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True Blood Ratings Up 38%

True Blood Ratings Up 38%

Suck it!

Sunday’s premiere of HBO’s True Blood pulled in a whopping 5.1 million viewers.

That’s up 38% from last season’s premiere!

The 11PM re-run sucked in another 1.3 million viewers, totaling 6.4 million. (The series’ all-time high was 6.6 million.)

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WHAT DID YOU THINK of True Blood‘s season premiere??

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  • Sasha

    Suck it!

  • mandy

    True blood is the shit!! it’s amazing.
    Twilight got nothing on it. it’s just a crap.

  • true blood

    Yay! :-)

  • Katra

    Awesome! I have a feeling the TRUE number of people watching was MUCH higher, though!

  • Iffy Miffy

    I wouldn’t mind sucking it, especially when it comes to the lovely Ryan there …
    Ahem. Mind out of the gutter … which is hard when it comes to TB .. so to speak … great première! Really started with a bang!

  • can’t fake it

    I tried to act cool likes its just a tv show but I had to admit I got caught into the hype and was giddy as he$$!

  • Michelle

    It was amazing! Skarsgard naked… I’m still drooling.
    Twilight has nothing on True Blood!

  • Lila

    Given it was the season opener and they were just setting things up it was pretty good. However, knowing TB, they are saving the best for the middle of the season. I must say, seeing Eric naked was awesome. I can’t wait for the next episode!

  • Althea

    That show is hot!!! The bit when Sookie walked in Eric is priceless. Lmao

  • yeah

    True Blood is the sh*t!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Liz

    Yeah!! You gotta LOVE smart & sexy shows! :)


    TB was great ! Loved it! I am looking forward to see how the season unfolds.

  • JM

    The premiere was well worth the wait! Hats off to Alan Ball, the writers and the whole cast and crew! I laughed (Andy & Jason), sighed (Eric’s basement hobby) and had an OMG (Sam’s dream), When it ended I felt like “hold on tight, it’s gonna be one hell of a ride.” Best line of the night had to be “Conscience off. D i c k on. And everything’s gonna be alright.”

  • J

    True Blood vampires don’t sparkle. And they eat sparkling vampires for breakfast.
    That’s all I’m gonna say.

  • Lauren

    I watched it illegally online and I’m sure a couple million others did, too. If HBO were cheaper, or my cable company didn’t charge $10K for the package that contains the channel, the number of people actually watching the show each week would be much higher. Hear that, cable companies??

  • LizB

    I LOVE this show!!! They don’t even count the ppl who are watching on the internet…. this show has so many viewers!


    If HBO was smart it was market TB online like Itunes, that way they can make some of the revenue and get a better idea of the customer base. Whatever, TB fans are smart enough to watch their show.

  • justme

    Loving that pic of Ryan. We need some Lafayette too please JJ.

  • Marina

    All I want to say is……LOVE, Love, LOve, TRUE BLOOD and the entire cast! My Favorite show ever!

  • memememe

    Yay! A pic of someone other than Alexander Skarsgard in a post about True Blood! I KNEW you could do it, Jared! lol

    I love the sexy Swedish dude, but sometimes you can have too much of a good thing. Particularly since posts featuring AS always end up being about his relationship with the unmentionable blonde – and as we all established at the True Blood premiere she has nothing to do with True Blood. So i’m sorry for even mentioning it here now – dammit, see how easy it is to fall into that trap? Her publicist is just that good at getting her into peoples’ minds!

    Truly, bloody fantastic news about the ratings increase – let’s all do our bit to help keep this show alive! Or undead – however you choose to see it haha

  • IA

    I’m surprised this show is so popular. It’s practically porn.

  • Raven

    Ryan is hot, and FINALLY showcasing someone besides Skarsgard! There are some great actors on that show.

  • IA

    Also found Alex Skarsgard as Eric acting to be forced and chessy esp the phone scene that dude can’t act…………but the rest of the show was great……

  • Wow

    Absolutely love trueblood 1st episode…….can’t wait for Sunday to roll around again that show is addicting…….BTW poor Arlene but I do like her more from the show than in the books the show Arlene we can feel sorry for her lol…Tara…just hope she gets better…


    Loved it SOOO much!!!! More Eric and Pam please, less Tara.

  • evathediva

    I think they were all good, it was well worth the wait. Eric made me completely forget the douche ASkars. He was just that good. I was well entertained. Tara was a little bit over the top, but hey True Blood is all over the top on and off ..LOL

  • like that


    Enough said

  • more

    Pam, Pam, Pam, Pam!

  • Fishy

    Liked everyone except Tara. I simply can’t warm up to that character in any way. Grating, irritating, loud, and extremely cliched.

