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Vanessa Hudgens: E3 Preview with Brittany Snow!

Vanessa Hudgens: E3 Preview with Brittany Snow!

Vanessa Hudgens steps out with BFF Brittany Snow at Activision’s E3 Preview Event held at Los Angeles’ Staples Center on Monday (June 14).

The 21-year-old actress checked out Activision’s newest titles, including DJ Hero 2, Call of Duty: Black Ops and Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock.

While Vanessa learned about the latest in games, her boyfriend, Zac Efron, was in Hawaii gearing up for the Maui Film Festival, where he’ll be honored with an award! Check out Zac‘s shirtless pictures from the beach here.

FYI: Vanessa is wearing a Vanessa Pod Ring (it’s named for her!) by Melinda Maria.

10+ pictures inside of Vanessa Hudgens at the Activision E3 Preview Event…

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vanessa hudgens activision e3 preview 01
vanessa hudgens activision e3 preview 02
vanessa hudgens activision e3 preview 03
vanessa hudgens activision e3 preview 04
vanessa hudgens activision e3 preview 05
vanessa hudgens activision e3 preview 06
vanessa hudgens activision e3 preview 07
vanessa hudgens activision e3 preview 08
vanessa hudgens activision e3 preview 09
vanessa hudgens activision e3 preview 10

Credit: Adriana M. Barraza; Photos: WENN
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  • Sa5m

    BBV is gorgous and Brittney is sexy.

  • getreal

    Disgusting! The only vibe you pick up is the “Look at me! Look at me! I’m so pretty!” It’s not healthy or cool. Its downright sick…Real beauty is subtle and modest. These girls reek of self-importance.

  • whatever


  • gross

    I hate Vagnessa’s smirk

  • sony

    HOTTIE in the view¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡

  • Hannah

    Vanessa has great legs but she’s such a talentless sk@nk. Not as bad as Miley but still terrible.

  • sony

    i think …was a private concert with usher ..eminem …wayCOOL

  • sara12

    looks amazing

  • tonky

    amazing… gorgeous… adorable…just awsome

  • amy

    shes beautiful, haters are just jealous.

  • hmm

    Agree.. Looks stupid and arrogant.. I hate smirking pouting people

  • vfan

    She looks HOT!
    So pretty, and I want those legs.
    Haters, SHUT UP! You’re just jealous, and to be frank no one cares about what you think. :)

  • yourmomsucka

    She looks beautiful.
    Only her face look a bit white thoughh??

  • yourmomsucka

    She looks beautiful.
    Only her face look a bit white thoughh??

  • Malia

    Looks like ONE jealous little girl is out of school and has some time on her hand to post under different monikers. Pretty obvious she doesn’t like herself and is taking her self-loathing out on Vanessa.

    Vanessa looks great in this warm shade of pink. It really complements her skin tone.

  • nks

    She is super tiny for the volume of hair she has, don’t get me wrong, I think V’s sultry and gorge but that hair is overpowering sometimes. I loe it wavy or pulled back or sleek but again it just seems like alot for such a tiny frame. Seen her once in person after her concert and her hair was like weighted down due to sweat so it was close to her head, she is more beautiful in person than what any of these pictures look like, her skin is like cream and her eyes are huge and dark, in real life, there were 12 of us and all of us were wowed by her, especially the guys!

  • Clémentine

    Vanessa is beautiful !!
    I love her friendship with Brittany, it’s priceless !!!

  • louise

    just because someone doesn’t think that vanessa is AMAZING or WONDERFUL does NOT mean that they are in any way shape of form jealous of her!
    that’s the only thing her fans can retaliate with because they can’t understand why somebody wouldn’t like vanessa when in reality…it’s pretty damn easy.

  • sony

    vanessa’s hot as brit but she’s blonde so…

  • sony

    a blond girl = full crazyness and knda goofy

  • unbelieveable

    then why are you and the rest of the people that don’t like her here? That’s what I will never understand go spend your time doing something else that you like that is pretty damn easy to. I guess it’s easier to hate someone then do something positive you might enjoy, sad.

  • darla


    Because somebody has to wake up the kiss a^ses like yourself. Somebody has to be the grown up one here. This is not the Vanessa altar thread this is a news thread DEAL WITH IT. If you and your fellow Vanessa kiss^^sers are feeling threatened I’m sure you and the likes of you had delusion ally build a Vanessa flattering blunder board which all of you can go to and feel safe from.

  • unbelieveable

    well who died and made you boss of the universe? Who the hell is it for you to tell people what they can like. If you don’t like her that’s fine no problem go find something you do like. There are plenty of things I don’t like. I don’t like soccer, so I’m not watching the world cup. I don’t like tomatoes, so I don’t eat them. I don’t like will ferrel movies, so guess what I don’t go see any of his movies. I realize that there are people that do like this stuff do I go insulting them, no they enjoy it so I let them enjoy it and I go do something else. Who am I to tell people that can’t like those things. no one forced you to come on this post you came here of your own free will. If you don’t like something stay away from it, it’s not that freaking hard.

  • http://j ivanka

    she looks cute:)

  • kgg

    Whoa! For the life of me, I don’t understand the hate floating around on this thread. All of this directed towards someone who has done nothing to you. She’s pretty, talented, a fashionista, and, oh yeah, has a super hot bf. So get over it….Vanessa fans are here to stay, so maybe you should find someplace else to post.

