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Marion Cotillard Covers VOGUE July 2010

Marion Cotillard Covers VOGUE July 2010

French siren Marion Cotillard is all sorts of perfection in Dior on the July 2010 cover of Vogue, as captured by celebrated photog Mario Testino. Here’s what the 34-year-old actress told contributing editor Joan Juliet Buck :

On playing in the Expressionist-Surrealist band Yodelice fronted by composer Mazim Nucci: “I play the bass guitar, keyboard, and tambourine—I’m their one-woman band and all-purpose maid,” Cotillard explains. She’s taken to appearing with Yodelice on tour, dressed as a man, under “Simone,” the name of her maternal grandmother. “It’s pretty refreshing to be in a situation where the spotlight is on someone else.”

On her Oscar winning portrayal of Edith Piaf in La Vie en Rose: When the film was over, she couldn’t shake Piaf. Her hairline and her eyebrows were still shaved. She fled with Canet to Peru and the Amazon; she went to Bora Bora with her best friend, Geraldine. “It was there that I found myself articulating why Piaf was still living inside me. She had been abandoned as a child; her greatest fear was to be alone. Now I didn’t want to abandon her. I finally was able to say, ‘She’s been dead for 40 years; it’s OK.’”

Her inspiration for her character in the musical Nine: She goes into every character as deeply: lived on the Menominee reservation for Billie Frechette, spent four months learning to dance for Luisa in Nine. Her inspirations for the cockolded director’s wife included Fellini’s wife, Giulietta Masina, and Eleanor Coppola’s documentary Hearts of Darkness, about the shooting of Apocalypse Now. Photos of Audrey Hepburn gave her “the hairdo with the big personality, the thick bangs and the ponytail. You paint your character with colors you have taken from everywhere.”

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Photos: Mario Testino
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  • Rita

    Love Marion.. not the cover though.

  • vox

    Why does Vogue photoshop every cover to death?? Marion is such a beautiful woman who doesn’t need to be airbrushed like this. Creepy

  • Rocky

    Such a beautiful woman. I agree with both of you — she doesn’t need airbrusing for goodness sake!

  • CamCam

    Marion is such a great actress, I’m proud she’s French =D

    And by the way, it’s “MaXime Nucci”, not “Mazim Nucci” ;) (He is french too)

  • bjorkson


  • Francia

    I want her hair cut! Definitely liking the second peak … u go woman!

  • Fresh

    She’s great. Its nice to see a talented woman on the cover of Vogue. Its usally teenyboppers or C list actors now–Blake Lively/Jessica Biel.

  • Alaia

    It’s such a nice change to see a foreign actress on the cover of US Vogue.

  • Laura

    I think she is a great actress but average looking

  • Nic

    What a stunning cover, such a beautiful woman.

  • Sophie

    Je suis fière d’etre française – a good actress and I love the fact that she’s worked with David Lynch!!

  • Exa

    Wow, what the heck did they do to her face? It looks nothing like her.
    Beautiful woman though, looking forward to see her in Inception.

  • anon

    Girl…no WOMAN..crush!! Class, style and talent.

  • BrAU

    damn! a looooooot of PHOTOSHOP! she isn’t marion, is she??

  • k

    I think the cover is beautiful, one of US Vogue’s best this year.

  • riri

    She looks like a wax figurine. I could barely recognized her.
    Marion is one of the dumbest actresses nowadays.
    She never bothered to explain her disgusting comments about 9/11 and her delusional commnet about landing on the moon.

  • Alaia

    @riri: Are you dumb? Are you one of those stupid overly-patriotic Americans? You clearly did not understand her comments because you are clearly, shock, misguided.

  • riri

    Do you need to be an American to know that a man has indeed landed on the moon?
    Are you claiming you need to be “overlu- patriotic” to know people actually died in 9/11?
    Wow. Your standards must be really low.
    I, for one, don’t think actresses should be treated as stupid, and if they open their mouth, I expect them to be at least average in the IQ department.

  • Francia

    @riri: you’re such an american clichĂ©!!! So sad for your american compatriots …she has her opininons, she might have explained herself to you but the major drawback here is that she doesn’t KNOW you exist …LOL. I guess you’ll never know what she meant, unless you get over your ignorance.

  • riri

    So 9/11 and landing on the moon is a matter of “opinion” now?
    Historical facts are indeed “opinions” if you are that stupid, I suppose.
    I am not saying Marion must be able to pick up a book or read a newspaper for crying out loud, but she is indeed below average in the brains department.
    Very very low.

  • Margie

    I’m french and totally approve what you’re saying.

  • pop

    About freakin’ time they had somebody credible on the cover….

  • Francia

    @riri: I agree, I’m very stupid. I wish you could justify yourself without insulting me, but I guess it’s too much to ask.

    I only think she wanted to suggest that television and politic’s perception of a situation can’t be accepted as the truth/reality, that everyhting must be questioned cause everything you’re being told is not eventually the truth. OK, maybe her words were put out of context or she may have used the wrong examples, but that’s how I perceive her comment.

