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Kate Hudson & Matthew Bellamy: Double Date!

Kate Hudson & Matthew Bellamy: Double Date!

Kate Hudson takes a romantic walk with her new love interest, rocker Matthew Bellamy, in Paris on Sunday (June 13).

Later in the evening, the couple enjoyed a double date dinner with Renee Zellweger and Bradley Cooper at L’Ami Louis bistro. (They just happened to be at the same restaurant for dinner.)

FYI: Matthew, 32, is the singer and frontman of the English rock band Muse. Kate, 31, came out to support the band, who played twice to 80,000 fans at Stade de France.

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  • coco

    matt. tell me why. you know you can do a lot better.

  • Lucy

    He just lost all my respect.

    He’s a media whore, or an idiot, for dating STD instable UGLY Kate (not that he is cute, but at least I thought he was bright and talented…)

    I thought the Twilight shame was a mistake, but this is way worse.
    I won’t even check them on tour now.

    Epic fail.

  • daisy

    How does she keep getting men to date her?

  • Julia Georgescu

    I like her phone! My boyfriend has some like that, and he use flash components, It is Amazing!
    They are a nice couple.

  • boba

    she should think about her son and stop the man hunting , how many boyfriends since her split from her husband??? Poor kid too many guys to call stepfather.

  • Jayde

    Aww Lucy, you should still check them out live! They are incredible live! And I support their relationship, I just don’t like all the press they are receiving. I liked when his personal life was kept quiet. I mean, I don’t see this lasting, but whatever.

  • suesturm

    please tell me that’s not true Matt what the fukk
    stockholm syndrom i guess

  • http://j ivanka

    why matt:(? noooo you are so much for her

  • julie


    Um, maybe because she is nice and doesn’t criticise others whom she doesn’t even know?

  • Josie

    I see it’s back to her roots again…she tried the sports guy and the comedian and probably everything and anything in between…and now she is back to basics; a rocker. just like her first husband.
    I wish her the best and let’s see how long this will last.

  • Sophie

    I love Kate and her style but she always looks as though her hair needs a bloody good wash!

  • UGH WHY?!

    My God, this woman must be STD ridden.

    He is much too good for her. Ugh, no no no. Please don’t Matt :(

  • boston61

    Mommy wants her career back. Why do Americans put up with all this unfair nepotism?

  • boston61

    Mommy wants her career back. Why do Americans put up with all this unfair nepotism?

  • dee

    @Sophie: yes thats exactly what i thoguht. I really dont like what she ldoes to her hair. She’s pretty and has a great style but her hair is always so messy.

  • jessica

    matt, you could do sooooooooooooooooooo much better

  • kaila

    OMG when did this happen!


  • kaila

    and yes you all are right he can do ALOT better

  • WTF


  • Cynthia

    I feel sorry for her son…he is going to need therapy when he grows up!!! Sooo many men that woman has dated!!!!!!!!!!!! Stick to being a better mom to your son you skank!!! Kate is so annoying…when she comes out on television interviews she tries to be all cute and s**t…..but all she does is make me hate her more!!!!!! YUK!!

  • Sandy

    HA!! He sold out!! Dating an actress……laughable

  • Malorie

    love me some Kate Hudson

  • http://. Calee

    Oh, I hope this is a steady relationship, because someone needs to get her off the streets – she’s going from man to man. PLEASE Matt keep her because I’m tired of seeing her sluting herself out, but you may want to have her checked out because she may be riddled with STDs.

  • ++Logan++

    They might just be friends. I like Kate Hudson’s outfit, it is very cute.

  • wtf

    I’m a huge Muse fan and this is ridiculous. I had respect for Matt but he has sold out here. As for Kate Hudson, she needs to stop whoring around and sort herself out. I feel sorry for her kid.

  • MissyB

    I HAVE met Kate, and she is one of the bitchiest snots you could ever run across. Matt could [and will eventually, when he finally admits to himself what a skank she is] do SO much better. I’ve met him too, and he is smart, funny, and absolutely a lovely human being. Whereas she is dumber than the proverbial rock. And TOTALLY not his type at all. He likes brainy brunettes, not sperm banks.

    Rumor in the music industry is that he doesn’t even really care about her, he’s just using her to make his ex-fiance, Gaia, who broke up with him in December and he just recently said in an interview that “he will do anything to get back with”, jealous, because he knows if he dates a regular girl right now, it won’t get him the press he needs to make Gaia jealous.