  • Malia


    Your comment is so filled with anger it doesn’t make sense. I suggest you calm down and try to understand where your anger is coming from. Most likely you don’t like yourself very much. Vanessa’s fans are always going to be around to defend her. So, I suggest you go to some hate-filled board and hang out with other negative Nellies who hate themselves.

  • nathalia

    vanessa beautiful as always
    I love his friendship with brit

  • peggy


    You reek of mean spirited, low self esteem and no beauty of any kind which is probably why you have no idea what real beauty is and never will.

    Your life will change when you do

  • pita

    she looks lovely in that color.
    i love what she is wearing,the color is just amazing.
    Vanessa and Britanny both gorgeous girls.

  • WandaLynn

    I don’t know to me Vanessa looks a Pig she is Uglay needs a Nose job she the Whore of hollywood.

  • WandaLynn

    Vanessa looks like a Pig she ulgy needs a Nose Job she the whore of hollywood.

  • kgg

    @WandaLynn: Well we meet again. Weren’t you just posting negative things about Zac on his thread. Girl, you really have a problem! If you don’t like this couple, just take your meds and go to another thread. I’m sure you can find a star you like out of the many posted on the JJ/JJJr. website. Please be sure to leave your nasty attitude at the door when you check in. buh-bye!

  • maeli

    baby v looks really beyond amazing

  • Malia


    What you say about others is exactly how you feel about yourself. That means you think of yourself as an ugly pig who needs a nose job. How sad that you think so little of yourself. Anger, jealousy and self-loathing will eat away at your soul and render you both mentally and physically ill. But sounds like you are already there.

  • clara

    So gorgeous! Can’t wait for her movies to come out, she’s talented.

  • badromance


    lol honey your jealous rage is showing.

  • WandaLynn

    @kgg: @Malia:

    I’m happy in my life but this girl is so not beautiful.

  • Malia


    Proclaiming that you are happy does not make it so. A person’s true character is revealed by his words. And your words—expressing anger and resentment toward someone you don’t even know—shows you as being angry and unhappy with yourself.

    Resentment is like taking poison and waiting for the other person to die.

    At the core of all anger is a need that is not being fulfilled.

  • Carrie

    I don’t care one way or another about Vanessa Hudgens, but I do like her ring and am a huge fan of Melinda Maria’s jewelry. It’s fantastic.

    I’m have a giveaway for her Pyramid Spike Bangle on my site and you’re welcome to stop by and throw down your details to be entered in if you’d like. Drawing is Friday Midnight PST.

  • go sox

    @WandaLynn: How can you, with any eyes in your head, (and leave your narrow mind out of it), not see beauty in her features? She has amazing skin, beautiful chestnut brown eyes, amazing lashes, a sweet round little nose, gorgeous perfect lips with JUST the right amount of fullness, and a sparkle that is so genuine. It’s all real, and she does not need a surgeon to make her feel better about herself. She has beautiful God-given features, including a very healthy body and shape. No, she is not the most Beautiful Woman in the World, but no one has said that. She IS a beautiful woman, and you’re just negative, vindictive, prejudiced, or jealous if you can’t see beauty in her.

  • Karen


    Wake up the kiss a–es?? Well, I can say for sure from your comment that some people were woke up—to just how STUPID your comment is and where you are coming from. And let me tell you it is not a good place. It is beyond me how some people are so compelled to hone a skill for hatefulness and cruelty. What exactly is it that gets you people so worked up JUST because this lovely young woman is highly regarded and has nice things said about her that you have to be like “someone has to be the ADULT and wake people up?” She isn’t the anitichrist. You just sound really desperate.

  • insider

    Nice. Great looking girl and someone who looks her age. She’s well liked in the industry and that’s what matters.

  • Karen


    YOU many not think Vanessa is beautiful but the last time I checked NOBODY is has all the answers or or right all the time, etc. SO, you saying she is not beautiful does not make it so or correct. Maybe millions of us who think she IS beautiful are the ones wrong but nonetheless that is what WE SEE! It is very simple. BUT when so many MORE see something opposite of what you see what does that make your opinion sound like?

    And you say you are happy. Are you saying you are happy being cruel and hateful towards someone you don’t know anything about? Do you think that sound like a person who is fun to know who understand compassion and love? Maybe Vanessa’s fans make you sick because they gush about her—and some certainly CAN seem a little over the top—but isn’t a person who can see beauty and kindness a much better sounding kind of person to know? I have a friend who has faced the worst hardships a person can face and she is ALWAYS looking at life in a positive way. There is no boo-hooing done in her life, The glass is always half full and she never has anything bad to say about anyone. I would say that is what gets her through the life she has had. And she is one lovely person. What has happened in her life and as cruel and cynical as she could be, she is not. She is a job to be around. And I don’t think you have had anywhere near the torment she has had and so your attitude is unjustified.

  • kgg

    Karen, Let’s not waste our time on TammyLynn anymore. She is a sick negative person who is going around to every thread and posting very ugly things. Maybe she needs our pity, certainly not an explanation to how we feel about Vanessa.

  • ana

    love you vanessa, wonderful

  • Soni Hannigan

    Does anyone know if she will join Zac in hawaii?

  • luisana

    OMG!! she is gorgeous!!!

  • luisana

    lol gtfo

  • luisana

    your jealous

  • http://google BARBARA

    Vanessa looks great, she has such a beautiful glow about her, and i do like want she is wearing, and she has great looking leggs. god bless Vanessa always.