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Adam Lambert: 'If I Had You' Video Premiere!

Adam Lambert: 'If I Had You' Video Premiere!

Adam Lambert works it out in his music video for his latest single, “If I Had You”.

“In addition to the fantastic beat and melody, the song’s lyrics are what really stand out to me,” the 28-year-old entertainer shared, adding, “the message is one of Love.”

“Over the past year, in addition to my unbelievable opportunities, I have also been faced with the unique challenge of staying positive in light of some critics and closed mindedness. My friends, family, and my devoted fans have been a key force in keeping me grounded,” Adam concluded.

Check out the dates for Adam‘s “Glam Nation” tour here if you’re dying to see him perform live in your hometown!

Adam Lambert: If I Had You
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  • Matt

    It’s not playing for me

  • Sacha

    I loe this song but I can’t see anything

  • Aani

    the video is S!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!CK .. OMG OMG OMG .. he’s so hot


    LOVE adam ! like pretty much but i’m not a huge fan of this song its kinda mmm i don’t know !

  • Jonte

    Dude, make it work please. I can’t see sh*t

  • http://justjared paula

    grounded ? labert says he remains grounded? what part of grounded am i not understanding…..he’ seems about as non gronded an idol contestant as there has ever been

  • Si

    @Matt: Do you have Flash?

  • Ash


  • lea

    @paula: I don’t think grounded means what you think it means.

  • J1Peter

    “Sorry we’re unable to offer this video to users in your region”

  • buck

    Glowing, glittery, disco, glam!


  • lane



    I love this guy. Very cute and fun video. Except, why is Kesha there.

  • :(

    What’s the point of posting a video only some people can view?

  • Rio

    The cooooooooooooooooooooooolest music video ever!Adam you rock!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jarita

    Damn iPhone. Can’t see the video on adamofficial or the 3gs doesn’t come w/adobeflash Bummer. Sure it’s great tho Can’t wait to see If I Had You!

  • Karla

    The look is cool but not too much going on. Just a lot of dancing around. Was that Ke$ha?

  • Mark

    Duuuuuuuude! This video rocks!!

  • some critic

    YOU SUCK !
    Go sing at your nearest amusement park show …where you belong with the other amatures

  • trollin

    @paula: Um, are we talking about the same Adam? If this guy got any sweeter, I’d have cavities.

  • Malorie

    im into it. my favorite line: the fashion and the stage might get me high

  • Londoner

    @Karla: Well it IS supposed to look like a party

  • wow

    ..there aren’t too many songs with the message of love …..zzzz

  • hahahahahahaha
  • TheWho

    @wow: What did you want? There aren’t many songs with the message of Universal love like this these days anymore.

  • moaningcrow

    @wow: I think you forgot the “ji” in front of those z’s

  • ianaleah

    Love the song, love the video-it is really fun – & I want to watch it several times to see faces I recognize.too.

  • gby8yut

    HOT as HELL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    @some critic: LMAO jealous He has so much love around him from his friends and legends, sorry you don’t.

  • Harvey

    He is so f’ing MINDBLOWING live. His voice and delivery is insane. Dude can sing his face off pitchperfect and go straight to a whisper. His band and dancers are awesome. His friend Monte Pittman is a f’ing guitar legend.

  • kers

    Fun vid!

  • carla

    If you can’t play it go to it’s there or go to

  • http://@blueglittergirl Wicked Glitter

    Adam’s video for If I Had You is gorgeous! The production is beautiful. I am so excited about seeing Adam sing this song live in concert. I am going to two shows, and I can’t wait. No one can outperform Adam. He is just unbelievable live. Ihope everyone buys another copy of If I had You from itunes, and requests this great song on their local radio stations. This is a great upbeat song for summer!

  • Amber

    Seriously? Why is his music so lame and this video is equally as lame. I’m an Adam fan but his new music is so disappointing. I keep thinking back to his “tears of a clown” & “mad world” performances on Idol which were phenomenal! He is much more talented than this stuff he is putting out that it’s embarrassing. I hope his next record is more creative and actually shows off his skills.

  • Kate

    Wow, I love it! Someone who reviewed it on MTV thinks the red head who dancing with Adam is Allison Ireheata. It’s not Allison, I think it’s Adam’s head dancer who is on the tour. Bravo Adam, great job on this video. Beautiful shot of Adam’s famous one sided wicked smile at the end. I love that sexy signature smile.

  • Cat

    @Amber…if you really were a fan you would know that he sang “Tracks of my Tears,” not “Tears of a Clown.”

    The video is so joyous! Love his skippy walk on the way to the party. Just wish the editing cuts were a little slower so I could get a better look at all the funky costumes during the rave.

  • Moonlitatdawn

    @Cat: Ahahaah. @Amber got owned. I agree with @Cat with the slower cuts but it just makes us want to watch it again and again to catch every little detail. Smart.

  • Yeah

    It doesn’t surprise me that Adam’s message of ‘love’ and ‘positivity’ get lost on people like @Paula,@some critic,@wow and @Amber. These are seriously negative people who can’t wait to rain on everyone’s parade (in this case,a glorious,colourful party in the woods). Well they can keep each other company (isn’t that what misery loves?) The rest of us happy people who enjoy life will watch this beautiful video over and over and reap the rewards from the message intended.

  • aww

    @Amber: too bad so sad STFD

  • CookieD

    Oh my God, ADISON <3 Allison’s in here yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah

    This is amazing.!!!!

  • kms

    @Amber: You really want us to believe you’re fan? FYI – Adam never performed “tears of a clown” on Idol (something a fan would know). You go to every article on Adam and post the exact same thing, including the mistake.
    This is an amazing video with a message that obviously a few people posting here should take to heart.

  • Realistic

    I love Adam’s voice and this video looks like it was fun to make.

  • Janelle

    Dang this is some trippy sh*t LOL, pretty sure I got seizures at the flashy parts. I liked it though, he’s ridiculous and awesome. Doesn’t take himself seriously, I like that

  • Lorie


    Doing covers of old songs isn’t being creative. Adam is going to do his own thing and he can’t please all his fans at once. Sit back and enjoy the ride – he’s a great talent!

  • Kanye

    lol, amazing. tho i kind of want to send it back to editing-

  • Jen

    Awesome video & great song. This is definitely the song & video of the summer for me.

  • YYYs

    @Kate: Allison IS in the video. Someone tweeted a backstage photo of them together.

  • gagalupe

    This is pretty refreshing after Gaga’s sombre (?) Alejandro video, although I still love her to pieces…

  • Amelle

    @Jen: It’s way better than Katy Perry’s Cali girls.

  • Jonesy

    Is that Kesha? LMAO why. Loved the vid though, crazy.