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Nicole Kidman & Sunday Rose: Sydney Arrival!

Nicole Kidman & Sunday Rose: Sydney Arrival!

Nicole Kidman arrives with daughter Sunday Rose on Tuesday (June 15) in Sydney, Australia.

Sunday will celebrate her second birthday next month but does she look more like her mom or her dad Keith Urban?

Keith recently shared, “I think [Sunday] is a combination of both of us so far but she got my wife’s legs, which is very lucky for her. She sure didn’t deserve mine.” Ha!

DO YOU THINK Sunday looks more like Nicole or Keith?

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Credit: Blue Wasp/Red Wasp; Photos: SplashNewsOnline
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  • Belinda

    I think she looks more like Keith.

  • daisy

    She looks just like her father. Cute!

  • beautiful

    they look awesome! Nicole looks absolutely great and love her stylee! Sunday is really cute, she is a great mix, more towards Keith side but he was right she does have Nicole’s legs! love this family but Keith is missing!

  • hate this


  • lucylui

    don’t try to pretty her up nicole it ain’t going to work. this child is so un pretty

  • poopi

    she is exactly like her mama exept her nose!

  • hopeso

    I LOVE THEM!!!!! My god she looks just like her father, look at those cheeks..WOW.

  • Bella


  • eough

    oh goody now that she have her own biological child. Who cares about her adopted children with Tom Cruise. They’re just disposable kids to her right?

  • Kat

    amazing how the paps knew just when they would be arriving. Hope Nicole remembers that father’s day is on Sunday. Keith has a show on friday so he can’t fly off to Sydney. So much for that 3 day rule he works his ass off to keep.

  • to hate this

    are you jealous or what?

  • to enough

    for god’s sake get real! connor and bella are almost young adults with lives of their own. they are not small children that need to be at their mother’s side at every possible minute. they are allowed to have their independence you know. or maybe you have difficutly with the concept.

  • NicKeith

    cutie pie.

  • to enough

    um, bella is now 18 years old and adult by law. she can decide where and when she wants to be. as for connor, he’s 15 years old. and honestly, what 15 year old boy wants to be dragged around the world by his mother, or his father for that matter, so he can be photographed by the paps at every turn. in any case you are not the mother of these two children so what you think really doesn’t matter.

  • Gabrielle

    TO LuciLu

    How cruel and ugly you must be, inside and out, to call a toddler unattractive. She is very cute!

  • Karrie

    @lucylui: She is a just a little girl, so you shouldn’t judge. I think she is adorable! What a lovely family!

  • Land

    @to enough: You are wrong – Isabella is only 17 years old. She was born in December of 1992, and even if she would have been 18, does that mean that she doesn’t spend time with her mom? Kids that age love to travel, and remember, Nicole is going there to see her family. When was the last time Isabella and Connor spent time with their mom’s family?

    Also, how many people does it take to get Nicole through an airport? Can’t she do anything for herself?

  • troi


    Keith already has said that they aren’t going to celebrate the American father’s day because it lands on Nicole’s birthday. They are going to celebrate the Australian father’s day in September.

    And they do see the kids in Nashville, but unlike Tom she doesn’t pimp them out. Keith even referred to them in his last interview in a casual comment about what they think of a C&W song.

  • arlene

    me encanta como esta vestida sunday rose ,es hermosa ,parece una muneca de porcelana

  • irene olson

    Little Sunday truly resembles her daddy. She is a precious child just as are all children. Nicole’s wedding reception is this month in Australia. You can bet Keith will be on the first available plane out of Chicago. So what if the three day rule is at times five or six. Give this lovely family a break.

  • irene olson

    Oops! Nicole’s SISTER’S wedding reception is this month in Australia. I apologize for the error.

  • k

    Unfortunately she looks more like Keith, I think Nicole is beautiful, Keith not so much.

  • irene

    I think your question should be worded:

    When was the last time Isabella and Connor were photographed by papparazis spending time with their mom’s family? Or calling them on the phone? or videocalling them? or the grandfamily going o wherever they are? We do not get to see all comings and goings of Hollywood A-listers, not even all those from that mother plus 8, and neither of Speidi, as PR hungry they are. Not even theirs, much less Nicole’s family. Sometimes they wil be caught, and others they may allow it, who knows? I don’t, and don’t really care. I admire her kid. She is very pretty, and Nicole’s work has been good trough the years. She deserves he family’s shes got.