  • Sasha

    well, I’m a psychologist, and judging from their body language it’s pretty apparent that he is not into her at all. Besides the obvious fact that they aren’t even touching [they look like my best male friend and I running around town], a sure sign that a man is not attracted to a woman is when he puts the hand closest to her in his pocket.
    Of course, if I was with a bimbo who only wanted to talk on the phone and whose ass and chins are growing daily, I wouldn’t want to touch her either. Not to mention those diseases she’s sure to have, Matt. RUN AWAY, NOW.

  • ciaoee

    for real?
    matt, what happened??

  • rikki

    If Sasha above (#27) is really a psychologist, then we are all doomed.

  • dunno

    they look more like acquaintances or good friends than lovers. they seem mutually disinterested. and the whole talking on cell phone thing also seems a little odd/rude.

  • Audrey

    @Sasha: I agree, he’s obviously not into her, and that’s a good thing.

  • Felicity

    take your hands off of him, you insipid broad -.-
    plus I thought he was already married?
    matt could do better.

  • Yuck

    I can’t even listen to Muse anymore and NOW THIS, plus they’re officially the Twilight Band. I bet they have lost tons of fans because of this:(

  • What?

    If he’s really using her than he’s an A**hole.

  • CK

    I’m sure they’re just friends, Matt got married, last year if i’m not mistaken.

  • Kkkk

    No, Matt bellamy’s engagement was called off due to splitting with his girlfriend…so he is pretty much free to date?

  • MaryGV

    Why Matt?? I can not find who are made for each other, do not understand. :( I get depressed by this news. Still love muse

  • Lena

    Wow, she really looks pregnant !!!
    I hope she knows who’s the daddy, he he !

  • pizzahead

    I love muse a lot but come on Matt you are starting to become a SELL OUT Band and Person and it is really pissing me off!!! You sold music to that god awful movie twilight and now you are walking around with this bad actress? I can see why Gaia dumped you! Looks like you are becoming super famous big headed too! Go back to your roots with showbiz that is how i remember muse! When I see Muse in concert I will wear a t-shirt that says Twilight fans GET LOST.

  • chloĆ©&victoire

    we totally agree with Lucy !! It’s a SHAME!! we went to see Muse on tour – it was amazing- and now it’s all spoiled :’(
    Did he see any of her moovies ?!
    WHY Matthew?

  • Stop

    Jesus christ, will people shut up already?
    For all we know, they may just be friends or something.

    Second, if this is making you lose respect for him, you’re a bit of a tool. He’s still a fantastic musician, and his private life has absolutely nothing to do with you. To whoever that chick was who said she’s not going to see them perform anymore because of this, really? Really? Grow up.

    In all honesty though, this is a downgrade from his ex gorgeous doctor girlfriend.

  • Sk

    Oh no… He sold out…

    I think I’ve lost alllll respect for Matt..

    This is going to have a huge, negative impact on his career and on Muse, isn’t it? :(

  • Mona

    i love matt muse’s music is amazing. and matt has an awesome personality.i hope he doesnt get any bad publicity from this and in a way where i hope he doesnt seem like the bad guy when in reality he isnt. i soure hope to meet muse soon…lol
    well form the it could be that maybe they r just friends or maybe they really r dating who know. judging from a pic is hard becuase well yeh…lol

  • Ming Xi

    Matt never lost my respect, and never will. What’s it with gossip anyway? this is Matt’s personal life, we dont need to be so ‘AHMYGOSH’ at it. Listen to their MUSIC, for gods sake, music is what makes Matt and Muse.

  • w.t.f

    Well Matt, do you need glasses maybe ?
    If you’re looking for your children’s mother i think you’re wrong…
    But I’ll be happy for him if everything is good with Kate.

  • OllyMuse

    ewww, why matt? you could do so much better!
    i bet she didnt even know who muse were before she met matt & whats going on with her hair?

  • janz

    Matt & Kate? O.M.G. No! Kate, there’s so many other rockers out there, Matt deserves much much better. I don’t hate you but… this just isn’t right. &… oh dear, Matt’s first ever post on JJ… in fact, every other gossip site in the US. naize one, not.

  • cassie

    this women goes through men like theyre nothing. i would be surprised if this lasted. im not trying to be nasty but its true. as the for the body language, they are so obviously not into eachother- shes on a phone, he’s got both his hands in his pockets. its actually pretty antisocial behavious.
    as for those people who are saying they are never gonna listen to muse again because of this- GET OVER YOUSEVES!
    Listen to the MUSIC which is brilliant. WHo cares about the musicians personal life? Just remember what made you listen to them in the first place (their music i hope)

  • Dee

    @coco: @coco: @coco: exactly!

  • lordmiko

    I like this 2 guys they are very talent guys.I wish to them a happy love.Cheers:)