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Piers Morgan to Replace CNN's Larry King

Piers Morgan to Replace CNN's Larry King

America’s Got Talent judge Piers Morgan is said to be in negotiations to be the new Larry King for CNN.

The 45-year-old Brit reportedly has a four-year contract to consider and if accepted, will start a primetime show in the fall.

According to UK’s Telegraph, “CNN executives were also impressed by his British chat show, Piers Morgan’s Life Stories, in which he interviewed [UK's Prime Minister] Gordon Brown.”

WILL YOU TUNE IN to watch Piers Morgan’s show?

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  • dee

    Hellll noooooooooooooooooooooooo

    i am british and he is one of the worst British “Journalist” in our country!!!

    please god no …..

    they should atleast get someone who is in the same and the best standards as Larry King….

  • Nora

    Anyone would be better than Larry…

  • Nic

    Are you kidding me?!!! I threw up reading this, no one can TOUCH King!!!

    Let alone that douche!!

  • Eric Shinn

    OMG that pic of Piers is so HOT!!!!! Jared please post up the full pic (hi res with zoom)!!!!!

  • Rocky

    I’d rather watch Piers than Larry. Can’t stand looking at Larry, he makes me want to throw up.

  • Fresh

    Ill continue to not watch.

  • Isabelle

    Aren’t there enough people in the States to choose from?

  • well

    King lobs soft ball questions (and seems out of touch with some interviews background), Morgan can be direct and blunt…I like that. I’d start watching again.

  • Paulie

    Ew, definitely NO.

  • Ladyb

    I don’t think I will like Morgan. That’s King’s job. nobody can be better than him.

  • Athina

    Larry is the best. People make rude comments about him but the proof is in his longevity. He’s a great interviewer and the only reason you are being so hateful is because you are ageists. Yes, he has wrinkles; yes, he’s getting old….so what….your turn will come….you won’t escape it…

  • Halli

    This is why CNN is dead LAST in the ratings. Even though they are available on basic cable and almost everyone has access to CNN, people are still not watching because they no longer care about real good quality reporting.

  • Jackie

    I can’t stand Piers Morgan. One of the most pompous, ‘know it all’ journalists if you can call him a journalist in the first place. He’s horrid.

  • troi


    Actually he is not a great interviewer. He frequently is unprepared and often puts his foot in his mouth.

    Furthermore he is known as the go-to when you need to repair your image because he never asks the deep and probing questions.

    Actually he is rather a laughing stock among real reporters.

    He serves a purpose–and that is to provide entertainment which he does. But as a journalist–no way.

    And that is what Piers would do-provide entertainment. He will most likely tho ask the hard questions as he has been rather a rag journalist in Britain.

  • whatever

    OH HALE NO. I’d be better entertained getting a root canal, without anesthesia.

  • Janice Russo

    I like Piers. I think he will add sparkle to CNN. It’s time for Larry to ride off into the sunset & spend what time he has left with his children.

  • happy girl

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOO! We need an American to do it for in times of tragedy, you need to hear a comforting AMERICAN voice like Anderson Cooper or maybe Katie Couric or something. Or Oprah. I love the Brits but no, this is not good.

  • broken piers

    absolutely not
    he should not be permitted on america’s airwaves. he is unprofessional and a troublemaker

  • no to piers

    they need to find someone as good as larry king
    piers ain’t it

  • boo

    just because he has a british accent doesn’t mean he’s smart!!! he’s common and just like peg leg pirate heather mills he can’t make it in his country, so he’s pulling a fast one over here.

  • TLC

    My shortlist:
    Bob Costas
    Ryan Seacrest

    Anderson Cooper would be perfect
    Rick Sanchez (OMG)
    Jerry Seinfeld

    Not Piers. No brits please.

  • robbie


    I’m no fan of Piers, but he does make money in Britain. Shed loads of it. He’s never off the TV (has a number of shows on the go) or out of the papers. Has had a long career as a national newspaper editor, and even his autobiography was a massive seller.

  • Londoner

    CNN have really sunk. Piers Morgan is vile and so smug, makes my skin crawl. He is such a blo0dy Cowell wannane and so unpopular here thus he’s trying to make it in America lmfao. Please take him.

  • Jerry6

    I have tried to watch Larry King many times because of the person he was “Interviewing”, but seldom lasted for more than a few minutes. There never seemed to be any substance to his questions or comments. Maybe age has something to do with it; or his private life. After all, with the many wives he has had, he does not come off as very stable, himself.

  • Abigail

    NO WAY. Larry King is the best. Piers Morgan is the most sarcastic person I’ve ever seen. Sarcastic, stuck up, arrogant, Simon Cowell-wannabe. There I said it. He’s trying too hard to be everyone. He doesn’t look good, he’s not that famous, and he thinks he owns Britain and now America. NO WAY.

  • lisa

    definitely yes, i like piers

  • Caro

    I like Piers Morgan for his sensitiveness, his good heart, his talent in writting so many books, his ability in quick judging on BGT and AGT, no “finickying” with him, direct to the point.

    As for replacing Larry King, I just wonder how he’s gonna make it. I feel the interviewer has to almost know America inside out, I mean not only the entertainment world, but also politic, USA history, etc., depending on the current event. I think it’s gonna be an awful lot of daily work. Phew!

    Will he be able to take up the challenge?