pretend that you have a functioning brain cell.
    “hit the roof”?
    LOL! People responding to you calmly and pretenting facts to prove you wrong is “hitting the roof”? OK, sure thing.
    But please….”Moronda”?
    What are you? 12?

  • @34

    ORLANDO BLOOM IS NOT A HASBEEN, HE IS A GOOD MAN AND GOOD LOOKING. If you don’t like them fine that you. But you do not have to call them names there’s no need for it.

  • Jack


  • Comparisons?

    How exactly can people compare the careers of models? Is one designer more important than another? For one thing, it depends on what generation or circumstance you are viewing from. I happen to love Jil Sander, but could give a crap about Juicy Couture. All I ever see here is arguing comparing marbles. Some people like Adriana, some find her very annoying (me). Some love Miranda, some find her boring and wierd looking (me). I think most VS models are either annoying personality wise, or weird looking. I do not prefer the choice of model that particular company looks for. I would much rather look at a Beyonce, or Eva Mendez type beauty, but unfortunately, most model houses and designer houses do not promote women like that. I just think its really silly how these Miranda threads always turn out to be catscratch bit*chfights. None of you are right….none of you are wrong. Chill.

  • @49

    “None of you are right….none of you are wrong”
    That’s true as far as personal opinions of beauty goes. Beauty is totally subjective. I think that Beyonce is gorgeous, but find Eva too harsh looking for my taste. Can I understand that others find her beautiful? Absolutely. Just because I don’t find her attractive, doesn’t mean that I can’t appreciate what others see in her.
    But there have been many statements made on this thread, and most of Miranda’s threads that ARE wrong. Bold faced lies posted by haters who only want to sling mud. A perfect example was the ridiculous comment that her career was “going no where”. Huh?
    Next they will be saying that Prada, Jil Sandler, Balenciaga, Vogue, Elle, i-D, etc. don’t mean anything to the fashion world.
    It’s stupid. And yes, very wrong.