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True Blood Ratings Up 38%

True Blood Ratings Up 38%

Suck it!

Sunday’s premiere of HBO’s True Blood pulled in a whopping 5.1 million viewers.

That’s up 38% from last season’s premiere!

The 11PM re-run sucked in another 1.3 million viewers, totaling 6.4 million. (The series’ all-time high was 6.6 million.)

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WHAT DID YOU THINK of True Blood‘s season premiere??

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  • AS

    I love the pictures of Alex caressing Kate’s buttocks.

  • Resonse


    WTF …your comment is random, we are talking about TB … that you hans/jam lol BTW ….have you seen the bikini pics of Kate and Alex by the pool …yikes…chic as no ass and noo boobs…..Alex looks soo phewny lol Nice try you psycho Hans…………..

  • @49…ashley

    AS and SM the best actors on True Blood!!!…….you’ve got to be joking right???…..the most WOODEN for sure……Ryan Kwanten, Anna Paquin and the guy who plays Lafayette are by far the best actors on True Blood.

  • Mytwocents

    Do you have anything to say about the Trueblood which this post is about , your comment is out of left field…..I think the overall concensus is tired of soley AS and his open relationship he has with Kate Bosworth lol…go to eonline and post your comment under the awful truth… better yet post that comment of yours in the past JJposts of AS & Kate otherwise your comment not really nessessary….lame!!!
    We get there are probably PR people trolling around but stay away from TB posts…..

  • he’s not all that….

    I have to say I was so disappointed seeing Eric’s naked butt… meh and
    he’s not very attractive, the receding hair, the sunken eyes with the huge bags underneath and the boulbous nose….very overated!

    Ryan Kwanten on the other hand….wow, very very hot!

  • Hilarious


    IMO ashley is delusional…Anna P recieved a Golden Globe for her role in the first season of trueblood……Anna ,Nelson, Ryan, Deborah and Kristen are the ones that can act…

  • True

    @AS: Your post has stirred up some anger, but I get what you are trying to say. Most people don’t want to believe that Alex wants Kate and those pics definitely showed otherwise, then he takes her to Sweden, and then he brings her to the premiere. Obviously these are important to him, and some people can’t take it.

  • sally

    this dosent includethe people (me and a million other people) who watched in on the internet as they dont have hbo or dont live in usa

  • Really

    Does CuteChef have to post that link again of Kate and Lindsey again from a few years back when she was with James lol it is evident that the Hate for Kate Bosworth started before Alex dumbasses……the comments from then were negative and BTW hilarious. What you and AS/hans/jam do not get is that NO ONE likes Kate Bosworthless and they never will…can you get that!!!! Kate is a digusting backstabing loser, I don’t fu*kin care if she was banging AS or Brad Pitt, I dislike Kate for Kate………. now please take your pathetic bullsh*t somewhere else because your polluting this TB post with Kate B!

  • Brooksie

    I was disappointed in it but hold high hopes for the rest of the season.

  • AS

    Anyway…What I wouldn’t give for Alex to caress my buttocks.

  • Ericfan

    What a dissapointment Alexander Skarsgard naked behind was ..I mean he has no ass is flat ..Brad Pitt in Troy now that was the type of behind I envisioned the Eric character to have, perhaps the front will compensate for the lack of behind he has lol.

  • ally


    I agree but at least Ryan K the Jason character has a nice butt…….

  • Pam

    I quess Alex inherited the flat butt syndrome from his father Stellan Skarsgard( ie naked butt scene in Mama Mia) lol, people are right he is not all that …in the butt department.. As to Steven Moyer I agree that he has his moments of not acting well but so has many others including AS but in this first episode I thought Steven acted well….LMAO with that scene of his with Sam for a minute…I thought they were really into eachother and no way did I think it was a dream sequence…..come on people he can act ….Kristin and Nelson exchange lovin it…….Am I the only one who gets the hibby gibbies (scared as heck) with the Magistrar….casting sure knows how to pick them..can’t wait for Sunday again!!!

  • Sunkitz

    I quess TB Sookie will not get to grab onto naked plump butt cheeks when making out with TB Eric sigh AS has no butt, kind of on the flat side……it was Sookie’s favorite body part lets hope TB Eric has a Gracious Book fans you know what I am talking about….



