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Taylor Lautner: Shirtless Scenes Explained!

Taylor Lautner: Shirtless Scenes Explained!

Taylor Lautner rocks an A|X Armani Exchange tee on the cover of the July 2010 issue of GQ magazine, on stands June 22.

Here’s what the 18-year-old Twilight star had to share:

On being onstage for the new infamous Kanye West/Taylor Swift incident: “I was standing behind her as it was happening, and 100 percent I was sure it was staged! I thought, ‘This was something that they rehearsed.’ I was enjoying the show! But then Taylor turned around and I saw her face.”

On what his Valentine’s Day role was supposed to be like: “Originally I was supposed to take off my shirt. The script said we were walking into school and Willy takes off his shirt. I said, ‘Whoa, whoa, whoa. Time out. He’s gonna take off his shirt in the middle of school? No, no, no. The reason I took off my shirt for New Moon is because it’s written in the book that way. And there’s reasons behind it.”

On how fame hasn’t changed his life at home: “The thing I love is that my home life hasn’t changed. I still help out with the garbage. I still help out with the lawn.”

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Photos: Mario Testino
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  • eyeh8twilight

    The TwiCrap actors are such hypocrites and showoffs. 1 year ago, he said he never wants to take his shirt off ever again, and look what we have here! His shirt is off yet again! He’s such a showoff it’s rediculous. He’s always doing his little karate moves everywhere he goes. It seems like every pic I see of him is doing a handstand or a karate kick.

    He’s such a cocky a$$hole.

  • eyeh8twilight

    He didn’t say he didn’t want to take his shirt of in just movies, he said he didn’t want to take his shirt off in general.

  • gigi

    HE’S 18 NOT 20!

  • Lilly

    Wow! Great pics!

  • fresh

    He only looks good without a shirt. Too bad thats his only talent–taking off his shirt.

  • Alexa

    He’s not a particularly great actor or anything like that, but I do believe he is going to emerge from this Twicrap ‘Saga’ smelling a lot rosier than his co-stars.

  • All Women Stalker

    Hmm..he’s just being a big tease. haha

  • Eric Shinn

    Jared please stop posting these shirtless hotties!!!! They keep bringing on my asthma attacks!!!!!!

  • Marco

    WOW!! I love his lips

  • Eric Shinn

    Cute!!!! I see a bit of chest hair coming through on the cover pic!!!!

  • LizB

    He’s so hot! But who are you kidding Taylor… you didn’t want to take your shirt off in V-day because the character was in school?? LOL… whatever… dude you aren’t a serious actor and that’s not a serious role. Get over yourself and get naked!!!!

  • Brides

    ewww hes so gross, how girls can find him hot is beyond me

  • mailey

    that’s pretty lame that he “loves” that he can take out the garbage etc gimme a break.

  • Donovan

    Why is he so sensitive about taking off his shirt? If I had those abs, I’d go to work without my shirt on. I’d go to a funeral in just a black bow tie and sequence short shorts.

  • jb

    i am team edward but he does looks good. it must be hard to maintain that physique at that age.

  • miss infamous

    If this was Miley Cyrus everybody would be upset about it! Its ok for an underage boy to go topless and try to be sexy but if a girl did it, this would be a different story

  • lara

    LOVE u Taylor. ignore your haters, you’e gorgeous and talented and youre going to be a big star

  • French Girl

    Anyway, he looks like a dog with this awful nose.

  • LuckyL

    Thank goodness it’s a shot with his shirt on Jared. Passerbys like me do not want to be forced into seeing little boy bodies.

  • Iffy Miffy

    He’ll be around for a while when Twit@rd is finished. Probably get a few more ‘boy’ roles. Then he’ll fade away … like he should.

  • Ankka

    @Donovan because he wants to be seen as a “serious” actor i guess….
    this is what he looks like: ;-)

  • laney

    I don’t think he’ll fade away anytime soon. I love all the Twilight characters but have to admit that Taylor has the best role in the series. If he can pull it off til the end he’s got a bright future. He has a lot of self-confidence and that’s a must for any actor.

    And to those wondering why he would be sensitive about taking off his shirt when he has worked so hard for that bod, all I can say is that he was 16/17 at the time and that can be a lot of attention to deal with. Especially from older women who see nothing wrong with acting like they do in public with him. No one involved in Twilight was expecting it to get this huge. Even at 18, I’m sure it’s something that still feels awkward for him even though he knows it comes with the territory. He deal with it.

  • Alaia

    Awful actor who will disappear after Twilight.

  • kwasmm


  • mari

    He’s very attractive and total sweetheart. Bless him!

  • Amy

    I find him ugly but he’s a very sweet guy.

  • Anny

    you hateful bytches. Brad Pitt can’t act worth shyt…he started out taking his shirt off.

  • jenny

    he doesnt like to take his shirt off, but yet he is posing……suprise….with his shirt off. i read that he wouldnt mind doing a twilight spin-off with jacob. gag me now.

  • youyou

    he is great actor haters get a life

  • Nicole

    so what?! if miley can show her vagina to the world, i think you can deal with seeing Taylor’s abs a few more times. jfc.

  • Brittany


    He’s not really showing off with the handstands and karate kicks, he’s been trained in martial arts since he was six years old and he ranked number one in a lot of worldwide competitions.

  • yvette

    Taylor looks so good in the GQ pictures. He looks good with clothes on and even better naked. How many people can say that about themselves. Plus he is cute. He is a good enough actor and will improve in time. Haters to my left!

  • Hannah

    Gotta love him :)

  • Jacob Black

    While I did attempt to read the first book in the Twilight series I found the writing bland and I lost interest half way through; I also found the movies slow and dull. However, Taylor Lautner/Jacob Black is the best thing about those dreadful movies. He’s a really cute kid and I wish him success. I can see where Taylor might feel alot of pressure from our hypersexualized culture and he may resent that his looks are being so heavily focused on. He may very well feel he has other things going for him and doesn’t like the idea that it his looks that are propelling him to stardom at the expense of his other qualities.

  • isaac

    His job does require it! Something only he knows the definition of in his situation him. I am pretty sure selena’s got him way more figured out then us fools. Who just look in wonder at his body which is easy to maintain because of genetics! i am sure u realize his got good genes and its easier for him to maintain a body like that when he is younger theoretically.

  • isaac

    @jb: Well don’t u guys know its easier to maintain at his age. Then when he is 40 or something. But for him because he has got great genetics he may never lose them. Doing only minimal exercise at 40 he can maintain it.

  • Stilladsudlejning

    Effectively it seems like this website is comparatively hot, congratulations for the proprietor! I try to examine as a lot as feasible on the web when I’ve additional time. Unfortunatley it’s starting to turn out to be the norm for individuals to spend all operating day for the internet as opposed to of seriously dwelling, what a shame. All the similar, proceed utilizing the very good writing anyhow.!!!!.leastwise the flocks can have choice content material product to feed thier dying minds. Maybe its biggest off, the standard people today arn’t especially wise at any rate.

  • black uggs

    He’s very attractive and total sweetheart. Bless him!