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Katy Perry: 'California Gurls' Music Video Debut!!

Katy Perry: 'California Gurls' Music Video Debut!!

Katy Perry‘s music video for “California Gurls” is finally here!

“I’” the 25-year-old songstress wrote on her Twitter last night after announcing premiere details for her collaboration with Snoop Dogg.

You can also catch the video on TV this evening – it will debut on MTV, VH1, MTV Tr3s, LOGO and Teen Nick at 8/7c!

“California Gurls” is the first single off Katy‘s new album, Teenage Dream, which drops August 24.

FYI: Katy wears a corset candy dress specially made for her by The Blonds in the video. She also wears customized bedazzled Diesel mini shorts.

Katy Perry – California Gurls
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  • francis


  • Carolline

    how cute! hahaha

  • hihihihi

    So sexy and beautiful!! Loved the video! I want to eat cotton candy NOW!!

  • j

    Cute and sweet video! Amazing!

  • efron

    It has nothing to do with the song cus i was picturing like a.. beach?
    But its really cute, and Katy looks fit!!!

  • OTH

    Awesome,love her

  • Whatever…

    While the song IS catchy, I am pretty sure people will get sick of it before summer is over. Also, I find Katy Perry sorta annoying. She comes off as cheesy, the video looks cheap and those wigs… enough already. I dunno, I can listen to the song for another two weeks then I’m over it.

  • Ankka

    my eyes hurt after seeing this, BUT it’s not a bad video ;-)

  • zxc

    Trashy. She is too old for that c/r/a/p/

  • tal


  • Together !

    Katy Perry, I am charmed with your expressions in this video………………….. BUT ! , Why you attack Lady GaGa saying things of the video “Alejandro” , when the truth is that your you are not the holy one either ?

  • .

    The song is horrible. Cute video though!

  • rihanna

    good video ı like it

  • Donovan

    Cute video though it has nothing to do with the song but whatever.

  • Eric Shinn

    I want to eat those cupcakes!!!!!!

  • Macchiato

    its a really cool video!!
    but i don´t get it the song is all about california what does the video has to do with it ? …

  • sam

    That video and song is horrible. Worst lip syncing ever. the song and video are just background for her acting like a celebrity eye whore.


  • Jeremy

    This video has NOTHING to do with the song. The song is about California and the beach. Not Candyland…

  • Nicole

    The video is good and the song is amazing, but the video had nothing to do with California. Since when is California made of cotton candy?

  • Cain

    whoa, i do think this is a big kesha rip off but this video is just undeniable!!!

  • Connie in Des Moines

    The Beat is Ke$ha the Video is a ripoff of Fergie Fergalicious.

  • Dawn

    I want to live in this video..

  • nvrmnd

    hey it’s kherington with the blonde afro, i thought she was a new pussycatDolls?

  • kkb

    fun video :D can’t wait for her new album to come out.

  • bunny

    luv the vid! but how come in the chrous, shes naked??!!

  • Rao

    OMG, this is so cute.

  • ytv

    gross. she needs to evaporate.

  • Alyssa

    Why is she naked, on a cloud, eating cotton candy? Stupid video.

  • paddisonluvr

    Looks absolutely ridiculous. CandyLand, seriously? And if you’re going to do weird bras, do them the Gaga way – with machine guns, not cupcakes. I have no idea why she would ruin the song with this – and it’s not even a super amazing song to begin with.

  • Aly-0127

    She has that timeless beauty and she works it!! Very nice and cute video! love the tune!!

  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o l…

    ….She’s fcuking Gorgeous. So adorable… The song is normal pop-ish, but the video is cute.

  • K_Minogue

    why is she naked lol…this video makes no sense whatsoever,,,she’s pretty but she wants to expose her sexuality more than her song

  • nahir canales

    everything is awesome, for those haters : hey, stop wasting your time, she’s earning more money that you are writting things that nobody cares. if you don’t like don’t comment. :)

  • iheartcomments

    She’s on crack. Was this a music video or an ad for candy?

    She should be embarrassed for releasing this video after the comments she made about Gaga. lmao!!! Who’s the fart joke now?

    Besides, everyone knows that California girls don’t eat, especially that crap…gotta look good in their bikini’s.

    Going to 7-11 now to buy some Hostess cupcakes and some gummi bears…

  • shellebelle

    SELL OUT!!! Unreal how awful and mysoginistic this video is. Gross.

  • Rime.m

    totally love it …… It is just so cute and sweet

  • Rime.m

    totally love it …… It is just so cute and sweet

  • Rime.m

    totally love it …… It is just so cute and sweet

  • Rime.m

    totally love it …… It is just so cute and sweet

  • Rime.m

    totally love it …… It is just so cute and sweet

  • Rime.m

    totally love it …… It is just so cute and sweet

  • stan

    This vid is more Britney than Katy.

    Cute video but it does not suit Katy..her style for me is more quirky, colorful but spunky and smart ass at the same time.

    I really don’t get why she needs to be naked up in the clouds like it was her way to be relevant. I am not against nudity but it has this innocent “come and get me boys” that is tacky

  • YUK

    Hate this obnoxious sk@nk.

  • Macedonia Girls

    Lovely video.

  • Adriana

    She looks like a young Madonna in a way…think it’s her eyes. I’m gonna buy some cotton candy right now.

  • ick, nast


  • obnoxious, shallow bimbo

    Gross. Katy Perry gives white girls such a bad name.

  • Gavin

    That was beyond excruciating. The screencap makes it look like the video is Alice in Wonderlandish yet the video was so freakin corny. She’s prancing around with a baby voice and nip.ple buns trying to come off cute. Awful. Absolutely awful.

  • Jonte can’t dance to save her life.

  • Beam

    The video doesn’t represent the song. Katy Perry wanted to give people a taste of California through a song at the very beginning, so I don’t understand why doing this sort of video. I think it’s more like a metaphorical video… candyland, the land everybody wants to go to… who doesn’t like candies, right. That sorta way. We can see Hollywood written on some cotton candy. I think the video represents one thing from the song : “Sun-kissed skin, so hot will melt your popsicle” as we can see a melting popsicle sometime in the video. Ah well, I would have prefered seeing some real California throughout the clip. But sex always sells more…!