    And a lot of people are not sure about 1969 because of the cold war and hence the competition theyr had with the Russians. So you’re saying these people are as dumb as I am cause they don’t follow what’s been wirtten in an history book? History is one’s perception, not everyone’s perceptual experience. A lot of facts are being ommitted in history because some countries are not so proud of their heritage (I’m sure you haven’t learn how USA’s been inoculating and monitoring syphillis in 600 African-American males from rural Alabama, despite the fact that a cure was present – penicillin- in a text book, after what happens to the europeen jews, we thought genocide is over, ut it is still happening in 2010. And I can go on about your country and other countries, such as my homeland, France.

    Like I said earlier, and what MC would have probably wanted to say, everything must be questioned.

  • Francia

    PS. the syphilis research in alabama was conducted in the 70s, 30 years after the USA saved us from 1945…

  • John

    I’m in love with this woman.

  • About riri

    Riri is not even American; she’s just a Filipino immigrant without any education, a 35 years old spinster still living with her parents and who has never had a job until lately. Now she works in a cafeteria at the Disney studios, wiping down tables, sweeping and mopping floors and picking up trash bags to the dumpster. Huh… oh, and pulling garbage bags up and out!

    Then, the rest of her vile existence, Simonette Alanes is posting (from her parent’s basement) despicable trash and abject lies all day long on celebrity blogs as “Shiloh is a lesbian, the next Chaz Bono” or others stills, on hundreds of various nicknames. In fact, she drools over Katie Holmes and Suri’s pictures for hours every day, and hates all successful actresses and popular celebrity kids the same age range that she sees as their “rivals”.

    Simonette particularly hates and envies Marion because she’s got the role Katie’s auditioned for in Nines, and she tries her to bring her down (at the level of Katie…).

    Riri, Simonette Alanes of her real name, has been banned from many celebrity blogs and forums (she had over 150 sock puppets accounts banned from IMDb) for her nauseous trolling. She’s mentally sick.

  • French Girl

    I’ m french too and totally agree with riri.
    By the way, she could say “thank you” to photoshop. She is not so pretty in real.

  • bonkers

    Wow she looks like she is channeling Jackie Kennedy. Very classy looking and beautiful.

  • Jokergurl

    Lovely, talented and gracious. I do agree though the airbrushing is a bit much, she doesn’t need it at all. I really enjoyed her in A Good Year with Russell Crowe.

  • Giovanna

    Marion’s amazing!

    Her words were TAKEN OUT OF CONTEXT, but people don’t seem to know that, they only know how to bash someone.

  • fendy


  • JJ

    @Giovanna: There’s no “”people” that only know how to bash Marion”. There’s just ONE trash talking s h i t head , always the same woman posting under different nicks. Simonette Alanes is well known for her despicable comments/lies on Marion Cotillard and also on Maggie Gyllenhaal and Rachel Mcadams and for her grotesque glorification of Katie Holmes.

  • JJ

    She also regularly picks at the Jolie-Pitt children. The vitriol and the garbage that comes out of her mouth is appalling.

  • riri

    I have no idea where you had this notion that I am 35, Filipino, and care for Katie Holmes (or even know if she auditioned for any role).
    I happen to like Rachel Mc., think Shiloh is a beautiful little girl, and have no idea how any of these things have to do with how stupid and ignorant Marion Cotillard made herself sound.
    I have no idea how any person would defend those remarks, unless that person is being paid to do so and cover up as part of the PR.
    I find it odd that you try to excuse such delusions as “opinions”.
    If anything. Marion should apologize to the families for the 9.11 victims for her remarks.
    As for her remarks about the moon. Please. This is too embarrassing to even reply to your attempts to excuse her ridiculous “opinions”.
    And don’t make it into an “American” vs. “French” thing.
    No need to insult French people, just because a French actress made a fool out of herself and never bothered to apologize and correct herself.

  • Times a tickin

    She’s a good actress but not pretty in the least. Sorry. My husband saw that Public Enemies movie she was in with Jonny Depp and said after that the girl wasn’t hot enough for a role like that. I watched the movie after him and had to agree. Her teeth are weird and just an average face.

  • happy girl

    she is so pretty and sexy but i don’t like the hair in this. her mouth and eyes and color are so lovely though. i like this woman.

  • Eg

    It’s Maxim Nucci, not Mazim. ;)
    And his band is really great.

  • Alissa

    It’s Maxim Nucci! I saw her two times on stage, Simone rocks!

  • Alissa

    @French Girl:
    La beautĂ© c’est quelque chose de très subjectif. Pour ma part, je l’ai rencontrĂ©e plusieurs fois et je la trouve encore plus jolie en vrai.

  • unknown

    VOGUE… Thank you for finally putting someone who’s glamorous and talented on the cover. Cheers for you “Marion”.

  • sara

    I think she is beautiful but the cover made her look like a normal looking 20 year old girl instead of of a thirty something goddess!

  • outlet

    I like her devotion to her job.