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Cristiano Ronaldo Joins Twitter & Facebook!

Cristiano Ronaldo Joins Twitter & Facebook!

Cristiano Ronaldo is now on Facebook and Twitter!

The 25-year-old soccer star and model shared, “As much as I hope to be an inspiration to my fans, I want you to know that YOU inspire ME.”

“So today I’m kicking off my official Facebook page, YouTube channel and Twitter profile for us to share our passions from the World Cup and beyond,” Cristiano added.

Follow him @cristiano or friend him at!

Cristiano Ronaldo on Facebook

Cristiano Ronaldo on YouTube

Just Jared on Facebook
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  • shannon

    i literally hate him, id stab him if I could

  • Rita

    Why do people hate him? Just because they don’t find him attractive or they find him cocky? He’s a good soccer player, which matters the most. Plus I think he’s hot so whatever to haters.


    well i don’t find him in the least bit attractive but i watched his documentary last year and he is a total sweetheart! very passionate and driven and honest

  • Donovan

    I do not hate him but he looks awfully greasy in that screen cap. Kinda like a guy who would slip a girl something at a party. Maybe it’s the lighting?

  • miss_aveiro

    first!!… omg I just love him sooo much!!!!!! =) u can’t say something bad about him… he’s handsome, has a veryyyy nice body and is very talented!!!

  • Rita

    @Donovan, he’s European, that’s all.

  • Donovan

    @Rita: LOL

  • OMG!

    WHHAT? He’s damn finee maaan! Aaaaawww so hot and the greatest footballer you will see next match he will score 3 goals ;)

  • Jason

    I respect him as a footballer He’s the Best!!!

  • http://j ivanka

    never heard him speak before, lol his accent, doesn’t matter with that hot body he has

  • pixy

    so sleazy i feel as though i got an STI just from looking at his picture…eww. you all can have him….

  • sun

    I can’t stand him! he thinks he is the center of the world and the best everything…Well, he’s not

    And according to his twitter does not even know “hola” is written with “h”. Hasn’t he been living in Spain for monts now? Oh, how smart!

  • face

    ugly. yet he thinks he’s hot.

  • ty


    Don’t you know Leo Messi? he’s AMAZING

  • claire

    @Rita: You must be joking?! Yeah he’s european but most of europeans have class and education. And yeah he’s not very classy but we can’t be all. I am sure that most of american’s looks ten times worst than him. Try to walk on a street in Washington or Los Angeles and then walk on a street in London, Paris, Lisbon or Madrid. You will see the difference

  • Jake

    @sun: LOOOOL how dumb of you! He’s saying Hello in PORTUGUESE, he’s language not Spanish…

  • Rita

    @claire so what’s your point?

  • Jake

    @Rita: That he’s not like that because he’s from Europe. My point is that he comes from a poor family and he’s a little bit cheesy lol

  • Marta

    @sun: excuse me, are you for real?! Before you write something like that again you should think first. As you should know, Ronaldo is PORTUGUESE, and I believe it’s common knowledge that the portuguese word for HELLO is OLA. So, who’s the dumb person now, huh?

  • Claire

    @Rita: @Jake: Jake that’s exactly my point

  • Realistic

    Cristiano is cute I just do not care for the company he keeps sometimes (Paris and Kim Kard.). His confidence and cockiness is ok to me because he leaves it on the field where it belongs and he is an great soccer player. You have to have a certain amount of confidence in yourself when you play a sport.
    It’s nice to see new faces on here instead of the same celebs. :)

  • Candy

    It’s clear that u are dumber than u claim Cristiano to be or u wouldn’t make that RETARDED comment. Get a F@$*ing like LOSER! @sun: @sun:

  • Britney

    @pixy: U should be more worried about getting that STI from ur boyfriend who’s sleeping with ur bestfriend. How about u take care of that b4 u judge someone else. Huh? Good luck to ya! A pity we can’t see who makes these comments. Bunch of losers!