  • Pixie

    Love the show but I would also love this show to be translated to the big screen like the other HBO show Sex and the City…..great way to keep the actors on board when their 4 year contract is over which is nexy year…..what do other people think about TB made into movies???…hey I think they would be a success..we all know that Alan Ball is an Oscar winning dirctor for a movie and he would do well to translate TB into movies……..I wonder if he has given it some thought esp after Sex and the City movies were a success at the box office….

  • Kate

    @ Pixie
    I agree I would love TRUEBLOOD to be made into movies they would handsdown blow TWILIGHT out of the water ……….TB movies would be a success can you imagine the money those TB movies would make……………………..

  • Marguerite

    It’s always great to see a nice guy such as Ryan Kwanten!!!
    Congrats to the cast and to ALAN BALL(who’s THE brain behind everything) !!!

  • Response

    @Pixie & Kate

    The execs at HBO and Alan Ball had to have given it some thought into making Trueblood into movies perhaps for the future especially with the success of theSex and the City movies. Yes, IMO Trueblood movies would be as or more successful than those Twilight movies..I mean do any guys go to see that Twilight Tween movie lol , with Trueblood everyone watches it even dare I say people under 18……..

  • nanny825

    The season has gotten off to a good start but it’s my guess the best is yet to come. I’m highly anticipating the introduction of the Weres (Alicide in particular). Seeing the interaction between Eric and Alicide should be worth the wait. I agree justme, more Lafayette please! Thanks for the hot pic of Jason.

  • Libby

    Don’t find ASkars attractive at all. The show was good in spite of him. I can’t wait to see what happens next.

  • evathediva

    Pam and Lafayette, best team around. I loved the exchanges between those 2, “hooker” cracked me up and Pam’s response, I just hit the floor, she is so crazy. Yvetta looks like a skipper on and off the screen. I will be nice though…LOL

    Does anyone have an opinion about the queen. Do you think she improved from last season?

  • Wow


    I think Pam rocked it in that episode……she is gorgeous and talented ! As for queen Sophie Ann played by Evan R W…..A BIG IMPROVEMENT but is that really acting or did she really want to put Alex…. opps mean Eric in his place lol………..

  • Whynot

    That is what is so great about the show if Alex is not your cup of tea there are soo many other hunks in the show to chose from. lol…..

  • TBfan

    I agree with you that episode was not Alex’s best work. Did you happen to read the awful truth, there was a cast member that gave info under cover lol, as to how the cast really are….no surprise about Anna, they stated she always is about the show and her acting performance …Ryan …Steven the same…Sam they stated good guy….but when asked about Alex…it was implied he was having fun, with many people wink..wink…! Alex needs to stop banging everyone in sight…poor Kate….traveling to Sweden and going to those parties and start concentrating on his work and career….perhaps then,he would get a golden globe like Anna did for TB if he took his role more seriously like she does!!! The phone scene Alex did was way too forced…..

  • GreenCAT

    I loved it!!! I was sad when the episode ended! Can’t wait for my weekly dose of True Blood!!

  • Vanessa

    Suck it twilight! Awesome beginning to season 3! Best line of the night: “conscience off, dick on” and of course the skarsgard ass shot! True Blood is the best!

  • evathediva

    @Wow: I thought the same thing..LMAO…I bet she really squeezed his balls tight, and blamed it on method acting. LOL

  • Wow


    LMAO…….I was thinking the exact same thing ….when she grabbed his junk…….this show and Alex’s behavior being a manwhore really cracks me up………do you think the wriiters did that on purpose?

  • sven

    @pixie- all the actors have signed 7 year contracts not 4 years. I have to wonder if Stephen Moyer and Askars will still look like they haven’t aged after 7 years on the show (Stephen would be 44 playing a vamp that’s supposed to look 30 years old). I for one, would love to see a True Blood movie though.

  • CINDY C.


  • Pixie

    Where did you here that the actors signed 7-year contract last time I heard from after the first season it was only for
    4 years esp since HBO did not know at the time if it was going to be a success??? Hey I am happy to hear it if it’s true……I think they should also have the show twice a year esp if they have a contract for 7 years….if not what are they going to do with an aging cast!!!

  • Malanna


    LMAO…..Can you imagine Alex’s face when he first read that scene he had to do with Evan with her grabbing his balls….can you imagine Evan’s face when she first read that scene …wicked smile…..karma is a biotch! BTH why did they feel the need to show full frontal and below nudity of Yvetta but with Alex they only show his behind…I thought he had no problems with nudity……

  • Ashley

    @IA: AS is one of the best actors on the show next to Stephen Moyer. A lot of people would agree.

  • Ashley

    Who cares who Alexander Skarsgard is dating? Hes a great actor and i saw nothing forced about the performance. Many reviewers in fact said he was the standout actor in the first three episodes. People that say his acting was bad have to be biased because they dont like his character. Stephen Moyer and Alexander S. are the two best actors out of the entire cast, and i think they are all good.

  • katya

    i was down in long beach today to watch them film some fangtasia scenes. and i got a pic with alexander skarsgard! pretty much the best day ever!