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LeAnn Rimes: 'Lady and Gentlemen' Out October 5!

LeAnn Rimes: 'Lady and Gentlemen' Out October 5!

LeAnn Rimes holds hands with her boyfriend, Eddie Cibrian, as they go out to lunch together at Nobu on Saturday (June 12) in Malibu, Calif.

The 27-year-old singer is back in town after performing at the CMT Music Awards last week.

LeAnn announced on her Twitter recently that her new album, Lady and Gentlemen, will be released on vinyl September 30 and on CD October 5. “Super excited,” she tweeted.

10+ pictures inside of LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian leaving Nobu…

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leann rimes eddie cibrian nobu lunch 01
leann rimes eddie cibrian nobu lunch 02
leann rimes eddie cibrian nobu lunch 03
leann rimes eddie cibrian nobu lunch 04
leann rimes eddie cibrian nobu lunch 05
leann rimes eddie cibrian nobu lunch 06
leann rimes eddie cibrian nobu lunch 07
leann rimes eddie cibrian nobu lunch 08
leann rimes eddie cibrian nobu lunch 09
leann rimes eddie cibrian nobu lunch 10

Photos: Flynetonline
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  • Janis

    Great! What I really am looking towards is next year when she releases her own album of new material. It’s ready to go but in People article she says it would be misunderstood.

  • pam

    So far, so good!

    She’s an acrobat not just a vocalist.


    don’t care what anyone says, they more his ex-wife open her bitter mouth the more I like this couple

  • Sixty-eight degrees

    Who would have thunk it would last this long and happy they are.

  • somethin cookin

    Looks pretty good in these pics. When they came back from TN neither of them looked to happy. What a difference a day can make.

  • Some say

    To the screamer who repeats themselves about Eddie wanting LeAnn’s money…

    It seems to be unbearable for the screamer if Eddie were ever to love another woman in his lifetime. Though it happens often in our lives, one gets the feeling that admitting that Eddie might truly love LeAnn would just blow the fragile construct to bits. That shows a high degree of insecurity in the one who can’t let that concept – the new reality – get close. If there were true satisfaction in one’s life i.e. a new man, a meaningful line of work or a vocation, some kind of commitment to volunteering – or just about anything meaningful- we wouldn’t keep getting bombarded by these endless churnings of desperation.

    Eddie had plenty of money so why would he leave to seek out money? That is a lame piece of denial. I imagine there were many reasons he had for looking elsewhere. Did he feel he was only going through the motions of a dead relationship and it was becoming unbearable?

    His world has broadend and he is experiencing a new dimension and facet. Nashville, a warm, generous woman, a new circle of loving people as friends. This must be a very exciting chapter in his life.

  • new tunes please

    LeAnn is looking nice. Her voice rocks but I would really like some fresh music. The “swinging” tune is good but I don’t think it will make the charts. Her talent is not being displayed to its highest capacity in that song. Oh to have a “Blue” type hit again.

  • new tunes please

    @MARY MARY … I more than agree with you on that point. What people don’t realize is that by bashing someone you just give them more and more press. I think it is actually helping LeAnn and Eddie. They are more out front than usual because the press likes a hot story and the more people that are paying attention (either way) the more the press goes after them.

  • new tunes please

    So come on bashers lets give them more press because I love LR to get all the attention she can. She does look good in these pics. Eddie is one lucky dude.

  • new tunes please

    @Janis I wasn’t copying you I just agree completely

  • m

    To the only fan LeAnn has( or pays), you really need to stop posting under different accounts. Its more than obvious and quite pathetic.

  • Pete021

    Not sure how many of you saw the CMT show but I thought is was not Leann at her best. The singing was better than most that performed but for her it seemed flat. The performance was a little scary actually. She had to be a pretty good gymnast in HS to pull that off. I was amazed at the flexibility and strength she displayed. Can’t wait to hear her live. Of course getting her new album is high on the list also.

  • Hi I’m Lia


    Hi there we all work for LeAnne’s PR firm and she is the mostest sweetest mostest wonderfulest person in the whole wide world!!! Really!!! His WIFE is a horrid bitter woman who eats children and never had sex with him until our wonderful sweet LeAnne came to save him and his children with her angle voice. Did you know when she farts, sunshine comes out of her butt? Really!!!

  • Pete021

    @m Who the crap are you m ? Leann has one of the best voices in the industry and you are either jealous or working for someone yourself. I read these boards and find that most of the time the hateful uglies are all over them which is why I don’t post. Go to a concert. She has plenty of fans and we adore her and her work. Go Leann !!!

  • Pete021

    BTW I don’t agree with “new tunes please” . I would like to see all the bashers leave the forums alone. Fans Rule.

  • Pete021

    One more thing. “Hi I’m Lia” and “m” look like the same idiot that usually floods these boards. So get ready. Looks like “new tunes please” will get their wish. I am a silent fan usually and will go silent again because I can’t stand these negative people.