  • ++Logan++

    I love Nicole’s outfit. Looks classy. Sunday looks exactly like her father.

  • shelly


    How do you sleep at night posting such mean things that would surely hurt the children had they read it? Grow up. Nicole got Keith. You didn’t. Stop saying mean things in spite.

  • Carly


    Given that both Nicole and Keith are Australian they probably wouldn’t celebrate Father’s day until September which is when the day celebrated there?

  • shelly

    Sunday is adorable. Nicole does have fabulous legs, although Keith’s are quite attractive in a whole other way, to me. :-) Have you ever seen those thighs in his snug jeans? To die for!

  • RobT

    Jealous women are bad news. Apparently Keith has left some *winners* behind. Lucky man, Keith! Some have shown how psychotic they are on here with their ridiculous attacks on your beautiful wife. You won, my brother! You won!

  • Tracy

    RobT, he did have some unfortunate years when alcohol/drugs led to some unfortunate choices and I’m sure he regrets the alcohol, drugs and psychotic women. I give him props for conquering his demons, and some of those demons are alive and kicking, doncha know?

  • Tracy

    LOVE LOVE LOVE Nicole’s boots! Sunday is a sweetie!

  • well

    Sunday Rose is a little cutie and combo of both parents. I adore both Nic and Keith but Urban can sing to me anytime. Nicole, I hope you didn’t make a mistake being in a movie with Aniston.

  • me

    a comment on plastic surgery, self esteem and parenthood . . .

    i know women in the entertainment industry are pressured to fit unforgiving external standards of beauty and i just wonder what such continuous pressure does to them.

    nicole seems lovely and sensible so I don’t mean to cast doubt on her personally. its just that she represents something to me because she has looked so perfect publicly. but its a purchased, plastic perfection

    honestly, i’d feel insecure if i was around someone who had invested so much in the perfection of appearances. when someone pursues aesthetic perfection to such a degree it sends the message to everyone who sees them that that is what is to be valued. and that message is corrosive and self-defeating.

    how do you learn to love yourself as you are if your mother has invested so much in cultivating perfection.

  • Rachel


    If you look at photos of Nicole when she first started out and today, there’s not much difference. Maybe her lips. That’s really not much and I think she looks better with thin lips. She is one of those natural beauties I think. We can all look at her from a distance and assume she isn’t real BECAUSE she’s so perfect, but I’m sure she is. She got a wonderful man to fall head over heals in love with her. She must be pretty down to earth and real to do that.

  • to me

    “how do you learn to love yourself as you are if your mother has invested so much in cultivating perfection”

    you learn to love yourself through the fact that you are loved by your parents and this kid surely is.

    And perfection? well it’s not hard to cultivate that if you are the incarnation of perfection in all possible ways. And this women almost is.

  • dani


    Why do you think these actresses and actors feel as though they must use botox, lip plumpers, plastic surgery and whatever the newest youth technique is?

    It is because of “us” – the public. If actresses let themselves age normally they are no longer marketable because the public doesn’t like to see “old” in romantic leads etc. With the onset of High Definition television, the pressure is on even more to keep your skin wrinkle-free since HD shows everything.

    And if actresses age normally, posters on blogs like this go “ewww” look at that. Look at TMZ–they constantly have their “who would you rather” category showing unflattering poses or aging actresses, actors etc.

    Read comments in the various blogs and the younger generation is horribly cruel towards aging actors/actresses–they must think they are never going to age and get wrinkles, flab etc.

    And after all that–I think Nicole has used lip plumpers and botox and most likely skin bleach (freckles), but I don’t think she has done a lot of plastic surgery unlike Meg Ryan say. Or even her ex-tom cruise. If you look at him now and two or three years ago, his hairline has receded forward, his cheeks are more sculpted, and the bags under his eyes are gone. No one picks on him.

  • dani


    Well Land, you don’t know and neither do we when Bella and Connor last saw their mom or their grandparents. You assume with no real knowledge.

