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Nicole Kidman Visits Family Down Under

Nicole Kidman Visits Family Down Under

Nicole Kidman stops by to visit her parents in Sydney, Australia on Tuesday (June 15).

The 42-year-old American-born Aussie actress then got together with the family, including adorable daughter Sunday Rose, on the balcony of her home in Australia.

Nicole, who normally resides in Nashville, Tennessee with husband Keith Urban arrived in Sydney Tuesday morning.

FYI: Nicole is wearing Lou Lou Tulip Jeans in Sardinia by Paige Denim!

10+ pictures inside of Nicole Kidman spending quality time with family in Sydney…

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Credit: Picture Media; Photos: INFdaily, Flynet
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  • Slig

    What this older woman really i hate ****i love just style in this pic

  • Natali

    I agreat with you she not beautiful like old woman

  • fresh

    Does she ever spend time with her other kids anymore?

    Not trying to incite anything—its just a question. Simmer down.

  • shannon

    Nicole never seems to look REALLY good anymore, there’s always something on her that’s a miss. In this case, it’s her hair. She never has ANY CLUE how to style her curly hair. With all her money and access to hair pros and their styling tips, you would think she would have better hair in real life. But it always looks frizzy and damaged. She used to be so beautiful but between the overload on botox and her often Little House on the Prairie fashion sense and her frizzy hair, not so much anymore.

  • taco

    shannon, you’re a loser. kidman is universally known for her talent and the reason she doesn’t care about her “curly” hair is because she’s different from other hollywood weird little stars obsessed with their aspects. she was going to her her parents’ house, explain us logically why she had to see her hair stylist and her fashion stylist. do you think she has time and money to waste to make happy some stupid morons like you that exsist just to say negative things about her?? not really. and I wonder when do you see botox in these pics.
    I know you. you are a very well known hater that spend energies hating and bashing a woman that doesn’t know you and will never know you. you probably come from urban myths or something similar because I can recognize the hatred style of your comments.
    accept the fact nicole is married with a beautiful man and she has a beautiful daughter and a beautiful life. go out and try to build your life and stop to attack someone else’s life.

  • Robbye

    she was walking around her city, alone, thinking about her business. she didn’t need a hair-do and she didn’t need a dress. this was not a official or public occasion.
    you’re just another stupid hater. get a life

  • Robbye

    f0ck haters, look at little sunday’s face in pic # 7, she’s too cutee!!

  • kizbit

    Absolutely right, #5. Who styles their hair for the 24 hour flight to Australia to visit their parents????????

  • Oompa

    Her hair is horrible! Another trip home to see the family without Bella and Connor!

  • 77

    love the coat and bag. Shoes and hair atrocious! And it’s not about “styling” your hair to visit your parents…it’s that her hair only looks good when someone else does it and that seems a bit ridiculous…and overly privileged…normal people have to learn to make their hair look presentable on their own.

    Taylor Swift has the same hair and she seems to look fine in candids. She must have learned to deal with it, so it can be done.

  • Sunny

    @taco: taco, you don’t know sh#t either. Stay in Monkeyville where you belong with the other monkeys – you don’t play well in the real world.

  • Barry

    I love Nicole classic style, she is so stunning as always and her flawless skin looked perfection.

  • bijou

    I agree Nicole has awful hair when she does it herself. Even if she’s just visiting family no need to have it styled by a pro, but you would think she would have learned how to manage and condition dry frizzy curly hair by now. When you’ve had curly hair all your life (yep I do), you learn that pretty quick so wonder why she hasn’t. Maybe she is so used to be styled by professionals she doesn’t know how to do her own hair herself.

  • Anonymous

    I can’t imagine how Nicole Kidman will handle turning 50. She has had a hard time turning 35-40 the proof is in all those nasty injections she gets that give her that frozen look. Nicole will look horrid by the time she turns 50 because she’s had too much work done. That said she does have dry and in desperate need of conditionner hair.

  • carl

    Nicole’s still pretty. Her face is a little too smooth and frozen at times and her hair can look very dry and messy, but overall, she’s pretty.


    Personal style personified.

    Kidman created her own casual look 22 years ago and it hasn’t ever changed. Much like her parents that still live in her childhood house, being who you really are is what life is about, not catering to the whims of a rabid press and strangers.

    Kidman is not interested in passing trends.

    Natural hair, rough work boots, jeans, jacket and scarf are her “style”.

  • Jon

    @TIM GUNN:

    a) That’s not her natural hair and it’s damaged from the extensions, straightening and dyeing.
    b) Jeans (trendy), jacket and scarf are not unique to Nicole.
    c) On the red carpet Nicole does follow passing trends. She always chooses from the latest runways.
    d) Her accessories, sunglasses etc are always up to the minute.
    e) She always has a new jacket on and none of them are dated.
    f) She is consistent with her skin-toned and/or floral granny frocks.

    It’s the stylists who create the ‘style’. She doesn’t shop, the stuff is given to her. At least she does re-wear much of her clothes.

  • yuri

    @TIM GUNN:
    finally someone who uses his brain. kidman have always used this style, I wonder shy she should change now just to make happy few morons haters. that’s crazy pretending a celeb would have change his/her style to make happy people.
    nicole kidman isn’t instrested in fashion trends, SHE DICTACTES TRENDS.