    Best to Leann and Eddie.

    with LOVE Pete021

  • new tunes please

    Hey Pete,

    You misunderstood me. I didn’t say I liked them (bashers) I only said that it brings LeAnn more press and the more the better. I am a fan and only want the best for LeAnn.

  • Hi I’m Lia


    Life is hard. Deal with it. Whiner. Maybey you’ll feel different when your wife cheats on you. Message boards are for comments.

    Trusts me, LeAnne’s PR does not love the bashing, but it’s so much fun to watch you guys try to defend this selfish, cheating trainwreck. Really. It’s amazing how positive crap just pours in like .001 seconds after the post is made. Almost like they know it’s coming. Hmmmmmm.

  • lily

    luv ya two……nice on my eyes….everyone have a good day….syl

  • Joey F.

    LeAnn doll,

    You light up my days with your smiley face. Your fan for life. See you this summer.

  • Hi I’m Lia

    This rating system is a JOKE!!! Bish, pls, no one loves this homewrecking tramp that much.

  • terri n.m.

    The presses for these three have been in overdrive leaving Dean Shermet unseen. A place he likes to stay. No faves for me watching three lives unfold. Haapiness to LeAnn, Brandy, Eddie, Dean.

  • Erin Renee

    LeAnn and Eddie look great! I think they were both sleep deprived in the airport pics that we saw.

    I can’t wait for the album release! October seems so far away. When I first heard “swingin” I thought it was a little too twangy for my taste, wasn’t sure I was going to be into it. I have felt that way about other LeAnn songs too, but just like before a few listens later and I was hooked! I found myself humming the song everywhere I went. I hope that it does well for her. I’m really looking forward to the album of originals as well. Love ya Le!

  • Joey F.

    I could have written the same as you Erin. October seems too long to wait and you know the tune has stuck when you wake up with it playing in your head.

  • Erin Renee

    I saw you’re seeing Le this summer Joey. Color me jealous!! I saw her at a very small show in October of 07 in Atlantic City. It was amazing. Have a great time!!!!

  • female vocalist

    @Hi I’m Lia … Who is the whiner? … ha ha ha … Guess LR does have some fans and you can’t take it. You B and the fundies can’t handle that LR is VERY popular and you are nothing but negative internet leeches.

    LUV to LR and EC

  • Hi I’m Lia

    female vocalist=LeAnne.

    If LAnne is so popular, why is this the only site where rabid idiots flock to defend her. There are a million other sites where people call her out for the talentless homewrecker that she is.

    BTW he is stil MARRIED!!! HELLO!!!

  • Ruth

    I understand that her fans love her and that’s fine.

    Personally I am sick and tired of seeing their grinning vapid faces on this website. Her PR team have been working overtime to prevent further backlash after their unbelievably cruel and nasty behaviour towards their spouses. Couples break up every day but so-called celebs usually act with more discretion if only to prevent damage to their own careers. In this case LeAnn and Eddie totally crushed their former partners with lies, dragging them through a quite unnecessary media trashing.

    As for the nasty words about the former Mrs. Cibrian – she has behaved like a lady, something Rimes and Cibrian cannot understand. Whatever their relationship, the Cibrian marriage could have been ended without all the filth and blatant cruelty if only he had known how to behave.

    I wish this couple well and they will need it. As the years go by she will learn just what this man really is – cheaters don’t change with time. Hopefully he will take some acting lessons as well. LeAnn is talented, he is just pretty and that won’t last forever.

    I wish the former Mrs. Cibrian and her family all the best – they deserve it.

  • Jen Z

    I like that LeAnn doesn’t plaster her natural good looks in make-up or behind cosmetic surgery. The look good together and happy.Other couples have gone through the same steps they have and made it. I like to see them get added to that list.

  • female vocalist

    From what I understand BG has dated also, AND SHE IS STILL MARRIED TOO. Hypocrite! Guess in the fundie book she would be an adulterer also. True?

  • female vocalist

    BTW if no one caught it. BG lied on camera. She was NOT pregnant when the movie was shot. LR has been with EC for about a year and the youngest is 3 yrs old. Ladies don’t lie Ruth. Sorry. Try something else.

  • lisali

    They look cute! I loved her “swingin” performance at the CMT’s.

  • Michelle

    female vocalist @ 06/14/2010 at 10:18 am 0

    From what I understand BG has dated also, AND SHE IS STILL MARRIED TOO. Hypocrite! Guess in the fundie book she would be an adulterer also. True?
    What a really silly remark. Mrs. Cibrian has been through hell for the past year and deserves any happiness that she can find with a real man who (hopefully) isn’t a serial cheater like her former partner. She isn’t the source of the problem and doesn’t deserve the nasty remarks. She has to keep it together, protect her children and family, whilst her idiot ex and his nasty girlfriend continue to do their photoshoots all over the place. I understand that they are desperately trying to stop the backlash and the damage to their careers but people don’t forget so easily. I wouldn’t care but he has absolutely no talent whatsoever and couldn’t act with a gun to his head! She has the talent and the money so he will stay with her until he finds another easy woman – and he will.