    And regarding Nicole and the airport–three of those in the pics are airport personnel and the other one appears to be her assistant. She pretty much gets followed by the paps the minute she puts her foot down in Australia. She has said and so has Keith that they like Nashville over Australia for living because the paps are not present. In Australia they are hounded.

  • riley

    # 32…man, YOU need to get a life!

    Your comments made me laugh!


    Sorry to disagree with the word perfection, but if you saw her in her late teens she wasn’t perfection , she has made herself beautiful.
    Jlopez was not an attractive 20 yr old by a long shot, but has tried hard to make herself beautiful. The problem with Nicole Kidman is……..she looks cold, or too done up, or something. Obviously you are her fans but ask around there are not many people who find Nicole beautiful. I can tell you that for a fact.Whether you choose to believe it or not is another thing , but 40 people doesn’t make it so. The same goes foe Angelina Jolie, you would be surprised how many people don’t think much of her, paticularly her lips . Jen Aniston is more attractive to the population at large, but you wouldn’t think so coming from JJ

  • lily of the valley

    Sunday Rose looks like her mom in these pics.

    Such a beautiful child.

  • Lucky Charm

    Her legs may be mom, but her cute little face is all daddy!

  • Truth

    Stupid Aussie shame old witch

  • NicKeith

    Aussie Aussie Aussie oui oui oui…

  • NicKeith

    Ozzie Ozzie Ozzie, Oi Oi Oi

  • taco

    lmao!!! such a big LOSER

  • Slig

    She acxatliy like father keith urban nicol like age 6o year old

  • emma#2

    Well beautiful Nicole couldn’t keep Tom.

    Yes Jackie O had a lot of style, But she couldn’t keep JFK INTERESTED. Talk was, had he lived and finished his time in office they would have divorced! Why did she stay with a man who had so many affairs. Maybe she liked the perks. And ONASSIS, WAS ONE HUGE NEVER ENDING PERK. Jackie sold herself….so much for her style.
    Princess Diana was stylish, but she too could not keep Charles interested. He chose Camilla, but listening to that tape , he worshiped her.
    As for an arranged marriage between Tom and Katie….what a joke. Everybody knows that Katie was accepted into Columbia university, but accepted the part in DC one week before her acceptance, but a lot of you won’t accept it.
    Yes he made her more famous than she would have been without him, but the second Batman would have gone ahead , and producers had her in mind as the new Bond girl, not to mention that her name was going around as possible Wonder Woman , as she resembles Lynda Carter, the dark hair and green eyes, and the same height.
    The trouble Dani ,is , Scientology clouds your mind and thinking, along with the other regular haters.
    Katie is a gorgeous girl. you severely under estimate and under rate her, but had she not been with Tom , you really can’t say where her career would have taken her. Maybe being with Tom has hindered her career, have you stopped to think that ……no you are filled too much with hate to think that.
    Whatever you think , they have something so adorable between them, something that for whatever reason just didn’t happen in his other relationships……SURI is her name, and the older she gets the more she resembles her father. Acording to Nicole herself she had 2 miscarriages while she was with Tom.
    Maybe Katie isn’t as’ beautiful ‘as Nicole (matter of taste) or as stylish as Jackie O( again matter of taste). but maybe she has something……you know that something, which can be more interesting and intruiging than Nicole or Jackie.
    Here it comes.!

  • gerry

    your love for katie holmes is disturbing.

    you forgot a little element: KIDMAN IS A 10000000000000 TIMES BETTER ACTRESS THAN 3TH MRS TOM CRUISE(next 4th former mrs cruise)…but whatever…

  • tash

    She looks more like Nicole did as a baby. What Nicole looked like as a child is so completely different to her now. Nicole’s changed heaps in her face, but Sunday looks more like her as a baby.

  • Rachel


    Any man that dumps his wife for a much younger woman isn’t worth keeping. THEY are the ones with the problems. THEY need a young woman to make them feel like a man. It happens to many women and it says more about the man, than the woman.

  • Rachel

    Oh, and Nicole has Keith now. A great man who doesn’t need a 20 something girl to feed his ego. I’m sure Tom never enters her mind.