  • yuri

    a) wtf are you talking about?
    b) ????
    c) like oscar 2007? when she used that red shocking dress? next year at oscars 2008 helen mirren, renee zellwegger, miley cirus, heidi klum used the same coulour! or like cate blanchett that used a very similar outfit that nicole used two years ago for golden compass premiere in sydney?are you sure is nicole that uses last season trends and not others?
    d) she always wears same glasses and accessories, these boots are from 2006
    e) jacket is from 2008, she used it for a trip to paris promoting australia
    f) she alternates her style with whatever she likes to wear

    and you’re nobody to criticize her. are you a fashion stykist? no.nicole has been named the most elegant australian woman this year by instyle magazine, vogue elcted her one of the best dressed woman of the decade. shut up. you’re just a stupid hater.

  • yuri

    and who says she has frozen look. you’re completely fool of hate. come back to urban myth. you’re pathetic.

  • YUK


  • dani

    Nicole is always well put together and her clothes are clean, pressed, and flattering to her body style.

    I must admit I do not understand the hatred towards this woman. It always seems excessive. She has done nothing to garner such hate.

  • @YUK

    Dat is d perfect description of urself or ur MOTHER, poor u!!!!

  • http://Yahoo Lizzie

    Yuri, I’ve thought the same thing when I’ve seen so many others wearing a replica of the dress she wore at the 2007 Oscars. If you remember, Nicole took some criticism about that dress. However, others who wore it the following years received compliments. It seems we’ve become so accustomed to hamburg, we fail to appreciate filet mignon. I will admit I missed her most important accessories in these current snaps – Sunday and Keith!

  • anon

    @dani: I think I do, its comn from d ‘defeated’ KH fans!!! She is obviously n undoutedly powerless, cos she can’t live upto nics reputation in tom’s household as well as in hollywood, she isn’t blind neither is she deaf there proofs for her to see on a daily basis hence d reason to her sloppy body language everytime she’s in public its dat of ‘DEFEAT’ also d GMD fans r hating cos dey can’t comprehend how she has become bigger, powerful n most importantly “more respected” dan him, dey expected her to become thesame fate to befall her like d first mrs cruise, he obviosly expected thesame!!! Look who’s laughing now, as for d KU fans well his real fans adore her, 10,000 or more of them sang her happy bday about 2yrs ago at a concert, those r his real fans n he will totally feel thesame. Whoever disrespects his wife n mother of his kid is no fan but a DELUDED nut case, who needs pro help.

  • terry

    It’s something I’ve never understood. Nicole Kidman has always been a very low-key celebrity that doesn’t want to keep attention on her. never a scandal, she never said something of bad against anyone, she always wears her underwear, lol! I must admit this hate towards her is incomprehensible and strange

  • John

    why so much hate for nicole? because nicole at the contrary of meryl streep or cate blanchett or kate winslet is a DIVA, a movie star, a very famous woman. BUT FAME IN HOLLYWOOD, NOW, IS SYNONYMOUS OF TRASH. gossip bloggers, writers, think the fame means “being trash” and they hate who isn’t trash.
    nicole is famous, loved by millions of people, and gossipers can’t stand someone who’s loveD so much and without being werid and stupid. they love more paris hilton than nicole kidman, they adore megan fox and heidi montage, they think kristen stewart is better than her. why? because they’re weird people that arrived to the fame because they have a pretty face or because they did strange things. the talent, the importance of the art is completely ignored. it’s a shame.

  • Beth

    The kid’s not very cute.

  • hopeso

    Good to see Nicole again. Looking nice Nicole, both she and her adorable daughter.

  • twpumpkin

    Hey all you losers! How do you know Nicole does not spend time with her other kids? Both Tom and Nicole have stated that the two older kids want to live in LA (like any teenager would). We see a picture of Nicole and you act like we are looking at her entire day and life. Maybe she is just not a media whore like Katie robot is with suri. I see a hundred pics of suri compared to maybe one pic of sunday and Nicole. At least when I do see a picture of Nicole she always smiles for her fans. Katie always looks pissed off, but somehow I see new pics of Katie out in Public everyday. Mostly shopping.

  • NicKeith

    So much envy cos she has it all!

  • Sheryl

    gosh, fans, you really need to relax!

    If people don’t like Nicole Kidman, don’t let it upset you so much!
    Not everybody likes everybody!
    And not liking someone doesn’t make them a “hater”.
    “One man’s meat is another man’s poison” as the saying goes.
    Get out of the illusions,
    and wanting to feel only you are correct.

    Yes, there are unacceptable extremes like saying she is a “witch”,
    and knocking a child, but not everyone is that extreme. Well, maybe the fans are; at the opposite end of the scale, haha.

  • Sheryl


    I know you probably meant it as a joke, but a husband and child are not “accessories”.



    Wrong on all counts. Although your list is a tad obsessive.

  • wonderful

    she looks perfect! what did you expect she just arrived from the US a very long flight and i can tell you it is very hard to travel with a kid that age… she arrived two hours before and she wanted to visit her parents i wouldn’t do my hair either.

  • Alison

    She looks fine for a private to her parents. That said, I’d probably take a bit more care with my hair knowing that paps are about…