    No one really cares anymore if he’s with KB. It’s a foregone conclusion that birds of a feather flock together. AS must share quite a lot of traits with KB that’s why he’s obviously with her. Therefore if would be hypocritical to dislike KB’s for her qualities without thinking the same of him. If he chooses never to publicly acknowledge her, walk down the red carpet with her or take pictures with her , that’s their business. Odd, but whatever. If KB truly went to support him at the TB premiere she could have chosen to quietly slip inside instead of posing like it was HER premiere.

    KB has been persona non grata for many years on JJ, way before AS , most of the comments for her posts have been negative. The recent famewh*ring must have been so detrimental to him that he has imposed a blackout on her famewh*ring. Until recently she has had 8-10 posts a month on here of her doing…nothing.

    BTW, before the comebacks that he doesn’t read these blogs…BS for one and they have people whose job it is to see what the public is saying good or bad about the talent. They don’t contact the Psychics Friends Network , do they?

  • Neutral

    @Over and out
    Read the link you provided…LMAO at the first replie under that post from Canadian Chick….I am a believer now that Kate was disliked before AS was in the picture….that link had negative replies at Kate at a time she was with James R …FYI James not that hot. I quess people just don’t like Kate!!
    @AS : your lame bringing up KateB….also, who says buttocks anymore lol ??? What are in your 80′s you sound like my grama or grampa!!!

  • Liliana


    The magistar does creep me out ……he is so menacing to vamps and humans alike …..he going to have to adapt to mainstreming right?
    For Sookie sake hopefully a stake accidentally fall into his chest. lol BTW does anyone know if Sophie Ann’s in the book’s child Andre will be in the show and any idea who they will cast..he another creepy one?

  • yup


    ROFL! We should post this in every thread in which KB is mentioned. Also, if the TB thing Teddy mentioned is true, that’s awesome! I mean, do you you really peg KB as being worthy of being formally paired up with? Or being “faithful” to? Nope. If you hit that, I guess you hit anything, and everything. I question his judgment a lot less if he indeed has some fun in the set. I wonder if that’s why she went there when she did, to try and mark her territory? I mean, we know it was no coincidence that she went there on the day of the recent EW interviews.
    But back to the point: Is she worth being a “girlfriend”? Leo DiCaprio certainly didn’t think so. He was the smart one, you bang that type of chick, but you don’t date them.

    Just in case anyone wants the lulz.

    We all had seen most of the episode before, since HBO spoiled us so much, so I was waiting for the final editing. I have to say I was rather disappointed at ASkars’ performance. First we get the creepy vibe, then we have that over the top anger. He was so awesome in the first episode in S1, when he dispatched Royce, then we get this. He may not be totally to blame, whatever he does needs to be approved by the director/producer, but still….rather disappointing.

    AS’ performance in this episode reminds me of Jonathan Rhys Meyers’ in the Tudors. Sometimes JRM’s performance in there is also difficult to watch.

  • JM

    @ Pam & Lilliana,

    I’m with you on the magistar. That guy is way more frightning than Eric. He must be older because both Eric & the Queen were acting like kids sent to the principle’s office. Love the actor though. He’s doing something right to scare the crap out of everyone.

    As to Eric’s butt. Not what I envisioned from the books. Thought there would be more meat to grab. Now I actually don’t want a peak at the gracious plenty. I’d rather my imagination be left alone then let down again.

  • evathediva

    I was overall dissapointed with Eric, everyone else was billiant, except for Tara’s hiss…I will have to question KB’s motives, why would she walk the red carpet, she could have easily avoided it, after all it should have been Alex’s night. I don’t have an issue with her going to the premiere, I just think she is a fame whore, which she proved. Joe maganiello’s Gf was there and she avoided pics as well. It can be done.

    Hans, last year this time, you were trying to promote ERW, you are a freakin psycho. Bi polar at best.

    Who cares that he caressed Kate’s azz, so has everyone else in Hollywood, why is that a token shot?

  • Katie

    @evathediva: “Who cares that he caressed Kate’s azz, so has everyone else in Hollywood, why is that a token shot?”

    ^ THIS. ^

    Alexander’s hair, eye bags and azz need work. People are going to be disappointed with Skarsgard if Tru Blood goes full frontal. Guys with GP won’t date girls that are as skinny as Kate with no T and A. She’s his teeny weeny girl.

  • alex p

    awesome first episode!!! love beeehl

  • Trubie


    Alexander Skarsgard said it himself. He said that the actors are signed on for 7 years but it depends if HBO will continue and renew the show. It was in an interview but I can’t remember which one.