  • Lisa

    @somethin cookin:
    When they were coming back from Nashville I don’t think either of them got much sleep. That would probably account for the appearance.

  • jaye

    This fugly homewrecker with the grinny smile is milking as much all this publicity as she can, since when has she had a hit single or album?

  • Daisy

    Get over it. These two deserve each other. They will be miserable soon enough!

  • Michelle

    female vocalist @ 06/14/2010 at 10:22 am +1

    BTW if no one caught it. BG lied on camera. She was NOT pregnant when the movie was shot. LR has been with EC for about a year and the youngest is 3 yrs old. Ladies don’t lie Ruth. Sorry. Try something else.

    I am absolutely sure that Mrs. Cibrian (yes, she is still his wife) hasn’t lied. In fact she has said very little in response to the overwhelming PR campaign carried out by the Rimes team. Just leave her alone, none of us can imagine what it is like to be publically humiliated in this way. As has been said before, couples divorce but he didn’t have to treat her in that cruel way.

    Can anyone on this board, even if they are big fans of Eddie and LeAnn, condone such behaviour? Perhaps you can if you are still teenagers or very young women who have never been hurt like that. But live a little longer and see that they behaved disgustingly. They could have separated without him carrying out a very public affair with a married woman. There is NO excuse for his behaviour and his family (ex wife, children, both sets of parents) didn’t deserve that.

    Btw, I am sure that the Rimes PR team are working hard on this thread as they always do. Good work guys – but the public doesn’t forget so easily.

  • Kris

    very sweet!

    liking the blouse!

    happy b’day Eddie!

  • Joey F.

    Erin, I’ll drive hours to catch her concerts and I’ve put on many a mile over many years and gotten a few meet & greets too. In person she is even prettier and sweeter than you can imagine.

  • Go Ask Alice

    So trueRuth.
    So true Daisy.

    They are a couple and have been for the past 2 years.
    Do the Math. Do the Math.

    Dean Sheremet has a nice bank acct. and great retirement from LeAnn and is living a good life being his own ,getting his own job.

    Brandi , who really went through the worst, can move on. Too bad Dean had challenge her on support and alimony. That was mean of him. Too bad LeAnn filed a lawsuit against Brandi, which LeAnn has now dropped.Wow. Talk about poor add insult to injury to Brandi glanville.

    LeAnn’s voice is great.
    She is a major CM talent.
    She has years of CM behind her.
    THis personal mess made a blemish on her career.
    That song, Swing’inis a big mistake.
    It sounds just like her song from last time.I forgot the name of it.
    She would have done better putting out a slow song showing her well known vocal range.
    Miranda ALmbert has one out like this and Carrie has Temporary Home. I forgot Miranda’s song, but it is really good.

  • cbme

    @new tunes please: I am so glad you said what you did. Sometime ago I said that bad publicity can be good publicity and the other side thought that was so funny. I really believe that.

  • cbme

    @Hi I’m Lia: No, what is fun is to watch you hard scrabble supporters try to find something wrong with everything this couple does. LeAnn is a very talented, good looking woman who is picked to death because someone else is jealous.

  • good vibes

    Eddie gets a b’day party this week from what I read on LeAnns TWITTER. Shes known to throw good parties. The girls got pizazz, sparkle and a great heart.

  • ynop

    She’s really stepped up her style.

  • cbme

    @Michelle: Who hasn’t been down this divorce road? The only difference in her and any other woman going through divorce is the rest of the divorced women didn’t make sure everybody in the world “enjoyed” it with her. Get off your high horse – “whilst?” Are you English? Have YOU ever been through a divorce? Guess you must live in the past; Is that the reason you approve of “year old” news? I wish LeAnn the best since she WORKS hard at her talent and career – she doesn’t just pick on someone else because she is jealous of success. The ex isn’t or hasn’t been required to make it on her own and I guess has plenty of time to arrange these “facts” that she reports.

  • T.

    @new tunes please: I totally agree with both of you things happen people fall in and OUT of love its life/

  • LeAnn Fan

    “I’m Havin Me A Party”…… of my favorite music videos by Shania Twain & Billy Currington.

    Happy Birthday Eddie !!!…..and many happy returns of the day !!!

  • cbme

    I agree, LeAnn Fan and others, Happy Birthday Eddie and happy
    “divorce is finally over” for LeAnn. Many returns for Eddie but I don’t want to say that to LeAnn concerning divorce.

  • eough

    I guess this is some sort of a revenge for Leanne when her father dumped her mother for a younger version of her. but the thing is what did Eddie Cibriani’s kids ever do to her that she had to deny them a father and a loving home. She’s been there done that. Leanne Rhimes should know better.

  • lily

    eddie’s a gemini like me…..any other gems on here?