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Megan Fox: 18 Inch Waist!!!

Megan Fox: 18 Inch Waist!!!

Megan Fox‘s waistline was the talk of the town when the first pictures of her walking around the Jonah Hex set wearing a corset popped up online.

“It’s small,” she admitted to MTV of her waistline. “We got it down to 18 inches. But in the action scenes, we loosened it up, because everyone was afraid I was going to pass out. At the end of the day when we would take it off, it would leave these deep grooves, these deep indents from the boning in the corset. I’d have it for the whole next day. The next 24 hours I’d be imprinted with the corset. It hurts your ribs!”

Was Megan able to keep the corsets as souvenirs? “Those were all actually vintage corsets that needed to go back,” Megan said. “I couldn’t own them. Plus, they were all falling apart by the end of the movie. I beat them to hell.”

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  • omgihejm

    Megan Fox is absolutely beautiful.
    BUT hearing about the corsets basically crushing her ribs-even though her waistline is only 18 inches- sickens me. I’m sure the director or costume designer thought that it would make her look “sexy” but it just looks like torture to me.
    Ladies, we’ve got to EAT.

  • Malorie

    18 inches?! that’s the size of Barbie’s waist if she was life size… skinny…

  • ka-blamo

    She is sooooo fat. Like OMG.

  • wowyv

    I would love it if my waist could get to 18 inches. Women for years have been crushing their torsos to make them appear smaller. Having a woman like marilyn monroe, and her larger size, yet she could get a 23 inch waist. That’s nothing compared to megan with her already small structure. Oh and hey genius above,You can still eat and have a small waist. Its called, don’t be a pig and give in to gluttony. Duh

  • Lily

    is this worthy news jared?

  • Dreads

    Woh. 18 inches?!! That’s cool but as #1 said, it’s more of a torture to me than acting. They put her in it just to be sexy and hot. It’s weird to think that women used to do this to themselves before to have smaller waists. Unbelievable. But I think it looks scary when the waist is too small, like Megan’s. Oh well……by the way, also as #5 pointed out, is THIS truly newsworthy Jared??!!?!?!

  • Portinari

    Now Megan Fox is just trying to make me feel bad about myself. :P

  • Courtney

    hello that’s typical in a period piece film so Megan having to do it in Jonah Hex isn’t surprising for instance Vanessa Redgrave had to in camelot granted she’d also had her youngest daughter from her first marriage Joely 17 months before Camelot began filming and was still breastfeeding the baby so it would’ve looked awakard had she not worn a corset

    here’s a still shot of her in costume from the movie

  • anon

    That’s likie Scarlett O’Hara in Gone with the Wind

  • Doggie Style

    Yep…LIke Scarlett O’ Hara in, “Gone With The Wind.” 18 inches DAMN!!!!

  • well
  • jdub

    this is actually old news and i thought JJ posted this back when she first talked about it….when the first pics of Megan filming Jonah Hex came out, it was established that her waist went from 22 to 18 inches with the corset

    she’s gorgeous.

  • Nia

    18 ” waist & 56 IQ

  • Men’s online magazine

    She is definitely a skinny chick, but still really hot

  • dp

    That is sickening there is nothing to be proud of it. Women have died because of having such narrow waists it’s usually an indication of genetic disorders. If not treated it’s fatal esspeically if the person is trying to bare children. She already has a collapsed rib cage and having that small waist gives me the picture of her organs being tightly squshed which is NEVER a good thing. Sombody needs to feed and treat that girl if she ever wants to be a mother. Being sickly skinny and narrow waist is NEVER a good thing.

  • anon


    “Is this newsworthy?”
    What a stupid question for a celeb site.

  • umwtf?

    “Ladies, we’ve got to EAT.”
    what does that have to do with the corset they put on her? Im pretty sure we all eat thanks..

    Dp what are talking about? The girl is wearing a corset designed to painfully make your waist smaller, women have done this since the 50s and way way farther then that…

    “Somebody needs to feed and treat that girl if she ever wants to be a mother”
    Really? say that to Gisele Bundchen & Alessandra Ambrosio. Both skinny. Both mothers. Try again.

    Gotta laugh at these comments..

  • Courtney

    duh that why it’s called a period piece and besides Vivian Leigh of this era Megan fox will never be incase some of you ignoramouses didn’t know Ms Leigh won her first academy award for her portrail of Scarlett O’hara and plenty of actresses that have had to wear corsets for films have safely born children including some that did while they were pregnant

    for example Shirley Jones wears a corset through the entire movie the Music Man and she was seven months pregnant with her son Patrick when that production ended in november 1961 and he was born fine January 4th 1962 or Joanne Woodward did in parts of Rally Round The Flag Boys during most of the production of Which she was pregnant with her & Paul Newman’s oldest daughter Elinore after having miscarried their first child not even a year earlier during their honeymoon so some of those filming days were really nerve wracking for both of them because they were scared that she might miscarry again but thankfully she didn’t and Nell was born perfectly healthy April 8th 1959 in New York as Paul happened to be in sweet bird of youth on broadway at the time

    models are held to a totally different standard than actresses are and are taller to start with never mind the fact that Megan is average heigh 5’4″ like Amy Adams Eva Marie Saint & Joanne Woodward are or were at one point and all three have had to wear corsets on film either before they had kids or after so it’s not that big a deal

    like this picture of Paul & Joanne Together taken in January 1965 when she was 4 months pregnant with their youngest daughter Claire Olivia

  • jian bei

    I find this more disturbing than sexy.

  • Brightside

    I don’t think corsets are a good look for a woman, even on Megan Fox. This is Cathie Jung, who is proud of the fact that she can squeeze her torso into a 15″ corset. I can’t look at her without feeling ick.

  • dp

    I never said ALL women die. And if you watched the SP E of the classics like I do yould hear what the actresses thought about the corsets they were FORCED to endure. Lots of the actresses of hollywood went through so much pain and literally did a number on themselevs trying to ‘stand out’ scarlet oharas waist was never measured before her pregnancy but after and it was implied that she was a 18 and a half inch waist before getting pregnant. The history of the corset itself in it’s popular time literaly caused women so much greif they started burning them at one point. I personaly have a gf that has a 24 inch waist and we’re trying to gain more weight after 2 miscarriages because We were told flat out that if we ever wanted to be parents we would put on weight So Im not spewing BS it’s just some people are either luckier than others or pulling alot of hollywood magic. .

  • stfn88


    hahahahahha LOOOOVED UR COMMENT!

  • stfn88

    “WE’VE GOTTA EAT”???


  • yeah

    I think she looks hot with that corset. People have done much worse for acting. These people put on and take off insane amounts of weight for roles, I don’t see how MF wearing a corset is so bad.

  • retrobanana

    such an attention whore ans he is no marilyn and no Viv Leigh…she is too scrawny for my liking i prefer the waists of the aboves or a marissa miller or vic becks…..megan just doesnt do it…i wont deny the girl is hot but she doesnt even have an ass.

  • jane

    thats too small

  • Times a tickin

    Sorry but people who are all plastic don’t do it for me. Seeing Megan’s before and after pics ruined her for me. If you paid to look that way, then you aren’t really beautiful in my eyes. Also her “acting” leaves a lot to be desired.

  • frensis

    Maybe it’s small it doesn’t look any attractive. The girl is beautiful though.

  • Erin

    Probably an exaggeration. TBH.

  • LuLu

    @omgihejm: actually they were making it athentic. durring that time your waist was suppose to match or be less than your age