  • elle

    Hola, the H is silent so his just writing it like it is said, that’s all. His a cutie and even though Portugal won’t win the WC I wish him all the best even more good wishes for our club RM ;).

  • yeah

    He is an amazing soccer player and handsome too!

  • Britney

    @shannon: Upon seeing ur reflection in the mirror, u should do me a favor and stab urself!!!

  • Britney

    @shannon: Upon seeing ur reflection in the mirror, u should do everyone a favor and stab urself!!! PIG!!!

  • Catchy

    FOOTBALL, Cristiano!! FOOTBALL!!
    not ads, or facebook, or twitter, or anything!

  • Really?

    All you morons are evidently lacking football knowledge. And you actually have the cheek to take the piss out of Europeans. Are you having a laugh?. Me, being a Londoner, cant help but laugh at the broad line racist, ignorant comments being spouted by a bunch of twats. Ronaldo is a great footballer, whether you like it or not. Him and Messi are just a huge joy to watch. His arrogance is part of what makes him THE Cristiano Ronaldo. He knows he can play well, so whats stopping him from enjoying his talent? Gosh, you guys are seriously a bunch of wums. Those bimbos calling him “greasy” need to get a reality check? Because at the end of the day, your big sad lazy arse is sat at home typing away rubbish, while he has a Million euro insurance on his feet and billions of girls lining up for him. His skin tone is dark because of something called a TAN. He being a FOOTBALLER, his job requires for HIM to GO play on a FIELD. Spain is a HOT country, so I hope by now, you would get the gist, if not. Then go jump of a bridge.

    Im glad hes making a twitter. He is an interesting character. And I wish him and Portugal all the best.

    Go ON ENGLAND. lol

  • wtv

    Ugly hair and head and teeth.

  • Brightside

    He looks a lot better when he’s playing football.

  • Anne

    just show us the good ronaldo, stop talking and show us the goods.

  • me

    @sun: “ola” is portuguese

  • Andreia

    E falar português não?

  • Emily

    @sun: OLA is Portuguese. I guess he isn’t so stupid after all, idiot. Interesting how people just love to shit on this guy.

  • Fishy

    He’s trash, he actually threatened to beat on one of his high school teachers back in his day. And he’s REALLY ugly.

  • DEA

    he is sooooooooooooooo ugly ! HAHAHAHAHHAHAHA

  • Kelly

    @Andreia: LOLL é isso mesmo xD


  • Beam

    @Rita: just from reading what you wrote, I can tell you are smart. NOT. Having a big mouth but not a big culture of the world doesn’t give a nice result, at all.

  • Weber from Brazil

    I found him a really HOT³³ dude *-*
    And I love this mix of britain/portuguese accent :)

  • Macedonian Girl

    Glad he’s joining the social networks.
    He’ll be closer to the fans.

  • lol

    He didn’t play that well today.

  • Popsy

    @sun: Ola is “hello” in Portuguese. He’s from Portugal.

  • isabella


  • nana

    not attractive at all

  • getitright

    Hello in PORTUGUESE IS spelled OLA, NOT HOLA -thats spanish!! there is no H, silent or not!!
    why make comments on other people’s ignorance when one doesnt know what they are talking about…

  • r2468

    @Britney: HAHAHAHAHAHAHA great rebuttle. I love it when ppl try to sound clever by using the same argument on the original person who made it. Why don’t you worry about your own bf who’s giving you your bf’s STIs? Do you see what I did there? I used a lame recycled reply like you. I had to clear it up for ya sweetheart since you seem to dim-witted to figure it out. Who cares if someone doesn’t like him? It’s not your problem. Have a nice day! Bye bye loser.


    he’s no anderson cooper =P

  • justkaren

    @shannon: i’m w/ u

  • Sama Yeal

    Ronaldo is the biggest cheat in football. He dived four times against Ivory Coast and tried to get opponents sent off.
    Now he’s crying and complaining that he doesnt udnerstand referees.

    Stop cheating Ronaldo. You great big cry baby wanker.

    I hope the next time you try and get a player sent off, that player punches you in the mouth.