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Hayley Williams & B.o.B.: 'Airplanes' Video Debut!

Hayley Williams & B.o.B.: 'Airplanes' Video Debut!

Check out the video for “Airplanes” from Paramore‘s Hayley Williams and B.o.B.!

Song of the summer right here!!!

Hayley and Paramore will hit the road later this week as they play the Southside Festival in Neuhausen, Germany, before performing shows all across Europe over the summer. Check out concert dates here to see if they’re coming to a town near you!

FYI: The “Airplanes” video was directed by Hiro Murai. He’s worked with Bloc Party and The Fray!

Hayley Williams & B.o.B. – Airplanes
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  • Yasser

    B.o.B really has an amazing future a head of him ,

  • Yasser-LOST-24

    B.o.B really has an amazing future a head of him . and HW what an amazing voice as always .

  • Airbrushed to hell

    Great song. Love the simplicity of the video as well. I also love how there aren’t hoochies up in the video.

  • Dawn

    Great song, great video. Hayley looks stunning as usual.

  • N

    Hayley looked great and it was a nice video.

  • Tyson

    So sick of this song

  • Sacha

    @Tyson: It’s so freaking overplayed!!!

  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o l…

    Hayley’s the feat… Why do you keep saying her name first?!?

  • melody

    i really love this song! Hayley Williams+ B.O.B= AMAZING

  • sdhshe

    They need eminem in the video

  • Really?

    B.o.B is a reallly good rapper. Hayley is amazing as usually. And like others have mentioned I actually like the video. Very nice.

  • KellStar

    I enjoy this song but wouldn’t mind if I never saw “Can we pretend that airplanes in the night sky are like shooting stars” as a facebook status again, it would be too soon.

    I wonder if they will release another video for Airplanes Pt II

  • Chelsea

    Loved it, loved it, loved it!! I get some people might not, cause they play this song alot, but heres my solution just turn the station, Gosh its not that hard. Haaha, but no it was really great B.o.B (God I love him) and Hayley Williams (mee idol!!) were amazing, Hayley looked stunning and I loved itt!!

  • ali

    man. i love that song. i cant stop listening to it!

  • Times a tickin

    I liked this song for awhile but now its way overplayed and his album has songs better than this one.


    Love that song. but pt 2 with eminem is so much better !!

  • Michelle

    The video doesn’t work :(

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  • Stacey

    This is gonna be a classic!

    There is a version with a London Rapper called YJ, he even shot a vid to it.

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